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World Vision

The Big Day Inn @ St Kilda Inn - January 26th, 2005

On December 26th 2004, a devistating Tsunami hit Asian countries, causing the loss of over 300,000 lives. There was record help world wide with people donating time, support and money when ever they could.

On January 26th 2005, one month exactly after the Tsunami hit, a friend of mine, Steve, put together a collection of musos from all around Melbourne, at the St Kilda inn, and from 1pm till 1am we partied, and raised money through door entry, raffles and auctions. The music was fantastic, the atmosphere electric and the weather scoarching!

I put my hand up to help Steve, and I was not only resident photogropher, but also Stage Manager... (i just had to get the bands on stage in time for there set- there were 12 bands in 12 hours though!) Take a look at the photo album!