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Geelong Waterfront

The Bollards  

Come meet our Bollard Historical Markers

Geelong Football Player Bollard - on the corner of Ritchie Boulevard and Bellerine St. Geelong

These Bollard boys were members of the Sea Bathing League - Town Baths.  You will find them at Eastern Beach.

These Bollards can be found beside the Carousel (at Geelong Waterfront).  These Bollard swimmers were also part of a swimming league. 

More swimming Bollard Boys - also part of a Swimming League.  These Bollards are at Rippleside Beach, at the start of the Bollard Walk (North Geelong).

The Bollards at Rippleside Beach get a good view of the city.

These Bollard Nuns are at Rippleside Beach - not far from the start of the Bollard Walk.



Bollard Photos


Geelong Icons, Landmarks


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"Proud to be Australian"
"Are you a Proud Aussie?"

A ring for all Aussies. Here you can list your site as a mark that you are proud to be an Aussie. New sites welcome anytime.  If you are an Aussie, and you are proud of it, and have a website, then join us and show the world we are happy to be Australian and live in the land down-under.

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