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Smidgen Miniature Horses

Just for those of you who love horses...

BH&S Celebrate The Thrill

SOLD  this little stud colt while we were showing him!

Smidgen's Simply Black N White
AMHA filly
Little King's Supreme bloodlines

My show/broodmare that produces the tiniest little foals for me!  
This is Indian Rocks Cherokee Princess
AMHA, AMHR, and Pinto reg.

This mare is a daughter of the great Buck-Off.

This is a son of the great Little King's Supreme all furry and wondering when IS winter coming! Sam is all of 28".

Freckles is my gelding and my driving buddy.  We love to hit the road.  His only fault is that he loves to stop and let the neighborhood kids pet him......I'm afraid they've all spoiled him!

This is Little Shower...born the morning of our baby shower for my daughter-in-law, and it was raining...a lovely morning whence her name is shower. Egyptian King granddaughter. sire is Sam, Top Ten Senior Honor Roll Stallion and Multi Champion.

And last but not least my wonderful riding horse, Chevez.  He is the best riding horse, and happens to be a Tennessee Walker......oh sooo smooth.  But not happy about having his photo taken!

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