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Chienbrun Belgian Tervuren

Our Belgian Tervuren
Winjammer's Bugati Classic CGC,CD,TD
Chienbrun Classic Dancer CGC, CD, HIC, TD "Wuzzie"
Chienbrun Bedazzle

Chienbrun Pearl Heart

Our Litters

Winjammer's Bugati Classic,CGC,CD,TD x Cramoisi Jarnac Of Seafield

Winjammer's Bugati Classic, CGC, CD, TD x Moody De La Prairie De La Sommerau
Chienbrun Alette of Birchill  x BISS Am/Can Ch Belamba Seaflower Montage CD, PT, JHD, CGC,TDI,TT
Chienbrun Bedazzle x Ch Outlaw de la Cairiere aux Louves
Chienbrun Pearl Heart x Chienbrun Butch Cassidy Due May 9th, 2003
  Chienbrun Pearl Heart x Ch Aftershock Ares Of Daradan
  Chienbrun Pearl Heart x Ch. Aftershock Force Of Nature Born March 12, 2006
Our Other Dogs
Nikki the GSD

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