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Hope in Despair

September 11, 2001.. What a Tragic, dark day in this wondrous America of ours. ************************************************************************************************************** I can't even begin to fathom the heartache of all the victims and their families. This Country is shaken, but Never to the point where there is no Hope. ********************************************************************************************************* I have never been so Proud to BE an American as I am on this day, for despite the inhumanly tragic and dastardly crime committed against us, I have seen this people rally together as ONE like I have never seen before. In the very midst of this tragedy, we have TRULY become the "UNITED" States of America. ************************************************************************************************************** It certainly can seem like no good can come from such a tragic loss, but I have already seen good come of it. ************************************************************************************************************** We United as a Nation in Prayer, which is the most powerful thing we CAN do and we united in giving of ourselves on so many levels from volunteering time, resources, and even our very life's blood on a phenomenal level. ************************************************************************************************************** Yes, I have never felt so deeply moved and proud of the American People, the very pulse of this Heart-land. ************************************************************************************************************** It's my prayer that the Lord Bless and comfort ALL the victims, their families, those who have lost loved ones, and all the incredible, Valiant, souls who work without ceasing to rescue and help others, Risking and Giving their lives for others. What a powerful example they are to us all! Thank you! ************************************************************************************************************** I pray the Lord Bless and give wisdom to our President and all of our leaders and all those noble soldiers in our military. I pray the Lord bless all those who are so torn and frightened by the massive, horrific, evilness of this tragedy. **************************************************************************************************************
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