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                                                 This site is devoted to that fine game Hotel Giant Created by JoWood!
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March 10, 2006:
Hotel Giant 2 coming out December 2006
I plan to get it as soon as I can, and plan to see if I can Make new and original items as soon as I get the game I also plan to make a Hotel Treasures 2 site. The links for the Hotel Giant 2 site will be listed here!
May 13, 2006:
Just to let everyone know I have started working on the Hotel Giant 2 site to prepare for its release when done the link will be here!
As soon as Jowood puts up its official site I will tell them the link!
I will keep the official color blue! But the site will be up within the next 2-3 months as soon as it is done!
Hugs to all and Happy Mothers Day from all of us at Hotel Treasures!
June 1, 2006
Just updated the tips and hints page!
Sept. 18, 2006
Just updated the links4 trade link!
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Hotel Treasures by treasures 2
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