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What About Joan ABC decided to cancel this series on Oct 11.

The Second Season premiere has been pushed back one week to Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 8:30 p.m ET.on ABC

What About Joan starring Joan Cusack premiered Tuesday, March 27 (9:30 ET) on ABC Joan plays the role of a high school teacher and is joined with Ruby Stern (Donna Murphy) a psychiatrist and Betsy (Jessica Hecht) a music teacher. The show mainly follows the lives of high school teachers and their developing friendship as well as the relationship between Joan and Jake(Kyle Chandler).


Joan Cusack.... Joan Gallagher
Kyle Chandler.... Jake
Donna Murphy.... Ruby
Jessica Hecht.... Betsy
Kellie Shanygne Williams.... Alice Adams
Wallace Langham.... Mark

Executive Producers
James L.Brooks
David Richardson
Richard Sakai

Production Company
Gracie Films
Columbia TriStar Television

Write to ABC:

500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

You can also e-mail- What About Joan

Write to the stars :

(Name of actor)
c/o Ashland Productions
5660 West Taylor St. Stage #3
Chicago, IL 60644

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Interested in seeing a taping of the show? For tickets call (773)473-8224 All filming is in Chicago.


Episode Guide

Season 1

Pilot March 27,2001 Written by: Gwen Macsai
Directed by: Michael Lembeck
Guest Cast: Mitchell Fain, Greta Honald, Bruce Jarchow, Maia Madison

Joan Gallagher, a high school teacher, is surprised to hear Jake, a banker, proposing to her after only six weeks and nine dates. When she hesitates to answer, he realizes that he's more committed to their relationship than she is. Joan seeks help from her friend who happens to be a psychiatrist, Dr. Ruby Stern. When Joan goes to see Jake at his apartment, he withdraws the proposal and decides to let their relationship grow. Meanwhile, Joan's friend, Betsy, also a teacher, continues her secret romance with fellow teacher, Mark. Joan meets her new teaching aide, Alice Adams, who she likes right away.

Sex Talk

April 3,2001

Written by: Gwen Macsai
Directed by: Michael Lembeck

Joan (Joan Cusack) gets down to the nitty-gritty with Jake (Kyle Chandler) in the second episode of the midseason sitcom. She wants them to discuss “everything” to clear the air for their “perfect relationship.” The first topic, religion, is a breeze. Then comes sex, which is not a breeze---especially after Jake foolishly tells Joan that she's not the best sex partner he's ever had. Meanwhile, Joan's psychiatrist friend, Ruby (Donna Murphy), decides to do a favor for their mutual friend Betsy (Jessica Hecht). She'll engage Betsy's noncommittal boyfriend, Mark (Wallace Langham), in some furtive therapy in hopes of getting him to commit. Commit he does, but not in the way Ruby intended.

The Proposal

April 10,2001

It appears that Betsy is getting very antsy to have Mark propose, which he is a long way from doing. So she takes some of Jake's advice: act like you don't care and watch him come crawling. Betsy follows through and gets the reaction she was hoping for! Ruby gets a book deal to spread her wisdom, and a pesky publicist along the way.
Joan Meets the Parents

April 17,2001

Directed by: Lee Shalit-Chemel
Guest Cast: Ron Dean, Stefanie Powers,Misha Kuznetsov

Jake's not too sure about introducing his parents(Ron Dean, Stefanie Powers) to Joan. “They're the most judgmental people alive,” he tells her after they do meet (and hit it off badly). So she invites them to dinner in a frenzied effort to make a good second impression. But it's Alice (Kellie Williams) who makes the good impression.

Free Speech

April 24,2001

Guest Cast:Bruce Jarchow(Bob), Meg Thalken (Chairwoman),Aaron Himelstein (Doug)

Just as Joan's high school Speech Team wins the Illinois Speech championship and gets ready to head to San Francisco for Nationals, word comes down that the school board is cutting funds for all of their teams and clubs. A competition among club sponsors, including Joan, Mark, Betsy and Alice, ignites with everyone trying to pitch to the board why their club should not suffer the loss. When the dramatic and charismatic basketball coach has his turn at the podium, it's obvious by his "presentation" that the rest of them don't stand a chance – until he realizes others are just as deserving of the money and he instead gives it to Joan; Meanwhile, a student develops a crush on Ruby and isn't shy about letting her know.

Joan's Sister Visits

May 1,2001

Guest Cast: Ann Cusack(Ann)

Joan's nerves are going at full-speed with the thought of Jake meeting her sister Ann who is due to come into town for a visit. The pair meet and hit it off, but all good moods come to a crashing stop when Joan realizes Ann is having problems at home. Ruby gets pleasantly distracted by a "silent cowboy type" and Betsy can't stand to be away from Mark any longer and works for a reunion between the two.


May 8,2001

Guest Cast: Rose McGowan

Joan and Jake's relationship is tested when a sultry seminar leader comes onto Jake while on a business retreat. When Joan finds out that Jake may face temptation, she falls apart at the thought of his infidelity. Ruby, Betsy and Alice come together to get her through her "breakdown" until Joan realizes there is nothing to worry about. She's got a good thing.

Ruby Doobie Doo

May 15,2001

Sensing that Jake is in a "funk," Joan encourages him to get some professional counseling, a la Dr. Ruby Stern. Against his better judgment, he agrees to go and talk to Ruby, although it feels strange to divulge his most intimate thoughts to Joan's best friend. During their session, it's Ruby who has a breakthrough, realizing that somehow along the way, she never pursued her first love of singing, for fear that she would fail. Concerned that she would never be the best, she never tried. In an effort to push Ruby past the point of fear, Joan sets up an opportunity for her to perform at an open mic club.

Betsy's Wedding

May 22,2001

The big day arrives for Mark and Betsy, who have planned to finally walk down the aisle. However, a massive snowfall in Chicago sets out to destroy their dream day, until Joan intervenes to make it all work out, as usual. With Mark stuck at the church with Jake, Alice, Mark's half-brother Herman and the minister, and with Betsy stuck at Joan's with Joan and Ruby, they incorporate new methods to make their union happen at all costs: THE PHONE. It's not the most romantic way, but it gets the job done!

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