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Witches Tools


Demonic Bible

Witches Tools


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Crystal Meanings

Tarot Spreads

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Robin Hood Athame
Can be used for many different reason including cutting herbs, spellwork, inscribing words into candles, directing energy and circle casting. The athame is never used as a weapon and is a masculin object. It is one of the magickal tools of fire signs.

Crystal Ball Crystal Ball
A tool used in divination for many centuries.

Yin Yang Candle Candles
Candles have different uses depending on the colour used. The most common uses for all candle colours is spellwork and aromatherapy.

Chalice Chalice
This is a tool of passive magick and represents the element of water. It can be placed on the alter or used to drink wine or juice from during ceremonies. This tool is a feminine object.

Book of Shadows Book of Shadows
Witches generally use this book to collect information on different rites, rituals, and ceremonies they preformed. It is not uncommon to also put your feelings before and after the ceremony or to even use it to record your thoughts and what you've learned about the Craft.

Amulet Charms
This can also be known as amulets or talismans. These are normally charged for a specific purpose and are used for energy.

Pentagram Pentacle
Also known as pentagram. This represents the 5 elements in magick. Earth, Air, Fire, Water with the top point being the Spirit. This is a tool of synthesis and represents the element of earth.

Runes Runes
Can be used in magickal work or divination.

Scrying Mirror Scrying Mirror
Used in divination to either see visual pictures or mental pictures.

Tarot Cards Tarot Cards
Another form of divination. Using the cards the reader can see past, present, and future events.


The wand is the magickal tool of active magick and represents the element of fire. It is usually used to project energy and is used in spellwork and divination.

Incense Incense
Used in magickal work to give thanks to the God and Goddess and also for aromatherapy. This tool represents the element of air.

Cauldron Cauldron
This is a magickal tool for the element of water. It has many different uses but most commonly is for burning herbs or magickal recipes.