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NOVEMBER 24, 1999
It's been a while since updates but just to let you know I was just screwing around with my time. Ever since the 12th of November until last night, I've been working extremely hard on finishing the climatic action scenes which accompany the end of this movie. Well, I finished up last night and right now the ending is 12 minutes long from start to finish. It's been a frustrating edit to do with some complex edits and A/B rolls but looking at the final edit, with some temp music, really showcases what this movie will be like. I'm extremely happy with the results and now all that is left is a few pick up shots this weekend and a couple of more scenes to edit and we will be finished the editing process and ready to tackle post audio. Unfortunately, we have to postpone editing until next Monday do to scheduling conflicts.


NOVEMBER 12, 1999
Here is an update on the post-production of OF FORTUNE AND GLORY. Up to date we have 42 minutes of edited video which equals the running length of THE HUNTER. As stated before we are estimating that GLORY will be in the range of a 75 - 90 minute motion picture. And up to this point TIM SULLIVAN and I are very pleased with what we have edited. We both feel that we can have the editing process finished in two weeks with one full weeks of post audio. With that, we are trying to create a trailer and advetisiments for out premiere night which will hopefully tak e place at Barton Secondary School some time in mid- December. Tim and I have also fiddled with the idea of creating a THREE ON A MATCH trailer which will be attached to the front of OF FORTUNE AND GLORY... but that is not confirmed yet.

Anyway, editing will continue for two more night this weeks and resume Sunday morning.


NOVEMBER 11, 1999
Check out some pictures of ERIK WOODS as he edits OF FORTUNE AND GLORY at the BTV studios in Toronto.


NOVEMBER 10, 1999
TEWS ENTERTAINMENT has uploaded our first cast and crew profile on ROB PEACE. Read all about the star of THE HUNTER and the up coming OF FORTUNE AND GLORY HERE

Editing continued last night as we are now working on the exciting cottage fight scene. This scene along with the attached boat chase should be completed tonight.


NOVEMBER 8, 1999
The new snapshot-of-the-week has been uploaded. Go and CHECK IT OUT.

Good news came to me on Friday night when CARRIE TIVADOR notifiied me that she would not be going to Montreal over the weekend. That meant that we were able to finish the finale scene the way I had always envision it. Plus, we were able to finish off the much delayed photographer scene. This had been delay for quite some time due to casting changes. We had up to five people scheduled for this role before we finally ended up with my brother, BRENT WOODS, playing the part. And man, he did not disappoint. He nailed the part as if he had been studying it for weeks... if fact, he had only seen the script 10 minutes before filming. Thanks Brent!

All that is left are two pick up shots with Diriki Palmer and a quick driving scene and there you have it... principle photography finished! All that would been left will the editing which is going on without a hitch. Our release date is still sometime in mid-December. We will have an official word on that when we get closer the end of post-production.


NOVEMBER 4, 1999
For the past three out of four days Tim Sullivan and I have been editing OF FORTUNE AND GLORY together. It's been a fun but exusting task. Our editing sessions last from 5pm to 9pm and with both of us living in Hamilton and editing in Toronto we don't get home until 11pm. And waking up at 5am to go back to Toronto every morning is not a piece of cake. But, we ARE having fun and up to this point we have 18 minutes of footage edited. I'm very pleased with the picture but the sound quality is what's going to do this movie in. Unfortunately, there are so many "buzz's" and "hums" on the soundtrack that it is really interferring with the dialogue. We would do some re-recording but with our mid-December deadline we are going to have to present the movie as is. But, that doesn't mean we aren't going to try our best to cover-up the noise with additional sounds to help make the scene sound a little better.

In other news, I'm thinking of putting together an interview featurette at the end OF FORTUNE AND GLORY. I think it would be interesting to hear what the actors and the rest of the cast and crew have to say about the process of making OF FORTUNE AND GLORY. But, again, there is no promise on this segment. Only if we have the time, which is limited, will we embark on such a video.

Editing will continue tonight...


NOVEMBER 1, 1999 -
The new snapshot-of-the-week has been uploaded. Go and CHECK IT OUT.

On Friday I decided to do some more editing on OF FORTUNE AND GLORY and to my surprise I was able to finish the first action scene of the movie. I even had time to add some temporary sound effects and music. To be totally honest, with out the music and sound effects, I was really thinking that this scene was going to suck. But, it's amazing what music does to a scene... and that's why I love film music so much. Anyway, we now have 10 minutes of completed film and hopefully after four late night sessions this week we will be up to the 30 minutes mark with approximately 50 minutes left to go. Plus, we still have to complete shooting three more scenes which I hope will be finished by the end of this coming weekend.
Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!!



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