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DECEMBER 29, 1999
The new snapshot of the week has been uploaded. This week we feature Rob Peace and Carrie Tivador in the exciting gun battle.


DECEMBER 20, 1999
The new snapshot of the week is uploaded. It's shows Jen Woods as Salena Vascez with her Henchman. This shot will not be used in the final film. There is a similar version that will be used in the final cut but without actor Julius Ivancsic.


DECEMBER 16, 1999
The rough cut of OF FORTUNE AND GLORY was completed last night. As it stands now, the movie's running time is approximately 68 minutes. This is a little below our estimate two months ago but really... who cares. I'm just happy that I have it all edited and ready for SFX and music editing. At this rate, I see us easily meeting our December 23rd "temp track" date line.

Now, what are my first impressions. Well, as a whole it is fiarly good. It doesn't drag, the actions scenes are well placed and the acting is excellent. The only problem I have is with the sound but there is really nothing I can do about it at this point. Overall, I'm please with the product and it can only get better with the addition of music and SFX.


DECEMBER 15,1999
Principle editing of OF FORTUNE AND GLORY was completed last night. All this really means is that we have all of the scenes edited, without SFX and music. Our next goal is to get a rough cut of the movie competed by tonight so we can start planning out where certain sound effects and music will go. Hopefully, if all goes well, the "temp track" version of GLORY will be completed by December 23. As it stands right now, we are looking at GLORY to be in the running time of 68 to 70 minutes.


DECEMBER 13, 1999
Composer ADAM GESJORSKJY as agreed to compose music for OF FORTUNE AND GLORY. He e-mail me yesterday and this is a little bit of what he had to say:

"Orchestral music will not be a problem, however, it does not donate itself easily to improvisation so it will take a little bit more time to compose than other types of music. I'm sure that the product will be worth this extra time though. I have watched The Hunter and listened to the music in it, so I have a good idea of what (Erik) is looking for (nice job by the way!). Also, I have recently updated my recording gear to digital instead of analog. This will give great quality and will allow the score to be burned directly to CD for its future use."

It's an exciting moment for all of us!!!


DECEMBER 8, 1999
Again, it's been a while since updates but a cold and lot of other work can delay things for a while. Anyway, here are a few things that have happened in the past two weeks.

First off, I came down with a little bit of a cold last week and therefore was unable to edit GLORY which unfortunately means that we now have to delay the release of GLORY until January 2000. This is disappointing news but there IS something good that will come out of all of this. With the delay, we are now able to take some more time to look for a composer to compose us an original score for the movie. Right now we are looking at a few composers but one right now stands out as the front runner. Executive Producer Neil McIlveen has in formed us that former Barton Secondary School student, ADAM GESJORSKJY, is interested in scoring GLORY. I have heard some of his work and eventhough what I heard is more "rock" oriented then orchestral, I've been assured by Neil McIlveen that Mr. Gesjorskjy is up for the challenge. This a very exciting time for us here at TEWS ENTERTAINMENT as OF FORTUNE AND GLORY will be the first TEWS production to have a complete original score written for it. More news will follow as we begin meetings with Adam... stay tuned.

The OF FORTUNE AND GLORY picture gallery is finally re-opened. You can now check out all 19 photos which were taken by Melissa Wallace. CLICK HERE to see.

As for editing, last night (DEC 7) we edited a small scene which takes place at the beginning of the movie. This was the first time and a week and a half that we had edited something from this film. Editing will continue again tonight.



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