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Pastors and church Members Testimonies and Spirit filled Articles


This is the Very Short Testimony of our Pastor.S.Shunmugam

Our Pastor was born in a poor Hindu Family, lost the parents in the Childhood. Somehow he finished his school finals. As he was not able to go for higher studies he had to find a job as laborer. So he was working as a laborer in a tea estate and undergone many difficult situation which cannot be explained. Inspite of all these problem he was a pious Hindu and he has done the Hindu rituals to please all the Hindu Gods but no god helped him. So he lost the hope in his future and was seeking for peace of mind, at that time he had the opportunity to hear the word of God in an open air Gospel meeting. Gradually the Word of God was doing its job. Finally he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and decided to know more about Him. He was attending Pentecostal Church; he took Baptism and also received the Baptism of Holy Spirit. Since then he decided to be a true child of God and do His service.

When he surrendered his life to Jesus the whole situation started changing then what he was thinking not at all possible God made everything possible. Godís guidance was very clear in his life. He took over his life much better than the earthly parents did. Wherever he goes and whatever he does God was with him.

To his wonder he has completed his Nursing and brought him to Kuwait. He is working for the Health Ministry and rest of his time doing Godís work. God has given him His Church (i.e.) Full Gospel Prayer Fellowship (Tamil) Kuwait of about 150 members which is growing day by day.

He is not a qualified Pastor from the Bible College but we fully assure God is revealing wonderful things from the Bible through him. Holy Spirit refreshing Spiritual knowledge and God is leading him, guiding him and blessing him. His Testimony and his messages always touch the peopleís heart. He has blessed with 4 grownup Children who are in India at a place called Bangalore. Please pray for our Pastor and his family and also for our Church.

God Bless you all.


Judge Me Not

My Dear Friend,

Judge me not for I am but a sinner
depending on God's Mercy and Grace
judge me not when I stumble or fall
as I run through life's terrible race

Please judge me not when my faults show forth
and my sinful ways come to light
Judge not my many weaknesses seen each day
Nor my problems that multiplied by night
Place not your judgement on what you see
Instead, do look deeply into my heart
judge me as Jesus would; give me a chance
Help me to always make a brand new start

Let Judgement fall on my soul that cries out
begging for love, kind words and reprieve
Judge me forgivingly; overlook my sins
See with repentance I grieve
Judge not with scorn this man that was born -
the creature that lives in this flesh
Judge me as Christ would have me to be -
reborn in His Spirit afresh

Judge me as Jesus at Calvary
forgave all my sins when He died
judge me with that kind of love if you would
I believe you could. . . . if you tried

Judge not, and you shall not be judged.
Condemn not, and you shall not be condemned.
Forgive, and you will be forgiven.
( Luke 6 : 37 )

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