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Here are some pictures of me and my friends and the Drillers.

This is me and my friend Kelly. We went to the Drill Camp together, and she's on my soccer team too!

This is Nikki Vignjevic, Chris Clarke, O'Neil Brown, Ian Diaz, and Chris Handsor, at the Drill Camp.

This was one (he got traded) of my favorite players Bill Sedgewick and I at...yep you guessed it! Drill Camp.

This is a section of my room where I keep Driller posters.

This is Kelly, Martin Dugas, and me.

And, last but not least Carmen D'Onofrio and me.

Here is a collage I put together, with most of my pictures from Drill Camp. (For all the ladies, the pic of Carmen and me and the heart...just a joke if you're wondering! =)

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