My Cabbage Patch

Welcome to my Cabbage Patch website. My name is Tiffany, and I am an avid Cabbage Patch Collector. I received my first Coleco Rory in 1983. He was originally my mom's, but I fell in love with him at first site and asked if I could just hold him. Needless to say, she never got him back. Throughout my child I had several other cabbages, including my Cornsilk girl Laura and bean butt preemie, but none were ever as loved as Rory.

Finding Softies
In 2000, I went to the original Babyland General Hospital and fell in love with the Soft Sculpture kids. My first softie was a Kellum girl named Carlie who still lives with me. Over the years, I've gotten kids from all years, including my oldest girl Maggie, who is a 1979 C Burgundy Little People. The early Little People have a lot of charm and I hope to one day add more to my collection.

In addition to my soft sculptures, I have a small patch of Toys R Us (TRUs), a few Jesmars, some playalong (PA) kids, and the newer Babyland Exclusives. I also have a few QVC exclusive kids.

Kids Wanted
I am always searching for new cabbage patch kids to add to my collection. If you have any available, please e-mail me at with details and pictures.

Plus, from time to time, I have a few soft sculpture and mass market kids for adoption. Please check out my adoption page for more details.

Tiffany & Xavier Roberts

Some of My Favorite Kids
Timmy, 2003 Spring Event Cabbage Patch Soft Sculpture Balides, Coleco and Sof Sculpture Sprout, 2005 Collectors Club Billy, 2003 Cabbage Patch Collectors Club Cabbage Patch Soft Sculpture Buds


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