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The Fountain Island

Welcome one and all, to the OrignalFountain Island, bringing you Sonic Fandom since 1998!

April 28th, Welcome to version 2.0!!! Best Viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0

It's been a long time in comming, but the site has finally been revamped. I'm sorry for the lack of attention that I had been giving the site, but all of that will be changing. I intend to update as frequently as I have stuff to update. Sometimes updates still might be long between due to other work though, so check the FIA Updates page before flaming me.

Wondering how to get your button on the left-side list? Simple, just e-mail me your button and your site's adress. It's that easy.

Where do the zones lead?

  • Tet-Tropolis - Communications/Public Forum
  • Ice Mountain Zone - Mysteries/Missing Peoples
  • Rock Hill Zone - Games (Sega/SVT/Fan)
  • Ocean Front Zone - Fanfiction
  • FFF Command Center - RPG
  • Forest Zone - Art
  • Dragons' Scape - Awards
  • Unexplored Zone - ???
  • Desert Zone - Links