Some Pictures

test picture 2
Hietasaari in summertime

Batmud logfiles

Arena match agaist Aga
Arena match agaist Blodwyn
Arena match against Battery
Arena match against Zarx
Dicing artturod!
Wiped at axidia, nooo
Found bignose near SC
Strange bug during orc invasion
First bsense at newbie mountain
Clone wields moneybox
Iancurtis, Bloodbath
Baltzebub robotting corpses at smurville in early morning, banned very soon
Bsense during exp
Vicious stun during exp
Top Expmakers
Top Expmakers Vendar
Top Expmakers
Top Expmakers
Winning bloodbath as lvl 44 Giant
Top Expmakers Iancurtis
Sales cheater Mtn dropped some sculptures and wants them back

Winning Damogran's prize for first time after furious donating
Running to party killing sable, oops
Everyone in hell, crash
Star critting in crimson
Moght summons me in bloodbath
Bleeding in Radagast's party
Winning gazgo for first time
Kato fumbling spells when pkilling affected luck
Qurp attacks blayke in exp party
Barsoomian tank in Shadowkeep
Lallikenni standing in front of Crimson Brigade
Sly during Asmodeus-party

Wainamoinen misses with every hit
Reaching elderhood in nuns guild
Krzysiek wrecking prayer and getting banned from nuns
Accidentally blasting another party
Abbess spams when qurp completes nightmare task (necropolis)
Conquer's moreod kill log
Newbie tiger in perin's, trapped between shelters
Kenn's magenta dragon log
Qurp's thematrix log
Unseen bursts
Melwyn rocks
Rechendak dies after 7 painful hours
Rechendak 2
Kenn kills Sera
Agez kicked my ass in arena
Tigers after me

New Logs
Eidilon again
Nice loot from Mcdemon
Archmage Sera
Qurp kills rechendak with reflector shield
Henry Amberley
Entering Z'ragore tomb
Black Reaver
Warlock of Xzui
Lord Soth
Osku log from Eliam

Qurp's nightmare
Zin whips me, banned (logfile from Hantsaus)
DR.luuv aka. Fizzl
Legenda thieflog (Qurp)
Bard performance
Player city sizes
Weapon damage compare (Druff)
Weapon damage compare (Druff)
Hantsaus haisuli vs. Berovir arena fight
Thieves open (Qurp)
Melwyn killing chunkster (muroxite)
Mighty priest muroxite
Dorim aka, Vaasan pihtari reaching elderhood
Muroxite testing dim mak
Hantsauss' log from reaverparty
Gladiator all-out war final log from Mithrand
Blood Bowl log from Vendar
Blood Bowl log from Vendar
Blood Bowl log from Vendar

old kerbholzes
Kenn's holz
Qurp's holz
Baltzebub's holz
Druff's holz
Doughnut's holz
Brillo's's holz