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Bye Bye, Miss American Pie

Things I hope to be here, eventually

Hey people, welcome to my brand-new CTY site.

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Heylo all you happy CTY people and even to you non-CTYers. I've been slumping around my house, occasionally lurking online and checking things out and I've decided that my webpage needs serious help. It's not, well, I dunno. It's not ___ enough. Yeah, that's it! Basically, it needs to be snazzy-er. So, if anybody wants to help me out here, feel free to e-mail me at

your fun luving CTY buddy...


Random Carly-venture of the week:
Walking through a quiet park, I notice that my once-concealing tank top had slid over to reveal my bra strap! So, being a verbal person, I feel the need to say this alloud. That's right ladies and gentlemen, "this is a public service announcment! my bra is showing!" at which point Travis went and hid behind a bush...

[modified a bit for humor purposes. I didn't really say the "p.s.a." part and travis didn't run away. hehe!]



so youre a first year?
Some tips and advice I've aquired over the years about things to do or not to do at CTY. Good for first-years if you are one or know one!

really great siteAmerican Pie is the most sacred part of CTY. At this REALLY GOOD site, you can find every interpertation, parody, guitar tabs and TRANSLATION [well, okay, only latin] that you ever wanted!

a ton, i sware! A helluva lot of pictures. Thank gawd for scanners. Even if you didn't go to Car1, check these out. There's captions and everything and maybe you'll even see sumone you know...[that's happened before!]

well, i was born in 1985... A little piece about me, creator of this site and hopeless CTY addict.

2 essays just for you Ever wonder what CTY and why I'm endlessly ranting about it? Find understanding here...or at least make an attempt to understand

Official JHU IAAY site Now that you've seen a first-hand acount of CTY by a CTYer, you can go here and find out actual info about applying, cost, and classes if you're really interested.

do you like music too? Here you can find lyrics to the CTY canon, the set of songs that are the basis of CTY pop culture

hehe Another peek into the twisted minds and lives of CTYers. I didn't write this! its a link to another site! I take no credit for this! thank you.

But what does IAAY stand for? CTY doesn't Only stand for Center for Talented Youth...

I wonder if this is illegal Addresses for people who went to Chestertown 2nd 1998, Lancaster 2nd 1999 and Carlisle 1st 2000

this should keep you busy Ooodles and Ooodles of CTY links to pages about canon songs and sites made by CTYers

*sniffle* Memories...from me and from fellow CTYers. If you're a CTYer you really should check this out.

if the links didn't occupy you, this sure will This is the infamous CTY purity test. Not the overall purity test, which can be found here but the CTY purity test. See how CTY pure you are.