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This is the new first page of pics, since gurlpages is getting majorly fucked up. It's gonna take a while to load since there are about 20 pics on this page. If you don't wanna wait, you can go on to the next page which claims to be the first page and connects you to the other picture pages with only 3 on each page. I hope you can follow all that...p.s. all the pics on this page are from Kiki. They can also be found on her page

Alex Berger and Kiki. And Travis's foot with toenail polish.

This seems to be a picture of nobody in particular, so I'm gonna say it's Alex laughing.

I wish he would smile once in a while...

This is another Alex, who looks just like my OTHER friend Alex leong. It's scary. He hooked up with Lulu, I think.

The couching group

My roommate Kiki. This is an adorable picture; she's the sweetest person alive. lylas, girl!

Heeere's Dave. This guy is so shweet and Catholic too!

Grace from my hall. a.k.a. the roommateless wonder. it was so weird, her roommate just...didn't show up. She liked potatoes too!

A cute pic of me and Travis, one of the best actually, cuz I look half decent. It's my desktop wallpaper...hehe.

This is Jackie and her friends. She's the one who looked like Jasmine. If you're reading this Jackie [or friend] i want to tell you I'm sorry for being such a bitter bitch...hehe.

Nikel Bave, a.k.a. Bin Ladin

RA Andy. he was hott and a good dancer too!

There will be more descriptions, but I'm running out of time and my mom's on the verge of nervous breakdown...Okay, back This is tall charlie who was really nice and I first met him when I said "could you move? you're making me feel short."

This is rachel who is so cute. she's like 4'10" and an excellent dancer. she's really funny too and always cheerful and spunky. plus she has cool clothes.

This is Knish who's real name was even weirder than Knish. One time he got drunk off chugging benedryl.

These are some Rinas that were at camp the same time as us. Kiki had some extra film so I just randomly went up to some rina's and told them to smile. Notice how they all have salad except ONE. How sad is that?!

This is Zach from my class and me in my nifty anti-nazi shirt. He was really quiet but when he talked he was SO funny!

This would be a cute pic if #1 my hair didn't look like a skunk and #2 travis was looking at the camera. I'm going to hold this as proof of him checking girls out to blackmail him with, but don't tell him!

Val and Paul. They were such a cute not-official couple. or were they official?! someone inform me, please!

Toby from my hall and Alaska. Definite cutie pie.

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