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Equipment and Tooling

My custom sharpening system utilizes rotating paper wheels to accomplish blade shaping and polishing. The first step in the process is fixing the blade in a special positioning clamp. Then by adjusting the clamp for the dimensions of the knife, the sharpening angle can be fixed for the entire length of the blade. This ensures a consistent sharpening angle throughout the process, leaving nothing to 'chance' or 'skill'. The blade is sharpened on a silicon carbide grit wheel treated with a special formulation of waxes and lubricants to ensure retention of your knives' hardness. After the blade has been sharpened on the grit wheel, the blade is transfered to the polishing wheel and polished at the same angle with jeweler's rouge. This brings a mirror-like finish to the edge. This polishing step also hones the blade to razor sharpness, similar to a barber's leather razor strop. After sharpening and polishing, each blade is checked for sharpening quality and consistency.

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Quality Cutlery Sharpening
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