Henry Coe Park: Coit Lake

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Approximate mileage: 20 miles

We registered for camping at the hunting hollow entrance and drove 2 additional miles to the coyote creek entrance. There are two spots you can park at this entrance while remaining on state land, these two spaces you can park in without getting a ticket. Otherwise you have to park at hunting hollow entrance and walk the additional 4 miles round-trip to coyote creek entrance. We took Coit Road to Anza trail, then Jackson trail up to Elderberry spring. Then on to Elderberry trail and back to Coit Road. There was a stretch of Coit Road that was 'closed' due to a small landslide (the road was pretty much gone down the cliff) but we took it anyways. We stopped near Kelly Lake to fill up on water before hiking up the last hill to Coit Lake. Shortly after, we arrived at the lake and I went to work reeling in fish. I caught a fish on the first cast, I started off with a red painted brass spinner bait that I made. The fish were generally small, the largest about 12" in length. I had the best luck on a 4" red lizzard, I even pulled in several 2-3 pound crappie on lizzard baits. The sky was clear and the lake was full of fish. Coit lake is a great place to visit on a spring day! We set up camp as the fog began to roll in. We took a look around the lake and spotted several frogs. The next morning the fog got more dense. The trail back was less scenic than on the way in, mainly because you could only see about 20 feet in front of you.

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