Henry Coe Park: Rodeo Pond, Tule Pond, Wasno Pond and Hurricane Pond

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Trip Mileage: approximately 13 miles

I started in at the Hunting Hollow Entrance around 8AM. I hiked up the Lymon Wilson Ridge, quite a climb up out of the valley. The views were spectacular on this February morning, the hillsides covered in that new grass color and the trees all looked very happy. While on the way to Rodeo pond, I found a california newt crossing the road. After a bit longer down the damp trail, I came to my first destination, Rodeo Pond. I didn't do any fishing here, but I stopped to watch the pond turtles trying to hide from me in the pond weed. Just another mile or so down the road, Tule Pond pops into view. I fished this pond for a bit, but saw nothing but pond turtles. Maybe I saw a fish taking off from near shore. I strapped my pack back on and headed up the trail towards the next stop, Wasno Pond. I caught several fish at Wasno Pond with panfish-poppers and grasshopper flies. I camped at Wasno pond that night, the frogs sang until dawn. In the morning, I headed off-trail to Hurricane Pond. I carried my fly-rod down the steep hill to Hurricane Pond, but nobody told the fish. Actually, I don't think there are any fish in that pond. It got more and more foggy as the morning progressed, so I hiked back up towards the road. On my way I managed to somehow loose my map (being off the trail is not generally a good time to loose your map) but I managed to find the road. I was pretty glad was able to find my way back to camp. I ate up some lunch and headed down the foggy road towards home.

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