Desolation Wilderness: Barett Lake, Lawrence Lake and Top Lake


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Trip Mileage: approximately 20 miles

We drove up to Wrights Lake campground after work on Thursday night in order to get a head start Friday morning. The campground had quite a few people in it, but we did find a spot. We started off past Dark Lake, with mosquitoes in full swarming force. We hiked along the Barret Jeep trail towards Barret Lake. The views from this trail were amazing! Snow capped peaks and pine tree encrusted hills. We had to forge a couple of streams, the snow melt streams were pretty fridgid! We found a little froggy in the middle of the trail, I wonder how he keeps the mosquitoes away! There was no shortage of snow, and areas of this hike were like a swamp with all the snow-melt. We were instantly amazed by the beatuy of Barret Lake, now we just needed to figure out where to start fishing! We found the fishg pretty quickly at this lake, they seemed to be concentrated in the feeder stream feeding on scuds. We managed to pull a few in on spinner baits and had this one for dinner. The next morning we hiked into the desolation wilderness to Lawrence Lake. We unloaded our packs and immediately went up the hill towards top lake. Top Lake has got to be the prettiest lake I've been to. Snow covered its banks, and its water full of large brook trout. We pulled in 4 or 5 nice brook trout from top lake and released them all. Later that evening after supper, I pulled in two more nice brookies from Lawrence Lake and camped there for the night. The next day we hiked back out to the car and civilation.

Last updated: 04/01/05
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