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Welcome to my Poison page!! Here u will learn the COMPLETE (and I mean COMPLETE) history of POISON!!!.

Poison started back around '85, '86. Bret had a dream to someday become a rockstar. Rikki Rockett was a friend of Bret's through highschool, and they started a band, calling themselves the "Specters" They later met up w/ Bobby Dall and became "Paris" (I think it's pretty funny, that Motely Crue started out as London..ha ha) Their guitarist at the time was Matt Smith. They decided that they really wanted to try and make it, so they had two choices: Move to L.A. or move to NYC. Bobby said they picked L.A. because "L.A. was warmer, and the chicks were better looking"

Poison played local clubs, along with Van Halen, and Motley Crue. Being out on the road and so far away from home, really got to Matt...he decided to give up, and leave the band, returning to his family. Bret, Rikki, and Bobby, were NOT ABOUT to give up that fast. The auditioned over 50 guitarists, until they saw C.C. Deville...looking like something straight out of a comic book. "C.C is the most obnoxious, loud-out, boisterious, sell himself, kinda guy, you'll ever meet" says Bobby.

Poison now had a guitarist, and decided to SLAM L.A with their looks, and music. They toured like crazy, with their teased out hair, glamed out look, that eventually became the trademark of the 80s. The first album that came out was "Look What the Cat Draged In". Rikki's dad said he thought it was all okay but "everybody I'd come in contact with, said they look like girls!"

Poison released their single "Talk Dirty To Me" and it automatically became a top 10 hit on the billboard charts, and the "Look..." album stayed on the charts for over 100 weeks! About 2 years! MTV was playing them like crazy.

The next hits included "Look What the Cat Dragged In", "Cry Tough", "I Want Action" and "Talk Dirty To Me". Poison was taking the whole world by storm...and becoming a multi platinum band. The albums eventually came out one by one... "Open Up and Say...Ahh!!" was the next album to explode on the charts. Singles from the album, were "Nothin But a Good Time", "Fallen Angel", "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", and "Your Mama Don't Dance". That album sold 2 million copies the 1st 2 months it was out.

The next album to come out was "Flesh and Blood" spewing out top 10 hits, such as "Unskinny Bop", "Life Goes On", "Ride the Wind", "Something to Believe In" and "Flesh and Blood (Sacrifice)". Poison was THE band of that time

C.C began to get out of hand..he totally screwed up their MTV performance for the awards...he played whatever he felt like playing. He threw out what they rehearsed, and never finished one song...and it made them look bad. Bret a finally decided to kick C.C out..but Rikki says "I was never quite comfortable with the decision". The next guitarist was Richie Kotzen. What a mistake he turned out to be. He ended up sleeping w/ Rikki's fiance at the time..and they had an affair together. Rikki was devestated...and the band threw him out within the snap of a finger. They did make one album though.."Native Tongue". That had quite a different Poison sound to it...only producing one single...I think "Stand".

The '92 came around and Poison was batteling the grunge scene. They plowed their way through the 80s, and tried to stay around...It's was very difficult, since the music changed...Poison eventually had yet another guitarist, named Blues Saraceno.

They did 1 album together also..."Crack a Smile" The album eventually got "shelved". They never released it. The album was made back around '94, the record company never released it. Blues was a great guitarist, but Poison fans were craving for the real Poison...w/ C.C.

Then in '96, they released a greatest hits compilation..spanning over all of their musical years including all of their greatest hits..which made us Poison fans crave for the original line up even more. Eventually back in '99, they did the brand new tour with the original line up...the tour went absolutely insane! Poison fans from all over the place packed arenas and watched the awe.

There was Bret...the frontman..still w/ his long blonde hair, tied back in the bandana, only he sported a new piece of head gear...a hat...and I mean a BIG hat!! He still had the swiveling hips..that made the women loose their minds. Bobby cut his hair, and grew a beard and a mustache...C.C also cut his hair, and it wasn't an "odd" color. Rikki cut his hair, but he still wore a little make up, and they added a keyboardist. The tour turned out to be a big smash hit..and they knew they needed to do it again.

So this is where we are today...the year 2001. Poison is again touring...with the Glam Slam Metal Jam with Warrant, Quiet Riot, and Enuff Z Nuff.

But in between all of the touring, and the multi platinum success...they've had their ups and downs. C.C. went home to his mother's house a while back, and over came his drug addiction. He isn't seeing anybody, I don't think, and he has is solo band...The Stepmothers..which have just changed their name to "Samantha 7". Bret was in a major car crash. Had his private "bedroom" activities taped on video..with him and Pamela Anderson Lee...the tape got out..Bret had a cow. Now Bret owns the rights, and it is not allowed to be out for sale. Bret has also had accidents with his diabetes...passing out on stage because of he has also overcome his drinking habit...although when I met him..he had a beer..but Bret isn't drinking as heavily, which is always a good thing. Bret is seeing a woman named Kristi Gibson, a model and an actress. They just recently had a baby girl, and they named her Raine Elizabeth. How cute! Bret also is doing movies, and produced, starred and wrote "A Letter From Death Row". Bret says that he will do more movies in the future. Bobby is still playing bass...back in the early nineties he went to "AA" and overcame his drinking addiction, and he married a woman named Michelle (Mishy), and they had 2 children...Zack and Zoe. Bobby was just divorced from Mishy, she left him..poor guy. And Rikki is now fighting for his favorite cause...Animal Rights. I just recently saw him on Animal Planet..doing something for animals. He is also working on a solo record "Glitter For Your Soul" and it is remakes of songs from the 70s. Rikki is currently seeing Malina and he has no children. I wish all the best for the members of Poison...God Bless Em!!

Some Interesting Facts About Poison

BRET MICHAELS ~Bret's real name is: Bret Michaels-Sychak ~he was born in Pennsylvania, his mother says "Bret was born butt first" LOL ~his birthday is March 15, 1963 ~he has 2 sisters, who are both younger than him: Michelle and Nicole ~1 baby girl, Raine Elizabeth ~Dating Kristi Gibson

BOBBY DALL ~His real name is Robert Kuykendall ~he was born in Florida ~his birthday is November 2 1963 ~2 children, his son's name is Zack, and his daughter's name is Zoe ~Married for a while to Michelle, but now is divorced

C.C. DEVILLE ~his real name is Bruce Anthony Johanneson ~he was born in Brooklyn New York ~his birthday is May 14, 1963 ~he has one older brother named George ~Not married, nor does he have any children ~His first concert was KISS ~He has his own band: Samantha 7

RIKKI ROCKETT ~his real name is Richard Ream ~he was born in Pennsylvania (along w/ Bret) ~his birthday is August 8th, 1961 ~Isn't married, but he was seeing Malina Shirley ~he has an older sister named Vicki ~Working on a solo record "Glitter For Your Soul" ~Loves to fight for animal rights ~he has 5 dogs, 4 cats, 4 fish, 2 rats, and probably something else...who knows!


Did you know that every Poison album that has come out has gone platinum or higher?? GO POISON!!! Bret Michaels worked with Stevie Nicks on her greatest Hits record?? C.C. was the winner on Rock N Roll Jeopardy (it was hilarious)???