Lost in America
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(Created on April 2, 2002)

An on-line tribute to Albert Brooks' hilarious 1985 movie

"I always loved the idea of making a life-long decision and finding out four days later that it was wrong. You know, burning your bridges and then having to eat shit. Here was this successful married couple who sell their house, buy a Winnebago, hit the road, lose everything in a week, and realize they've made a mistake. So the concept was all about backing up and eating shit. We all do it in little ways. I wanted to see it big." -- Albert Brooks re Lost in America in Playboy interview, 1999

Unofficial Endorsements of This Website:

* Received via E-mail from Kimberly Shlain (Mrs. Albert Brooks, shown at left) on Feb. 1, 2006:

"Great site! (-- even though I get the nest egg lecture from time to time...)...I showed Albert, he had a big smile."

* Received via Facebook from Monica Johnson (co-writer of Lost in America, shown at right) on Nov. 15, 2009:

"I'm completely flattered, and love your website...Thank you for liking [the movies I co-wrote with Albert]. We were somewhat underground...All fans are appreciated."

R.I.P., Monica Johnson (1946-2010).

Table of Contents

Synopsis of the movie's story
Trivia related to the movie
Take the Lost in America road trip!
Main credits for the movie
Alternate cover for Warner Bros.' video/DVD release of the movie
Links to reviews of the movie, and other Albert Brooks links

TYPICAL BORING DISCLAIMER: This site is not in any way endorsed by Albert Brooks, Warner Bros. Inc., The Geffen Company, or anyone involved in the making of Lost in America. The site contains some adult language as quoted from the movie. To the best of the webmaster's knowledge, all photos used herein are in the public domain. If this is in error, click here to E-mail the webmaster and he will remove the appropriate photos immediately. All other material on this site © 2013, The Unofficial Lost in America Page [unless otherwise noted]. Any use or reproduction of this website or its contents, other than to rave up this sucker, is strictly prohibited.

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