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Hi and welcome to my new web page, CutieHelloKitty! (Isin't it beautiful?) I am so happy about it, for the longest time I have tried to create quality web pages and have almost always fallen short. Wanna know my secret weapon? I have started using Macromedia Dreamweaver® 4, this program is saving my life! Any of you aspiring web Mistresses/Masters this is the tool for you!

Anyways, now for the topic at hand. There is lots to do within my page and remember to E-Mail me with any suggestions you have for additional things. Right now I am thinking of a mailing list/fanclub or a chat room. please tell me what you think! And hey Halloween is coming soon!

I have a new super cute design center with hello kitty web elements that you can use on your web page. See it here!
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