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welcome to the section of the page about me. Just a brief bio etc.

<--This is me.

I am a Canadian art student interested in communications design (That's what I plan to do) I would love to work for Sanrio and design characters for them.

Any ways I don't want to say to much specific stuff for security reasons.

Why do I love Hello Kitty? I don't really know. Mabey It's her giant head, her cute little bow, her lack of a mouth, or even her endless merchandising opportunities ( I have spent too much money on the little fart).

One thing I do know though, is that she is my favorite Sanrio® character out there (my fave san-x® is Kogepan {burnt bread}) and thats why I have built this site for all her other fans! Anywho, enjoy the rest of my site!

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