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The Apple II Game Museum

Rescue Raiders by Sir-Tech (will try and get a picture of my IIe soon)


In the 1980's (and into the mid 1990's) the Apple II computer series was one of the premier game systems in the computer industry. Despite it's graphical and sound shortcomings (especially with the 8 bit series machines), programmers always found ways to make the best games possible for the II series. In it's heyday, Apple II supporters claimed the Apple II had some 10,000 programs for it and many of those were games.

My IIe has been around since 1983 and I must have spent hours a day on it playing games. From my first game, Apple Panic in 1983, I have been to the dungeons of Brittania to the baseball diamond in Yankee Stadium and everywhere in between. I present to you my collection of game boxes that are still around in my house. This is a tribute not only to the Apple II but to the programmers (and their programs) that entertained a generation of users. Enjoy!

Updates: 11/08/2007 - Howdy - Still here! :) I tried to do a scan a few minutes ago but my scanner appears to be acting up. Oh well, I might try again when I get some free time. I've been busy with work and my other major hobby (basketball). While I haven't had any new scans lately, I've had fun writing for Retrogaming Times Monthly. Check it out in the link below. Hard to believe it's been over a year since I started writing.

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