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Apple II Game Memories

We've all, at one time or another, spent a ton of time playing video games. I know I did when my Apple IIe was in it's prime. I've devoted this section to my memories of the various Apple II games I have played. If you have anything you want to add, send me an email and I'll try and add it in!

Apple Panic - Broderbund Software - 12/23/01

The first game I ever got with my Apple IIe. Besides the Apple Presents....Apple IIe and games like Brickout, this disc kept me up for nights as I tried to whack evil apples into submission. I remember spending quite a bit time fiddling with my joystick before finding out it was a keyboard based game.

Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar - Origin Software - 12/23/01

If I recall correctly, this was my first "adventure/RPG" type game I had played and also the first game in the Ultima series I had played. A few things stand out about this game: For one, to this day, I still have not yet finished it! Couple of reasons for that: One, after going through most of the game and getting to the Stygian Abyss, I battled to Level 6 where I promptly got lost in the criss-cross maze that is on that level. I eventually got a map from Origin to manuver through that but that led to the second problem: By the time I actually tried to finish the game I had forgotten the color and the associated meaning of each of the rune stones. Still this was a fun game and maybe I will finish it one day.

Computer Baseball - Strategic Simulations Inc. - 2/15/02

I seem to recall I picked this game up at a Sears store that was across the street from my high school in San Francisco. That would put the time frame around 1988 to 1992 (probably earlier than later). Of course, this game came out in the early 80's. But it was still great fun. I spent hours playing the 78 Yankees, taking on everyone from the 1927 Yankees to the 1978 LA Dodgers. The game wasn't anything like today's simulations. There was one "pitch" and it was either a hit, strike out, walk, etc. But it was realistic. You could pinch hit, warm up relivers and do things most managers do. However, one "unrealistic" thing....I had relivers with great stats (i.e. Dennis Eckersly from the 80's) and I put them as starting pitchers. They would dominate and do great which would never happen in real life. But it was fun to try!

Rescue Raiders - Sir Tech Software - 12/6/02

One of my favorite games of the 80s. I couldn't put it down and had quite a difficult time finishing the game. But I finally found a strategy that worked pretty consistently (never knew if the strategy was a quirk in the game or not) and finished the game off. The only minus in the game was the lack of ANY sound or music. It would have been great with a Mockingboard!

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