Are Aliens Real?

Are Aliens Real?

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Max Says:
Sure aliens are real. When you see them, call the Department of Immigration.

Yves Says:
Wherever you are right now, go to a wall and make a small mark on it, like a dot, with a pencil or something. Now take a few steps back and look at the mark on the wall. Now look at the whole wall. The dot is Earth and the wall is the universe, assuming the universe has boundaries, which it doesn't. I find it hard to believe that the dot, or Earth, is the only place in the whole universe with life on it.
P.S. The Truth Is Out There!! (<>..<>)

Brook Travis
Of course I think they’re real! How is it possible that we on earth are the only things living in the huge, vast universe? The universe is so big, that scientists can’t even map it. I think it’s crazy to think that we are the only beings here. They say that life would be unsustainable on planets without oxygen, well, what if those aliens thrived on natural gas, or methane? Who knows? We don’t believe people who say they’ve seen aliens, but yet we ask if they are out there.

Lucilla Phoenix
Hmm…are aliens real…I’m not sure really. With this topic I don’t know what to believe. I mean it’s possible…I would be foolish to think that throughout the universe there is no other intelligent life. But the question is, is there actually any intelligent life on this planet? *laugh* I’m kidding, I’m sure all of you are very smart. *wink wink* Okay, that’s enough of that. I think the government is hiding a lot of information about aliens from us though. They have to know something!! It’s just a damn conspiracy, though. But I better watch out now because the government is gonna come after me now because I uncovered their secret. So after this story, if you notice I haven’t been writing any stories afterwards, know why. The government came for me, or maybe they sent aliens to come for me. Damn them. *laugh* But that would be as scary as hell, one night, aliens come into you room, you wake up, four green (Max says: Gray! Little gray men!! Get it right!! Lol j/k They’re gray…and that’s all I have to say…) little bastards are standing over you, you flip out. Then they are all like “We come in peace.” And you’re all like “That’s bullshit. You are coming to fuckin’ kill me!! And stick a damn probe up my ass!!” *laugh* I’m sorry for all the swearing, but I’m sure nobody want’s a probe up their ass, I know I don’t. *laugh* You would think the aliens would have the consideration to not stick a probe up your ass, but no. Why am I even talking about aliens sticking probes up people’s asses? *laugh* I am stupid.

Sometimes, I think the whole thing with aliens is just bullshit. Something someone just made up. Because people who have had “encounters” with aliens are so dumb. They have this shitty house, and they just seem to be making things up for money. But I hate watching those TV shows of UFOs and peoples encounters with the aliens. It scares the hell out of me, it’s like I can’t sleep at night after watching that stuff. *shivers* But anyway, I have a UFO story for you, something I saw with my own eyes. It’s a hilarious story… Okay, on with it. This was like back in the 5th grade, me and my friend Marrisa were jumping on my trampoline and we look up in the sky and we see something silver, something that was like a mirror because we could see our reflections off of it very little. So we are flipping out because this thing is semi close to us. We are both like “Oh my God!, it’s a UFO!” Then a few seconds later this “UFO” starts to turn a little bit, and on the back of it, it said “Happy Birthday” in big letters. It was a freakin’ balloon. *laugh* Afterwards we felt so dumb. As you would imagine. So that's one of the biggest mysteries out there, are aliens real? Perhaps as my good friend Brooke would say. But right now it is remained to be seen. ET Phone Home!!

Your Opinion!

Sent in by: Timba

In my opinion Aliens do exist. Why I hear you ask? Well there is a vast universe out there and there is no way that out of the whole universe we are the only ones here.

Now just because I believe in aliens does not mean that I think they look like something out of the X-Files or Star Trek. Scientifically all an alien has to be is a worm or ant that lives on another planet not some big monsterous slimey thing like out of the movie Alien. But I do belive that there must be aliens out there that are more intelligent or just as intelligent as us.

Now on the subject of Alien Abduction, I just find it hard to believe that an alien would want to abduct a human. Plus the fact have you ever noticed that the people that claim to be abducted are always stupid slak jawed yokles that get paid very little or have no job at all? Now if I was an alien and I was going to abduct a human being I would want to abduct an intelligent human because I could learn more about that human race from someone intelligent. The people who claim to be abducted are just people who want some extra cash and their 15 minutes of fame.

Now a few years back we had reports all over the world of crop circles mysteriously appearing over night in the middle of corn fields. Now I personally did not believe these stories for a second. These crop circles were apparently UFOs had landed. After years of studying these crop circles it has been proven that they were fakes. Made by people who just wanted to whip up some hysteria. Now you may say that this is another government cover up like the contraversial Area 51. I don't think so. If aliens were going round abducting people and landing in corn fields the government would not be able to cover it up as people would notice these objects flying around.

Another thing stupid movies like Independence day have plots that say aliens want to take over earth. Now if these aliens are so intelligent that they have mastered space travel they are bound to be peaceful and why, more to the point, would they want to take over Earth?

So a simple answer, yes I do believe in Aliens, but I don't believe they fly round in UFOs abducting people and making circles in corn fields. If there are aliens out there I am sure they would have better things to do. One last thing that best movie about aliens is Mars Attacks its so funny if you haven't seen it go get it.....Now.

luv Timba xxx