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Welcome to my many worlds and many times. Inside you shall find the products of my tortured mind, all available in pdf (adobe acrobat) form. For my own conscience, the following is not intended for the young ones. They have seen worse in their video games and television but I still must put forth the warning.


As for the works, they are in progress or just plain forgotten. Just ignore the bumps and grinds and you should be fine.


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I can remember the sandbox. I had a toy that was pretty cool, a big red truck. It had a lever you could press and it would dump the sand out.

I also remember playing with my friends in the box. We used to get along, sharing all the toys....that was until someone got this really cool truck that made sounds and could do things when you pressed its buttons. There was the obligatory fight for that everyday. We used to hide the toy or bring bribes so we could have it. 

Then I got the new truck but, as I was walking towards the sandbox, I saw an even better truck being displayed. And the games began again. It got to the point that even buying a new truck was discouraged. And if you did, you didn't dare play with it or it would be broken or lost.

Finally, we grew too old for this sandbox but the game stayed.


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