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Short Stories


Short Stories
Novel Idea
A touching story of a boy with a dream and a mother trapped in a nightmare: Sweet Dreams
A revenge plot that thickens like blood: The Last Meeting
Just has to be read - vegetables, child abduction and a cult: The Veggies
A romantic story: Swimming Hearts
A woman and her memories: The Marriage Box
The meek shall annoy us all: Cheap Gifts
Sometimes, home is the toughest place to return to: Home Coming
Love lost, peppered with revenge: Last Respects
When we imitate, does any one care?: Imitate
Ever wonder what becomes of our hero after we move on: Prologued
Sometimes we do things because we think we have to: The Unwanted
A silly story about a well known monster: Returning the Call
Just look up the meaning!: Zoalism Denied
You always do it to yourself: Fontal Attack