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Net 249 is located in Eastern Ontaio, Canada. It is part of Fidonet Region 12.  Area-wise, the net stretches from Kingston to Belleville and beyond.We have a long history in well as some respected shareware authors in our midst.  Maximus, the long lived Free BBS package, was written by one of our original members, and Harvey's point software as well.

Presently the net is looked after by:

Joe Delahaye
Joe Delahaye


In the near future,  we will add some of the history of the net.  I am waiting to receive as much of it as possible before adding it to this page.  As well, I will try to make available the latest Node Diff files for download from this site, along with other Fido related files.
Visiting the site will allow you to find out the history of Fidonet in Canada, give access to more links, etc

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