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OPEN Letters~Melinda Edison

Morning glories, my dog, and me~Eternal Spring

Yes, I know it isn't spring yet. It not even February, but the cold snap has ended, the winds have died down, 50s and sunny, so SPRING! Hello!

Plus I needed a change. I am trying to be fresh and new, vernal. C'mere Sailor!

Greetings from C H I C A G O!

UPDATE: My new book will be published soon! Guess the title and win a free copy!

The Bone In My Bed

Pink Love Bubble


Running the Border

Kill The Words

Is There A Nurse in the House?


Bleeding Like A Girl

A Little Plan

Final Rinse


Map of the Heart

Signs of Spring

Joking Myself

Off To See The Wizard

Here Comes The Sun


Not Again and Again and Again

To Hell With Love

When He Wasn't Looking

Sylvia's Tulips

Baby Blues

Seeing-Eye Girl Prophecies

A Weekend In March

Voodoo Doll

Wet Lips

Vote! Vote! Vote!

In The Dark

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Chapter 2