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   Last Updated: 1.6.04
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18.6.04 - John Dickinson, Web Designer

Support Base Awards

Lots of winners at the awards each of them recieved a great prize. If you want a chance of winning then just pop in to the support department in english. Here are the winners- John Dickinson, Ashely Pilling, Victoria Leyburn, Callum Graham, Fiona Keegans, Victoria Chard

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19.6.04 - Mrs McGuire , SMT


Hi there everyone some of you have recieved letters through the post about gerneral excellence ect

Tell us the answer to this question: What airport did the jazz band land at?.The prize is undecided Just email your answer to this address: john.contact.website@lycos.com

Last Weeks Winner: -- None --
Kilwinning Academy Support Department

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