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   Last Updated: 19.6.04
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18.6.04 - Everyone, Kilwinning Academy Students

Good Bye. We will miss you!!

As many of you know a lot of teachers are leaving this year and here are there names
Miss Rogers - Music
Mr Cameron - Computing
Mr Stevenston - Technical
Mrs Gordon - Modern Launguages
Mr Deans - SMT
Mrs McGuire - SMT
Mrs Aspenwall - Maths
Mr Taylor - Geography
Mrs Young - Home Economics
Mrs McKay - School Nurse
Well good luck to all of you. We all hope that you have a great time when your are gone :(

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19.6.04 -Jazz Band, School Pupils

Bye Bye Miss Rogers

Miss Rogers is leaving Kilwinning Academy and is leaving behind lots of sad children from the jazz band. Whilst in Paris Pupils made donations to get miss Rogers a gift and a nice one at that. Well it was a nice way to say goodbye. The jazz band will not be the same without miss Rogers :( But we all hope she comes back to visit and we wish her a happy future. :'(

Tell us the answer to this question: What airport did the jazz band land at?.The prize is undecided Just email your answer to this address: john.contact.website@lycos.com

Last Weeks Winner: -- None --
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