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100 People Who Are Screwing Up America

By Bernard Goldberg--former CBS reporter for many years

White Males:

70% of all Americans are disadvantaged i.e. they're black, Hispanic, Indian, female, gay, disabled, fat, blind, deaf, mute, depressed, angry, perfume-sensitive, unable to pay attention in class, won't pay attention in class, non-English speaking. But the disadvantaged gets all the advantages like gov't contracts, affirmative action, food stamps, welfare, etc. White males are the only growth area for the modern victim movement, everybody else is covered. If they start counting white males as victims there won't be anyone left to blame for all the other victims.

Enron Crooks:

During California's rolling blackouts--when people were trapped in elevators & sat in dark houses w/o air conditioning--Enron traders were talking about shutting down power & shipping electricity out of the state! They never visualized that tapes would be released telling of their greed. If a kid mugs an old lady he would be locked up in Attica but the 'white collar' criminals get no time or small term in a 'country club'.

Sex Warriors

Gloria Steinem once said 'a woman need a man like a fish needs a bicycle'. Catherine Commins, when she was ass't dean of students at Vassar College, told Time magazine that 'men who are unjustly accused of rape can gain from the experience'.

Reading, Writing, & Radicals

University of Connecticut once put into effect a policy that banned 'inappropriately directed laughter' to make sure no student's feelings got hurt.

Brown has had rules against 'verbal behavior' that produces 'feelings of impotence or anger', whether 'intententional or unintententional'.But burning the American flag is allowed because it is 'free speech'.

Sheila Jackson Lee

This black Democractic congresswoman is upset because there are no hurricanes named after black people!! All racial groups should be represented.

The Vagina Monologues

Eve Ensler wrote a play that received rave reviews as women discussed their vaginas. One scene a woman gets a teenage girl drunk & has sex with her & the girl says 'if it was rape, it was a good rape. I'll never have to rely on a man'. The play has been done in (48) countries plus HBO and hollywood actresses stand in line to appear in it. Hillary even had Ensler come to the White House.

University of Pennsylvania

A white male was tudying in his dorm room when about (15) black female students stopped beneath his window & began celebrating their sorority's Founder's Day. They sand, chanted, & stomped their feet so the male student asked them to stop but the noise got louder. Finally the white male student shouted 'shut up, you water buffalo'. Well, (5) of the black students said they were victims of discrimination so the University filed racial harassment charges against the white male student. But in 1988 Louis Farrakhan spoke at Penn & the President stated that his views were racist and semitic but open expression is an important value. President Hackney went on to say 'we can't have free speech only some of the time, for only some people.'

Norman Mailer

'This man isn't a murderer, he's an artist' pleaded Mailer for the release from prison of convicted murderer-turned-writer, Jack Henry Abbott. Mailer started a campaign & succeeded in getting this man released from prison. (six weeks later he killed a waiter). Mialer told reporters he hoped that Abbott would not get a life sentence because 'it would destroy him'. Shortly after he was convicted again, Susan Sarandon had a baby. She and her husband, actor Tim Robbins, named the baby after Abbott!!

Shirley Franklin

On June 7, 2004 Mayor Franklin & the Atlanta City Council honored a gangsta rapper, Ludacris, with an official proclamation citing his good works. Chris Bridges (Ludacris) made a lot of money calling people niggas & ho's & he gave some of it to Atlanta charities.


This white rap artist gets more hits on Google than anyone except Jesus Christ!! Not just young girks think he is hot but older women as well. Maureen Dowd, New York Times writer, wrote in her column 'a gaggle of my girlfriends are smitten with Eminem. They buy his posters on eBay. They play him on their Walkmen at the gym.'

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