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This is the Official Still Pending site. Now if you don't know who Still Pending is then allow me to inform you: We are all out of our minds! No actually we're a band. Perhaps not the kind of band you'd like but likely better than other kinds of bands, perhaps. We play hardcore punk rock and have Hard rock overtones. We call it Junk Rock. This places us between FEAR and The Melvins and Slayer (granted you know who The Melvins and Slayer are). We hardly play shows, practice whenever we have to, and occasionally go to other people's shows just to head bang and mosh (but we don't do that emo "hardcore" crap these stupid scremo kids do nowadays). Anywho, direct yourself through this piece of shit website and we'll be getting back to you. _________________________________________________________ Still Pending's Interesting Fact of the Month: Go to and vote for us to be on Warped tour! _________________________________________________________________ We are currently undergoing some matinence and once completed we shall have a brand new demo for everyone and an album out by December.

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