StiLL Pending: On The News

May 18, 2006 - Hey, Still Pending has a chance to play warped tour! go to and vote for us under the Los Angeles section. We are currently ahead of most and need the votes. Thanks to those who voted, and to those who haven't voted, I'm going to pester you! And to those bands who are currently messaging us, stop it! You're annoying and that will want to make us defeat you even more. Don't underestimate the band made from Junk Rock. Thank you, and good day!

_________________________________________________________ January 24, 2006 - Wow, long time everyone. Updating site a little for pure bordem and because our web address for off. Anywho, 2006 looks to be shaping up as the year Still Pending kicks your fucking ass! That's all I really have to say. _________________________________________________________ May 13, 2005 - Playing All School Fair and our album isn't looking like it will be done anytime soon. On lighter news, this is the first update of the site for a while... ________________________________________________________ January 3, 2005 - Well we had our first show and the turn out was shitty. The first 4 songs were shitty. And now I am out 200 bucks! Next, out Album "When Society Fails" will be out late Febuary depending on how fast we can work. It will include 13 songs plus 1 track of complete nonsense and starting today, all th songs with lyrics will be posted on the site! I need a coke! ________________________________________________________ May 6, 2004 - Kicked out our old bassist since he never showed up for practice. God Speed Carlos, you're still cool. Got another bassist named Byron. We're still debating if he will still perform at ASF with us but we're counting on it. That's the news for now. ____________________________________________________ April 16, 2004 - Updated the hell out of the site. I changed the enterance picture because I was getting complaints from people that the middle finger offended them...can you imagine that? Where would they get such an idea? Anywho, looks like we shall be switching bassists again since the one we have now hardly ever comes to practices and so he's missing rehersal time. As of now, it looks as if we shall be playing ALL SCHOOL FAIR with only a drummer and Guitarist. That's all really. Enjoy, sign guestbook if you want to and read the lyrics. All good liberals should read the lyrics...then perhaps you won;t be so "corrupt." __________________________________________________________ April 9, 2004 - Looks like Still Pending shall be ready for HHS's ALL SCHOOL FAIR. With a bassist, a drummer, and that one retard called Daryl, it seems that the music is coming together. We have three songs under our belt...yes it has taken long to perfet just three songs (contrary to what Michael Smith might believe, making music is a long process!) That's all I have to say about that! ________________________________________________________ December 3, 2003 - Finally, after months and months of searching Still Pending now is complete with all the members in place. Of course we had to change the bassist to the drummer and get a guy named Carlos to be the bassist but we are still complete, now! When will be our newly formed first practice? God only knows... _______________________________________________________ October 18, 2003 - Okay, still looking for a fucking drummer. If anybody knows a drummer looking for a band or looking for another band please have him or her contact me. Next, This site, and every other single site will not tolerate slurs or any other such language that will bring others down. Guestbooks are designed for people to give shout-outs to the bands they like and post they're positive views. it's not for calling people "gay" or "faggot" or anything else. That is why from this point on Still Pending will cease to have a guestbook until further notice. Any posts you want to make about us will have to go trhough Idiot Rock's Guestbook. I also want to say that we support all bands we know, even if we may not like their musical stylings much we support them none-the-less. It's an respect thing, and we have nothing but respect for everyone. On another note, we need to fucking practice and the only way to practice is with a drummer. ARG! _____________________________________________________ September 26, 2003 - With the loss of our first drummer we are now under going a search to find a replacement. The flyers are going around Hollywood so now I'm just waiting for response. I'm going to Gilman Street tomorrow to pass out WANT AD'S there also.So for those of you who are in the LA (Downtown, Hollywood) area and would like to be the drummer for our band please contact me at the e-mail address below. Plus I we have to get in touch with Byran again because it's getting kind of long between contacts... _____________________________________________________ August 19, 2003 - We have new pages to look at like our Lyrics page a page devoted to local bands. So we have Idio Rock records and as soon as we get three rehersals in we will go meet this guy Bryan (a special thank you to Parke from LOTB) and we shall get studio time which doesn't mean recording but we will get some pointers to what sounds good and what doesn't. Black Flag is also in four weeks so if you don't have a ticket get one because tey are going mighty fast! ____________________________________________________ August, 8 2003 - So, I guess this is the Still Pending news headquarters. I hate it. So this is the first news of the day. Still Pending front man, R. Hall, will be appearing at Gilman Street in Berkley, CA (for those of you that don't know) on Sunday trying mosh and basically become more of an Idiot Rocker. He will also try to pick up some bands for Idiot Rock records, which will probably fail on doing so. He has also informed our crew that he will also be filling in as guitarist for the band Cell Block 5. I think he's full of shit if he honestly thinks he will be able to do that. Tht's all for now.