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Daily Foreword August 25, 2014: I was born almost completely right hemisphere brained, like a cork screw caught the brain and twisted it making one side large and the other smaller. I am a creative savant with limitations. I had to grow a full connection to my soul. When I did, my mind connected as well. I am likely a remnant of a war and my mother was caught in the middle of World War II and I am sure her genetics were hit as well. The human race appears bent on suicide.

All nuclear power plants and nuclear bombs should be done away with. Radiation on a large scale would put human beings to the point of being crippled and more like a sick dog over time. Recessive diseases expressed, new diseases multiplied and empowered with nuclear fallout, and sickness and degradation on a large scale over a long time, perhaps to the last one. I have observed that the children and grandchildren of men whose testicles were exposed to radiation in the USN, and done so deliberately by government directive, and whose children and grandchildren express phenotype abnormalities, the radiation impacts the torso and the head. I suspect if women's ovaries are exposed to radiation the same effect with more pronounced growth abnormalities and impact upon the arms and legs as well. The USA was taken over long ago and power divided. We are caught in an embrace of predatory capitalism. I was born maimed due to it.

truth based comedy to ease my sorrow -- I am sitting in a high chair like the captains chair on the Dier Fag vessel, the USS Reid FFG 30. I have summoned all of those who have crosse d me to come to me and to pay their debt in full. I have Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama clean my toe nails with my gun permit taken by him on 4-3-2001 when I was trying to stop his thievery. He was done away with in 2005 but rewarded. After he cleans my toes I have him dra w up a deed to all of his land excepting one parcel down near the toe of the land, possum toe land.

Next I have the pe rson in charge of the USA federal go vernment in Los Angeles or D.C. who had me go into a nuclear blast in 1983 on the USS Reid FFG 30 without protective nuclear gear. I do not believe in misery or torture. I do believe in a clean kill. I want nothing from him or her. I leave it up to God. I would not put them in a radioactive cage but I would kill them on the spot just to remove their presence if it was up to me, but it is not.

The people who hired me at FDIC did so because there was tension in banking deregulation in 1999. The FDIC Improvement Act in 1992 left an FDIC regional director assassinated. We in the USN were subjected to psych ops in 1983. The government is divided in the USA. It is not controlled by Americans and many Americans would kill each other on the spot. From the FDIC I would like employment. I want to over see the Treasury and FDIC. I want my former bosses to wipe my ass when I defecate, I want them to chew my food if I suspect poison, I want them to feel needles and torture and sorrow as I did, but I do not believe in torture. I believe in a clean kill. And that is God's decision.

The Queerest of the Queer painting and h ouse talisman says it all. 4-3-2-1, blind dog of los angeles came across a Dier Fag (Radiation victim sailor USS Reid) while dead sailors at the sea and at the shore and a nuclear blast was in the background. Baby I'm Ready To Go (music link.) Some of words of wisdom in war and life and death. Things are not what they seem therefore they are not as bad as they seem. This world is temporal if not temporary. Mozart music moves the brain on small children they say. Movement.

Daily Foreword August 22, 2014: If you are young, you should realize that all things that appear positive about the USA are a fake, a lie. Predator y capitalism leaves us as their prey, not just those being attacked overseas. I was born brain damaged and overcame the disability over many years and then I was maimed again. My memory just came back on many things. Its like waking up from the dead and discovering you went to Hell on Earth. Why is it that al l sociopathic war criminals in history called their victims insane? The same occurs in the USA today. We are in an eternal war it seems.

If I had not been brain damaged at birth, I would have likely fled the USA at age 18. Those in power were killing the innocent through warfare and nuclear tests. I believe my mother was likely subjected to radiation or biological contaminants when she was young and on the Gulf Coast of the USA. I believe the war time era left her ovaries damaged and my father was subjected to radiation in the National Guard and that may have impacted his testicles.

The dictators in power over the USA are our worst enemies. They remain hidden and are not those portrayed on their mass media. If they are killed, then we are free from them unless their cages and traps have us snared. If they survive, we likely need to flee and find a better place. I would have fled to Switzerland at 18 before 1980 if I had not been brain damaged but they also have predatory capitalism, but not at the USA level.

The USA is a self hating place, vile, disgusting, without remorse, corru pt. A nuclear bomb would be a Godsend if it killed all of us. Many were deliberately killed in various wars and many of us were maimed in the USA ever since the 1940's. If they try to take you hostage, you are better off to kill yourself or to fight to the death to escape.

Many of us do not have federal or state healthcare without torture and being maimed and labeled or maliciously killed. Beware of California, beware of Arizona, beware of any place where you are alone and away from those who can kill those who take you hostage. Their mass media white washed the Hell that is their society.

The wars of the past were set up. The soldiers ran to do as they were told. We in the USA were led into nuclear areas in alleged tests or covered up nuclear spills. The wars of the future will involve mind control on a large scale and we may be experiencing it now.

Nuclear bombs can drop without a sound being heard. At that point they are tools, controlled power release with capture and direction of the blast in a new machine, sometimes a machine of pure power. Two nuclear bombs fell on North Carolina in 1961 and th ey allegedly did not detonate. If you consider two spinning poles, you have a cataclysmic vortex perhaps attuned to destroy young minds and to power a new machine of conquest.

I laugh at my fear of thermo-nuclear war as a child now, but at the same time I see the logic. My testicles were deliberately cooked by those in power w hen I was on the USS Reid F FG 30 in 1983 after we departed Los Angeles California's Terminal Island. Officers and enlisted told me I should have filed a full retirement and walked off of the boat. Some were trying to keep it silent. Many were likely killed and I suspect imposters among us from that war.

Some said a 50 mega ton nuclear bomb had gone off. I just saw a bubble at night come from the ocean below as myself and the captain watched. No one else was on the bridge wing but us. On another occasion, I could see a cloud on radar deep at sea next to the starboard side of our vessel as we sailed past it. It was radioactive and I was taken from navigation duties before hand. This nation is a lie.

I have a truth based comedy. Scene USS Reid FFG 30 in the year 1983, the Quartermaster has been taken off of navigation duties and a new collection of D.C. brass is allegedly runnin g the boat. The Quartermaster, me, goes to look at the radar amid the chatter about nuclear radiation near our ship. I walk in and look on the radar screen at night and see the cloud we are traveling past at full throttle. Someone says to me, "Hey, your not supposed to be in here on the radar." I say, "Is that a nuclear cloud I see on the starboard side on radar?" At that point I don't remember much due to those psych ops we allegedly went through. Of course I saw the nuclear blast before the voyage and my girlfriend witnessed it. She said it was like a curly q. I say it looked likely like a flying kazoo. I saw the flash over her shoulder near LA Harbor at her apartment. In one year I met serial Killer Randy Kraft and saw a nuclear blast. I should have packed up and fled Los Angeles with said girlfriend. I was an idiot when drunk when young but when sober I was fairly intelligent. I joined the Na vy and they thought I was a retard. A petty officer told me I might have to go to the Falkland Islands on a USA vessel at that time after the blast and the nuclear voyage. They were likely going to try and kill me. The petty officer said, You might have to go. I thought, I might have to go awol, ready, set, GO! Nuke me you slimy m-fers, I don't drink any longer and I am not nearly as slimy as some of those in control. I would be willing to wager they killed many in similar methods, such as after court martial at Terminal Island or on the commandeered USN vessels.

In 2001 after b eing in the banking wars and trying to report thief and federal banking crimes accomplice, Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama, for his thievery on 4-3-2001, a judge persecuted me in Los Angeles after I was forcibly injected, and I was told to do anything the judge said. He was being pressured by those cocaine and money laundering syndicates associated with the federal government in cesspools like California and Hawaii and D.C.. Marijuana monopoly also added a lot of money t to the banks of California at the start of deregulation in banking. Bribery most likely, as that is how it usua lly works in predatory capitalism. If I could have gotten loose I could have had a defense but they give you a high bail if poor. Dismissed now, I learned a truth. We are hated by those pr ofessional gangsters in power. I have become indifferent to the deaths of those who trespass against me. I wonder what the half life is of that bump of radioactive tritium and deuterium on that tuna slice at Marina Del Rey Sushi garden in Los Angeles? Or is that in Tokyo? Radiation is all the rage in the Pacific Ocean. LA has a new radioactive smack ass well.

Daily Foreword August 20, 2014: The USA was splintered then crucified. Now the banking system has become weakened due to deregulation and large high tech companies like Genentech are no longer in states like California, but in other nations. When I was being tortured in Los Angeles in 2001 by fe deral officials after bank examiner work in a hostile state of affairs, I soon came to realize we no longer control the USA. When I realized I did not have healthcare and I was covered with tumors, I realized that God would have me welcome my own death. The USA is nothing more than a segregated and torturous group of puppet states controlled internationally. If you trust them, they will show you they are controlled by the enemy, whether in D.C. or Los Angeles. At this point global decimation or national splintering is an improvement as it is change, and change brings new things..

Daily Foreword August 19, 2014: As I considered the fact that I was exposed to radioactive material in the USN and the fact that the government ignored all signs and indications, I realize we are on our own. You should know what radiation is and how it impacts living cells, including your reproductive cells and your young and their young. In the chain reaction of genetics, once a center point is hit, such as reproductive cells and those DNA fragments that make the reprod uctive cells, all subsequent generation stand a high probability of being impacted in the expressed genetics that are now handicapped due to their being impaired. The government has called me insane when they could not call me criminal. We all may be better off dead at this point. The food chain has become contaminated in shallow onts and oil rigs carry many contaminates into the food chain. Nuclear war and testing is even worse. I was born impaired, overcame the impairments, was impaired again as an adult by abusive government officials and government healthcare officials and overcame the impairments.

If you consider a healthy persons DNA to be like a neatly arranged alphabet and spelling words in between that make sense, then if you consider the impact of radiation, it becomes a game of repetitive nonsense that is like schizophrenia. The cells under the impact of radiation often produce millions of abnormal cells when told to produce one normal cell. The human being when it in the ovaries and testicles is impacted in the torso and head, including internal viscera. I often look to God and wonder why. I try to remain upbeat. Their government abused me and no one cared. By the time they were done I was maimed. The USA lost war long ago. Those nuclear bombs that were tests were not tests but targeted weapons against us. The world will know my math At 51 percent saturation of the human population with significant radio-active alteration of their DNA, their individual genomes, then human society will be destined to slip to a lower level than currently experienced. Sickness, retardation, insanity, degradation of human society until it gives way to a lesser form of existence, a cave man, or perhaps nothing, back to being a retard dog among the sea of dogs of various other mammals, all impacted by human manipulations of the Earth

My painting and house talisman the Queerest of The Queer was analyzed by myself. I drew it when I was in a stroke condition after torture by corrupt Federal Officials assisting the thief Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama. I was investigating in addition murders associated with the new Gestapo banking regulators, murderers inc, the banking deregulators from D.C..

Both layers were painted when I was trying to recover. The bottom is of death and destruction or rebirth and the top layer is the ideation of peace and tranquility in the face of eternal war and defecation. In the painting The Blind Dog of Los Ange les came across a Dier FAG(nickname for a USS Reid FFG 30 radiation victim) while sailors were being decapitated and the nuclear blast is in the background. 4-3-2-1, just lik e the date I set up a corrupt Sheriff in a test of the federal dictators, the true international dictators over the USA. Here is a link to the painting of the Queerest of the Queer in a news blip on LA Indymedia and the p ainting is on Quatrains 1 page of t his Mobile Audit Club website.

Daily Foreword August 16, 2014: See the Blind Dog Of Los Angeles come green over the Dier Fag with Decapitated Sailors at Sea. It is in the Queerest of the Queer Painting. Nuclear food never goes away. The Half Life is Centuries away. So as I ponder a catfish farm with a square head. Parc Glowa.

In the publicity about the shooting of the barb wire crown negro in old St Lou is and the media there, the Brown boy, likely related to my collective family of suffering, should have just grown his own brew like the california Mexicans do. Their government went under in old St. Louis and D.C. and the mob boys and their appointments will have you chew a crack pipe and opium too.

Don't come out west with any ideas of a ny thing. It is radio active and they have gone Mexican prison builder headed by international gestapo of various stripes linked through D.C.. Yours stripes will be blood red like all the other victims.

Daily Foreword August 15, 2014: We in the USA were over run militarily and many of us were exposed to radiation and have not been compensated. I have applied for a claim in 2014 but they should have told me what amount of radiation I was exposed to in 1983 in the Nuclear blast, likely submarine, in 1983 off of the California Coast most likely. My memory is returning. Psych ops were alleged by the Russians but who controls the USA? In Castle Bravo Shot and other nuclear tests in the 1950s USN servicemen were led into the blast zone as sacrifice and for experiments. We were not paid in 1983 for exposure whereas those from the 1950s were paid to my knowledge. When I try to get health care in the USA I am tortured since the USN work and the FDIC federal b ank examiner work and investigative journalism on government crimes.

Is Healthcare or torture and maiming and continuation of the experiment upon us in the future? That is my question regarding state and federal health care in the USA for many of us. I have had tumors and other materially significant impact due to the radiation exposure. If I am not compensated, I want those who exposed me to radiation to be executed internationally including those who controlled the torture of myself in 2001 in Los Angeles on April 23, 2001.

The gl owing captain of the USS Reid FFG 30 sai led past San Pedro at Point Fermin Park at close range only one time, and that was on the voyage I got off of that glowing radioactive garbage can and watched from my girlfriends apartment window in San Pedro where she saw the blast earlier in the year. Those other hapless sailors were likely taken back to the nuclear zone or at least near it. I suspect that some false identities have shown up briefly or perhaps temporarily as we on the USS Reid FFG 30 were treated to a show immediately after the nuc lear blast by some foreign sailors. They were summoned to our vessel after a fight in a enlisted bar. The intent was to get them on the vessel to tell us something.

They were English and looked Italian and had a play. Our missile control tech or fire control tech as they were known was portrayed by him with a woman who was a man. A voice in the background of British dialect said, "What the Bloody Hell", then another British accent said "If you say anything we will kill every one of you". I think they were setting us up to tell us some ships were likely commandeered and we could expect imposters in government. During the nuclear voyage in 1983 at the end of the voyage, there were two ships starboard far away. One's hall lights were on and I asked someone of higher rank why. He said they could be commande ered, how would we know? Some strange shit happened to us here. We are locked out. Then he said, but look at us then, what are we? He held his arms out like he was crucified. The USA military is obsolete and likely controlled externally. Factionalized since World War II. The Germans were led to fight and the Japanese and the Americans. Bed Time For Bonzo shoud be on USA currency.

Daily Foreword August 12, 2014: Some of the most vicious and indifferent acts against myself were by people who worked for the government of the USA. They took their orders from those who paid them to harm me. Those who gave those orders took money from those who control them. Those at the top are often predatory.

I at one time was living in Tiburon California where deceased actor Robin Williams house is located. I traveled to the area often since then. Recently I think I saw Robin Williams but did not recognize him. He was standing next to a limousine, smiled at me, then went to his limousine and said to me, "Kurt, I know where you ar e going." He pointed to the sky and said, "You are going to smoke a joint with a Nazi." Then he bent over grabbed his nuts and said "I am sorry about the radiation". I think he might have seen my comment that my captain in the USN lit a joint after a nuclear contamination zone was crossed in 1983. The Captain said, "Kurt, you can smoke a joint, the Germans won't mind". We had two shadow ships to our starboard side. Psych ops or just sleepy time? I was too sick to my stomach from radiation for a joint. I was the sick bastard in a box.

It is my belief that many wealthy people and some not so wealthy are targeted to be killed or removed and their assets scattered and taken. In our era of computer communications and an aging and literate geriatric population that many will be preyed upon over the internet and in society. I think Robin Williams was led to his death if not directly murdered. The sour sickness and greed of our society leaves me wanting to wretch. TED!You better still be in DET!

Napoleon Dynomite or is it 48 hrs with Eddie Murphy. My life, from that little fag with a guitar dream Marilyn Manson as a teen in Long Beach to an alleged suicidal Robin Williams in Tiburon as an adult. Spider me shadow me sweet carol and make me a sweet melody and not a sacri ficial lamb to be. I would like to ask that all grocery stores in the bay area offer free samples of liquor to the homeless alcoholics if their liquor aisle is mixed with food and water aisles. My favorite movie with Robin Williams was Bird Cage. For being killed, or led to his death, or just suicide, he is "Garbage, Stupid Girl". Music youtube.. Never expect peace in a predatory capitalist society. Find sanctuary, find shelter, take a look at the offerings by those within. Beware mon faire there's a rattle snake out there with human hare.

I have been tortured so many times by my alleged fellow man and have witnessed in recent history so much animal like aggression and lack of foresightedness as a species, that I will see the end of mankind as being the ape bed time story, "Bed Time For Bonzo." Like a Pantera Walk (music link).

Daily Foreword August 1 1, 2014: I contacted the Japanese at the JCCNC in San Francisco and several other Japanese groups about a nuclear bomb that was detonated and not spoken of in the Pacific off of the California Coast in 1983. I was rethinking if you went due West or South West of San Pedro California at Point Fermin Park you would find the detonation area where I ventured in the USN in 1983, I think. There was a mention of Psych Ops by the Russians in the CIA Factbook during the alleged cold war in 1983. It is my belief that some of our shipmates were executed, 50 percent probability. We had fired missiles and from the exclamations I heard from Combat Informati on Control near me, someone had been killed or made a misfire. It was a yell like that when you find you have chopped your mothers head off when thinking it was a burglar.

The captain knew our entire ship was obsolete when it was set afloat for war patrol in 1983. From space the war is waged. However with radiation all wars are obsolete unless the snakes radioactive head is pinned d own while its fangs, its leadership, are severed from its body. It can and will happen, eventually, medussa. I see it as God's test for mankind. Perhaps we are just flatulence, his mind or his bowels can't stomach it, pure vile and evilness. I have encountered it in Southern California many times. I have also realized that those with peace and goal directed and intel ligent activities are much wealthier, as in Northern California's technology sector of recent past. The sad part is that the lower sect controls the upper.

Many of us were harmed at birth. Many of us have been harmed by the international dictators who control the USA governments. It is a big mistake to trust them. The liquor sold legally by them should be sold only at liquor stores and we should avoid it. We should not work for them or go to them like an animal to be fed, but like a child who eats carrion radiation, or fresh caught seafood from various waters on Earth, they do not know what they do at the beginning. So let it end. So let it begin again. It is a natural course of events. Measurement of time over space to that end is unknown really. Much to the unknown, at least most people don't know and I know some things. I can look a mutt in the eye and know it is a mutt. I could look at a man and see a relic of time.

True Comedy. Recently I went into one of the large liquor dea ling grocery stores with high security. When you enter, you have to walk down the liquor aisle to reach the milk at the end. When I was leaving a security man said he saw me drink from a bottle of liquor. I do not drink any alcohol. It makes people sick and insane and cause seizures in the brain. I laughed at the security man and left. I should have brought an alcoholic friend back for "sample" time at the liquor store. Frock with an alcoholics son and you might find sour grapes.

Daily Foreword Au gust 8, 2014: Where now Gibraltar? The smile of California left my eyes when I remembered the nuclear disaster at sea I saw after the fact. I remember a bubble coming up from the sea and I remember a washdown and I was allowed to sleep. It was 1983 and I had not slept for days. My genitals were hot as I lay in the USN cot. The radiation felt like sunburn, painful. The food is contaminated increasingly as this disaster was not reported off of the California coas t in 1983. Psych ops are likely being covered up. I later saw anot her blast in 2004 in Oklahoma, smaller but about the size of an exploding spacecraft. Banking wars in the 1990s related or related perhaps to the war in the Pacific from 1983 and all of those since inception in 1941. I was told I survived an abortion but only after I was age 45 or 46 was I told.

I think it was a war time incident between 1940 and 1960 that altered me near the time of birth or soon thereafter, perhaps in my mothers ovaries or my fathers testicles. He too had signs of radiation contamination after military service in the USA I believe. I was tortured later in the USA in 2001, shot up repeatedly including in 2004, and had been terminated like a bad bank examiner from the FDIC in due to my staying when others ran who were in the shadows of those knowing the routines of the banking w ars during banking deregulation, which really started in 1992 with the FDICIA and the execution of the FDIC regional director in San Francisco.

Predators 2001, mind control 1983, wars eternal, and I have not been paid for that glowing radiation from 1983. I was told I should have taken the longtitude and latitude at the center of the square on the chart in 1983. Th e forbidden zone, the place I did not have a need to know according to the occupying D.C. Dick on the Dier FAG WW 03 USS Reid FFG 30, but a woman can see explode from the shore in San Pedro near Pt. Fermin Park at Los Angeles Harbor and I was her witness. Many children have been impacted. Abortion seems like a good idea but I can't go back and I or we don't hold the blade then nor now. Did I survive? I was told once I did not bleed but I was young. I bleed now, like a stuck pig, but at one time I did not. How strange the altered state of mind. The officers and those commanding them would not let me navigate and guarded the charts and navigation radar from me, the Navigator and Quartermaster on a nuclear voyage after the blast. Daily Foreword August 5, 2014: Upon ana lysis of the USA and the ongoing war we have been in since World War II and all subsequent Asiatic and now Middle Eastern wars, I have concluded that old Grand dad lost one, or we never pulled out of the dive. We are still in a war on the West Coast of the USA and in D.C. and in good ole boy Alabama. The USA was torn asunder for many of us and their military uses the American populace like a lesser animal and sometimes a guinea pig or human for torture or sacrifice. Stay away from the traps of predatory capitalism. Also realize that in increasing technology and also in technical warfare against the populace, new sets of variables are re-enforcing the old. Let us hope our military dictator, and our ring of outcast USA citizens can grasp the international dictators by their heads and pinch them off like shrimp or bulls for slaughter. We are being torn asunder, prisoners on prison planet Earth. Their war is not ours. If they are killed, it does not matter if the USA falls. We should put our own bulls up top, after all, theirs are leaving us maimed when many of us seek healthcare in the USA. If you get tumors they will not acknowledge they are from radiation. They look away. If you get thyroid conditions, they look away. If you want to join their military, save yourself and blow your brains out with a handgun. The war was lost long ago in that realm of the battlefield. Bitter sweet is a global war. I would lose many loved ones and friends but on the other hand my enemies would be burned on their own stakes.

Daily Foreword August 4, 2014: I contacted Bank of Hawaii today to see about work or a coffe e clutch with my former co-worker at the FDIC. I want a peck of military contracted radiation tumors removed and perhaps a sweet deal on a foreclosed home. In other matters, I contemplated the soft nuclear bomb today, a sort of thin bubble with powerful origination and final exterior self sustaining with transient state electrical charge capable of being sustained, therefore the eternal bubble, running at your brain's hertz could leave you stunned a bit, perhaps. I have considered a trip to the Gaza strip. As the old Indian said in LIttle Big Man, This looks like a good day to die. I have waited for that day on three occasions. The Flagstaff Medical Center did not give me enough jolt or juice per the orders of the last dictators in 2004. They should kill us if they are going to inject us and electrocute us because if we survive we usually want those who did those things to us to suffer the same fate and degradation. Never fear nuclear war or medical torture. Its a trip.

Often I think of the travels of Buddha and Jesus. Our lives are in a way similar. Buddha nor Jesus never spoke of being maimed in the mind as in warfare as an adult or at birth through attacks of various sorts. My strangest omen is a layered image I drew that eventually allowed me to remember a nuclear blast and details surrounding it. The Queerest of the Queer image on Quatrains 1 is an image that in my mind was like a rattlesnake coiling and turning on itself underneath and on the surf ace trying to speak, sometimes in comic relief, on the misery and travels of the past.

I joined the Navy to see WW III. I joined the Navy to get my teeth fixed. What better place than Hollywood to join the Navy. Where is Karlson's friend, Hollywood. The ominous Dier Criminal Fag Hollywood Set WW III, or the USS Reid FFG 30 as those simple innocents saw it. We all amounted to nothing, most of us maimed now who were topside, and nobody recalling anything. Some killed most likely and of course there is the imposter to follow as portrayed by our mates in the play as we ate on the ship after the nuclear blam. The whole world is a stage. The whole world is a battlefield, unless quarantined in some f ashion. This sh-t is in God's hands said the apes. Teeth taste good Jack.

In comedy skit, I often have a sort of prayer or reversal of truth in my torture and maiming, instead of myself, being injected and tortured repeatedly with government approval in the South West USA, I have found the switch flipped. The power to electrocute me now electrocutes them, the needles injected into me are bent into half bows, as I would never torture those of the same flesh with them, but I would electrocute them to death for leaving me maimed. But who? Imposters and those truly responsible escape notice while those who are responsible move among us. Beware of the West Coast of the USA. Beware of the USA. They are controlled externally and many have been killed since World War II. What happened was the Asians were separated from the people of the West coast and fighting ensued. We in the USA are too diverse for a prolonged war of that sort. The war ended when we were being led to innocent deaths in alleged nuclear tests and alleged fights. The comedy of death is in the remains we all come to know.

Daily Foreword August 1, 2014: As my memory returns on a nuclear blast in the Pacific during 1983, I will reveal some key details. The blast wa s kept quiet by those who had control of the USA government and media in Los Angeles. At sea in the Pacific, after the blast on a later voyage, I was told by an officer on the bridge that an area had recently been quarantined off for fishing. That was in 19 83. It was a large square off of the California coast, far out in the deep, and it was not far from Southern California if I recall. When the officer who was telling me about it and who started to elaborate, another officer of government dick told him that I did not have the need to know. So if they tell you the radiation is due to that Japan incident. You won't have to go far out to sea. It is common knowledge for some. My girlfriend who witnessed the blast drew an image in th e sky to show me what it looked like. She drew what she called a cu rly Q or as I would call it, a flying kazoo shape that was likely a submarin e or a missile hold.

Psych ops are alleged in a CIA factbook report from 1983 regarding missile launches and the cold war between the USA and Russia allegedly. My memory is out on some parts of the voyages. The radiation thing leaves you in a sweat hard to forget. My ship went out over it. I am very sick from tumors and thyroid conditions and I was tortured when I sought federal and then state health care in 2001 a nd 2004 after I was a federal bank examiner in an agency being over run with crime and murder from my perspective.

Albert Einstein put himself into a trance or an altered state to find out his ideas in creation. Perhaps we should practice memory recall after psych ops. Are thos e forced medical procedures to make us lose our minds? LA VA Westwood in Lon Angeles in 2001 and Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. Beware of the war criminal state of unequal laws and unequal treatment. Beware of radiation. Where is there purity in the land and soil? Even the cows have gone mad.

Daily Foreword July 27, 2014: If you are ever taken to court, take the fifth amendment and remain silent un til in front of a jury. A war is always waging and those in the legal profession lay legal traps for those of us they want removed or destroyed or highlighted for others to see in an adverse light and then there of those in that war is in all wars, an outsiders chance you will find a merciful sort who will wage the war from within on your behalf and spare your life. ...

When I was knocked unconscious and put under electric shock at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004 I was likely tortured with prolonged jolts to the brain excluding the chemicals that knocked me unconscious. The laugh is a lie away. Our world is in a sort of Hell and without divine knowledge those who lack it at the top are over ridden. I was maimed at birth recovered and maimed as an adult. I would have considered the completion of the first round to have been a mercy killing and the completion of the second round to have been equalizing. They are at war with us. We should be trying to equal the equation for them.

They double deal laws to rob us and our people. They double cross us to leave us maimed and robbed. A war was lost. I was told to major in law but I do not trust their government buildings. They blew an F'DIC Head's Head off. They lead generation after g eneration into unsafe and known toxic nuclear areas. In the 1980s the acknowledgement of nuclear blasts became something the government did not speak of. I remember speaking on the ship about the fact that news teams were likely covering a nuclear blast in the Pacific in 1983, someone said that they were not going to cover it in 1983. They tortured me with their alleged medicine in 2001 and maimed me completely in 2004. I pray for God to even the score, but like someone in thirst, they laugh and fire fails to even the score or provide healthcare. Death is preferable to being captured by the enemy. Never volunteer. Never surrender if you think they are going to inject you. You may note a glue like substance on a tongue depressor stuck into your mouth unexpectedly and things will never be the same Never trust it completely if it has the government seal of approval. Never call 911.

The thing I have learned is that there are many ways to wage war. The Mexican gangs do things to each other's tracks in Los Angeles to put the other in jail. In much the same way the gangsters of federal government of Los Angeles and Washington D.C. and those who pay and own them in war or banking or bribes, harm innocent investigative journalists such as myself. The ole captain on the USS Reid FFG 30 had a sense of humor allowing high school kids, seaman CADETS on our radioactive ship after the nuclear voyage in 1983 out of the Long Beach Naval Station. It exposed our enemies on their flanks. those who sent us there without protective gear were disclosed. Perhaps. The Seaman Cadets made a joke that one licked the ships balls after I told them not to. It was probably radioactive. The ship was washed down at sea after contacting two nuclear spots as it appeared to me on the pri or voyage. I was not allowed on the charts or radar which was my usual job during the nuclear voyage. When the sailors scrubbed the upper deck at sea it was uttered that they had taken the ship into radiation on purpose. I was told I did not have to swab the decks. I had gotten a large blast of radiation at sea, a large bubble from the bottom. I would rather have had a shotgun blast. We lost a war long ago. They just haven't buried us yet, perhaps soon.

Daily Foreword July 26, 2014: Times are very hard for many of us, harder for some than others. Many of us were bor n maimed. Many of us are discriminated against, most of us for that matter. I recovered much but then I was maimed further in adulthood and I recovered partially, forever maimed, however alive.

Beware of the traps set by our enemies in the Predatory Capitalist nations and their ancillary associates in other nations. I have a superior and inferior brain, two halves not equal. I reali ze that Einstein had much the same but those who followed him and who used his nuclear breakthroughs are more like apes than children. There is no need to carry on with things as they are in the USA. California proposed a six state nation. Make it 12, and break up the continental USA into other nations. If heroin dealers come from California into the other states, they can be directed to the pain management clinics to sell their heroin to be converted to oxycodone. Any excess sold in the streets should lead to execution in public view. Marijuana sho uld be legal or illegal, no double dealing lies by our enemy factions in California and D.C. and the state puppet capitols.

We are enemies in the USA if we are predators to each other. The USA military was likely over run long ago, long before I was alive. How brain damaged can one be? It's Not Just A Job, Its a Nuclear Chemical and Biological showdown adventure. You are fag to be f-cked with the radiation of the enemy and scoffed at and scorned by the enemy who has crept into government healthcare and employment. The nuclear blasts of the 1950s were recorded, but those of the 1980s were not.

Nuclear contamination of the genetic pool of the young is a "right down the center" sort of bowling effect. Because the sperm are not developed with genetic code for the limbs yet to be expressed, only the core of the body, the torso and the head are impacted by radiation. So your choice is brain damage in the head or early death in the body or both?

The human society appears doomed to me. Pull the blanket over our heads Allah, God has taught me to look at things like Buddha, b ad to see, but easily seen and wisely avoided if possible. Mankind is not kin d nor wise or capable of self defense or self sustainment. We or I am in a sort of hell. Our enemies bathe in their false wealth while we languish in the end without healthcare we can trust or be guaranteed we won't be made more ill by their aggressions against us.& lt;/p>

Avoid the enemies traps. Teach the young not to drink and not to do drugs. Protect them from lies of the dictators and their predatory followers w ho swallow us alive when they can. Never drop your guard. Never work for their military, any of them. They have all lost. New development of a new way to exist, and I know the weapon will be fight or flight, just as in the beginning. Here comes the charging rooster chicken. That is what primitive man is seen as in true moder n warfare. We use to deep fry them, now we microwave them.

& lt;p>Daily Foreword July 23, 2014: As my memory comes back on two nuclear areas or contamination zones in the USN in 1983, I have to rec onsider how innocent I was and how the nuclear bomb zones were viewed by myself and others on the USS Reid FFG 30 Bridge, or pilot house as many know it. There were two bomb drop areas that we covered. I was exposed on the first and second bomb. On the first bomb or contamination area a bubble came up from the ocean. Many men had to swab the decks later but I was excused because I was already glowing with radiation.

On the second I mistakenly brought a cup of coff ee to the bridge where I was soon ordered to dispose of it. I missed the call not to drink coffee on the bridge and was stopped after a half of a cup. I have had thyroid swe lling since the incident and tumors and more. I am often threatened in California to this date and have been harmed there in 2001 and later as a result of my contact with the enemy of USA servicemen controlling the Los Angeles Courts with hidden hands from D.C. . I think some of our shipmates may have been executed in 1983 on the base. Their government on the West Coast views many of us as there enemy. But D.C. has control.

A Hawaiian ambas sador told me that I should apply for a job at the prior FDIC chairwoman's bank from 2001, which is in Hawaii. I am often threatened in California and many factions are at war here. Many liars and cut throats. My verdict is not to kill unless killed. There are imposters and many threaten us and our families. I think their real estate is a bad bet. Not only is it radioactive but the factions are at war with each other and we are nothing as individuals. A war for the minds where all logical thought is lost would render people infantile and easy to control. A voice from the dead asked me to ask our captain from the USS Reid FFG 30, "How many people did the missiles fired from the USS Reid FFG 30 kill in 1983 captain? We fired missiles during the week before the nuclear barrage in view of Los Angeles on a weekend, t he nuclear bomb on a Saturday if I recall, in 1983.

My painting the Queerest of the Queer viewable on Quatrains 1 of this site or at LA Indymedia was originally a painting of San Francisco but after analysis and recovery from the stroke condition, I have determined it is a nuclear sun blast, a headless sailor, a post op transsexual Dier FAG of the FFG 30, our shipmat e, rubbing a skid mark of feces from his canine shaped vagina and ass onto your lawn in Los Angeles California. Strike One the Blind Dog of LA howls, as it is the Blind Dog that is the Los Angeles populace that is the hill. Blind or your tongues cut out or both?. Logical thought, a river away, odor, right in front of you. A Day In The Life, the Beatles, Music.. I was told I wear this website like a target or those opposed to me use i t. What they don't understand they will discover or re-learn time and again.

Daily Foreword July 22, 2014: The comedy of life is that it ends as it began. I may go to a Hollywood Meetup for comedy because I want to tell a sad comedy. I picture the guy with the old guy who my family says look like me. A ventriloquist puppet of an old pissed off man, so in a sense, the other half brained reflection. We can cover all of that sh-t we call life. Is Kurt crazy? Why is Kurt laughing? The shit you are smoking is radioactive. Welcome to Southern California. One Week in LA County Jail an d you are one Chinese chicken, two daze the weak so LAVA sorry. Bare Naked Ladies One Week (music youtube)

A terrorist act warning should be given to those in the USA that the government sells guns to people in wild excitement and they terrorize innocent gun owners later for simple ownership. It is a common practice. That is why I recomme nd avoid those terrorist areas or finding new methods. There is no mercy among piranhas and that is how those foreigners in police and government judge robes treat us common Americans. They import Chinese Assault Rifles by the thousands to a closed down Long beach Naval Station for resale. Meanwhile this veteran who witnessed a nuclear disaster area left from Terminal Island in Long Beach in 1983 and was radiated and owned guns before and after enlistment. I now discourage due to torture and maiming by factions at war against the common. The final comedian will say in an effeminate voice, I saw the tird fall from Yahweh's ass. I have contacted the Mexican documentary kings and queens and the Peruvian government and media about the unannounced n uclear blast of 1983.

&l t;p> As the Navigator and Quartermaster on the USS Reid FFG 30 who was taken from navigation duties, I want the coordinates, the latitude and longtitude of the nuclear blast. CIA Factbook 1983 mentions psych ops that year. My Italian girlfriend said she thought I was dead on that voyage. I thought we were out 17 days. She said we were ought over a month or three months. I want payme nt in guaranteed safe medical care. I would put General Kurtz in charge of that hospital. I could act it out as a pure vegetarian.

Daily Foreword July 21, 2014: Those moments of lucidity in the dream called life, I will often follow an idea of suicide for a price and avoid the flame as close as possible. Being a dodge ball champ and first class burner and high steel walker, I thought I was invincible. Radiation taught me otherwise. The unspo ken wars made me realize their time has died. We were led in like goats for the slaughter, a mimick attack. I always wondered about sacrifice by venom order.

Sometimes I ask, was I devoured? If it don't pay, don't do it. Its an anthem for the control of insanity borne of starvation and masked as human emotion. I am the devoid at times. Brain dead, seer, sear, ser meaning to be. The translucence of time and change and the harsh realities of our fragile minds. The eternal war, the worm flicking at the end of the wire. To prepare for any future war, you have to prepare for control of the mind or to stop them from controlling your mind. I was knocked unconscious and have scars and such on the skull, even being told I was an abortion survivor by a Dr. after mother was long gone. The war for the mind, the scars, I laugh now when I see my enemies crushed but then again, so pointless the average human, cooked alive and not even knowing in what he stews. To cut the wires you need space to practice pointless exercise in directing charges and such. Its a ridiculous game but guns are for ametuers and they are traps set by those who want to own your mind, a nd your body, and because they have you, you have lost your soul or they took your mind with it. Psychops 1983 in the Pacific against USN sailors, many now sick due to exposure. Warfare in banking deregulation starting with the whacking of the San Francisco FDIC Head a t the start of the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992, officially declared deregulation in 1999. To cut the wires you will need tricks. Remember the Wire. Those of us injected are better off dead or perhaps already dead in some ways and ready to asce rtain if no wires present.

The absurdity of California is in their blatant lies, much like Alabama and the USA or any public image of any nation for that matter. Someone once said I use instincts in investigations like an animal. That is absurd. I am educated like that of a Dr. and as fearless as a suicide candidate in a nuclear battl e field. I was looking forward to death in 1983 and in , and all I saw was a nuclear bubble from below and a shit load of radiation in 1983. I also saw a bunch of insane mayhem in 1999 and arou nd my two favorite bosses, the ARD F DIC nuts Kenny Barbie and Sweat Ferryl. Both of their bosses I wanted to hold in my cusp and whisper, f-ck me? If so, f- me to the end of time. Don't you look forward to the jolt?. A jolt that is a dud is a dolt.

I knew a man once who was crippled by a fatal disease, a preventable disease, because his parents did not trust modern medicine or its inventors. Were the parents right or wrong? Only time will tell, but from a genetics perspective his genes would be swamped if h is were the only perfect ones remaining Here is a joke, I joined the navy to save my teeth and get them repaired. My teeth got repaired then I got tumors from radiation exposure and other maladies you do not want to know. Then the dictators over banking oversight had my teeth knocked out in jail when I tried to stop a Sheriff from starving the men in his jail due to the Sheriffs thievery and I was investigating murder in the banking regulatory business. I could have had it so easy, perhaps, perhaps not. Their lies, our naivete, swim in radioactive wat er, its not just a job, its an adventure Karlson, if you are alive. Lost and Found bs. California is like Alabama in its vicious ways. I laugh at Armegeddon and say, get parc glowa soup?.

The loss of the Glass-Steagall Act turned the USA banking system into a clay pigeon that will be baked for shooting and harvest daily until it crumbles. Imagine holding your breath in a financial war and you are hooked up to the head out there somewhere beyond the border. The blood does not flow like it did. The dictators we have are demons remote and sometimes I see a plane go down or a murder and I ask, were those bastards and bitches killed? Sometimes I see a poor bastard running for his life and the news says he has done something. You can never tell real ly. For many of us this world is Hell. Beware of California. Its prejudices a re no different than Alabama. The world is at war for many of us, maimed at birth, let the mercy bus ride. I saw a gun advertisement for assault rifles in Merced California on the highway. Do not own one. It is an idiots weapon. Our enemies among us either kill us with them or incriminate. It is the California Gestapo and D.C. Gestapo way. Let it rain bullets they say. Just one thing. They will kill you in California. Never trust their military. They are not defended here.

In Queer Speak, Get Soup. Po us teg, teg w hich means fair which translated means ria or where the waters come together. The beginning the middle the end. Human species eats lead now and then in the ebb and flow of the river.

Daily Foreword July 18, 2014: Recently I joined a Hollywood Meetup for comedians. Kurt Brown Dirt Brown Like a Clown From A Hole In the Ground. Can I be your childhood friend? I have allegedly survived an abortion and I have surviv ed two nuclear blasts, one fairly close, neither disclosed of which I am aware. I have developed cryptic speech with the dead, one.

My memory started coming back from a forced injections stroke by federally approved officials. The injections in 2001 and 2004 and the memory coming back completely in 2014 from the stroke induced by those forced injections. The nuclear bomb in the Pacific viewable from LA in 1983 and from the USS Reid FFG 30 bridge wings afterward during the following week. The banking wars during deregulation in 1992 and 1999 and 2001 was mayhem and madness and murder. I was put there because I am not right. They know who to hire and when. Smart enough to go in and dumb enough not to turn back. That is me.

As my memory came back it was like a reel in time, from 2014 to 2001, then to 1983, then I remembered the claim that I was an abortion survivor by a Dr. Then I remembered before the human species, the indifference, the knowledge. The human species is sad and pathetic. The smartest mind cracks the atom and gives us nuclear war. We know we want to kill each other or have sex, we are cannibals with appetites beyond carnage, carnal knowledge. The travesty is that nuclear bombs and radiation have a tendency to crack the genetic code of all subsequent humans and mathematically will be spread in greater percentage of disability across the entire human genome.

I truly felt sorrow and honored when I recently saw a Japanese Rock Band with Yimoshiro Imawano play Summertime Blues, a song protesting nuclear power plants, and one of the guitar riffs was on my exact guitar and with my notes from one of several songs I have written. The gun emulation by the g uitarist in a way shows how different bullets are from radiation alteration of the human g enome, or a complete DNA set for a human and for the human species in total.

Comedy on the USS Reid FFG 30 the Dier Fag WW 03 was throwing guns and computers overboard and calling each other queer.

Daily Foreword July 17, 2014: Without healthcare that is safe, many of us are hopeless under the government curfew. Many of us are better off dead since birth. We should form our own gr oups and avoi d those traps among us set by the predatory sect for their own profits. The only law that ever mattered was the most basic of the bare boned orthodox laws. We have a nation of venom instead of a nation of healthcare. The USA is a disparate place and many of us are at the bottom of all things, some are in the middle, and then there are those at the top of their various factions. A factionalized Earth. Was I hit in the head with psych ops in 1983? The tumors and such were always downplayed and almost seen as not to be mentioned by those in federal healthcare. Before you pick up that pen to sign with that government, you may consider a shortcut and put a gun to your head or tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree and slip away like a buttered bean.

Daily Foreword July 16, 2014: For those of us who invent and discover, many of us are called insane. Mathematical proofs and evidence make our claims irrefutable and even then we are called insane. Galileo Galilei was jailed for heresy and called insane by the government types. I have pulled out the Betz Equation as it relates to the timing of nuclear blasts and I have theorized the space construction and earth warship of the future and present, the Yu Zhendong. Both are detailed on this site.

Like a man in a braille box I search for answers in the unknown. I began to realize that names turned around and numbers as well, inside queer speak could be revealed. The USS Reid FFG 30 became the USS dieR Fag WW 03. As I pondered world war 4 I searched for and found the USS Halyburton FFG 40. Therefore renamed USS KNot Rub Yah FAG WW 04. It is ironic not to rub the USS Halyburton since the Dier Fag was radioactive after 1983 and our nuclear voyage. Cooked in my shoe soles. I picture myself as the lone guinea pig on the bridge of the USS Reid FFG 30 while the ship ran on remote control to the detonation zone in the Pacific viewable from Los Angeles. I could have called the ship USS Knot Ruby LA FAG WW 04. The captain said we fired exploding bullets and mumbled we might as well be firing shit. Oh R uby.

Daily Foreword July 15, 2014: For many of us in the USA, the government has become a ruthless advocate of terror and profiteering against us. Many of us veterans were put into a nuclear zo ne without the government telling us how much radiation we were exposed to in 1983. Also when I was seeking medical care at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona I was knocked unconscious and maimed in 2004. It started due to my investigating government crimes and criminals and I was first tortured in Los Angeles California a few years earlier and put on the hoo k by our enemies in California and D.C. federal government control. Many of us federal bank examiners were outcast or murdered without notice or altered in some fashion and journalists are often now killed if freelance investigative journalists. I came to realize in federal banking regulation that money is the root of all evil and large sums of money bring the most advanced evil that money can buy, cutting edge weaponry and tools used for deception and the other factor is collusion. Also the modern soldier is obsolete. I encourage you not to jump in.

I rece ntly saw a TV commercial for the US Navy and the old slogan that lured me in came back, "It is not just a job, it is an adventure." My response is go AWOL. The water the US Navy seal was swimming in was radioactive and as he lurked in the water, they cooked his nuts. That is what happened to many of us on the USS Reid FFG 30. I used art to bring back memories of a nuclear blast, a blast I had forgotten due to the stroke induced by those in power in the U SA government who forcibly injected me in 2001 and 2004. I have a claim pending for radiation as my memory returned on the USN radiation voyage in 1983. My tumors were there within a year of exposure and the birth defects of children were there after 1983 for myself due to radiation. In 2004 I was knocked unconscious with forced injections for no reason other than torture disguised as healthcare at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona. They may have made it so I can not have children or they may have put a marking tag or done other things to me. We are enemies with the dictators over predatory capitalism international.

If I was guaranteed safe healthcare, I would work for a dictator by slitting the throats of those who tried to stop us from obtaining hea lth care and not torture and abuse and maiming. When I was young I feared nuclear war, but deep down I had a feeling by the time I was old I would welcome global nuclear war. It takes away the suffering if amped up against the beasts of the Earth and their suffering convicts at birth.

Daily Foreword July 14, 2014: In my travels I perceive characters. Mt. Diablo is one of those places I perceive the Indian part of my father speaking to me about the white man and all of those who surround the Indian in this now savage land. Father says to me from on high Mt. Diablo, "F-DIC Son with a quarter in your pocket, the world has gone mad. Fracking rockets killed the electronics through the Tectonic plate leading to Westwood where you were tortured at LA VA Westwood by a federal agent. I told you not to trust the white man. Our war has yet to begin again. Yet we are dead at an early age, often crippled at birth by radiation in the food and air and through those torturous forced injections as you received by those federal employees in Los Angeles and those state officials in Flagstaff ordered by the federal officials in Los Angeles and D.C. The white man has made the mountain mad as it is red today, the land is dry and on fire like never before. It is time for me to go back over the mountain from where I came. "

I reply, "I saw you today father and they maimed you before you were born and then you died young and yet, you live in my mind on Mt. Diablo". My father replies, "Read speak freak, queer speak, the head, the explosion the blind dog that is Los Angeles." I reply, "you are speaking of the Queerest of the Queer painting I crafted into a house talisman." My Indian father replies, "Ye s, the painting is fit for a New Orleans whore house. You should put it on the bedroom wall and let post op trans sexuals mount you from the top. Ram it in". I reply to father, "Ghost rider father? Is it good father?". Father replies, "you must always wear a condom with post op trans sexual men. Their legs are strong like a bull and their breath is twice as bad and their mouths are large like their anuses." I reply "Father I hear a song in the death valley." Father replies, "Of course I kid you son, New Orleans does not have post op transsexuals in abundance like San Francisco where the blind and the erect are often deceived until it is too late. Lets go East anyway son, and the path does not lead to a New Orleans whorehouse of post op transsexuals for you my wandering son, lets follow Ruby. (youtube music link) and make more young.

Daily Foreword July 11, 2014: The USA should be avoided if you can do so. We were over run. Many of us were born maimed, as far back as I can see, starting in profusion likely in the 1940's and by the 1960's we were the second generation to get hit in a row, or a roe, depending o n perspective.

I was put into a nuclear fallout, or bubble up, zone in the USN in 1983 and was not compensated or notified of the horror of it. I had to be awakened by a series of horrific events and the final recovery of my memory. I want to be sick and puke in the government's face and those who harass me in American society. We a re injected forcib ly when seeking healthcare and robbed, especially if we struggle against tyranny un der the regime. The wealthy areas are often hostile to the poor unless you have a job such as maid or gardener. Many attack each other for pay in the crowded areas of the South West. They are paid while we bleed. There is always hope for the end, drought, plague, famine, nuclear and micro-organ ism contamination and cleavage of the human genome to nothing. Beware of California, sadistically attractive and equally ravaging. The USA is controlled in most part externally.

When young I realized I have always had premonitions or hunches about things really. The Earth is a living Hell from our perspective, for many of us, from before birth. I am as indifferent as a holocaust camp inhabitant.

It is odd how I used my art to uncover subconscious memories cut out by stroke from forced injections and torture. I am in a horrible state really. A rut, a hole I can not escape, except perhaps, a miracle, and miracle's don't happen when things get mean. The Queerest of the Queer Paining on Quatrains 1 shows a dual layer painting. The underside is my mind crushed but alive. On the top is the manifestation of the nuclear blast 1983 viewable from LA, the decapitation of heads and the emptying of bowels both in the USA military and in the USA federal banking regulatory industry, particularly the F-DIC head circa 1992 FDICIA time. My stroke, the head, the bowels evacuating, the invading horde in government and healthcare torturing and maiming us and robbing us. The blast from the past. Beware in the USA. You are best to avoid all government and all of their government h ealthcare, even if it kills you. At least you won't live the lie that they care in health care. The USA is the laughable joke.

In closing a truth based comedy. I have asked a writer at the Aspens Writers Conference group to assist me in writing the sequel to the future based on the past. I have acquired the ability to influence the anti-matter, the nobody, the nothing, by linking the living test material to the d ead. What is next in my memory. I have gone back in time, FDIC 1999, USN 1983, and now the failed birth the death the horizon, the bitter end. We should avoid the traps of society, drugs and alcohol but like children, their heads bent down to take a sip of the u nder caste, the maimed, the deformed, the augmented mass that remained of humanity. I was offered a sit down with a Hunter S. Thompson character, the author, but he is dead. His wallet so putrid in Madrid I dread Malibu.

Daily Foreword July 7, 2014: In mathematical estimation of the species probability of s urvival some things are simple. When I see the unreported nuclear blast from 1983 in the Pacific Ocean with a flash of light viewable from Los Angeles, I realize that nuclear contamination of food sources and the public itself in the soils and air and water may be greater than estimated. The worst problem is congenital abnormality and the wrecking of the pairing of genomes with subjugation of greater characteristics and the amplification of lesser characteristics. A train wreck of the human genome, the entire population, if 51% of the population suffers genetic alteration of their young due to contamination of a materially signi ficant quantity, meaning a higher than ordinary abnormality rate. This could be computed against various factors impacted including intelligence and the immune system. A lesser animal at the end of the line or none at all. The same facet as the dinosaur we the humans share. The impact of radiation is the most obscene, right next to not having young at all.

You Are Always On My Mind (music youtube) Strawberry Fields (music youtube). Frankie Goes to Hollywood (music youtube). Those in power have always called mankind's true martyrs insane, and if I am insane I must be in a coma, a dream within a dream, so the children think, sow the children think, to dream, to analyze, to fetish. The adult end to the child dream or is it the nightmare sequel geneticist? Like a train hurdling down the track at 1000 mph, no remorse, no relief, no contemplation, no tracks, only insane smiles amid insane grief. Smile the Mobile Audit Club train gets no breaks, or is that has no brakes?. The insane of Southern California have always amazed me. Now their fish glow at the aquarium radioactive. The moon fish died recently as it sang to us. You Are My Sunshine, glowing there in the aquarium this glowing cow looking fish with huge eyes peering at me. It died that night, belly up they say, because the fish loved to be meat in that pin, bellow up. Dinette? Ganesh h

Either Youtube has developed technical problems or their legal team had to shut it down due to being treated like the Soggy Bottom Boys by the larger professional guillotines of mass media mayhem.

Daily Foreword July 2, 2014: In the recollection of war and the reinvention of war, I have considered the fact that wars can be won or lost and most would not know who was in charge until key fundamental changes occur, where the innocent are killed and robbed and maimed while the guilty are rewarded.

In the USA Navy the people started playing games towards the end of the Falklands Islands War in 1983 that was reminiscent of war. Our ship had a party where all were ordered to attend at the end of the war. I had seen a nuclear incident from shore and had a washdown at sea afterward when I went to see it. It was not the USA's war. During the war or at the end and near the time of the nuclear incident a British vessel was at Long Beach, CA Naval Station. AT the party to celebrate the end of the war and all sailors of the USS R eid FFG 30 were ordered to attend, a man was sitting in a chair. I asked one of the sailors where was the captain. He pointed to an English or Argentinian or some other person in the chair. It did not look like the captain. I left. Afterward years later I began to think of ways to alter facial appearance. A hologram effect of another persons face as your face with imbedded strata and some surgery to bring about change, including fingerprint replacement if possible. I never saw the Spanish bastard again or the English Bastard or whatever he was. He was not the captain and thrust his groin at me. At first I was insulted, but now I think he was telling me our nuts had been cooked at sea during the nuclear voyage. I have a radiation claim pending in 2014. The other federal bastards knocked me into a stroke in 2001 or 2004.

The use of nuclear war is absurd because it is a bullet that shoots through many generations to come if the radiation impacts the testicles or the ovaries in humans. I think God draws the line as to how close you can get to the divine ones and he does so by imparting knowledge to a select group or species to see what occurs. If you do not past the test you are just part of the machine I suppose.

Daily Foreword June 28, 2014: Recently I was offered a chance to meet a Chinese emperor I was told, his yacht there and his concubine leading the way. I think it was a rouge with a guy in a boat, Doc Fang. Bank Of China can contact me at I may soon borrow a Chinese phone book converted to English a nd pair names for quasi mechanical mathematical contraptions like Yu Zhendong, a weapon capable of detonat ing CHA units and moving data bits like magnetic Chinese checkers. Yu Zhendong equals Xu C haofan plus Xu Guojun. It was the explosion I witnessed on December 7, 2004 in Oklahoma. It was likely the second nuclear explosion I have witnessed, if it was nuclear. The first was viewable from Los Angele s in 1983. We were like Riders On The Nuclear Storm.

How long was I asleep Captain? I thought we were out for 17 days but it was likely over a month. Was I strung up while out like a Dier Fag while others were being executed or lost at sea on their little rubber raft. "Karlson is lost", that was the exclamation on the bridge in 1983. Suddenly the signalman was found and now he has MS. Psych Ops, its a flashlight up your butt that blows your brains out after it shuts the power off aboard the Dier Fag WW 03 aka USS Reid FFG 30. In the movie Catch 22 the man who is lost is Snowden. For a moment I thought Karlson was dead, but I did not know we were both being shot to pieces, microscopically. I drank coffee that glowed radiation obviously as I am now have tin goiter or malleable neck. The captain once alluded that the real war was above and he pointed one finger to space on a falsely lit but bright sky. My Italian girlfriends words to convince me not to go to work after she witnessed the blast, "It looks like y'all lost." A movie scene in present, Beverly Hilton hotel, girlfriend in room with coffee, "Karlson is in the lost and found" "Ketchikan or catching the can.&q uot; She replies, "Ketchikan karlson facebook".

Daily Foreword June 28, 2014: As I grow older I now see the USA as a large lie, especially to those such as myself who are native to the nation and who have sacrificed themselves in various occupations. Due to the criminal activities of those at top, I now see military ranks in families and communities in the occupied areas as b eing more fruitful than working for the USA military. I encourage no abortions among our people also. I n the imperfect world, it does not exist. Mankind is a predator by nature. Predatory capitalism does not need to exist. I would support a military dictator to right us to the cosmos. I would rather welcome global war and extinction than genetic degradation and torture and maiming when seeking healthcare and abusive dictator who has paid gorillas of the predator capitalist sects. We are a maimed species.

Daily Foreword June 22, 2014: Having discovered that psych ops were bein g used in 1983 in a CIA Factbook report with reports of a close call to the Third World War allegedly with Russia. I was in the US Navy then and I now am having memory recall that others may not have. My brain is not right and is a growth sort that can withstand compression of some sorts. I was alleged abortion survivor so things are a little twisted, like a conch shell, large in one hemisphere and twisted and smaller on the other. Imagine the strength of the one arm in the one arm man, imagine the weakness in the other arm, and you will see my brain and why I am reporting these things that may pertain to a hidden war, or just another attack on USN servicemen or the people of th e Earth in general.

Some things are solid provable facts from the USA in the USN in 1983 and the FDIC and the USA between 1999 and 2001 at the FDIC where I worked and immediately afterward. I know on the USS Reid FFG 30 we were taken into a field of radiation at sea, or a smog bank of it if you want to call it that. However some parts are shaded, and could be from nightmares while being tortured after FDIC employment and investigating Sheriff Jack Tillman, thief. I remember being on the USS Reid FFG 30. They would not let us sleep. I only slept when subjected to radiation and then I am not sure if there were assassinations or war as I slept. I remember someone holding something up while I was in the pilot house and they told me to touch it and in a state of delusion I thought it was the ships balls and I thought it was a joke, wrapping my arms around it, but something was out of place. We may have been hit. The USS Eldridge and the Philadelphia Experiment do not match the other harsh realities of this nightmare. I want the entire FDIC management in San Fra ncisco replaced, especially that cigar smoking clutch. Its your money stupid USA. You took the account ants out in "deregulation which really started with the FDICIA of 1992 and the Early Resolution Clause.". The USA walks through a crowd, their money on their clothes and they did not count at the start and at the end of the day they say they saved money by not hiring accountants and using proper accounting practices.

Daily Foreword June 20, 2014: I have contacted the Long Beach Press Telegram to warn them of the nuclear blast I witnessed and viewed from San Pedro, California at Los Angeles Harbor in California in the year 1983 during the time of the blast and the following week from the USS Reid FFG 30 also known as the USS Dier Fag WW 03. The children will be stupefied if they come in contact with what I call hot sand. The radiation shoots through the testicles like a shotgun causing deformities in the young of the young men and the women's fate is likely no better when ingested in fish. I have suspected this same calamity on the Gulf Coast of the USA for years due to genetic anomaly. From a psychology standpoint, the people of the USA live in denial of what I present and others witnessed. My memory was knocked out and tumors were ignored by military VA for some reason in the middle 1980s when they first started growing on my body. I suspect foul play and murder and deceit, and if nothing else, "Psych Ops" on large populations.

The effects of consumption of radiation include swollen glands in the throat and unusual thyroid related conditions. I drank the coffee while in the nuclear cloud on the surface of the ocean. The captain told me to quit if I recall. A drink to your death in 1983. When I was at the LA VA Westwood, the entire spectrum of people was there to prosecute and persecute me in 2001, and someone tried to hold the key for my release, but I had already been injected forcibly and my shoulders detoriorated. My memory was out on the radiation and the high school sea cadets who climbed on our guns and radar afterward in 1983 and I was admonished by a instructor who witnessed it for allowing them on the radiation. I asked them to lick the ships balls you D.C. Dicks, they weren't washed down.

I can't think of Long Beach without thinking about that little fag in Long Beach who called himself Marilyn uh Manson in 1983. He asked me to jump onboard his moving caravan and I chose not to. Take it from a Dier Fag, if you are in the USN and a drag queen is going to suck the Dicks socks to get you to the top, then you are above D.C, you are A.C. I like the Man That You Fear, his quote "you will see", now laughable then but insane in money now. So here i Mobscene.

Daily Foreword June 17, 2014: Any war the alleged USA regime wages is, "not our war". We are the outcast and the maimed in their predatory capitalist society. My memory is returning from chemically forced stroke after working in the USA military and at the FDIC and as an investigative journalist and invention discoveries ( Yu Zhendong and the other is the Betz Equation power assumptions and apparently timed and coordinated nuclear blasts, Tsar Bomba and Castle Bravo used in calculations.)

The USA is controlled by an external dictatorship to ourselves. I have a true joke. Recently in a military port city in California I saw some young marines running in formation in short sleeves and short pants and a large yellow belt around their abdomen. At first I thought it was a fashion statement like a true Dier Fag would wear. At Los Angeles County Jail the inmates who wear the yellow shirts in 2001 are called the insane but not too dangerous bunch and many are given drugs during their stay. Those who kill in Sumer wear red. It is as foretelling as the wrinkle across God's hand. A cross triangulation translation by a Dier Fag Quartermaster Gargoyle and former FDIC bank examiner with two nuts, Barbie Kenny and Sweet Carol, a blonde and a brunette at the F-DIC.

As I watched the boys run in their tough yellow belt I heard Allah play a tune, "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree" Youtube music and catch the bus Gus. 50 Ways to Leave (Youtube music).

If those who block us from government and equal rights and safe healthcare are attacked, then hail to the victor, the bottom fell out. Torture and labeling by the federal Mexican and Asian and Gestopo syndicates in Los Angeles and California and D.C. and Alabama government. I recommend a travel advisory around the California coast due to radiation and hostile local predators, just as Martin Woods of Hermes Forensic Solutions urged people not to travel to Mexico.

Imagine an invading international force on American soil and the chaos that would be created by some Americans and others from the other side who are employed by the invading force. Today I heard a joke that Iraqi's had stolen guns from a police station and American troops were sent in to kill those who stole them. AWOL G, C RAP, DIER FAG. Protect the Iraqi people from the radiation while you are there. Bring Geiger counters and warn the people if things are toxic from the war that has been waged recently.

Daily Foreword June 16, 2014: Below is an ode to the sailors like myself maimed and cast to the bottom. I make jokes because we are still alive for now, some of us, but for how long. Death is contagious on the USS Reid FFG-30 in the nuclear haze outside of LA in 1983. It is absurd to serve their military. I say if you plan on having children you should pick up a gun and blow your nuts or your head off before you join, because your children will be hurt as many of ours have been harmed by radiation or other weapons of war, radar, etc.

Ode to a dier fag, "Ode to a dier fag, your nuts cooked at sea in a bag, the FFG was faster but not as fast as a quick fried nut by a Dier Fag. Ode to a dier fag, the computer had a van gogh red listed as giving head and homosexual to the fed, so over the computers and guns gone went. The captain got mad cause the dier fag went mad, and the captain lost his favorite slut, his nuts cut off and his puss like a mutt. Ode to a dier Fag by the Quartermaster once with two nuts at the F-DIC. Ode to a dier Fag, half the crew's nuts gone, oh if you knew what I knew, half of the entire Fag brigade behind the nuclear screw. Oh dier Fag, Pacific Grieve. My Italian girlfriends words were in San Pedro California, after she witnessed the nuclear blast. "It looks like y'all lost that one. I don't want you to go to the base today". Ode to a dier fag, I should have listened. Tie me up, call me PARC GLOWA and I will reply " AWOL G, C RAP. Square head square hat, see you enmasse, PARC GLOWA DIER FAG".

Immediately after the nuclear voyage in 1983, some young sailors of the future, high school age, the Seaman Cadets, came onto our vessel and they were climbing around the guns and such. I remember an instructor coming up to me from the group afterward and he shook his head and said they had to stop the tours of the USN Vessels. Dier Fag material was always welcome by the captain, as he would stick a radioactive cane pole up a child's ass if the D.C. Dicks thought it was ok for the Dier Fags. The men on the homosexual list found on the ships computers were to be exposed to radiation on the USS Reid FFG 30.

Daily Foreword June 14, 2014: I like to make a joke of suffering. As children, we children of the 1960's and before and after, have suffered under knowledge of an impending war of a nuclear sort. Picture this scene: the apocalyptic child of god who was born with one side of his brain crushed to the other in an alleged abortion attempt or a strike through unknown war is having a conversation with God. The Child says, "God I am scared of a nuclear war". God replies, "By the time you are old, you will welcome it." That child is speaking from within me Many of us have been tortured by those in power and maimed. Many have no mercy. I begged the government officials in control not to harm me several occasions and they enjoyed it and some made money from it, lots of money

The fall of the banking industry as we knew it in the 1990's and I believe we were hit in the USA in 1983 and I was exposed to radiation in the USN near Los Angeles in the Pacific and suffered severe consequences, unimaginable by most. It makes me pity the innocent who were among the Japanese nuclear survivors. The end of humanity is heinous but that is the end, lets hope, and not a whimpering lesser animal in the cosmos, a being that was higher up the food chain and higher up in divine thought. Radiation impacts both the parent and subsequent children.

We should applaud attacks on those in the South West USA governments and in healthcare who intentionally harm us with forced medical torture techniques and those in D.C. who call the shots or where ever they are located.

Daily Foreword June 14, 2014: The USA coastal areas near California witnessed a nuclear blast in 1983 although it is unrecorded. I witnessed a flash like a camera flash over the horizon from Los Angeles and my girlfriend saw more of it directly, and later I saw the radiation area from a USN vessel, the USS Reid FFG 30.

The greatest mistake I have ever made was enlisting in the USA military in the early 1980's. I have suffered radiation sickness and tumors and have stopped reproduction due to exposure and knowing the effects. Other sailors exposed are in wheelchairs or dead and if they have children they are often deformed or retarded. The first warnings for myself was tumors, thyroid gland swelling, the third was rash, and the fourth was compromised offspring. The government never officially warned us lower enlisted men about it. We were like children led to be sacrificed. The USA has a CIA report saying that Russia was in a warning state for 1983 when missiles from the USA were detected but the silos were not firing on the satellite photos. The CIA report said nothing about nuclear submarines firing missiles or ships firing missiles, which we did with wild abandon on our new vessel that year of 1983 in the Pacific Ocean. Those in power omit information for deception.

When I was young I drank beer and wine and vodka. I think it impacted my mind and made me insane and depressed enough to join the military. I encourage the young to avoid the traps set by our enemies in power, inlcluding Anheuser Busch. Do not drink booze. Do not join the military. I stopped drinking but I can not stop the damage of radiation.

If presented with the only option of employment and advancement in the USA military, I would recommend taking a short cut in the matter and save yourself and any future children any harm from radiation by picking up a gun and blowing your brains out.

I was tortured and maimed and labeled many times when seeking government healthcare, VA and state hospitals in the South West USA, from 2001 to 2004, and they had permission from D.C. just like when they stuck my ship in the middle of known radiation in 1983.

I will support a military dictator if he can guarantee I will not be harmed when I seek VA or government healthcare. .

Daily Foreword June 13, 2014: Considering the lies of the USA now leave many of us poor and as slaves to others and our children maimed due to toxins or warfare manipulations, we have to assume that the true leaders of the USA are dead or silenced. Unequal laws and unequal justice and lies and deceptions by those in control of the government and the media leave us outcast and beat down.

I am Kurt Brown former FDIC bank examiner in 2000. Since 2001 my shoulders are deteriorated by forced injections by a gestapo sort at LA VA Westwood who was part of the international entourage of torture labeled as health care at the LA VA Westwood in Los Angeles. He injected me forcibly with the permission of the local international gestapo in control of the Los Angeles Courts and approved of by the Gestapo sect in control of a portion of Washington D.C. .

Due to hostile acts upon the federal banking regulators, I believe many veterans were hired and hostile forces within had us removed.

Daily Foreword June 10, 2014: The nuclear bomb was 1500 to 3000 miles from San Pedro either going West or to south West in 1983. In memory recall and in calculations I have discerned that the nuclear bombs flash over the horizon in Los Angeles which I and my girlfriend witnessed in 1983 was in the distance at 1500 to 3000 miles. We Our ship traveled at maximum 30 knots usually. Therefore we motored our gas or diesel engines a total of three to four days before we hit the hotspot, A radioactive area at sea in which bubbles were still coming up from below. I was told to take a washdown. I had no idea of the ramifications. I believe that we lost in some way. Maybe the day I signed up for the US Navy. Many hate you in Lo Angeles like an invading force and slice each other and us to pieces when they can, of course D.C. pulls the plug, so who is control now spike? Who cares. We are headed for a meltdown in many proportions. The formal command structure and the informal command structure are alleged to be different in our society. That may save us or it may be a whimper of one or the other in its passing.

In comedy, I have proposed a sitcom on our vessel as viewed from my dark side, that of comedy in war and peace. USS Reid FFG 30 became the Dier Fag WW 03 after the captain became angered over his name being on a list of homosexuals passed around by the government and those who he claimed had the intent to demoralize the men. The captain is alleged insane, much like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now. But I have followed him and his insanity like the journalist from the movie Apocalypse Now and I think is more sane than John Wayne. I am the Quartermaster and the two things I wanted from the Navy was to get my teeth fixed and to be the journalist for World War III if it went down.

I know whats going down with the captain the boat the war the illusion and the delusion and the boat's loaded with missiles and bogging down on departure from Long Beach Naval Station until tugs pull us out to sea on several occassions. The "Dicks" as the called them in D.C. cut the power on the boat remotely several times. They cut the power when the captain unloaded the arsenal on the targets he had chosen with select international commanders. The informal President said, "You better watch the f-ck out man, this is a trifecta war on three levels, the mind, the matter, the Messiah.

Daily Foreword June 9, 2014: Ironies as I unfold the time from recovered memories. Like a burn victim whose legs are covered in gauze and whose mind is held in a halo of spikes, the USA and I awaken from the terrible plights and fights and spikes.

In reality I remember being taken off of navigation duties before the nuclear voyage in 1983 out of Long Beach California Naval Station on the USS Reid FFG 30. Not much later into the voyage, the captain gave me the option to jump ship onto an island where we had been going back and forth nearby. His words were, "I can't believe after Vietnam they are taking me into this sh-t". I was a risk taking indifferent and suicidal young man of no fear really but on that day for a moment I wanted to be back on the bayous of the Gulf Coast. In 1999 a war was breaking out at the FDIC Roseville also in my opinion as an older man, a fellow FDIC bank examiner, fled and told me to quit. I did not flee but stayed. I think I had forgotten about the nuclear bomb 14 years earlier. Did they do something to us in 1983 or have I just now realized the impact? I do not encourage others to have the bulldog mentality of life or death because in modern war they leave you maimed and labeled and your future children disfigured.

A sadness hit me and then indifference as the USS Reid FFG 30 set course for the deeper ocean in the Pacific Ocean heading away from Southern California. In a way, I was glad I would not have to set sail on the USS Reid again if we were killed. That is the upside to Bullsh-t. I seem to remember looking on the radar screen and asking if nuclear haze would show on the radar. I looked at the radar screen and a wall of haze was to one side of us as our diesel engines were at full throttle. I was then given bullsh-t duty for asking questions.

We had a power outage on one voyage, all systems went down. We were sitting ducks. I did not know if it was a drill. I wondered if we were hit or if D.C. shut us down due to our missile silos firing off missiles. On the nuclear voyage or before that one we were so loaded with missiles that our boat drug bottom and pushed up silt as we departed the channel at Long Beach Naval Station. A huge African American was the engineer below on the engines and the power station for the ship. I never understood how a 7 foot 6 inch man weighing 500 pounds could make it through the hatches and doors below in his work area. I would wager he or others are really sick with cancer if they touched the contaminated water from outside the ship. I would wager he is dead if he was exposed very much. I would like to have him wrestle Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman of Mobile Alabama in the afterlife and I want to watch. I betz a whole quarter on the big guy, 100 to 1 odds, I betz on Godzilla (Music). A signalman of higher rank once told me everyone on the boat was insane. Ode to a dier fag also my dier friend as it was official that it was a ship of fags as listed on the government computer that was thrown overboard with the handguns and rifles and such. I may have a Meet-Up in Los Angeles for those who feel they may be radiation victims. Desperately seeking photos and eye witnesses from 1983 in Southern California when the nuclear bomb went off within view of Los Angeles where I witnessed the flash with a witness. Attorneys are invited for those Tort Claims also. Is it insane to be a sweet carol? Toot sweet carol?

Daily Foreword June 7, 2014: I do not believe most or any thing of what I hear from the USA government and others. However due to the nuclear bomb I witnessed in 1983 from Los Angeles California and hotspot viewable in the Pacific Ocean when my ship arrived over bubbles from below and radiation, I have to hear what the government has to say and then analyze from my own experiences and observations. Because the government never recorded or reported the nuclear blast, I have to make further assumptions based on these facts.

I saw birth defects and the effects of possible radiation in the North Gulf Coast area of the USA during the 1960's. Did we have a nuclear bomb unrecorded as well? I would say a 50% probability.

According to the CIA report the Soviet government in 1983 allegedly viewed their electronics which registered a missile attack from the USA and inbound and in the air. No missiles were being fired at the USA silos so the Soviets allegedly did not fire missiles in return. The Soviet man reading the radar allegedly saw large clumps of high level clouds resembling missiles on radar. We had fired some missiles on a prior voyage on the USS Reid FFG 30 the week before the nuclear blast I witnessed as a flash, likely an explosion from underwater, when I was onshore in San Pedro California. I witnessed a similar cloud anomaly on USN radar in 1983 while navigating the California coast and Islands on the USS Reid FFG 30 where fog banks would appear as land masses. As an aside, Would nuclear haze register as a land mass or incoming missiles on radar?

The bubbling up from the ocean from the obvious point of impact and the radiation was pointed out by the USN servicemen on the vessel and I and others have paid dearly. They should have told us everything and had us wear protective gear on the nuclear voyage. We are nothing. Their wars are likely covered up lies. The victor slitting the throats of those who had fallen and the victors lay silent laying plans and actions. Many years later in the year 2010, " Why are you here?", the obscene plasticine rabbi asked me.

I as a former USN Quartermaster and later a FDIC bank examiner should have said, "So I can learn to recount things after having a stroke and enduring the American holocaust". But the funny thing was, many memories were gone at the time and the stroke and its cause and exacerbation was soon to be remembered. I was about to be taken from a stroke condition in which I am still going back in time in memory. When we recollect things and events we go back to another time and place in our minds or others minds. I have recovered much thanks mr rabbi and friends.

I often wonder if some of our sailors were executed at the base prior to the nuclear voyage. A court martial in a sequestered base or a sequestered or conquered nation? A strange skit by apparent English sailors or Italian was on our ship. A man who looked like our fire control technician who I suspect was executed, strolled through the dining area with two large men in drag. An English voice said, "What the bloody hell?" And they strolled through. And another voice said, "If you say anything we will kill you.". I thought it was a joke. I think it was the hair pin to point to an execution and a covered up identity of a dead man. Perhaps. It has been a long time since 1983 and many wars and battles since for me.

It is my belief the electronics of systems and radio communications could be taken and redirected and various targets hit in various methods. Outer space is the deciding factor with control from inner space to assure a constant feedback scenario. In terms of weather prediction and those radar blips, I predict in California and in Oregon a 40% rainfall scenario from the time of crossing the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2012. I deduced this from observing a space satellite photograph of the solar system in 2012 and the density of the clouds on the previous side of the arm of the Milky Way Galaxy and the density of the clouds on the current side of the arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The absolute drought ended in April of 2014. Henceforth 40% rain or less is my estimate for the California and Oregon areas. God removes the nipple from the mouth of mankind to encourage leaving home and going into space exploration. A time to be. Ser. Sell. Sold? Sheep out, overboard. Can sheep swim or do they just float upside down, like us? In comedia, a dier fag never swims, he just floats and farts and trolls and vomits and croaks. Singing Like a cannon ball jelly fish, "Pump My Body To the Top". Music youtube. Some sing like Stone Temple Pilots Dead and Bloated. (music youtube link)

Daily Foreword 6/6/2014 : Looks like Lucky Devil Day. Today I recall and reflect on all of those women young and old in our lives and I recall the woman in particular who witnessed the nuclear blast in 1983 as I viewed her in the window and I wonder if she is still alive in 2014. We view things differently when older. I was fond of The Doors in the early 1980's and the song LA Woman seems to fit the memory as it was that lovely day of the blast. She said, "It looks like y'all lost" when I asked why she did not want me to go to work the following USN work day for me. Shape is forme in French. I should have stayed in my own nuclear sour patch on the Gulf coast in the Mississippi mud, perhaps a Thatch hut for the toothless in La Fourche Parish with the Four Bucks. Even though I would have done it differently, fleeing the USA to travel the Earth, like Jim Morrison would agree, What a long strange trip it has been.

Daily Foreword June 5, 2014: I once was terminated from a federal banking regulator in San Francisco, the FDIC, after I filed an EEOC complaint. I told the persons at the meeting that I would shine a light over their heads. I as a journalist like doing that sort of thing. However I did not know it would be in the memory recall of a nuclear blast I witnessed from California in Los Angeles in 1983 on a hill near the Harbor. My ship went out and found the hotspot afterward. Was I hit in the head before I slept after the long nuclear wash down shower at sea? Two government men were there? All militaries are obsolete unless in space, cicrcum dictum encapsulating permeating. Meaning within and without, all control subdued to the higher power, the key word is the higher power even if translated from below or from within.

Daily Foreword June 4, 2014: It is my belief that a trade was made to have some USA servicemen executed in 1983 at the end of the Falkland Islands War. I see a strangulation of a military outpost and sequestering of personnel for set date execution. I detail odd things about a possible execution of one man who is listed below in the daily foreword notes. I a Quartermaster was offered death in 1983 most likely in the exchange. I was on the USS Reid FFG 30 and was offered duty in the Falkland Islands on the USS New Jersey or the USS Missouri, I can't recall which. I was told I would not have to come back. I do not fear death and would have taken the bullet for the missile control technician as he was younger and had more promise. I am nothing more than the wolf on the ridge.

It is my belief that I would have been labeled as killed enroute or some other nonsense. That is likely what happened to some USA service men during 1983. "My grandpappy of the lighter skin tone side of the family said in Alabama, 'Poarch Nigger that war ain't ours.'. My grandpappy Brown was right about the war and he saved my life. The part about Poarch Indian and part porch Nigger was my ancestry according to that grandpa and he was a direct descendant of General Andrew "Stonewall" Jackson but was a prison guard or police officer in Alabama. The war part was actually a warning by my father. He saved my life three times, first I almost choked to death on a hard candy, second by telling me not to drink from a strangers bottle, serial killer Randy Kraft's bottle later in life, and thirdly when he told me it was not our war, the Falklands War, so I did not jump in to the death seat. To play the devil you have to wake up and alert your naÔve young.

Yesterday a protestor was arrested at Crissy Field in San Francisco with some alleged bomb making materials. Four C batteries, a green substance (?), and an electronic control panel for alleged remote detonation. It was in a square box that represented, PARC GLOWA, a catholic miter hat to a child, meaning square head square hat parc glowa, a polish translation. In true Hebrew and Pig Latin, AWOL G, C RAP. I believe he was trying to draw attention to the nuclear blast in the Pacific in 1983 and the robbing of the banking system in the USA since the 1990's. We can not believe mass media when the true terrorists hold seats of power in the hated modern third world prison state of California and the USA in general. The protestor looked funny being arrested, like a goat on a rope surrounded by police in the twilight hour of the evening near the Golden Gate Bridge. The poor guy was likely forcibly injected for his protest.

The green substance was ink for the USA mint to make more money for their government friends in the higher seats. The four C batteries were for a flashlight to shine over Uncle Sam Sweet Carols F-DIC heads. The circuit board was to show how radio communications can be cut in war. I would gladly oversee banking in the USA Treasury and FDIC but I would have to terminate and execute some known felons in power who are our enemies in powerful government seats in the USA. The time has come for war but we are beat down without a chance. In humor as in war I see big feet Ted trying to get herself a movie contract and looking like a goat. If only it were Ted and not some poor guy in deT.

Daily Foreword June 3, 2014: The class action lawsuit for intentional and neglectful radiation exposure of sailors on the USS Reid FFG 30 can not be handled by a law firm. However, if others saw the flash in Southern California in 1983 and if they later had autism, downs syndrome, and recessive diseases and radiation illnesses, you may have a Tort Claim against federal and state government or a personal injury claim.

The people of California are more stupid than those in Alabama. I have decided to leave. I have a script for one of those sailors on the Reid listed as Homosexual on the computers thrown overboard, "Oh to be a Dier Fag and to feel California Queer, the sorrow, the radiation castration misconfiguration agony roe. How Dier to Gaf like Fag and to only pull up rigor mortis for the future". I hope those who intentionally harmed me with forced injections when I was seeking federal government healthcare and those who blocked me from federal employment after my torture before court are executed or that I am paid for their intentional damages. We are enemies until paid or they are executed at the top who control the needle pushing on the innocent, and I do not care what happens to them and I do not recommend in assisting the enemy in any faction. You are likely better off in gangs in the gang infested areas. Sometimes you or I are also better off dead. Life is but a dream. That is a true Reid GAF.

When the chips are down, and in distraction games in war, for larger attacks, all of the new weapons are brought out. We saw the USA ruling regime fall in 1983 in Los Angeles per my opinion and the fact that the nuclear bomb within viewing range of Los Angeles in 1983 was not recorded or reported may indicate we have been over run, or awash. A true weapon of war would control from space in our era and cover large areas, cooking electronics and thumping human minds. I would consider global war to be a mercy killing of the maimed mankind we now experience. We will go out with a whimper. You are better off to be in gangs than in the military, or neither.

Daily Foreword June 2, 2014: The fact that I was put into a nuclear detonation area in 1983 by the federal government while in the USN, and due to the fact that I and numerous other sailors on the USS Reid FFG-30 were exposed to what amounts to nuclear flack, and because the government was negligent in not giving us protective clothing for the voyage to find the detonation point, I feel we are entitled to a settlement in a tort claim due to willful negligence. The fact that some of our sailors were likely executed in Long Beach in `1983, it was deliberately done to us to maim us. We saw the blast from San Pedro and a fellow sailor who was likely executed, 51 percent probability, a Fire Control Technician who handled the guidance systems on missiles, told me a nuclear bomb had detonated in the Pacific before the voyage in 1983 from Long Beach California's, Terminal Island Naval Base. The bomb was to the South West and the portion I witnessed looked like a camera flash and was likely a nuclear explosion in the ocean. I have only realized the true impact in health to the sailors exposed and even worse the impact upon our children conceived since that time has been devastating. We deserve payment. I recommend radiation checks be done on beach sediments in Southern California.

The second area of warfare I was placed in the federal government was in the federal banking regulatory industry. I believe that the killing continued after I was hired in 1999 because it had happened prior in 1992 in the FDIC alleged suicide of a FDIC Regional Director in San Francisco. My Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) boss was almost blown up in a fuel explosion in Rocklin California as he slept in 1999, he and his subdivision. The neighborhood was evacuated. When my boss came to the office a war must have erupted soon after. We rank and file FDIC bank examiners were moved to another side of the building away from the two bosses offices. Soon, a fellow bank examiner who was older and wiser quit and urged me to flee. Someone had likely been executed in the offices. 51 percent probability due to the sweating the man who fled was exhibiting. I know fear in warfare among the worried sect. I have always welcomed death as an adult but savored life. In others words, I do not care if the Earth comes to an end or if the sun rises. Who gives a flying f---. Beware in California and federal employment in general. The USA is awash and all generals who could help us have fled or been killed. That is the way I see it. It was not my war then nor now. Some places are lost causes and rectify themselves, usually when executions occur of more ape like or more advanced or similar sects.

Daily Foreword May 27, 2014: I was born maimed and recovered much from what I can see. Amazing the memory recall after the government tried to knock out my brains. How many times to almost die dear God? How many times must I be placed at point? A trump card for me is played with every bad hand. It is dealt from the bottom of the deck by God's hand and I usually do not see it coming. The devil may hold the cards but I know the trump card when it is dealt. Recently I was a boarder in an insane roommate situation that triggered my memory on the war of 1983 and the Nuclear bomb viewable from Los Angeles Harbor's San Pedro in 1983, just up the hill from Point Fermin Park. The neighbor was cooking or the roommate was cooking the neighbor in 2014. The odor made me think of the smoke stack incinerator on the base in 1983 and the sound of gun fire like executions as we were departing shore. I saw the insane roommate with a large red bone in 2014 while wearing a dirty cross dressing looking gown, a T shirt, and she or he had either the bone above the elbow and below the shoulder or the thigh bone and fetched it from the backyard to take it back to where they were doing something with bones outside. She or he in a rubber butt suit has the body of a mud wrestler with those big feet teD. Cannibalism is like war even if a human is fed to a dog.

I like to unscramble the riddles in the metaphysical vein and state for translation into the more physical and mercurial vein of our lives. Recently I was writing the popes banker and the words from the Polish language came up "Parc Glowa", which means Square Head. The Popes hat is a miter shape but his head is square and the hat looks square to children. So the words came out from the dead children, spoken by the veterans of wars and such, those who should have fled, "Parc Glowa". Parc means square and glowa means head in Polish when translated. To decipher we invert, Glowa to AWOL G and we in invert Parc to C Rap. Therefore AWOL G, C RAP. The rap is sweet carol crap compared to meeting with nuclear waste in the modern war zones. Its all in the cryptic child in you and me. A Square Glowing Hat on a Square Head In The Park, PARC GLOWA.

A strange thing happened on the USS Reid FFG 30 some time around the nuclear voyage. A man walked through the ship who looked like my friend the Fire Control Technician and my prior roommate in a government apartment before launch of the USS Reid FFG 30, I now call the USS dieR FAG WW 03. The man who looked my roommate came through the dining area with two large women, unusual for him. I thought they looked like men in drag. Someone told me, if you say it does not look like your roommate I will kill you. I thought it was a joke. I think it was a predecessor for things to come. I may search him out to see if he was executed. First I have to find his name. Beware of the imposters in real war. The real girl with the crystal slippers if executed may have the hair come out like Madam Medussa El Capitan.

Daily Foreword May 26, 2014: It appears that even Craigslist is being held up by censors these days if you alarm people to the radiation from recent nuclear explosions and a request for a Barter, exchange of your tumor removal services for my services, that of Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone former USN Quartermaster who was sent to find the "Hot spot" in 1983. We did, I had to take a shower, a nuclear wash down in 1983 and was viewed there by two men and it was recorded in the captains notes we were exposed to high levels of radiation. The USA is awash from all indications just as I was told in 1983 after the "almost silent" global war. Remove my nuclear tumors, be a nuclear martyr. The request to barter was placed today on the Craigslist in Los Angeles Barter Section on the Westside. Know the enemy within by the boundaries and abuse placed among our population within. the USA.

A comedy, I contacted God's Bankers, the popes bankers. The devils read it every day anyway at the Federal Banking Crimes Syndicates in the USA. I pictured the Pope as the Obscene Plasticine Christian Monk. Obscene for not having children, plasticine for letting children play with him, and Christian monk because he too is of a reform sect that is worth holding hands with. The Popes bankers eyes bugged out like goggled eyed Gar as he reads of my horrific tale and gets to witness manifestations, perhaps simulated in his mind. Technology, physiology misfires, or the real thing? I would like those tumors removed plac glowa. That is Polish for square head. I suspect the tumor when removed will look like my distant inbred kin, the Sheriff who I busted, Sheriff Jack "Snatch" Tillman the Fairy Possum, but I will call this tumor when born, Mole Head Brown, just like Rust Head Brown from my leg, a leg and torso born Mob AL, BOD.

Daily Foreword May 19, 2014: I am a genetic or malformed but functional anomaly. My perception is like that of a cat with a shortcut wiring to the eye and mind, as opposed to the average human. I believe I have perceived two separate sets of executions while in the federal USA governments employment. The first was on the USN naval base Terminal Island Long Beach 1983, possibly, after a nuclear blast of some sort viewable from some parts of Los Angeles in 1983. The other execution or executions was at the FDIC Roseville California in 1999 and possibly in the gutter row FDIC satellite office in San Francisco 2000, not the FDIC headquarters, possibly. By cutting and redirecting communications and taking key points in the chain of command, or possibly mind control and subjugation of another level, we are taken hostage and killed. I have recommended the banks leave their doors open when federal bank examiners are in conference and in the rooms. The ambient temperature does not care if the bank president sweats. To symbolize the current victors in war, I see the analogy of wrapping a mans head in gauze and a gun pointed to his head and held in the outside assailants hand. When the gun is fired, nothing is heard, possibly only a red spot if that on the gauze. In the same way, teeth were found at the Terminal Island Incinerator at the USN Naval Base between Long Beach and San Pedro California, and the birth defects and tumors I have witnessed and the bubbling up from the ocean in 1983 I witnessed from the USS Reid FFG 30. The gun goes off and people scramble for the media lure of "guns are bad". A nuclear bomb goes off and a peep is not heard. Remove the gauze San Pedro. I saw the blast, I witnessed the radiation, and I have been put on the cross and may die of tumors soon. I have no health care. I look to God for miracles but I know what it is, "On Earth it shall be as in Heaven". Let us hope heaven does not maim me repeatedly.

Daily Foreword May 15, 2014: God designs life and to us nothing is as it seems, so we hope. I once witnessed a lovely young woman standing at a glass window and she witnessed a nuclear blast in the distance. As I pondered this thought I thought of a Japanese woman in Hiroshima and a nuclear blast there. Later come birth defects by design. Progress? I like French music some times being a homeless French aristo-cat and, later in life told I was an abortion survivor, on the French streets of Louisiana when a child left its mark. I laugh at folly, I design it, follow it, mark it. Youtube Music Serge Gainsbourg song Elisa French, about lice in his jungle hair, comedy of love. English translated Lyrics to the song linked here.

Daily Foreword May 14, 2014: As I look back in time to 1983 and the nuclear bomb I and my girlfriend witnessed from a mountain top ocean view window in San Pedro California on 36th Street, which peered to the South and the West, I remember my amazement. Had the blast been closer, she would have been blinded by the window's glass shrapnel, as I was laying on the couch and saw the flash. Later I went down to the street below and the alley way to see if an automobile could make that flash in the reflection of sunlight on an automobile to our window. I should have gone AWOL from the USN at that time. She said the next work day, "I wish you would not go to work today". I was working at Terminal Island and on a USS Reid FFG 30 USN vessel. I asked her why, and she replied, "It looks like y'all lost, from what I saw yesterday". She was a Los Angeles native and had no southern accent but a sense of humor about a possible loss of a war. I would have died for her.

I should have stayed at home as she warned. She saw the entirety of the blast. It had dire consequences for me and my offspring to follow by going to sea on the next voyage. My priority was not in that nuclear blast or the likely executions at Terminal Island the following Monday, if memory is correct, and if my hunch is correct regarding a missile control technician on our vessel who warned me of the nuclear blast as he was in an entourage on base leaving a briefing or court martial, and another sailor warned me of the blast when I arrived onboard the vessel. Both men disappeared after telling me of the blast I witnessed the day before. I often have a nightmare or memory recall of a man running to the shore calling my name telling me that we had lost the war, and then he was shot with a silencer by men with rifles. The executions were concealed if done, in trailers with buffer walls, opposing trailers, executioners on one side and the executed on the other. A nightmare is that they belonged to a cult, a cult of God, per a discussion with one of those who left the ship and my own derivation. . Is that part a nightmare or a truth? Perhaps a seeded direction for a war that was never followed but silenced or muted at least.

When we were launching for the voyage from the Long Beach Naval Station Docks in 1983 on the nuclear voyage, I remember the difference on the base, the silence, the void, and I remember two blasts of rounds of gun shots coming from the base as our ship left the dock, sounding like executions on base and some were jumping ship if I am not mistaken. The smoke stacks of the incinerators on the base at Terminal Island were billowing white like steam. Cooking bodies? I was told by one older sailor that he too had gone to Screw U. Meaning to jump out of the ship over the side if I wanted, he would understand. I pondered the idea later of mind control at sea and the delusion that one would be at the dock while we were really at sea. I think we lost that one, that ships balls club the USN of 1983 at Terminal Island if not the entire USA.

As an aside, It is funny but Martin Woods aka the Whippoorwill of Hermes Forensic Solutions of London and formerly of Wachovia Bank's audit division in London, said about Mexico before the war broke out there in 2008 or 2010, "Don't vacation in Mexico". They were killing each other in Mexico due to the banking wars and internal struggles and the Casa Di Cambio fiasco with Wachovia Bank and the loss of a huge part of Mexico's Domestic Revenue. California in 2001 was the same for me. I was taken behind closed doors and eventually maimed with forced injections. I begged them for mercy. They gave me no mercy and moved ahead like a rapist with a needle before a "kangaroo court" session in Los Angeles Superior Court with those in the background who are involved in federal banking crimes and restructuring of the banking system. The war wages on. Other veterans were killed at the federal facility a few years earlier. Ho Chi Minh City with a little bit of Mexico thrown in for the torture part with likely other more sophisticated players in this game of war. I always sit to the end to watch I suppose.

Genetics engineering can make better weapons inventors of man but the cannibal bonobo bloodline is in all of them, and they act as sadistic cannibalistic apes accordingly if not in their right mind. We will see more to follow and genetics degradation will follow on Earth among the captive populace of Earth's gravity unless mankinds energies are put on space colonization. Eventually it all comes out the same in the end according to my Parasitology Proctor who I would train under years later when I was in medical school.

I was exposed to radiation on the next voyage leaving Long Beach Naval Station in 1983 after my girlfriend warned me not to go and we were somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and not too far away from Los Angeles California when I was exposed to radiation. I have not been compensated for radiation exposure or tumors from 1983 or the stroke from forced injections in 2001 and 2004. My topside shipmate, Signalman Robert Karlson of Ketchikan has symptoms similar to Multiple Sclerosis, his Central Nervous System is shot through. Some may think they have Lupus symptoms, red rashes, when nuclear exposure is experienced, as a Hindu VA doctor said once, with a mumble about my radiation exposure.

I was taken from Navigation duties after radiation exposure in 1983, a bubble from below the surface of the ocean that the Captain and I witnessed from the bridge wing while staring down at the ocean at night, and I was told to take a nuclear decontamination shower by a Signalman who came out on the bridge wing afterward with a small handheld signaling device, a flashlight for morse code. Because our beloved Captain was a Vietnam veteran, I commemorate this song from 1963, Youtube, Surf Rider.

I had a tumor immediately start to form where I touched the railing when I was leaning and looking over and have combated tumors of various sorts ever since on my body. Now I see much cancer in the California highlands in the adults and on the coast I see birth defects of the young born after 1983, in particular those children from the 1990's.

I have also witnessed an increase in incidences of recessive genetic disease, on the Gulf Coast near the oil spill areas of 2010, Cystic Fibrosis and I would wager much sooner, like the Bay of Pigs fiasco of Cuba era, radiation exposure of Naval port cities in the South East USA leading to symptoms such as web feet, meaning toes grown together as a clump rather than as individual toes. Even Boston due to its clam chowder consumption has likely released increased incidences of recessive genetic diseases since the World War II era, likely due to radiation and chemicals in runoff, including triggering Bloom's disease. Some children in California are in worse condition and I have seen a gradient of concentration of birth defects pointing to the South as more severe birth defects such as autism have been observed in Southern California. I am trained in genetics, medicine, chemistry, and to some extent nuclear physics, and statistics, and how to carry and fire a gun.

It is funny, I had to quit carrying guns in 2001 by California (really federal) court order after working at the FDIC in California in 2000 and seeing mayhem and likely covered up murder there and afterward while doing journalistic work on government corruption in 2001. See former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama on 4-3-2001 try to have me killed while he steals money and my gun permit. It is on camera as 12 deputies met me there at noon and I brought a suit and a guitar to play a bed flea ridden medley for the Possum Man Sheriff on Comcast Television at a city council meeting as well and was stopped by the thief, the Possum sheriff of the Village of the damned himself, Jack Tillman, forced to resign if not forced to be jailed and terminated in 2005 when I got back to him from the Probation Exile for legal gun ownership and the torture and maiming that a federal syndicate or invading internal army targeted me, including giving me a stroke from which my memory now crawls out. I begged for mercy and got none. There is no need for mercy in true war obviously, Jack and Federal war criminals have none for me, even when I begged not to be forcibly injected, although Jack was not there for that one. The ole one two punch will get you on the ropes.

To me the modern war at the top level is to basically abduct the minds of all involved and cut all communications except simulated communications. This is likely what was happening at that time in the USN and on the naval base. I remember someone in a dream or in war telling me that they used our radios like two scythes to cut us to pieces. When the minds and communications are overtaken, the human work machine changes gears and becomes enslaved and likely death follows for the captive populations or they or we whimper in misery. I have no healthcare, only government torture, as I have experienced in federal healthcare in 2001 and federal directed torture labeled as state hospital healthcare in 2004. No one cares really at the top of government. I used to fear nuclear war, now I see it as a passage to the end, where it all comes out the same, in the end.

I am a savant. I use medical training to design traps for criminals in the trillion dollar USA rackets, and I have found there is a lot of persuasion in war and bribery and difficult to stop but ascertainable if you stay for the wars and survive.

But that is no longer my concern as in due time those who harmed me and possibly executed others in the USA will also be executed. Some of our people were killed at Terminal Island Naval Station perhaps, executions after the nuclear blast and immediately after the launching of my ship from the dock of Long Beach Naval Station at Terminal Island, my nuclear voyage of 1983, the USN Dier Fag Ship GFF 03 bound for WW III, I jokingly call it, in reality the most modern ship of 1983, the just launched USS Reid FFG 30.

But don't we all die in the usual ways. Radiation and warfare, knocking of the dog to the ground sometimes without a bullet, sometimes without a sound. Its a Wisconsin Swiss Cheese Bullet Riddled Whale of A Tale as to where the missile control technician lifted off to in 1983, the executions at Terminal Island or the missile silos beyond?. The movie Catch 22 catches it in the throat compared to the Real Fag Ship Dilemma, Dier FFG World War 03, based on the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983.

Daily Foreword May 12, 2014: California is a place I urge the young to avoid if they are from the lower castes of the Eastern and Central and Gulf Coast USA. Avoiding government is recommended, including employment. I do not have healthcare because I bet on the USA VA to give me health care and not abuse and torture. The Judge who set my bail for 1 million dollars in Los Angeles on May 1, 2001 was paid under the table by war criminals of the international sect.

The VA where I was forcibly injected by an agent was not mentioned by the DA who was paid to attack me in court and a judge who sat in the shared cannibals chair. I now see Cro-Magnon capitalism as their method, cannibalism with a twist. You can not invest here. A war broke out in 1983 and the USA has had some factions come to power who had some service men assassinated. Ask MANCUSO. OS U C NAM. I met him in 1984 after the nuclear bomb in the Pacific and he likely witnessed the executions or knew of them at Long Beach Naval Station terminal island, but likely just a passer by who was sent by those who read his name out loud and backward. The name and not the man was the message. The Shadow of dier ugliness taunts him or perhaps he too was not there at the time in 1983, but he was and he knew.

IN California the name of the game is to keep some people out just like Alabama. Many have turned to predation of others on the Earth, as if something new.

Daily Foreword May 9, 2014: To ease the PTSD one experiences and the wave of memories a comedy today: Its the People's Court with Doug Lewelen and the case of the Dier Squid who came to see World War III in Los Angeles in 1983 and almost did according to the radioactive quartermaster and squid Kurt Brown now alias Saint Ram Bone or Angel Bone as known to alleged serial killers he has crossed. First we have the teeth found at the Long Beach Naval Station incinerator, Gold or Platinum, those war dogs choppers are done. The judge enters and after introduction as you see in the post below of the evidence, the judge asks, what about the girl with the crystal slippers. Did you find those? My attorney of the Four Bucks law firm replies, "We only found her teeth sir, no crystal slippers. The judge asks, No Crystal soles? My attorney replies, only souls and teeth sir? The judge asks, "so there were soles, crystal soles?" The deliberation goes on for hours in the punch and judy show of soles or no souls"

As an aside, I considered the South East USA to be a Village of the Damned and I fled to LA when young in the US Navy. I never saw a war time experience before. Imagine if you will, smoke stacks billowing on shore as you leave in your naval vessel through the port to sea and as in a dream the gun fire erupts onshore. Executions. Bitter sweet, I am your F-DIC Nuclear Pop Sickle. The postulate "Is it insane to be sweet? Es una locura ser dolce? The entire USA could be hit, diminishing IQs in a game of warfare for the superior and inferior human mind, like a game of chase. Beware of California. They play a game called blame anyone and put them in prison. If you are investigating war criminals in government you will be targeted by those at the top of the game. In hindsight I was placed into a position to observe employees and assassinate as in the USN. I have never killed anyone. To get that target you have to go way up the line and in a branched operation, however the void has to be filled. Treachery is the name of the game, mind control is sublimation of warfare. You don't feel anything but bliss while your body is set ablaze. In nuclear war at sea, very often the heat and the blast will come from below. I can not believe they took us into radiation without protective clothing. The men who handled the bilge water or were doing the pipes were likely exposed as well. As Hole's song goes One Above and One Below, Violet (Music youtube).

Daily Foreword May 8, 2014: As my memory returns from a stroke by forced medical torture at the directive of government officials, some of my memory is blank over time, uncertain. Facts are easy to recall in highlight moments but things afterward are not. To preface this statement, I would like someone to find out if the Fire Control Technician who fired missiles from the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983 is still alive and I would like to determine if he was executed for those missiles fired. He was being escorted to his execution or to a nuclear silo after a court martial or briefing on the base. I worked in Hazmat at the Long Beach Naval Shipyard in 1991 and was told that many people's teeth were found in the Long Beach Naval Station incinerators when the base was closed. I tend to recall some gunfire at the base once in 1983 that sounded like two sets of executions and also the smoke stack of the incinerator was billowing if memory recalls.

The rocket scientist is a plankowner of the USS Reid, meaning he was there when it was launched into service. I steered the boat and was of lower rank but we would work together if in a real war. The USS Reid like the USS Starke had a blind side and a missile could come into the rear without his guided missiles hitting them if our aft was not away from aggressors missiles. After he told me of a nuclear bomb detonation in the pacific in 1983 and after witnessing the flash a day or two before while on my girlfriends couch in San Pedro, I saw him being escorted across the base and he was told not to talk to anyone after he told me of the nuclear blast. I call him the Girl in the Crystal Slippers jokingly in other posts due to his clear soled shoes and his going to the Hollywood area for entertainment when not at Long Beach Naval Station.

We were not gay roommates and I believe we were put together as roommates in an apartment before the launching of the ship for a reason. The reason was two fold, to discuss war strategy on the vessel and so I can discuss the situation as it prevailed once the ship was launched. I am serious about the possibility of execution of USA Servicemen at that time at the remote base of Long Beach California Naval Station at Terminal Island.

A roster of homosexuals was found on the ship and I saw the computer with the list and guns being tossed into the sea by our gun safe keeper who was also the computer programmer and on the list. The gun safe keeper confided in me before his arrest. Homosexuals or future radiation victims or prospects for experimentation is my question to him? A Spanish looking MP at Long Beach Naval Station arrested him and took him from the boat, I should have pulled my penis out and told the MP to eat him so I too could be arrested and removed from this wretched radioactive vessel and God knows what else, A Time Warp on a Dier Fag. I developed odd tumors and moles after coming in contact with nuclear toxins at sea in the Pacific on the next voyage in 1983 after speaking with the Rocket Scientist who was being escorted across the base. The next voyage required a decontamination shower. I should have slept in the shower. You can't wash enough to get the radiation off. I had and have numerous tumors and spots develop soon and still developing after exposure.

I do remember that after being at sea and sailing for several days after the nuclear exposure and my washdown, that, if my memory is correct, the captain had stopped the ship. He said, "Kurt you can go ahead and smoke a joint now, the Germans won't mind". I seem to remember two sailors saying, "Hey, the captain left us a joint" and I recall a half of a joint. They then went on the bridge wing. I stayed in the pilot house, which is covered in metal. If my memory on this is correct there were two ships in the distance on the starboard side with their lights on as would be on a small fishing vessels inner cabin at night. One ship was 45 degrees from our stern and the other was at 135 degrees. I seem to have blacked out at this point in memory or time erased it. We were rarely allowed to sleep while at sea. We may have been exposed to psych ops as the entire city of Los Angeles seems to have had its mouth taped shut about the explosion and the flash my girlfriend and I witnessed. My girlfriend saw all of it from our window overlooking the ocean at the highest point on 36th Street in San Pedro. I saw the flash from the couch but not the black ball on the horizon. It seems to me she said there was a black ball and then the flash, which was like a camera flash at high altitude. I witnessed the flash while laying on the couch. The sky was cloud free and it was close to noon the day of the explosion. That evening was nice, my girlfriend seemed young and joyful, and I was relieved all Hell had not broken loose. More was to come when I returned to Terminal Island as I mentioned. As Marlon Brando would say, "In only one eye is the one eye man ass kiss king, or queen if you are among a bunch of sick skull f--kers." It was diabolical, depraved, and hot as Hell, I will tell you that.

Daily Foreword May 7, 2014: The doors of all federal bank examinations should be left open at both the banks and at the banking regulators. Drugs, gasses, new machineries, could incapacitate bank examiners. A regional director was shot in his head at the FDIC in San Francisco. When I was working in San Francisco an argument broke out at the FDIC satellite office and I was not sure if the Bank Examiner in Charge was tampered with behind closed doors. In Roseville California FDIC a boss was almost blown up in his subdivision along with him. We were moved to the other side of the building, us lower level bank examiners, and then a bank examiner quit and urged me to quit as he fled. He saw something in the offices. I have given up on the USA and our form of Capitalism as we practiced it in the past. We are in an age of high tech warfare and as usual we have subjugation and predation. I don't remember on the FDIC application the statement, I am Garbage I Will Die For You.(music youtube)

In another matter, in 1983 after I had been exposed to radiation in the Pacific and after I showered, we sailed at full throttle for days and I was taken off of navigation duties. Later when we stopped, the Captain said to me, "You can go ahead and smoke your joint now, the Germans won't mind". That is the Captains weakness. He believes what he sees. I see Parallax, delusion, illusion, amnesia and paresthesia. In a coordinated fight things are often not what they seem. On the other hand, those radio-active tumors I have smart a bit. I was basically told to flee the USA after 1983 but I trust no one.

Daily Foreword May 6, 2014: I have been brain damaged since birth but I recovered most of my faculties in a normal way over a life time. Ironically I have had my brains knocked out literally, and likely more ways than one, either in war or in medical torture several times. I speak of the Falkland Islands War and forced injections and basically torture after federal banking regulation work where I was placed where people had been killed and many more were about to be killed. I was knocked into a coma and as my mind comes back I recall more and more.

I theorize on the disadvantage of banking deregulation. I have come to the conclusion that from a medical perspective when finance and blood flow are considered equal, that it makes no difference if it is one central bank, the heart, or many banks, pools of blood in capillaries. However when the blood stops from the heart the banking system without capillaries may die faster if under one flag. However if many nations or banks are there and independent in finance, then the pools of blood are more guaranteed to exist or not to exist at all. After all, mankind is a predator. So the dilemma becomes, what happens in the real world. Overcrowded India, Debilitated Easter Island, Devastated Bikini Atoll, that is the future of the Earth.

The only equal or superior I have ever met in war was my captain. I picture him and I at the table with a bullet wound to the head and a band aid over each of our wounds. "Pass the catsup Nevil" he would say, "I have a bone to pick from your eye." I would reply no, "It is a piece of my tooth knocked out while trying to stop a sheriff from starving inmates." (A reminiscent Scene from the movie Fierce Creatures, Nevil the assistant to the corporate head would be appropriate at this point .)

There is no mercy in war. There is at the core no mercy in the human species. Queer speak is something I play with. Like a child in Hell plays with the devils favorite alphabet to kill him or it repeatedly if allowed. Heaven Beside You (Music youtube).

Daily Foreword May 4, 2014: In 1983, my girlfriend and I witnessed a nuclear blast from her second story apartment window in San Pedro California at Los Angeles Harbor area at the top of 36th street during the day. She saw the entire thing. If I recall she said she saw a black ball on the horizon and then a bright flash. Now that my memory is returning from a stroke by government approved torture when I was actually seeking medical care, it seems that someone else told me on the USS Reid FFG 30 they saw the flash and they said I was at home with my nose buried in my girlfriends pillows. A missile control technician from the boat was removed from the boat for re-assignment or court martial. He was told not to speak to me or anyone on the base as he was being escorted across the base and told me of the nuclear bomb in the Pacific. Did he go up in the smoke stacks of the incinerator at Long Beach Naval Station after being executed?

I was away from the window but saw part of the flash on 36th Street in San Pedro at the top of the Hill with an open view of the ocean. To me it looked like a camera flash but from the horizon and at higher altitude and fast. I could only see part of the flash and not the black ball. I wonder if it was reported at that time? The Argentinian vessel the Belgrano was sunk by the British Nuclear Submarine the Conqueror on May 2, 1982, and it allegedly signaled the end of Argentinian Naval resistance at the Falkland Islands. However as in all wars, its not over till the bell rings. Was that war a distraction or trap for a greater war?

When we went back to sea after seeing the unrecognizable nuclear blast from San Pedro California I was later subjected to nuclear waste of some sort as I had to take a shower as I a Quartermaster, Kurt Brown, was contaminated at sea in the Pacific. The Captain on the USS Reid and I saw a bubble come from the bottom of the ocean as we stopped and looked overboard and he told me to go shower immediately. There were strangers in the shower area overseeing the wash down. I have not been compensated for the tumors or my exposure to radiation. Were we all injured in some way and how many of us were killed in executions that year in Long Beach California Naval Station at Terminal Island? They still kill veterans at LA VA Westwood in 1999. I was left maimed in 2001 after investigating government criminals. When you come to California, you should realize the gangs will accuse each other of crimes so the opposition can be removed.

You must remember that if you ever go to court in Los Angeles. Many times if you are a threat to their gang members in FDIC banking oversight and Treasury Banking oversight or those who control them, such as corrupt drug dealers and money launderers and arms dealers, then you too will be harmed.

Daily Foreword May 3, 2014: They are back. This is a true joke. I rent multiple rooms in homes or take care of them sometimes like a boarder for hire in Southern California. Recently my roommate who appeared to be a dude in drag to me who was a roommate, went next door to visit a single neighbor lady, someone in the psych field I think. The neighbor lady sounded concerned and alarmed at first. Then I heard nothing. The next day or a day or two later, the dude in drag is heard talking. I look around and do not see him. I am sitting having my coffee on the lawn staring at the neighbor lady's direction. Then the dude in drag roommate comes out from around the corner and is in a dirty shirt, and she is big with really big feet. She then picks up a huge red bone in our yard and it looked like raw meat. She then goes back over to the neighbors direction. Then she comes back and goes into our boarding house to shower I suppose. She was dirty like a mud wrestling match. Did he or she kill the neighbor lady? I have not seen her and I am concerned that the other friends of that person has moved into her house. An actor who answers the door might be the neighbor lady. They are all actresses and actors in Southern California when running "professional rentor" cons.

Daily Foreword May 2, 2014: A video by myself on Youtube discussing a nuclear bomb in 1983 in the Pacific and missiles fired from the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983, and the possible execution of one of those men and many others at the Long Beach California Naval Station. Gold teeth were found in the incinerators when it closed according to some information I got while working in the Long Beach Shipyard after the Navy Base closed.

I Kurt Brown was maimed for gun ownership and the government allowed Chinese manufactured assault rifles to flow across the border into Long Beach Naval Station after it closed. Columbine High School was one of the victims of those guns imported from China. I do not mind military executions of the war criminal sect in power in the USA and internationally. Somehow it is refreshing to consider.

The mistake is to trust any government in any state in the USA and most nations. We are warring animals or refugees it seems

Daily Foreword May 1, 2014: The place to find sanctuary is not in Southern California or in Northern California if you are from the poorer parts of the USA. Overt discrimination, overcrowding, prisons for profit, drug kingpins, government criminals sanctioned in private controls as spoils of war. A Mexican mafia and a gestapo stripe of the old reichs with their hands and their snouts empbraced to welcome you to the Bear State. DC allows them to be the Mafioso while the Mafioso really may rise and kill D.C. According to some, they have your head between a cork screw and a hard place if you even consider working in government.

I would consider California a Mexican Federal Prison For Profit Jurisdiction really but there is the international fang in the scenario. Predatory cannabilism capitalism, its a fang in California, Alabama, or D.C. They are attacking us who are veterans in many cases on the West Coast, and many are hated worse than an invading enemy both in the civilian and government sectors. I welcome global warfare since I was tortured for serving on the USN Dier 03 (Reid 30) in preparation for the next world War. Soon the entire earth rolls in its own pain. How many have been killed and tortured in the Falklands War in the USA era and since that time?

Vietnam should have told me to run or WWII, etc. Were the incinerators used to torch bodies killed and executed in Long Beach California or at sea in 1983? Was someone killed in Roseville California's FDIC office in 1999? Donna Tanoue was the FDIC Chairperson from Hawaii and my hairy Barbie doll of a boss was almost torched along with his subdivision. They are all conduits, whores for the money, at the FDIC in 2000, and I welcome global war to end our suffering. I do not have healthcare and since they gave me a stroke I do not have much of a conscience when it comes to asking God for a mercy killing of the human species. I was warned to run from the FDIC in 1999 by a fellow employee who knew of an assassination in the office, most likely.. They had killed someone in their office most likely, they being whom? By whom? Whose dead? The FDIC head was killed in the early 1990's in San Francisco. There is hope in life after death but there is not hope in death in life.

The oddest wars are those where people are executed. I picture this scene, Long Beach Naval Station 1983 or a ship at the sea, Dier 03, those being executed are of high rank. The higher rank of our ship killed some fighter pilots or others with our missiles, they claim. While those called homosexuals on the computers mentioned by our gun safe keeper are drug around in sheets while the victors in the siege do as they will with those who are drugged or maimed by other means, including myself, the lowly Quartermaster. The words incinerator seemed to spell the end of the day. I seem to remember being told to do this odd thing or was I out of it, perhaps in a dream, perhaps at the executions. We had fired the missiles, we immediately and soon steamed back to Long Beach Naval Station, the men were quarantined and taken from view, a nuclear bomb was reported to me, and later the man who reported it to me was executed on the base and then incinerated and the smoke stacks blew white steam of the vaporized bodies. The scenario described is possible truth, War is a major headache whether at the USN or at the FDIC.

Perhaps the teeth found in the incinerators at Long Beach Naval Station when it closed in the late 1980s were large metal dental bridge work utilized in war and not just in teeth. I had the unnecessary huge metal dental work put in under suspect circumstances possibly Deflecting frequencies that would have modulation at some hertz frequencies problematic for incapacitation efforts in war personnel. Of course there is the scenario of the dream of where someone placed their air over my face from an oxygen mask to show me the radio and to say that this how they did it, using the radio like two scythes.

California is developing reality shock of the new third world. Banking deregulation, wars while many are unconscience, and I was told I was an abortion survivor after age 46 by a doctor who could not verify it with my parents. They may have harmed me in war and call it an abortion attempt. When your head is between a cork screw and a hard place, time and place are void.

Daily Foreword April 30, 2014: In terms of modern warfare in my life and the highest tech war of the Falklands War in 1983 and the Nuclear bomb that was detonated in the Pacific according to a Fire Control Technician who told me of the bomb in 1983, and his disappearance afterward. I do know of a nuclear bubble at sea after he told me. I am concerned that some were executed because we on the ship may have shot down some planes or missiles. An eye for an eye would have allowed the Terminal Island Naval Facility in Long Beach California to have been used for executions. I have been maimed since FDIC employment and my investigations on that agency and other government officials. I was told once that gold teeth were found in incinerator at the Long Beach Naval Station. It was after the base closed. I recall from dream or fact the sound of executions, military executions. There was the first shot, and then a volley of shots, first far away and then close. I wondered about that situation. It was rumored that Reagan had been shot in 1983 also. Gipper. Rep Pig?

Daily Foreword April 28, 2004 : The hidden numbers among the obvious numbers often seem inverted. I call this the Quatrains blogs but here I will speak of my own inner seeking with the numbers now that I am out of the past. I joined the Navy to seek world war III feeling better to burn in the torch than to languish maimed. I may have witnessed its lighting and extinguishment below or an ongoing show of might makes right among the monkey sects. Many languages invert words and numbers, reverse them. USS Reid FFG 30 backwards is Dier from WW III. In 2003 things got dire for me when I was in forced exile after investigating criminals in government and they were literally eating my life alive in more ways than one, criminals all including Sheriff Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum Tillman in 2003 as a known thief and Sheriff and the FDIC continuing their butchering of failed banks or failed banks butchering them, I am not sure which was most egregious in their crimes.

It was odd to have a foreign ship in our port in 1983 and once a British vessel entered and their military sailors came to the bar in Long Beach for enlisted men. A USN sailor said they had "Inked" us "Inc,ed" us. A fight broke out and I was not in it by choice. To dye with a chemical is to ink as well. Dyer Dier all of that change. Was it a way to make us appear criminal so others could be executed among us and others could be promoted among those not us. I often wonder if some of those men were executed for firing those missiles while at sea in 1983. A nuclear bomb went off I was told. Rasmussen knew the cat with the big fat pussy. I only saw a bubble and now have tumors. what a 50 megaton? I am not posing on either side of the British or Argentinians. As my father said, It is not our war. So much for soul searching for the better half. Many times nations are taken over at the top half.

Daily Foreword April 27, 2014: In memory recall of several events and in analysis, I have determined several things. I suspect that some USN servicemen were executed at the Long Beach California Naval Station or on one of their ships in 1983 at the end of the Falklands War. Of particular interest to me is a missile control tech, I will call rocket man. He was from Wisconsin, born around 1962 or 1963, and he told me of a nuclear bomb that had gone off in the Pacific. He was the ones who fired missiles on prior voyages in 1983 from the USS Reid FFG 30 stationed in Long Beach California, on Terminal Island. The ship was built at Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro and was launched and tested in 1982. Terminal Island would be the perfect place for executions at that time, surrounded by junkyards and ships and auto storage for international shipments and a federal prison. A single shot fired, then a volley of shots and "clear" was heard. Perhaps in moving vans outside of the cafeteria with bullet catching rubber to absorb ricochet or perhaps at sea. I have been tortured so if he pops out of the box, that rocket man, give him some Wisconsin cheese on his plank he owns from the USS Reid FFG 30. Bodies could be incinerated there in the base incinerator. A popular song during that time was by Missing Persons, Words (music).

I sometimes speculate on weaponry and how things are done in a real time war environment. I would speculate that the victor in any recent conflicts could have used the radios like a pair of scythes on other weapons systems. I had to take a shower the night of the voyage in the USN on the FFG-30 and exposure in 1983 and men were there not of our crew to tell me to take a longer shower. Could you be hit or myself in that environment. Yes. My brain could have split while they were being executed and while I slept that night. It is just conjecture on any of their deaths. FDIC Regional Director executed in his office FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 era. Suicide? Laughable explanation. Thomas Crane Wales executed in his home, banking frauds judge Seattle, murdered 10/11/2001. Anarchist? Plausible explanation but likely money targeted removal of problem areas for some who are in the game of war and banking wars.

Randy Kraft the serial killer of 67 estimated and I met in 1983. He wanted to chew my bone but I have an Angel bone. This Angel and Marilyn Manson obviously denied Randy Kraft our tasty treats. Some people eat sh-t and know it, others don't know it. I see Marilyn Manson the Queerest of The Queer (garbage music) for 1983. His phrase then and now, "You will see" is ominous. My father said I would see sickness among our shipmates at this later age, and I have seen much more.

How many of our children were born with deformities from this event of war in the Falklands Islands war era, 1983, has not been reported and the data has not been collected.

I smelled a neighbor woman's house next door recently in Southern California and wondered if some crazy I have known had killed her and cooked her in her oven. I hope to see her breathing and not a craigslist actor or actress with meat under their nails and living in her house. Picture this, the digging dog brings the bone and it ain't a dog and the bone ain't cooked and here comes the evening clown in an dirty dirty diggers gown. I used to know a crazy kid, burrow, burrow, everywhere.

The missile control tech from Wisconsin would go to Hollywood from Terminal Island, wearing his crystal clear soled shoes. Many of us were listed as homosexuals on the computers which were thrown overboard by Eric the Red or Van Gogh as we knew him, the programmer and gun safe keeper in 1983. We were either in Long Beach Naval Station or Todd Shipyard in San Pedro. I would say Rocket Mans shoes were queer, those crystal slippers I called them, but he had some very lovely women. I recovered from a stroke in 2010 by federal torture in 2001 and 2004, and was seeing the middle period of the banking wars at the FDIC in 1999 when I was hired. They know I have no care if I live or die, that is why they hired me. I don't run, I back up some times. Sometimes I put a light over their heads and say I hope you wake up dead, that is how I feel from way back when.

In other matters, I have determined that craigslist killers usually stalk their victims in packs. I saw where one woman is getting fame for it by herself. I see the Earth from the stand point of a murder survivor, many times over.

Salty salted saltine Royales for my Wisconsin friend if he breathes or no, and for that Karlson in Ketchikan, if we would have known. we could have jumped ship. I remember when I went to wash down after the nuclear bubble I and the captain witnessed, and I was tired so I was allowed sleep. Time and place are distant now. How many were executed? Both in the Falklands War era and the banking wars. Desperation without moral guidelines and chemical induced psychoses is what I see much of the USA is suffering. Who won?

Daily Foreword April 26, 2014: Despite all I say below and all that you may recall, there is always the possibility that you and I both were manipulated and did not know what occurred. I have learned indifference through war and life, a task oriented mindset, yet I know in the beginning of life there is greater indifference. However I wonder if the man who told me a nuclear bomb had gone off in 1983 in the Pacific is still alive. He was a missile control type onboard the USS Reid FFG 30 at one time. He and I were plankowners. He got a tombstone? I tend to recall his telling me of the nuclear bomb while he was being escorted in a group across the base. I got tumors. Karlson the signalman got a MS wheelchair. For the plankowners today, and for us, another sťance perhaps, Nirvana The Man Who Sold the World (Music)

My father told me one day I would find my brother. I saw him in a bucket with his multitudes. If someone was to have taken over the Earth in 1983, it would have been through the control of electronics, a complete hi-jacking and shut down of all except the advancing force, including possibly the stunning of all personnel.

Daily Foreword April 25, 2014: The one thing we need to do is have space colonization to remove pressure on the planet. NASA will not hire me or the multitudes, no plans, no budgets. Fracking rockets are available in the bay area.

I was told that I see with another set of eyes recently. I saw or recalled a murder of someone at their desk and I think it was an FDIC employee or someone there. Dreams mix here. I saw an Asian in an office draw a line through a zero which is the Greek letter theta, or death. That was after someone told me that this was not my FDIC Bank Examiners School, and he pointed to the office with the Asian guy. I would prefer a international space ship assembly line with Madam Zhendong, Madam Chaofan, and Madam Guojun to assist me in colonization.

A dragonfly has many eyes in reality. They do not see as we do. Their vision is truly almost 360 degree view points, 2.5 degrees vision lost on either side maximum, an almost true 2 pi, almost, much like Navy Ships radar in 1983. In the year 2000, I, Kurt Brown, not yet Saint Ram Bone at that time, was a federal bank examiner at a bank examination in Hawaii for the agency, the FDIC, also known as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. To preface this statement, The same court in Los Angeles that would starve inmates in Alabama in 2001 also ordered me not to discuss or harass the FDIC or the Sheriff Jack Tillman who is now a proven thief, thanks to my psychological analysis of the thief and the bait I set, which as usual, was myself. Since that time the case was dismissed in Los Angeles so I can discuss that dirty dirty F-DIC. I like comedy in art and horror if I can afford it..

At a Bank Examination in Hawaii I was the one on the roof top with my boss and an Asian guy in the year 2000, my last bank examination. We were all employees. I was the one in training and I was about to get a 50 percent grade instead of a hundred, meaning the decision to terminate me was left with the ARD FDIC and the Regional Director of the FDIC San Francisco. A dragonfly landed on the ground between us as we stood in the triangle. I said, It's blue, but one of them said, "more importantly is what direction it points when it lands, and he looked over his shoulder behind me and at my boss in front of me for that bank examination, heavy set woman who was large like German descent. She was a heavy man and smelled. She wanted to do me and told me to come to her room the first night in Hawaii. I opted for a Red Lobster feast on that delicious F-DIC per diem. I did not trust people behind closed doors at the FDIC at that time.

Daily Foreword April 24, 2014: In memories of wars or recollections, sometimes I tend to try to put together pieces of memories and at times the imaginary ones become suspect to me as possible true events in which I had the living sh-t knocked out of my mind and all of those around me suffered the same fate.

I am speaking of two events, the Falklands Islands War era ending in 1983 while I was in the USN in the Pacific Fleet and the FDIC employment experience as a bank examiner in 1999 and 2000 in California and Hawaii, the era of banking deregulation.

I make jokes below about an FDIC employee in Roseville's FDIC that was almost blown up in his subdivision when a fuel pipe allegedly broke, releasing its fuel down a hill into his subdivision below in Rocklin in 1999. He came to the office and told me about it, jet fuel. I thought it was where a plane dumped, but it was fuel rupture. Soon we were moved to another side of the building away from the bosses office. Now this is where it gets weird in my mind. I had a stroke from forced injections in 2001 or 2004 with federal approval. I have not been compensated for it, despite a key point of evidence, the thief Sheriff Jack Tillman formerly of Mobile Alabama and murder at the FDIC San Francisco in the early 1990s after the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 was in motion. The FDICIA of 1992 was in reality the start of banking deregulation. They wanted to process the clearing of failed banks quickly both in the present in 1992 and up to present in 2014, a very lowly supervised butchers table of sorts financially. My father warned me not to work in finance. Law is just as bloody for some.

When my boss came to the office at the FDIC in Roseville California, something else may have happened. A man I will call lacey, another computer literate bank examiner, told me to flee. I stayed. Now I am not sure if we were stunned or manipulated. I tend to remember someone telling me, "Prepare for the last supper". I tend to recall a scream or shout and a closing door or permutation in space and time, and then, the gunshot and seeing someone with their head on their desk in a puddle of blood. The shout in hindsight was something like, "No one should be in this office, not with you fellows in here", and then a laugh was heard. His left hand was out on his desk, like someone who would sign with the left hand. His other hand was under the desk. Alteration of events in the mind may display that things are not what they seem or possible amnesia of events.

Another event was with my captain on the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983 in the Pacific. He once told me of war and he slammed his feet on the deck, one two, I had regrettably angered him. That is the way we are hit, in the mind, at times. I tend to recall as fact, a Signalman or one who looked like the signalman, who had been behind the bridge of the ship as he approached from that side toward me in a run during the night. He said, in fact, "Be glad you are not in this signalman rating".

In fact I remember a man who was a missile control type from Wisconsin apparently being escorted across a base, he told me that a nuclear bomb had detonated in the Pacific. Tears were in his eyes. Someone told him in the group that he was not supposed to be talking with people on the base. I never saw him again, and as far as I know, he may have been executed, as we had fired some missiles on the prior voyage to knock down incoming missiles.

I was not told if real war or dummies. One missile allegedly hit the other but it kept going and another detonated. It was on the next voyage that we were exposed to known toxins. My Chief Petty Officer was not there either on that voyage. Some were jumping ship in any way they could. If I recall a Petty Officer told me I could jump ship and flap my wings when we were leaving port. He said he went to Screw U. In fact I remember the captain and I looking over the boat and seeing a bubble come up from the ocean while at sea on that toxic voyage.

I remember his panic and I was told to go below to shower and the ship sailed at full speed for days it seemed. I tend to recall a helicopter landing on the deck and a panic and then the calm, as if in a psychological attack, where things go back to a state of normalcy after abduction. We returned from sea and soon I was discharged from the USN. The Signalman of my ranking who was not the one signalman who ran toward me while at sea, another lower ranked signalman who was topside during that voyage, is now in a wheelchair from MS, and was not compensated per my last contact since 2010, when my memory returned from stroke due to forced injections. I have had tumors come up and then removed ever since. The tumors were removed until recently and I now keep them due to not having healthcare. I am your favorite sugar lumps. Es Una Locura Ser Dulce?. Is It Insane To Be Sweet? Yes, if bitter sweet, sweet and bitter. The wars of yesteryear are over. All future wars are for your own extermination. The blunted sword isn't fit to be a butter knife. Genetic degradation among the battle sects. A fire that burns itself out.

With my Betz equation calculations on nuclear events of the past, there is the aspect of stored energies in my opinion to be used at will in warfare of the psychological control sort. Tesla and I share the same seat on this position. The person who told me to prepare for the last supper at the FDIC, whether in fact or in screaming nightmares of the weapons creation derision, should see that I get 100 percent permanent disability for psychological distress. Look at what has happened? lacey ran, I stayed. The banking industry is at war for its mind just like we were at sea. They used the "minimum manning" concept in the USN. You work two weeks straight without sleep in a general quarters or warfare environment much of the time. Where is Slim? Where is Karlson? Slim was a black guy who was busted for pot and put in the brig or in some sort of torture camp, likely experiments to break the mind or the pot habit. I would wager he is dead by now. Karlson? Beverly Glen Diner owes you a meal or two. The FDIC gave me last supper rights and I have not even seen a split pea.

The same person who told me in person or in fact of motion of my own dream, "You see with another set of eyes". The last supper, the last testament. Tell me its true Barbie Kenny F-DIC dream. You see, if you are born partially dead or thwarted, there is room for growth of a new vein, however altered. The bull manure of the military is they do like to play music in pseudo-attacks. This music from the movie Apocalypse Now and the scene are similar scenario Bull sh-t. Ride of the Valkyries Apocalypse Now Music.

Daily Foreword April 22, 2014: Southern California may have a new plaque of predatory felons who are inclined to ungodly things. I am speaking of some sociopaths who may be following my website and news posts and they are enacting their own actions on those matters, perverting them. For instance I mention a Paradox as being the crossing point of two triangles at their central hypotenuse points. A pair of docks to some sociopaths is a tunnel or a person or two they can manipulate. Many are at risk. In some cases in banking investigations and the murder of judges, I am sure there are orders to kill the assassin. I say only kill as is necessary. They are just deranged from the poisons in our society.

Beware of those men cross dressed as women coming to rent properties under fake names, or coming as new friends with drinks for their new neighbor. There is evidence that one such professional renter may have a midget in tow. It is rumored that the midget may have been a male gay prostitute. Look at the feet, P-Earl feet they are known as on the big gal guy. Big, dangly, like a working plow horse machine, those feet. Crazy as all hell, drunks and hard drug addicts, male prostitutes moving in and perhaps even drugging other inhabitants with drugs, whether in liquid form or gaseous form. A front person is sent and then the predators move in. Southern California's serial killers are passed before me by God as I travel those odd paths. I could drink a Randy Kraft drink all day, but I would know I was committing suicide set up by a serial killer in 1983.

Their set ups are notorious. Actors and actresses of the Hollywood sort with sociopathic inclinations due to frustrations in finding work as actors. Possible sedation and acquisition of ID documents of neighbors could be possible also if the other neighbors are single males or females. Singles Females are easier prey for obvious reasons.

More importantly, in close home proximity, tunnels can be dug from one home to another for entry and gassing if necessary, if one of the inhabitants in the area is killed or abducted and manipulated. An Actor or actress could seem to be the person in the home. At this time I now see speaking with neighbors as essential. It stops the type I speak of in their tracks. They may even claim to be police and tend to work in groups on a person, one going in and another or two standing guard. I urge the young to do God's will and not to pervert the words of wisdom.

Lets play the game, Where my neighbor? I have been stalked many times it seems and I have survived many attacks. Sometimes I fly in on one wing, a wing nut perhaps. It is Gods will I survived an abortion, that I survived a nuclear attack in 1983 in the Pacific, a bomb from the sky in 2004 in Oklahoma, that I survived multiple forced injections in 2001 and 2004 and a stroke by federal officials and others in government healthcare and torture, and that I survived a serial killer in 1983, being attacked while a political prisoner in 2001. I have met serial killers several times if I met more serial killers as I suspect this year in Southern California with their associates tracks going North. What is next God I ask, Blue Suede Shoes? I saw a fake Elvis in Santa Cruz. He said He was looking for where the numbers fork, as he was strolling around apartments.

In closing, Vignettes and A Truth Based Horror Comedy Horror : A man is living in a boarding home situation, applications are not taken on tenants, new tenants are accepted only on good faith by the landlords who can not hear or see well. One morning the man in the rental goes to get coffee in the kitchen. There in the living room is blonde hair underneath a man who appears to be a Mexican or someone in a curly wig, an actor type. They appear to be having sexual intercourse in the missionary position. The woman who moved in was an actress who wanted to make it in Hollywood according to the landlords. So as the man in the boarding rental watched, he could not decide who the man who looked like a Mexican, was having sex with, the alleged mother who was a male with big feet, or the midget who was allegedly a male according to the man's instincts. The man went back to his bedroom and drank his coffee. The next month he wondered what's that schnell. Is the neighbor lady alive? He saw the man with big feet with a wig speaking to her. The neighbor woman's voice was high like his mothers was when she was scared or stressed, as she asked across the fence some unintelligible question about the strange man in a dress with big feet. The man who was the tenant was now concerned. Does his coffee have arsenic? Welcome to Southern California. Pig knuckles?

In the movie Pulp Fiction, there were two characters who caught my attention. They work for Marcellus Wallace who is the king of the lower end spectrum of business, the predatory factions, and they do fight each other there. In this comedy I propose that the two men in Black suits who work for Marcellus come to see a sect member of a religious crew who handles things with kinks, such as serial killers and those who kill banking frauds judges and what those in the underworld with weight dictate. He tells the black man to eat some of the pigs knuckles on the table as they discuss a common enemy of Marcellus. When they finish, the black guy washes down the Sweet Dried meat with a strange brew, big feet pigs knuckles. The auditor they came to see has jars full of pickled and dried meats and juices. The working partner of the black guy tells the black guy after they are leave that the man with pickled feet and dried meet may have some issues, such as cannibalism of his prey. It is a ritual, the partner explains, an alleged cult that has connections between the dead and the living, inconclusive and impenetrable, a sort of leper colony in the mind games of men and an island in the mind of God. All men who are hunted as prey have to be tasted by those on our level who commission retaliation. The death tastes death. The black guy, says, "Pass the floss, Marcellus will want his DNA to confirm identity". After the DNA is checked, Macellus Wallace happily says, "What you Navy Queers brought me is good and tasty dog food." He then offers them some potted meat on a wheat thin or a royal salted and salty saltine cracker.

In the real world I am a foolish man but I do believe in giving a man the room and life to do a hard days work, honest work. My boss at the FDIC was almost blown up in 1999 after a suspicious bank charter issuance request was made and in which I was witness and FDIC bank examiner at the FDIC bank charter issuance request in Roseville California. My boss Kenny was almost blown up in a subdivision in Rocklin. I am concerned about him like a foolish lover. I often Fantasized about my Kenny as cross dressing Barbie. I would lean toward his door with my hand from my cubicle after he told me and say, "Kenny, Barbie, Please tell me it ain't so". She males can dress provocatively even if Lacey on the run from the same gun. "Barbie Kenny Black Hole Sun Here We Come (Music)

Blonde with coffee sings. Hickory Dickory Dox. Im the Man In the Box (music)

In the USN in 1983, we were guinea pigs or sacrificial lambs. A good friend, a young tall black guy on the USS Reid FFG 30 was used in experiments I believe. He was a heavy marijuana smoker and took the risk of bringing an ounce of marijuana on the boat docked at Long Beach California Naval Station, near Los Angeles Harbor where the ship was built. When the young man was caught with the marijuana, he was sent to the brig allegedly for a while. He came back so sick looking and emaciated and he had changed mentally. He was then discharged. They sold a harder drug at the enlisted club, alcohol. Spirits don't come from a bottle of liquor.

Daily Foreword April 19, 2014: Truth can only be ascertained in many instances by testing and verification, and then there comes collusion and bribery which makes the real truth seem more unascertainable than a fish viewed with parallax. When in the USN a sailor of higher rank basically told me I should basically run. We had been at sea in the Pacific in 1983 and myself and the other man were at the enlisted club drinking. We had been at sea and he, a signalman, was exposed to something that scared him and alarmed me since I was not told what he saw. He had been off somewhere, in a small boat at sea from our ship or in communications, on the prior voyage. It was reported that a nuclear bomb had gone off to me by a reliable source before the voyage. Allegedly Argentina the UK were fighting over the Falkland Islands. While myself and the signalman drank at the club some UK Sailors came into the bar. We were at Long Beach California's naval station. As an aside thousands of Chinese Assault Weapons were imported at the old Long Beach Naval Station after the base closed.

The petty officer seemed riled when the sailors entered the bar, 10 or 15 at least in 1983. The signalman told me, "They inked us", meaning a nuclear haze perhaps. Or he meant, "They inc'ed us, meaning incorporated us." The signalman told me to go over to meet the men and I was hesitant, not wanting a drunken bar brawl with a bunch of UK Navy Sailors. One of them looked a bit like me and looked across the bar at me. Later I was told the USA was awash by others. Judging from my exclusion from government and torture while seeking healthcare since 2001 in California, it is obvious a more criminal government has come to power on the West Coast and the USA. Washington D.C. for that matter and Alabama's black and white slave population should remove their dictators but they are controlled from Washington D.C. etc.

California should be avoided for most. It is more like a mafia now than before and they are starting to suffer financially as the mafia climate spreads. Seagull (Youtube music)

The Captain on my boat the USS Reid FFG-30 looked like Banking Frauds Judge Thomas Crane Wales who was shot in his head on 10/11/2001. I recently saw a movie with a more comedic character than my captain, but I laugh at insanity and pervert it in my mind. I saw a movie titled Fierce Creatures. The Father character who is an insane astute business man is how I picture him. He does not care how the job is done, as long as the other guys nuts crack. The time will come and there will be a clash or a whimper. In the movie, I see the father calling Nevil. Nevil goes solo in my version.

Daily Foreword January 19, 2008:

Many people do not care if you die or I. Let us see the collections of murders of federal bank examiners not mentioned, police not mentioned, and federal prosecutors botched.  This has  a brute side and a technical side.  See my posts and my videos and this collection of odd links.  Someone said my website Mobile Audit Club is like a clock, telling the end of my  time perhaps, or ours?   Collusion and technology make all audits and investigations by the federal government unreliable and irrelevant.  We will wash our hands of capitalism one way or another it seems. Negative capitalists won, positive capitalists lost, and the middle ground was always falling to the path of least resistance for profit, the negative capitalists.  Let us pray for our deaths if we are to be enslaved for eternity.  I have already been injected so many times I feel half dead most of the time.

A suspicious murder of a police investigator in OK City

International clients need to launder money.  It is big business, the biggest.

And the 1990's were a blood splash.

Googled Link to "Banking Auditor Murder 1990's

California was where I was first injected and tortured and robbed, then Arizona, and to some extent in between in Alabama where I was beaten arrested and jailed for raising my voice to demand my right to government participation per the lie, the Open Meetings Law, of the ruling regime and bureaucracy.  California is where I got my first clue in the death of a regional FDIC director in his office, and now I find more dead.

Alleged suicides are often murder in large financial crimes, vendettas, and stacking of people or removal of employees before of after employment in key offices.

IN this article, the West is blamed for the East's rip off.  I say in big money, the hand flips on every turn and you do not know anything due to collusion and technology...physics in warfare of a finer sort

It was a waste to have the FBI investigate Thomas Crane Wales, a federal banking prosecutors murder. I was also told that Wales death date was different than what Wikipedia had recorded. It was on 10-11-2001, not 8-11-2001. It does not matter. I was released from incarceration on 8-12-2001 as federal war criminals in LA tried to silence me. I have just been told that Heroin smuggilng is big in Seattle also. Still, the money launderers come out of Vegas, and they have the ties. It is no wonder I see the dead, they have me do their bidding. Screw the regime in power, this puppy is falling down anyway, America, dog eat dog town is now.

Collusion and corruption leaves them howling at my door saying they are cops. My dog became sick. Did they have a new weapon for me?

The returning soldiers should not allow the fed to MRI their heads for brain damage if they feel no pain. The regime can not be trusted.

Daily Foreword April 16, 2014: Another day and we have to wake to see who will end up killing or we ourselves are attacked by government or criminals controlling government. The viciousness of many now is the cannibal in man. The bonobo ape mind and gorilla limbs and rhesus genitalia all manifested in mankind. Someone once told me things aren't as bad as they seem. If they do not tell you what has happened and what is occurring, you can not plan for future eventualities either. Species decimation, toxicity of the food sources, species degradation, its all there in the modern annals of life. We are in a war. I believed in their lies. Now I welcome global war, I fantasized about the apocalypse and joined the USN to see it in 1983 but only saw a nuclear bubble come up from the ocean, after a nuclear explosion most likely or during the use of a new weapon. When the petty officer asked why I joined the Navy I told him I wanted to get my teeth fixed and later I told him I ultimately wanted to be a journalist. What I really wanted was to be there to document and witness the end of time for mankind, the end of these silly selfish infantile man apes. The harrowing horror must be divine, or is it a whimper? In the end, it will be a mercy killing, an end to the suffering. My friend Till the end.

As we approach outright gang warfare of a new stripe with new weapons available and methods of escape, I remember the odd high note sang in the movie Fight Club and the character Tyler Durden from the movie. Where is My Mind (music link). I saw a plane or a vision of a missile yesterday. It was moving at much faster speeds than most planes or missiles I have seen. It's trajectory was toward the California capitol. Is it a delayed response sort of vision like the Westwood earthquake in April and the missile I saw in January, or was that a firework?. I was made partially blind by forced injections and detainment and torture by our enemies in power over the financial arm of government, which is controlled by international war criminals and groups of predators better off dead, because they also control military veteran's healthcare, and like federal bank examiners many American service men are hated by various factions of our society and they or we have been cannibalized. How beauty the light of day when it shines over our heads even in its heaven scent instance, a spark, a destination.

In theology for those who have that inclination or those who believe in the ironies of science, I contemplated God or Allah, etc. as auditor and investigator, finding all variants and variables in a spontaneous fashion we can not fathom or circumscribe. Death is of interest to me and other materially significant events. If God tests your wife for instance by giving you death, then all things subsequent are tested. That does not mean that in another slice of time in life you may have missed the bullet and still be alive, but on another level or place with different circumstances in place beforehand. Another test another day squared multiplied divided and sunk. Chop Suey. I have witnessed things and feel partially dead. I want a donation of land in Santa Monica California's Westwood subdivision and in Flagstaff Arizona. I was forcibly injected in both cities. I do not care how the land is derived. They are a cold hearted lot who breed our future in chains and I will take a lot in D.C. also, because that is who gives them their power and they are controlled by those international financiers and warlords, so all things in the chain of deprivation are fair game for destruction or payment. Health care as torture in the USA. Imagine lemonade as snot. How many times have I died? What all did they do to me while unconscious. The irony of the bible is how so many read it literally. Cane had a stick, able had a monkey brain too fit also. Lax Annus, Lazarus, a loose year, a life time. Foolish young men. To die on any day in this environment would be a mercy killing for anyone, but some do not know how and have prolonged misery and then die. It takes a professional. Let us pray for one to remove the sick heads of our enemies and declare it healthcare. Finally sense.

Comedy : In 1983 I was on the bridge of the ship with the captain at the end of the Falkland islands war era, a nuclear bomb was rumored to have gone off and had returned from a voyage to prove it to be true after seeking out the hot spots. I asked the Captain if it was true that the man Van Gogh or Eric The Red who was the programmer and gun keeper had found a list with many of us sailors on the ship listed as homosexuals. He then coughed up some goop and spit and said, "It will be Bushed in an our or two" "The military is the kind of place where you learn to bend down and be called a homosexual openly over the government internet. That way they know who sleeps with their saber tooth." I slept with the captain one time. We were sort of holding hands, both of us dead. (In reality I have suffered symptoms of radiation exposure since exposure that year and another topside shipmate has developed MS and I would wager many were castrated with impotency due to exposure and many of us have had children with birth defects. I would run the study for Per Diem of my own accord in my Westwood Estate.

It was odd in my death bed, laying their among the various religious congregations identifying those who would become my bestial virgins in the grass or my heavenly angel on the mast. Doris Day. Sir Odd. Signlman Karlsons cooking on the mast and twenty years late Sheriff Snatch the Fairy possums in the grass doo da doo da day, till devils triangle angel snake got in da way. Friends?. I would like a nice luxurious estate overlooking a section of the devils hideaway, the LA VA Westwood where veterans were killed and I was tortured before court in a high stakes game of federal bank regulation investigations. You see, I am an independent, which is both good and bad. I was injured but I can still scream rape with a needle, and for that, I am loathed and injured. I would like to perhaps have a chalet on Venice Aquaduct instead, next to the Jim Morrison pompous boot hill. Strange (Doors) Could those who exhibited symptoms of lupus as children or as adults be exhibiting something else? The immune system wolf or the radioactive toxin? I highly suspect the Gulf Coast of the USA and the North Eastern seaboard as having been toxic for a long time. The Pacific rim now smacks of radioactive tuna and smack all government approved, on the Pacific rim at least.

Daily Foreword April 15, 2014: My work has influenced an exhibit and meet up and music bash I am planning on assembling. I would like to have all Abortion survivors and maimed children of prior wars survivors, including the young of those exposed to nuclear radiation and other toxins, and all of those imprisoned and now free and or tortured to attend a meet up dot com I hope to assemble. I want a Circus motif, a three ring circus, like the Devils triangle I traveled in the USA, exhibits and tutelage on starvation by a corrupt sheriff and predation and maiming with medicine by federal government and state government and USN medical guinea pig sailors and their children suffering their parents odyssey into war and reenactments of murder in cold blood for money in banking oversight and the murder of the honest banking frauds judges and the explosions in the USA of unexplained origins such as I witnessed near the Braman Blackwell County line in Oklahoma and the Xu and Xu and Yu trio from bank of china in chains, but who are they? And I will also exihibit the maiming of this former FDIC bank examiner and investigative journalist on government crimes and show the torture by psychological abuse and physical manipulations and torture and being knocked unconscious and the reenactment of the recovery of this stroke survivor and alleged abortion survivor and former political prisoner who was a government informant tortured for my investigations on my accord of government crimes as a freelance journalist. I would like to have a sťance to brink Kurt Cobain of the band Nirvana back from the dead to find out if he too was an abortion survivor, perhaps with some other musical groups that are near and dear to other survivors. A Survivors Story Meetup, a traveling three ring circus. Cobain had that burned look many of us half dead children exhibit.

For the first act I would like to have Kurt Cobains ghost in a heart shaped box and I will be there in my diaper full of sh-t inviting all in who survived, or more appropriately, partially dead. I had my brains compressed into one corner of my head and was left partially dead and no one ever told me what happened. I was injected repeatedly and forced into medical equipment and later forced repeatedly to do things and I was knocked unconscious and no one ever told me what happened, including the stroke. I might have given up or I might have overcome this struggle. I would consider the extermination of the human race to be a mercy killing as in killing a wounded animal. I look into the Heart Shaped Box (music) and ask "Kurt is Kurt dead?" Kurt Hurt?.

Daily Foreword April 14, 2014: Analysis question: Did the USA benefit or lose from the removal of the Glass Steagall Act of 1933. The Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 made the Glass Steagall Act obsolete or defunct or over ridden. At one time under the Glass Steagall Act of 1933, bank deposits had to be maintained in low risk or no risk accounts in the banks. Now the banks monies are in higher risk ventures with higher returns targeted at higher risk.

The USA has lost many banks since 1999 and deregulation. Like blood that goes to a hand, the capillaries carry that much needed blood to the fingers and external membranes. The small banks were in a sense the capillaries for wealth or tiny puddles of usage for all who could qualify for loans and other financial programs.

I think the Glass Steagall Act should come back into force, the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 struck down, and the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 and its Early Resolution Clause should be struck down. It would give us accountants time to cover the money and our nuts. Many are killed in banking oversight, attorneys and accountants and judges because the money is large, much more than any one persom makes in various industries. If not, I foresee communism in the form of soup kitchens. I like the idea of mercy killing but disapprove of abortion or maiming of the populace before their birth or afterward. Beware of California and Arizona. Their state and federal governments liked to turn the needle into myself at every opportunity they could. I think D.C. owes many of us an apology starting with compensation in nuclear 1983 Pacific USN voyages and also torture for reporting government crimes and naming criminals in banking and law enforcement. I think if God destroyed Earth at this moment it would be a mercy killing after a failed spontaneous abortion of our lives by those war criminals of the past and present.

I heard a joke down the hall. "Like a snake around a hand, I can't die, I can only turnip". A question for Jack Snatch and his F-DIC fan, "Whose quote was that from down the hole, I meant down the hall?." I am considering establishing some meet ups on meet up dot com. Perhaps I should take polls to see how many would attend and how much they will pay. Perhaps an Abortion survivor and maimed children of prior wars survivors, including the young of those exposed to nuclear radiation and other toxins. I would like to have a sťance to brink Kurt Cobain back from the dead to find out if he too was an abortion survivor. He had that burned look many of those children have.

Daily Foreword April 13, 2014: Due to my observing the rising tide of poverty across much of the USA and a wave of predatory practices out of control and approved of by certain members of society and government, I have concluded we are in a sort of gang warfare in government. San Francisco and Sacramento state and federal government and their associated crimes syndicates are controlled by those who are opposed to many of us in the USA who are opposed to slave making practices, and many of us are made into slaves by disparate laws. California federal government should be targeted and flushed by those from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Louisiana, etc. since the federal and state governments in California steps on their throats in those other states. Federal jobs were being sliced at the FDIC San Francisco and the seats stacked during deregulation in the 1990's. I was left maimed after seeking healthcare. I would gladly join in a war to regain the USA government for the American people and to remove it from the hands of our enemies on American soil and overseas. Protect your young from government. They are maiming many of us at birth and later when seeking healthcare. I believe the wheels of justice need to be oiled with blood and the grease from those bled used as fat for the fodder. I would not mind targeting the Treasury and the FDIC and all of those major banks in the USA for various criminal activities and have those trials of those caught tried on foreign soil and executed if necessary with live televised executions.

You can be made into a slave with laws gone amuck and banks that don't give a f-ck and a government whose likely had its head removed like a mutt. The smile that was on the face of those who stepped upon Iraq and Lybia must be the same smile that has enslaved and robbed much of the USA. The time has come for our future war leaders to emerge, our true leaders to save us from the enemies to our people controlling this planet. The Earth is at war. Nobody but one or two people will truly mourn any of our deaths, so who cares if many die in a coming monumental struggle? We will be blessed if we witness such an event.

Daily Foreword April 9, 2014: I Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone recently had a dream that I was on a talk show. I told the audience that I was told by a Dr. that I was an abortion survivor. I was told of this after both parents were dead so I could not verify it. My mother and her ovaries might have been a victim of germ warfare during World War II or at the end of the war. I also told the audience that I had become a sort of a savant and my testicles hurt, likely from being born herniated in one testicle, possibly both.

In the dream a woman stood up said "Poor baby, suck my titty". She then raised her blouse and bra and showed her titty to me. I urged her to come forward to console me, that I really felt depressed from the ordeal and subsequent torture by federal officials after federal bank examiner employment and work as an investigative journalist on government crimes. In the dream the woman then came forward and soon the women were flocking to the stage with their breasts pressed upon me. The Dr. in the crowd urged me not to touch that without a pasty placed upon it. My testicle stop hurting in the dream. I could use a massage by Oprah or her guests, or that blonde New Orleans DeGeneres. What color is her pube hair I might ask if I saw her breast.

In the flip side of my mind is the continuing war for survival both in this life and in the afterlife. I wonder if those who loved me crawl through the underworld like boxes with their teeth clenched on their blades. Teets they dream of, warm succulent teets. In the studio I see two pirates from the dead in the back of the audience. One has a small cannon pistol and the other has a buzz and a possum man with his hand caught in a till, all covered in dirt and grime from the underworld. In the real world, through the throat, or perhaps around the bend once again, my friend Possum Man Till-man till the end .

Daily Foreword April 8, 2014: Rape through forced injections is a new war crime the federal government in Los Angeles allows with D.C. approval. Starvation of inmates is allowed if the Sheriff's keep the money for their own retirement according to the federal government.

Every day I live with the Post Traumatic Stress and hyper-vigilance that comes from forced injections therapy under a war criminal's medical empire. The therapy is the same behavior modification therapy used by the Communist Chinese and the Russian Socialists in their nation.

I encourage you to not allow others to be forcibly injected if you are in hospitals and if it appears a compliant person is about to be tortured and maimed by those evil bastards who call the shots in the war criminal empire controlling the USA. I encourage a war criminal tribunal to be formed to discuss war crimes instituted by the savages whose primary house is predatory capitalism. As Cannibals we must ask the other to refrain from incessant attacks.

It is funny how naÔve we are. I once saw California as the gates to Heaven, now I see it as another part of the Hell that is at the other end of the devils triangles, both in D.C., and San Francisco and Los Angeles and in the Gulf Coast area of New Orleans to Mobile. To cut a vein in Hell is to provide a mercy killing. Take it from an alleged abortion survivor tortured by federal war criminals in banking oversight, I do believe in finishing the kill regardless if it was right or wrong in the beginning, as in the end it is a mercy killing and that is a righteous kill.

Daily Foreword April 7, 2014: I have a deep fear of many people in California because I was injected and tortured there. It started when I reported murder and mayhem at the FDIC in California. Or perhaps it started when I was sent into a nuclear toxin zone on a USN ship in the Pacific. I was brain damaged when I was born and my brain has recovered after over 50 years. I have opened my eyes. I realize that all I am told here is likely a lie. You should leave the USA when young if you can. If not, it pays to fight to the death against any enemy aggressors. You should never work for their government if you can help it. Beware of traps and the framing of much of the populace as both criminals in government and society have become aggressive and sociopathic.

If they try to take you hostage, you are better off to kill yourself or to fight to the death. We are enemies in the USA and I should have left when young. Predatory capitalism has left the USA awash. An international group of financial criminals with military capabilities have destroyed all that was worth fighting for in the USA. Bribes are used to circumvent justice and human rights. It is as if California is a third world like Mexico but it has the stripe from D.C. that is more like the old Nazi party of Germany. When NYC and D.C. were attacked in 2001 I had just been released from torture for a brief period in Los Angeles federal jurisdiction. I prayed that those who harmed me in California would be killed and those who harmed me in Alabama would be run out of office in government or executed in the public square for war crimes against the populace. I would still like to see that and pray for change from the primitive dictators in power.

It is no different in Alabama or California. Their Alabama oil on the coast and their timber are worth more than their people. Now the USA sends out people to harass and intimidate those who are not liked in California. Their biggest industry is their prison industry and their war industry is biggest in the high tech sector. I approve of the murder of those who harass or attack us and I also approve of a military dictator to rise up and kill the international financial criminals and war criminals in power in the USA and in other nations. Mankind is often like a cannibal ape. It pays to meet it half way and go ahead and fight to the death if necessary. For those who injected me before court and when seeking healthcare in 2001 and 2004, I was like an animal who was roped and thrown to the ground. I pray to God to give me a symbol, a witness, to show he still loves us. I would like to see a sacrifice of biblical proportions against those who are harming the innocent or a mercy killing of mankind. Amen.

Daily Foreword April 5, 2014: You are better off to hold a hand grenade than a handgun in the USA. Their government is a vicious killer and will call you a vicious killer if you own a handgun or other gun, even if legal. I was placed in the middle of the nuclear fallout or bubble up in the US Navy in 1983 in the end of the Falkland Islands War era. The man who told me a nuclear incident occurred in the Pacific had tears in his eyes. I was later placed in the middle of the banking wars in the 1990's during banking deregulation, which really started with the FDICIA of 1992 Early Resolution Clause. Now the beaches and the hills are too toxic for fish or people and the banking industry is now under a few banks and soon one, overseas, if not already.

I am philosophical about things, after all I studied feces through a microscope and I studied nuclear war up close, long before I worked in the F-DIC as a bank examiner. I was really an investigative journalist in my opinion. If you want to do that line of work and get killed, do what I did. After all I might already be dead and walk this Earth and the other Earth like a phantom microcosm. Their government can't get their hand out of the till. I can say I met a wet Till-man on 4-3-2001. I like poetry in God's vein. I say if you want to do investigations, find the bloodiest stack of bodies and the biggest pile of money and work down and up and side ways. Soon you will feel the possum man if you start reaching down the line for bait.

In prison and entertainment. First I once met a man who was prepared to fight to the death in all ferocity after he had allegedly shot someone or at someone. I was told that man, S, may now be dead in a last act of sober assisted suicide in a California prison. He was a biblical sort of working virtues, but in my opinion he got caught in the traps of Los Angeles. If he had been living in a distant place and stayed completely sober it would have been a different way. I urge the young to never drink booze and never do hard drugs including cocaine and pills and heroin and all of the other drugs they put in front of you.

I had speculated a sort of three ring circus at a seance for musician Kurt Cobain at the bridge where he slept in Aberdeen Washington. I also said I wanted a reenactment of the shooting of the Goodie Two Shoes Banking Frauds Judge, Seattle Washington's Thomas Crane Wales. I did not mean that I advocated killing him. The prize if you shoot the judge is life imprisonment. People in law are simply there often to enforce laws. Those who write the laws can make us broke financially or as slaves or they can make us free and perhaps wealthy, at least to an extent. The idea that a gun is dangerous is absurd in our era of toxicity in the seas. Recessive genetic diseases and other diseases from toxic food consumption has been upon us for at least 75 years and has increased and will continue to do so. My prediction on rain returning near April of 2014 to the West Coast of the USA is proving to be correct after over two years of drought. Oklahoma might not be a dustbowl. I believe we could take water from the sea with an invention I am considering using solar power or wind power to help with kinetic energy in distillation.

Speaking of pure water in entertainment, I recently asked Oprah Winfrey and later Ellen DeGeneres and Dr. Phil to allow a musician and entertainer and friend of mine to be invited to a toga party at Oprah's at her Jacuzzi to discuss shows on various topics. I would gladly work with Akindele Bankole in most any capacity. He has a video at the link with music but I heard him sing on piano, exquisite entertainment. He and I traveled the same triangle, from the Village of the Damned in Prichard/Mobile Alabama to San Francisco area and most likely the Los Angeles area. His relatives known to have been sent to the area in the 1800's and before to Mobile Alabama and subsequently my first memories are from Africa Town, aka Prichard Alabama. The poverty and the wretchedness from drugs and alcohol continue to make many slaves who should be free. As an abortion survivor allegedly,

Daily Foreword April 2, 2014: I said if you cross the hypotenuse of two devils triangles that you travel when chasing government criminals and other criminals, you are at the hologram where those two hypotenuses intersect. The third or the fifth angel said, "Correction, it is the paradox". Or was it a pair of docs? interesting. Among the dead and living all may need a dock. 4-3-2-1. Paradox or profiteering pioneering primitive? I've an idea for the sixth angel. Underground release, all political prisoners and cannibals returned unchained in equal revocation in honor of the dyeing men of this planet, a toxic soup with a barrier in the mind where the alteration cannot be crossed except in depravity, or perhaps in tatters as the old man said.

Daily Foreword April 1, 2014: The courts of the USA are used to lure the innocent into the tent that is the government building and claim they are jury members who have a large civic responsibility. Beware of the traps set by our enemies in government. Often people are targeted to bring them into the buildings as jurists, and often police associated with gangs will have a say in getting requests sent to those they want on those juries. The courts are in fact a dictatorship for most of us and most cases never go to trial. They use intimidation such as forced injections and severe threats on those who are arrested. .

Daily Foreword March 31, 2014: Today I have contacted the nation of Turkey through unusual portals to express concerns about radiation poisoning and subsequent birth defects of Turkish sailors children who were placed on the Gelibolu F-493. Many in the USA should be concerned as well.

It was the USS Reid FFG-30 and was sold to Turkey. It was decommissioned after I alerted the Turkish authorities to a rash of tumors on my body and my children born with birth defects immediately after I finished my first enlistment. I have also pointed to the fact that we in the USA are taught to kill our own children and ourselves through various methods. The Turkish have some who want to mimic the USA. I hear the wisdom in the chants of Islam, and it is a moaning continence, or is that a mourning countenance, or both?. I did have to go through a thorough wash down after one voyage at sea in 1983. I have had a stroke due to federal and state forced injections in 2001 and 2004 so I can not remember if I was knocked unconscious after I took the thorough wash down shower in 1983 at sea. I do not remember. I see life as game of dodge ball in Hell. I do not fear being knocked out because I am the best at dodge ball and I am really tired of the stench of Hell on Earth. I will choose when, you will see.

Comedy Scene: Much like the movie Catch-22, a character is a quartermaster for the Army and is in charge of procurement and sales and he comes up with a brain storm to sell chocolate covered cotton for the syndicate. In my movie I see the same man onboard the deck of the USS Reid FFG-30 selling the ship to the Turkish Navy. I speak to him on the side after he is done. I say, "You can't sell a radioactive ship to a foreign nation, that is insane. Haven't you heard about Signalman Karlson, now in a Wheelchair and myself, the Quartermaster covered with tumors and having children with defects from this damned radioactive ship" The Quartermaster selling the ship replies, "But its rockets fly, its machine gun sounds like R2 D2 in a rage and those engines purr like a kitten" I reply, "Its radioactive, you are absurd, you aren't hauling guinea pigs or kittens on this stinking ship. Besides, its obsolete". Now switch the scene to the Four Bucks and the two quartermasters at Beverly Glen Diner in Beverly Glen in the Patio Section, "You are all obsolete, all of us know the truth. We should finish this game and take over all of the Earths computers like a game of Chinese Checkers played by a magnetic genius with alteration of all CNS transmissions to their controllers brains."

The four bucks, Buck the Sicilian rum runner from the Swamps of Florida, old and country, Buck Bloombecker famed attorney and computer crimes writer, Joe Buck from the movie Midnight Cowboy, and Buck Angel that dark side of myself without fame or notoriety with large buckteeth and larger testicles, much like myself, a child from the dead or the unborn. The Quartermaster of the USN myself and auditor and inventor is there, and the Quartermaster from the movie Catch 22 who is selling the vessel to the Turkish. I ask, " Is Signalman Karlson alive? Now that is A true Catch 22 what happened to him, up on that mast, cooking him like a lizard in a microwave on a tuning fork. I volunteered to go up there too, we should have commandeered the vessel when it was over run in 1983, when they arrested the Programmer and Gun tender Eric the Red for throwing the computers and guns overboard. They called all the guinea pigs on the ship, homosexuals according to the files he found on the computer. I miss that guy, he was arrested by that Spanish MP. He likely wanted me to help him escape or mount an offensive. I wonder if that programmer and gun keeper survived imprisonment unharmed."

Daily Foreword March 29, 2014: In regard to human rights violations in the USA, I have in the past contacted the Human Rights Watch that is international and I have contacted President Jimmy Carters Human rights watch recently. They will do nothing about those in power in the USA who tortured me with forced injections before taking me to court in 2001 and forcing signatures on documents. Since I was born maimed due to people like those in power and due to being maimed by those in power as an adult for disabilities I have had since I was a child, and because I was trying to help those who are being attacked by criminal powers inside and outside government, all I can say is beware of the enemies within the seats of power. Many of us would consider Global Armegeddon to be a mercy killing. The waters of the seas have become toxic and the food is toxic to some in large quantities, and their government healthcare leaves people such as myself better off dead. Many will look the other way when atrocities occur just has happened in other holocausts and wars. I do not care if our enemies are killed in the USA and internationally. Predatory activities have become common in the USA. I can not get healthcare in a federal or state facility without being tortured. Those who control the financial oversight of the government also control the military VA doctors. The USA for many of us has fallen long ago. Do not trust the enemy government in power and be aware that Type A blood, Asians American Indians and North Europeans control the West Coast of the USA and D.C. and as usual predatory activities are escalating against many of us. It is common for Type A blood groups to practice outright cannibalism or various forms of it in various forms of slavery, meaning drug dealing to addicts as well. Protect your own, form your own groups for sustenance and survival. Remember the enemy is in power. They want you hooked to alcohol and other drugs. They want to take all that you have. It does not matter if they are killed in this hostile environment. In a way, mankind is like the man on the flying trapeze but we do not know if there is a net if he falls in every case. It only takes one time. Man On The Flying Trapeze (Youtube music) As another song goes, Let The Bodies Hit The Floor. Sheriff Jack Tillman former and federal mafia killing banking judges and bank examiners and their syndicates who attack me, I give permission to Let The Bodies Hit The Floor (youtube music). Sheriff Jack Tillman and federal mafia had attacked me and on 4-3-2001 Sheriff Jack Tillman made a move for the federal mafia in Los Angeles and San Francisco and D.C. and the local enemies in power in Mobile Alabama. They say know ABC, I say know 4321 Y. Beaten Y4? Puppet fodder if they are killed and their guts and brains are exposed for the mice.

Daily Foreword March 25, 2014: I have always felt deceived and at war. Considering I was maimed before birth it is no wonder. Thorough warfare thorough audits and soon you feel like you were never there at the beginning, a simple nub. What a beautiful abortion survivor or what a beautifully maimed child intentionally thwarted in our gang banging war mindset eternal.. I am considering doing a Circus at the bridge commemorating Kurt Cobain in Aberdeen Washington in a traveling PR Set. I want to have all of those maimed at birth and those who support those who are against that maiming and those who support those who are maimed to attend. I also want as a special guest a representative of Judge Thomas Crane Wales to be there. I will have a setup commemorating the method in which the honest "goodie two shoes" banking frauds judge was allegedly killed and I will discuss the root that banking and international money had in his death and my being maimed by federal officials after FDIC bank examiner work in 1999 and 2000 in California and Hawaii and D.C. and investigative and analytical work to present times.. The Falklands War USN sailors had rumors saying we were awash, many of us USN sailors were later exposed to nuclear dust or something. One Spaniard, the dishwasher, jumped ship on that radioactive cruise. He was allegedly told by the shipmate who told me of the nuclear blam in the pacific ocean in 1983. I should have jumped ship. Always jump ship if they are tugging your garbage boat into a nuclear waste pile.

Kurt Cobain of the band Nirvana looked like an abortion survivor to me or one who was altered before birth. We have a sort of saltwater burned appearance or some odd thing you do not want to recognize and often what some consider insane creative impulses. Those children of the radioactive set have so many anamolies that it makes me depressed to openly tell you what I know. Nuclear war and modern war will leave all of mankind on Earth sick and impaired mentally and physically.

To see the dead or the burn victim? That is the question at this Kurt Cobain sťance led by Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone. I will bring characters from the devils triangle either in real life or in jest. Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-man of Mobile AL County Jail and his starving inmates, and , and ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol of the San Francisco Bay Area and Her or His Master "Big DIC", and the LA Federal Commander on Federal Torture of Veterans and Honest Federal Bank Examiners. The audit I ran and the events in the triangle including the hypotenuse and Braman OK and the explosion the Zhendong aircraft, or was it fracking I witnessed, a monster of an explosion. Xu Xu and Yu of Bank of China, money launderers will be there as well with Timothy McVeigh whose head was packed with gauze before his death. All evidence now dead. What happened to "Thou Shall not Kill". I will illustrate the Hologram effect soon as well. That is another venue where the two hypotenuses of two devils triangles intersect. I will bring together all inflammatory sects of our society and create a spectacle to behold, The Devils Hologram effect.

To commemorate less pain, no alcohol or hard drugs are allowed although cannabis and incense are allowed. Some pervert everything. They take Christianity and seek the devil, they take reike's healing powers and kill and poison, they take Buddha's words and make life short, they take, we have given. A war where all can be cut without anyone noticing and we all burn to watch the sword swallower ignite. After all, we all get our turn in the pit soon enough. I see often many things in an easily calculable mathematical framework from the inside to the outside. Some people have a one day life. Drosophila, the 24 hour winged fruit fly, the flailing 24 hour pill and its human embryo abortion. I am a bit depressed and accept maternal wedding things because those who kill others young and their own call me Crazy (youtube music). If I try to get MRSA treated on my hand at a regular state hospital or federal hospital even if I caught it from being treated like a wet slug by those who control the FDIC, I will be abused and tortured as I was in 2001 and 2004. I was put in too many wars. You too are being cut down without knowing what hit you. I accept donations for medical treatment. zkurt555 at yahoo dot com. Remember whose crazy. Remember Vietnam. Remember the abortion victims. Predatory cannibal bastards deserve a merciful death if you suck from your child's own bloodied teet. Kind of like vampires really, the vampire race, the human race.

Daily Foreword March 22, 2014: How odd it is to beat the odds. That is the queerest of the queer paradigm. That painting is for sale on this site for 9.11 million dollars. Underneath is the alleged abortion survivor and on top of the painting is a picture of the North West corner of what I call the Devils triangle, looking out over San Francisco Bay and the Pacific to Marin country among the historical decapitated and incapacitated. MY audits and investigations covered LA to SF to Mobile AL initially. Mankind has been decapitated, most obviously and I was left maimed. The small of our back exposed in the dark, our arms over our heads, and they claim we are predisposed to looking unsafe, for the betterment of all, all balls to the wall. Whose paradigm do those people at the airports espouse? Pop goes the weasel. I feel like a gumball. .

In other matters I see that cannibalism is now raging in the USA. As usual as in the last epoch of slavery, those who have the largest number of type B blood types in their population are under the boot heel of those with type A blood. Except many type A blood mothers there suffer just as the type B blood mothers. I am speaking of the South East USA population, a high percentage of type B blood present, being devoured by the population on the West Coast of the USA, a large percentage of type A blood present. Marijuana should be legalized in the South East USA and no one jailed for usage or cultivation. Pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, and other hard drugs are throughout the South East USA and a dear friend of mine of African descent and likely USA slavery descent was jailed for cultivation of a pound for his now dead father years ago. I scratch ankle and ask, what bit me on "Sun Shine Knee".

Daily Foreword March 21, 2014: In California I feel I have been at war since I arrived. In Alabama I was at war from the time I was conceived. Now I would like to remind you that in the war against our people, our enemies will use anything they have against us. Their cross will wave in our face while their gun is pointed into our heads. I have found that a camera is your best defense. There is no need to argue with them. Because I was maimed and basically starved, I do not care who is killed around me. Just yesterday I went to a restaurant and immediately was subjected to harassment, in a primarily Hispanic and Asian restaurant in a business area. A token negro showed up with his bullet proof vest and the Asian woman with the fake pregnancy. There may have been a police station nearby. I have been harassed there at that restaurant before. I like buffets because my enemies can't bribe cooks to poison our food in the restaurants, however they can be distracted and chemicals placed in the food or drink or on the utensils. The waitress was likely paid and made a motion and laughed that urine was in the tea. Tea I did not drink. And they lied about the coupon price. Also never leave a coupon book such as Pennysaver on it behind as I did by accident. It will have the address and they could kill or rob or rape or maim your household.

Daily Foreword March 18, 2014: I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone feel that I am under attack in California. My two big mistakes were serving the USA military during the Falklands War and also working at the FDIC during the start of banking deregulation. I was put in two war zones and have been under fire ever since and cut in more ways than one. The areas of the San Francisco bay area and Los Angeles have become the hub of west coast criminal activities. Do you remember the diddley, the leg bone is connected to the shin bone is connected to the foot bone? In the same way the various prison gangs are connected to their various facets in power over the USA governments in that state, therefore the Paso Robles area and East is included in the new crime wave. I would like to have the FDIC directorate pay me at least a 1 million dollar severance so I can afford healthcare without torture. It is their radiation tumor that needs removal and other smaller less pressing needs. If any one ever pulls a knife or sharp object on me, or if they institute attacks on me while I try to dine, I pray to God they are killed before I or my host loses a moment of unwarranted stress. Some of the government, controlled by powerful syndicates, have The police and criminals trying to destroy and rob many of us. So the torch turns on the hand that lights it, then what? We'll see, as Marilyn says, "You will see" How odd to beat the odds and what a Manson he was before when he looked more like a gar.

California government or federal government or an exterior power is exerting their force on California and fracking is underway on the fault line with an earthquake caused in Westwood on March 18, 2014 (google news link). A rocket of some sort was fired into the fault line that runs from south of Mt. Diablo to a point south near Fresno or Pleasanton, etc. I found the date and time of the rocket hitting in my Daily Foreword Notes "Daily Foreword January 10, 2014: (update 17:58 or 5:58 pm a falling meteor or aircraft or part of a rocket or shrapnel in the Southeast Corner of the Bay area down toward Walnut Creek or Livermore)" In hindsight it looked like a solid thin missile and could have hit as far away as Fresno or as close as Mt. Diablo and a line down to Pleasanton. A search triangle for the cracked tectonic plate.

The fault line hit goes from east of San Francisco and the fault line goes South to Los Angeles in the recent earthquake neighborhood, Westwood. The Fault line also extends from Mt. Diablo to the North and and goes North North West to West of Eureka California and in the Pacific Ocean. An eye witness saw a small thin rocket fired somewhere at the foot of Mt. Diablo towards Pleasanton, into the ground on January 10th at 5:58 p.m.. On the date of the Earthquake in Westwood, a loud explosion like a thunder clap was heard and the Earth jolted the same witness who was looking out onto Mt. Diablo at the time the fracking earthquake hit Westwood. The rocket came from a low cloud bank and had a small amount of fire behind it and then disappeared. It had no explosion when it hit the center point of the line I have drawn from Los Angeles to Mt. Diablo to the Pacific Ocean West of Eureka. Sounds like Men in Black, " If you can't get a permit to frack it, just hit the center of the fault line with one of our target seeking missiles in the broken tectonic plate at the faulty tooth area. Chelation removal services, for sale and hire in the bay area. "

Could this have been the same thing that happened to our beloved and at one time pristine Gulf of Mexico when the Earth was shattered and oil spewed forth in 2010, or was it 2010? I had a stroke from forced injections in 2001 or was it in 2004? Both. The Earth has changed. Our chained are in our maimed, our shame is in the dictators manes. Rock and roll now in North California. I have always wanted a home with a Westward viewing mountain on one big Westward plate. Terrorism or fracking for geo wealth? Watch those box blade and needle carrying hooligans behind you in those x-rays booths at all of the major and minor USA airports. Shield your necks, shield your nuts, Sheriff Jack "Snatch" of Mob AL and federal D.C. hoochie coochie cockroaches have amped the voltage to torch selected testicles. Birth defects. Toxins, are never addressed by the dictators in power.

A comedy much like Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman, I have come to see Father on Mt. Diablo. He is sitting there in his banking glasses almost blind since birth or perhaps blind now. I say to him, "Father did you see the explosion when it went off and caused the Earthquake in Westwood?" "Yes I did my blind Navy son". "I warned you to not do as I did. Do not join the wave of men who have taken over this continent in their petty battles." "This rocket was an outrage and I bet it broke God's electronics." Father I reply, "There are no electronics down there father, only rocks and sage brush and pot growers cross fire." "Save me something son when they have destroyed the Earth." "Father you and I will sail the Southern sky and climb that mountain you talked about" Father says, "It will slope West so I can kneel down and overlook all of mankind like a clown." I reply, "I hope so father" Father replies, "Had LAX ANNUS have been around I would not have died". "I hope so too father, I hope Lazarus brings a laxative to release the shit held only by mankind" Father replies, "That will be the end of mankind, the day that we all die" I reply, "I hope so too father".

Secondary Weapons Analysis of the weapon I saw has lead me to consider the two months and 10 days between the time I saw the missile hit the ground and the earthquake in Westwood California. In terms of a coil and resistance, two full moon rotations and .33 of a rotation and the coil may have reached its peak in some other terms. Also is the possibility of two electrodes placed in the Earth, each oriented down the fault line to the other and at the moment of power pulse thereby causing the crack on the -Y axis a correspondent crack is made juxtaposed going North on the positive Y axis. I am speaking of a revolutionary new weapon that turns the earth under our feet into a resistance coil with a release at a critical point of all energy in the coil. If you imagine a test beaker with a magnetic pellet in it with a spinning element under the beaker alternating the polls, you could drill a hole in the Earth with the method I have envisioned. Specified earthquakes of regulated magnitude. However like all dreams there comes the first law of thermodynamics, that all things come apart in the end, or Murphy's law in that if anything can go wrong it will. The nuclear blasts of 1954 and 1961, Castle Bravo and Tsar Bomba, gave us 7.66 celestial coils. Amazing. Now, is that what squished our little brains, or did they scramble our mothers genetics with a nuclear blast in the Gulf of Mexico so long ago, or perhaps Hell on Earth needs a friend, a wife, a maiden, hell on Earth. The rabbi asked me "Y are you here?" "Y" A satanic symbol and a peace symbol. A split question. The answer, "Y should I not be here?" Or perhaps, I should really ask, "Am I here?" If not, "then Y am I here?"

Daily Foreword March 17, 2014: If God exists, I must have been used for some stink filled sh-t. In analysis of hindsight of past criminal encounters and war types of people and experiences in both, I came to realize that I was seeing things like a guard dog after a while. God gave me experiences in Hell on Earth and encounters with various killer types and situations as my maimed life progressed. I soon realized that not only was my head shaped like a cat but I had instincts others did not possess. The latest situation I have come to realize is the peril many elderly people are in in the USA. A constant threat is posed in public and on the internet for many who have small pensions. Those pensions are increasingly targets of highly sophisticated wealth eradication schemes. Not only is their pension at risk but also their minds, theirs bodies, their lives. Targeted assassination of those who try to defend them will become more common. On the West Coast of the USA I have uncovered a domestic police situation hooked into various crimes syndicates of all types of criminal gangs present in the huge prison population of California.

Sadly in many situations, drug addicted and sociopathic prostitutes and actors and actresses are used on the internet and in public situations to target the elderly and their wealth. The various syndicated and often race and family closed groups are using the prostitutes and actors and actresses and other sociopaths to get to the elderly often presenting a family appearance, often with a one parent household and a child or child actor in tow. It is very profitable and sadly they are using drugs to not only rape the elderly but to knock them unconscious. Many of them are trained to knock people out by grabbing the carotid artery on their neck. Reports of suspected rapes and robberies or manipulations of currencies from the elderly in the form or loans or extortion or simple pandering is common. Our elderly at risk. You should know your parents business and those in their presence if they are holders of properties and large financial fund manipulations. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a nice breakfast and a truly nice morning. A dog's breath I will bring.

In other matters, I would like to change this date from Saint Patricks Day to Latin Lazarus day. 4 days in the grave, like me Jack, remember the adage 4-3-2001?. I met this investigative journalist's linchpin of the devils triangle I traveled that day, a possum man, sick in the head, greed filled and indifferent to my death. How many times did I die Snatch 4321? 432,001. Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-man wanted to give me an abortion survivors teet death by illegally snatching my gun permit?. Losing My Religion, music down the hall Youtube. You are better off to grab a lion by the teeth if someone has been brought back from the dead to fine those not right in the head. By the way? How was club med, Grills? Mr Crowley (youtube music). I at one time had a bigger dream, one of those lies, perhaps? Outer space colonization. Magic Carpet Ride (Youtube music). I want Snatch to present me a report and tell me what all three of these songs played together synchronously sound like in the after life. Snatch might hear, "Kurt is a tangled up catch. Oye" Or perhaps "Kurt is a tangled up Cat boy?"

Perhaps what is needed is an odd 50 ft. Queenie, (Youtube music.) In our world, on instinct, many would kill each other without hesitation, so bring on a giant. Come As You Are (youtube music).

Its called Mommy anxiety in psychology, and mommy is like the center line of the accordion diaghram that appears and disappears with each note over time. Fear of death, fear of mommy disappearing forever, may be totally unfounded, and all of consciousness may be one, but for a squished brain rat chewing slo-ly on sociopaths it makes yu feel numb. I use psychology as a tool Jack and federal felons in God's ears, tears, and mine. The triangle traveled is a know man's dream, makes a possum man's victims want to scream. Useless rat tears. Useless rat fears. After my abduction torture and being maimed since 2001, or perhaps before that time, I was told by someone, their eyes in tears, "You do not know what you have lost." My life perhaps, or perhaps they cut out my brain, now just spinning my wheels in the mud, my name, truK.

The inverted latin lesson today is the name Lazarus and his role in history, real or contrived. Lazarus is a latin name and its English derivation interprets, if you use the twist, LAX meaning loose or not restraining, and arus meaning annus or annual. One life not binding, meaning no rigor mortis. Ironically LAX ANNUS fits with the Queerest of the Queer Paradigm and its hidden meaning of a dead being underneath in this house talisman for sale through this Mobile Audit Club website, 9.11 Million or best offer. Imagine as in my case, I am dead from overdose and forced injections while seeking other ordinary healthcare at LA VA Westwood in 2001 or Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona in early 2004 or a nuclear bomb goes off in Braman or Blackwell Oklahoma in December 2004 and I am on the interstate. I am released 112 days later in 2001 or four days later from FSMC in early 2004, or I drive through the explosion in December of 2004 and just think of the explosion as interesting. In another time and place split at that instance I lay dead for a witness many times over, with others for me to witness. Imagine time and space non constraining and at the same time cut from the root, basic instincts. Perhaps the abortion or war survivor was there for 112 days only, or perhaps the cut piece is the pie in your eye so many times to be so odd, to beat the odds..

I was once told of planes that would have abnormal flight issues as we approached the center of the milky way galaxy on Earth. The planes would pick up from the end as in accumulation of mass behind the rudder and under the plane when descending for approach to landing. Magnetic roll or disequilibrium if contained could give you a free ride for the flip and spin on the mark on the dime.

Daily Foreword March 16, 2014: A new video released today by Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone at youtube saintrambone videos discussing abortion survivors or are they war survivors? My Betz equation calculations using nuclear blasts of history as a power source opens one new door to weaponry used against us and not on mass media and I explain thes theorems on page Love Line 12 of this site. The rumors being spread by Ted and his fake female feet built into those fancy new prosthetic legs is getting boring and that midget is copping attitude, so stay out of my den. Never drink or do pills or smoke. Our enemies in power have poisoned our minds and our bodies are poisoned by toxins so do not eat much wild caught fish. Our lives are a lie on this planet. I have suffered horribly, so I guess I am prejudiced or biased if I pray for the end of human time. But then again, does not a maimed animal pray for the end of its suffering? Lame ball, that is what they should call our new Earth. We need leaders, not enemies in power. I would welcome a military dictator if free colonies were guaranteed in space. I can more likely find sheep in my hat fur

Daily Foreword March 15, 2014: I am urging the young to leave the USA in an exodus type movement. The war against our people has waged since my birth and before. The USA is a poisoned place and getting worse. Poisoned people, poisoned water, poisoned food and drugs. Marijuana was once sold exclusively in California legally in the USA. Now in those regions that grew marijuana there is opium. The opium is reaching into the USA along with other poisons from the pharmaceutical industry. I was told not to join the military by my father and my grandmother. My road through federal employment has led to my fathers prophecies being fulfilled. He said that we servicemen would develop medical conditions from exposure to toxins and the government would not pay. My father also said that the government lies to you and later they will put a knife to your throat. Because I was injected and maimed by government officials, I can only regret that I did not leave the USA or take up law as an occupation. I was in finance and journalism. I ended up investigating medical atrocity. The government over our people is a dictator. As an abortion survivor maimed for my speech impediment with claims of insanity, I see they are sociopaths over the government in Alabama and California. .

Daily Foreword March 13, 2014: When I look back at my native city and my upbringing in the USA and historical events surrounding my birth and my youth, it is obvious we were born into a world in which our side had lost a war. To this day I have to pay for that war crime against many of us and I am unsure what it was that hit us, whether nuclear contamination or deliberate maiming of the "yet to be born". Regardless many of us were born into a world that is like Hell, many of us maimed by unknown means and methods. I welcome the end of the rat existence. California is a third world like Alabama, both of which are much more of a third world than places like Colombia simply because those in the USA maim and murder their own young and many of us were maimed and murdered before birth or soon after by government decree. I picture the end of time for humans to have that effervescent smell, ripe, poignant, final. We are kicked down before birth and then kicked down throughout our lives. Some want to forcibly take what little we have, so is life really worth anything to an abortion survivor? .

The dark side of life for someone who is partially dead is odd at old age. There is that reaching and pulling effect on the dark side, a sort of manifestation of physical change through prayer of a sort, to exact change here and now. Often I hear people speaking of the "Christ Complex." Many people think they are Christ because they think only they and Christ are innocent, or a "Goodie Two Shoes" as I call them. It is ironic Jesus was killed due to his blockage of high finance in the predatory vein of human society. To this day many I think are killed or were killed recently for being a Goodie Two Shoes. Federal Banking Frauds Judge Thomas Crane Wales was likely one of those goodie two shoes. Shot in his head on 10-11-2001.

As a comedy I picture myself getting MRSA treated on my left hand at an abortion/STD Clinic. MRSA is a normal infection from a cut really and not an STD. I also picture the dead side of myself emerging and it is Jesus Christ and he first wants the nail hole treated medically at an abortion clinic on his right hand and then he emerges. A report comes out that Jesus Christ and the Anti-Christ are touring abortion clinics in hoping of getting some affordable medical care and traveling in an old beat up pickup truck. As an alleged abortion survivor, if you ever try to abort a child, and if the child survives, it is maimed, therefore finish killing the child, as it is a mercy killing. I should know. This Earth has no mercy for the living and those of us born maimed are really better off dead from the start. I was tortured and maimed for an alleged speech impediment from youth when I was abducted by financial war criminal profiteers who have hi-jacked USA government medical care and federal facilities and overtaken and the banking regulatory industry.

Daily Foreword March 10, 2014: Recently I took an airline flight from California to Alabama. Once I hit Alabama on the return flight from Mobile I was subjected to multiple search and X-rays. In the USA in our native cities we are often treated like lesser animals by those in power in those cities. They are usually lesser intelligent government workers who work for a like-minded sociopath. In cities such as Los Angeles, California, or even the state of California, it is suicidal and naÔve to even enter, which is why it pays to not stop there, just keep moving in such cut-throat and predatory places.

Their machine to X ray us is not only toxic but it subjects us to the terrorist activities of the dictators sociopaths in power. One guard even said they should look up my ass after they had taken my computer back to look at and all of my belongings. The door closes on the X ray machine and the curtain closes and it is pitch black dark for one second as if you are involved in a terrorist attack. The back of my neck was cut slightly in the machine as there is a person behind the curtain behind you when you are in the machine.

The greatest mistake I ever made was coming close to those who work in government, both in the US Navy and at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. They act as if you are allies with them in the beginning but in the end you will be betrayed and stabbed with needles or knives. You are on your own in the USA and those in power over many of the worlds governments are the same. It is my belief that any future militant groups in the USA should likely have larger and more advanced weaponry to counter attacks by our enemy factions who have come to power, and more importantly new revolutionary escape methods. I applaud the deaths of the sociopathic factions in power just as they applaud the maiming and the deaths of successful abortions of healthy children in this pen we call the USA.

Of course like all holocausts exterminations and mass mutilations of groups of humans, we will most likely go down in a whimper, just as I have, just as others have throughout history. The thing about time is that the present seems forever looming. Present time looming, which is a partial absurdity in abstract. The end of time to an alleged abortion survivor who was mutilated by the factions in power illustrates the absurdity of realism in their trap, present time looming doom for us for me, poor us, poor me. I was told radioactive dust was all over Paris and San Francisco has those shards. Bar me from San Francisco huntin dog and Paris well make pigs squeal. Absurdity looks up the rectum of an old man for balloons in a domestic USA airport flight, more likely to find a nutsack that looks like a sphincter that is in fact the usual, prostate. Do abortion clinics reduce swollen prostates in old wise men who have in fact lived in a holocaust state of the USA for their entire lives?

In closing, a real to life comedy segment: Scene, a Community Planned Parenthood Clinic Waiting Room: I start a conversation with a lady there starting to show pregnancy, early pregnancy. I say to her, "I see you are in the motherly way. I am an abortion survivor but I am also a former federal employee who is tortured every time I seek health care in a state or federal hospital." "I am here to get this MRSA infection taken care of." I show her my left hand. You can see it in the real to life youtube saintrambone videos from the more recent sets of videos. "I am half dead you know. They missed me when I was his age" and I point and say, "Her age, Helen Wheels" A hand reaches from the dead side of mind and there it is, the nail hole, that pierced mark. The woman looks startled and I reply " There are many Goodie Two Shoes among us they say. I believe it is true or at least hope it is, but I wonder."

Daily Foreword March 9, 2014: Because I was born missing much of the left hemisphere of my brain, either from an alleged abortion attempt or an act of war against the unborn, I have decided that God decapitate some abortion doctors and give me one third of their left hemisphere. If it is a small third then we will jam several hemispheres into my left brain hemisphere area. I will want to be a holy man as well and will be asking for the obscene plasticine rabbi to donate half of his bean in natures natural course, of course, as if I am going to be obscene, I want to know where I have bean.

Daily Foreword March 7, 2014: Being stalked by anyone is a bitch. But when they start ripping off money from the elderly, doping people up in their homes or their resident automobiles, and doing all sorts of perverted things that the truly sociopathic do whether in government or in civilian society, then you have to stand up and fight or retreat, even if a government worker or actor or actress, cross dresser or queen or soldier, child or midget or freak, from a blind perspective it is all too mean, as they stand always poised to attack..

Mobile Audit Club is for hire by contacting zkurt555 at . .

Today an Asian man tried to run into me on an interstate in the Bay area of San Francisco. He was in a Mercedes. He looked scared or maybe he was having steering problems. He might have been trying to get me to pull over to discuss the Malaysia thing, the missing plane bound for Beijing.

Daily Foreword March 7, 2014: In my efforts to promote, Abortion defined as A Bor Tion, in latin means a being with a hole within, the Ellen DeGeneres show recognized my effort. A movie set with a Halloween motif was on stage and a white statue with a hole in the abdomen was on stage and a hairless death white figure emerged to frighten the passing lady. As an abortion survivor, I found it rather offensive or rather misleading. I see the dead part of myself as an angel that can do no wrong, as innocent as a snowflake, and just as apt to disappear or reappear.

However I am glad the idea was recognized. When I was passing through the Mobile Alabama regional airport turnstile, in the x ray machine, I was told to raise my arms, and for a brief second the door closed black and someone from behind reached up and cut the back of my neck just slightly as if with a boxcutter tip. I leaned back into it when it hit so it would go deep and I turned my head and the man at the door said I moved, as I exited this past Tuesday. (Ruby Tuesday, Youtube music) The stewardess told me I was bleeding when I got on the first of a series of planes bound for Los Angeles. I was bleeding in seat A1 ironically, or was it "C1"?. I prayed for the wing to break off just before Los Angeles when we hit turbulence. I prayed to die when the angel fell so long ago, that part of myself cut out and dismembered through what ever means. The war is escalating again so I will just wish them away.

Ellen, we the abortion survivors, or perhaps the I that stands, are more like Swiss Cheese, worse than spongiform disease in some respects. I hear music in the hallway of death when I am down and stressed. It keeps me alive. I did not know Ellen was from Metairie. I was among the homeless and drunks there as a child, passers by, forever drifting. I want an RV, a small one, 22 feet or less Ellen. I am not a dead being, white like chalk and soaked in seawater. I am alive. The angel is in the ether around us. I would like to perhaps highlight this abortion thing and the suicide thing and stop it. I would do work for the ride if you want to send me an email at "Baby You Can Drive My Car" Youtube. Mr. Babbit lets me drive his truck. I picture an eagle with a truk in one talon and a baby in a crib in the other for my Salvador Dali wish.

In the lower part of the Eagle picture I envisioned, I listened to the sound of thunder go through the sewers of the French Quarter when all else was dead and silent, the sound of the tap dancer, rythymic, and like a rapid fire shotgun underneath with babies being shot in their cribs. This is where the abortion survivors live or don't live, in the sewers of this village of the damned life. Helen Wheels (youtube music)

In my mind, the village of the damned stretches from New Orleans to the East to at least Mobile, perhaps to Jackson Florida and due South East. In the sewers of New Orleans among the dead of the abortion doctors is a man known as Capitaine La Feats. One the Other side of town in Southern California is Captain Kurt, the man who should have Hi-jacked the dieR and opened fire, because what came on 4-3-2001 was the opening of the door on the Village of the damned and as usual another Sheriff hack is in the crack smelling like a greasy ball of sh-t. CF is at the door too so it may time to cut back on the wild seafood due to oil and toxic goop.

Daily Foreword March 6, 2014: I read where Oprah bought her sister a home in Wisconsin. I would like to rent a room near the Jacuzzi with a suite built for abortion survivors and their siblings born after the alleged abortion attempt. We are in a chain of life and when a child is attacked in the womb, the ovaries are nearby and all subsequent children will suffer a lesser or greater amount of damage. Nothing matters in this world when the sun inside stops shining. In the USA many long for global war, instant annihilation. What a spectacle at that first moment of calm after tumult Dinein in Romanian means of, and reverse that and it means foe. Poor Chechnyans like poor Alabamians deserve rocket launchers too.

Daily Foreword March 5, 2014: I have updated the Home Page II linked above. It is regarding Mobile Alabama in a new wave of depravity and deprivation. It appears another woman who is a friend has hung herself. She was around 50. An electrical cord I was told. It was about two weeks ago. Another friend hung herself several years ago in Mobile Alabama and she was around 20. Take a holiday babe, take a walk on the wild side and in the sunshine as far away as you can get before you step in that. I am always concerned about murder, but in this situation recently I was given some logical explanations, for one a woman at 50 hits menopause, and changes in hormone levels with resultant mood swings. The 20 year old I do not know what was the cause as I have no logical explanations from a medical perspective.

Daily Foreword March 4, 2014: To an abortion survivor or someone tortured by the government of the USA, the USA is a cold and heartless place. I was injected and maimed in 2001 and 2004 and it started because I had reported government crimes and they used the speech impediment as the cause for the injections, claiming I was insane. Since that time the USA seems to have taken a free fall and the banking industry and drugs are used against us. The federal government drops off nuclear bombs and keeps us under needles if we own guns. I was first tortured by NSA or Secret Service after working as a bank examiner for the FDIC in the height of the banking wars in 2000 and later I was a journalist.

Considering that things are not what they seem, and that we have all things taken from us before we can even reach it in life, I consider the USA in a holocaust. I was delayed in catching a flight and am in terror of NSA and government officials. I should never fly in the USA. I should leave. Things are not what they seem. As I have gone increasingly blind from the forced injections, I now look at people's eyes in the USA and I see lifeless automatrons behind the sparkle of the delusion of the doll eye created by technology. Heartless savage beasts rule for a bit.

Daily Foreword March 2, 2014: The America we knew has ended and the false hopes and lies are exposed in redundancy in our era, if you can decipher what is happening. When I was in federally forced and state forced exile in 2002 in Indian Country of Northern California I was told by a Deputy named Mo, whom I do respect, that heroin was being grown in grow rooms that are normally used for medical cannabis in many areas and it was problematic. Now in 2014 I have read Heroin is in abundance and huge shipments have been stopped from Asia and the number of heroin addicts at methadone clinics has multiplied. That was likely one load of an avalanche of heroin on the streets that was recently stopped. Never use heroin. If you do, you should likely go ahead and kill yourself if methadone does not help withdrawal symptoms because your life as you knew it is through.

It appears the medical marijuana states and the one that has legalized it is in the Spanish speaking areas of the USA although English is still predominant. The ballot boxes are being stuffed in the Spanish speaking states so marijuana stays almost legal and thereby inside grow rooms are often used in abundance. In that is the problem. Indoor grow rooms in the USA can grow huge amounts of heroin. Marijuana should be legalized and grow room hardware should be monitored for sale and heroin importers should be robbed and executed, just as the Chinese handled the problem. I am encouraging an exodus of many of the young in the USA to other nations if they survive through their teenage years.

Daily Foreword March 1, 2014: Today I had a computer glitch in the chip implanted in my brain or broadcast into my brain or I saw one of those blind spots that comes with stroke in the occipital lobe from forced injections by those USA (international) federal war criminals in 2001 who are more akin to apes than men.

I saw a square in my field of vision in the lower part of the visual field as would be seen in the remaining good hemisphere of my brain, my usual blind area when looking at the sun. My computer was locking up and would not work with my wifi broadcast. A sort of dead silence hit the area and it made me think of the one second you might feel in the prelude to the largest blast you can imagine.

Now after I saw the barcode square in the corner of my eye, I realize I must have had a seizure in my occipital lobe as a quick blackened area came across the eye like an image, thin and the length of my vision. I often make jokes to myself that someone I know has died at that moment I see that image but it is just from the torture I endured under the dictators in power and their needle bearers in Los Angeles tried to destroy me in their pursuit of the final prize in the banking and drug wars waging in the USA. How far can this go? I see Akindele and I and an Obscene Plasticine Rabbi and one shadow figure in Blazing Saddles in the Devils Triangle seeking the truth. I also hope to see Oprah's breasts in her Jacuzzi in Montecito or her nieces breasts in that hot water. It helps me to soak the painful joints made sick by forced injections by federal government.

In todays world, regardless of race, you are lucky if you are not born maimed. When the genetic code is altered it makes it much harder to stop recessive diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis of the North Europeans and Sickle Cell of the African population. Mathematically when recessive diseases increase it makes more sense to do the exact of opposite of inbreeding. .

Daily Foreword February 28, 2014: An analysis of the place of my birth, the Village of the Damned, is like looking into a bizarre kaleidoscope of Hell with flickering of hopes that will most likely turn into more blazing Hellish lives. For those of us damaged through nuclear and toxic contamination and those of us damaged through abortion attempts or those damaged through forced injections and for those of us being targeted by predators, let us welcome the flesh cleansing bloodbath of total extinction. Mankind never saw consciousness as one. The war is escalating as the rats of the rat race chew on each other. Rat Chew Yu Zhendong, set it off again, let them see. I saw it explode near OKC, a burning airliner perhaps in 2004 or a satellite or a war or someone following me got shot down or they have taken control of my mind through implants while I was unconscious. Do not fear the extinguishing of Hell on Earth. As an aside and as an indicator in the grand clock I envisioned in a collection of audits and investigations and surreal ponderings over time and space I caught the Possum man Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama in my snares and his supporters caught me in theirs, mine illusory, his are real. The Possum man was spotted at around the time of Mardi Gras in Mobile Alabama and is emaciated. That is ironic considering he was starving men in jail and he and others like him crushed my hopes of autonomy in employment in investigating them. Bring an attorney. Their government is the opponent in legal warfare and they are at war with us. Many predators in society target us, so be it, we are in a damned society of cannibals so who cares who lives or dies on the other side of the warfare line. I do not care if extermination is escalated . Why don't you trust in its self righteous suicide.

Human society is gang warfare. As usual the lower level is paid by the higher level to take the attacks from those who would and are able to attack. The people of the Gulf Coast are often sick from alcohol consumption particularly around Mardi Gras. It is a bizarre sickness of alcoholism, seizures inside the brain from the alcohol toxicity coupled with daily stress and stimulus. Marijuana is a lesser drug but I recommend fresh air and clean water if you are not hooked to either of the above. Of course there are the other drug addicts and the psychopaths that crawl with it. Today I hear the hounds of Hell. I heard one hit the ground and then I heard a shot. A .22 in a corner or a .38 in a towel, or perhaps an echo from the Hell that is this Earth and my memories. When those who are attacking me attack, I can sometimes count 6. Liars and killers I welcome to hear their screams of misery and for mercy and I hope they hear their own needles piercing their hearts. I would expect at least 5 or 6 in any war party that would want to gut me.

Daily Foreword February 27, 2014: If you are young, you have decisions to make about your life. I encourage the young to view the USA government and many of their industries as predatory and often toxic to you and your young. Alcohol and drugs and guns are used to imprison the innocent among us. If you buy a gun, be prepared to fight to the death to protect it or do not own it. If the federal police want you bad enough, the syndicates of the predatory stripe will make you appear as a criminal and torture you rob you and possibly inject you and maim you for simple legal gun ownership. Consider other nations as your residence. I would have left at age 18 if I had not been brain damaged in the embryonic stage. Now that I am as recovered as I can be, I see viciousness of an animal nature being exacted against many of us. Downs Syndrome type conditions are often experienced among the young in polluted areas and men who are in the military often have deformed children due to toxins exposure. I was being stalked at one time recently and if they followed me today and if you see the long tall skinny, you have my permission to detain for questioning. Actors and actresses, liars and thieves, a new sort of predator is among us and I am sure they want their toll. Some cities have grown a new vein of predatory actors and activities. They may be injecting the elderly in California and drugging them to make the needle easier to hit the vein. Those type then take as much money as they can in manipulation of the targets. If you run across that type of parasite, I am sure God would forgive you if you killed a serial killer who was caught as a predator on the innocent. The only law that really matters is Gods law and often to stop acts of abuse the abuser has to be dealt with in finality.

Daily Foreword February 26, 2014: The USA is a holocaust camp for me since before my birth. You should be aware that in states that were considered bastions of freedom are now simply large medical guinea pig torture chambers and prison establishments with laws designed to put the common in prison if the people in power want you out of the way. California and Alabama are the same for most of us. D.C. is a dead end road in employment if you choose the wrong side in the battles for control, which are often orchestrated from outside the government. Many of us are targeted in California federal employment. A poll was taken of abortion survivors and those imprisoned or maimed by federal officials who are in the cannibal trades, and it was decided that four out of five hope no one gets out alive in any escalating wars. Beware of California and D.C. and Alabama and etc. The nation was over run by predators. Outside of a monetary perspective, if you are investigating government crimes you are better to take your own life if the federal dictators try to take you hostage. Never own a gun. They sell it to you and then call it a crime, much like marijuana. At the top of their governmental control is our worst enemy, and they are hidden and not in view. They control the puppet president and senate and all medical and military hubs the governments control. It could be a full technological hostile take over we witnessed. See my Betz theory and Nikola Tesla on Love Line 12 of Mobile Audit Club website.

Daily Foreword February 25, 2014: Today I was told that someone came by my address near Oprah's Montecito home's Jacuzzi. I asked Dr. Phil to have abortion survivors, and the mothers suffering PTSD from abortion meet on the show. I also asked that my friend Akindele have his own show with me. He sought descendants of Africa's Yoruba tribe members. A Yoruba king was taken to the Mobile Alabama port as a slave. I will have to ask him the year they estimate he was taken. Akindele and I traveled the same triangle by coincidence Mobile to LA to San Francisco and contrary to another rumor, we are not lovers. Although I would like to have him play a piano for us and sing while I am in the Jacuzzi with Oprah.

I also said a lot of abortion survivors look like burn victims or worse. Was it common for many in the USA and on Earth and my region on the Gulf Coast to have been impacted by the series of events in war and industry, nuclear blasts, etc., or were we just being targeted by those who maimed the multitude? The Cuban missile crisis indicates a likely nuclear spill, a vendetta paid back, not from Russia necessarily and not Cuba. Many of us were likely maimed before birth. Do not believe it if a Dr. says your mother gave you the abortion or her father gave your mother an abortion, etc. This world has been in war since the beginning of time and the first thing to go missing is the truth. To those abortion survivors who were almost drowned and not screwed with a metal object, we all live in a yellow submarine. Hell yeah, party time, almost dead. An Asian woman said to survive you have to behave as a shrimp. I think she wanted my child but the Secret service and the con artists from near and afar had me nervous in the last Holy town.

After they trephine you as an infant, the federal government waits for you to grow up so they can inject you forcibly and subject you to electrical shock for having a speech impediment. The real reason for their torture was that I described their government members heinous crimes and the crimes against high level banking regulatory officials. As a witness, I can say we in banking oversight were like small rafts at sea, too small to matter in the big scene. Then they tortured me some more. It is the third world way in the new USA. I was placed in the middle of the federal banking oversight wars in 1999 and put myself in the middle of the Falklands era military exposure in 1982 and 1983. Had I not been brain damaged at birth I would have fled the USA. My grandmothers words, "Remember Vietnam.". And because the Writ of Habeus Corpus no longer exists and we are punished with forced injections before being taken to court, I changed the last sentence of the pledge of allegiance from "Justice for all" to, "Promise to keep my eyes crossed."

The banking wars ended, we will have one bank. The Falklands war is over and the British did not control the UK then or now, and nobody really knows who controls Argentina or the Falklands. If the SS says I am threatening those at the Dr. Phil show, then to quote Jerry Lee Lewis, "Well they can eat the umbilical cord out of this abortion survivors ass. Sh--T" A song lyric for you "You shake my balls and you rattle my face, you abortion flies are a bloody disgrace, oh what a thrill, to watch them kill, goodness gracious three balls of desire." In comedy of course, "I think I would like to have Dr. Phil have a Hammer Head Shark ear graft." We all have those unique ears as abortion survivors.

Instincts tell me that many people have been attacked with intentions of death by the assailant or they wanted to make us plumb daft, some retarded, many insane and unable to function. Deep inside I welcome the continuation of the global war because I feel we are captive in a cage and tortured and maimed like vermin, a lesser animal, our slice of mankind.

Daily Foreword February 23, 2014: This morning I got a denial for a request to attend a post abortion meetup on Many young women are almost forced or forced into abortions and many of them have regrets later or ptsd from the event. If I attended would I be arrested? Arrest the attempted murder victim. I might just want to spread their legs with momma's permission and place a seed inside and let it ride like "Bonnie and Clyde".

Recently an abortion clinic worker of some sort came to me and apologized. He said, "I am so sorry they would not give you antibiotics for your MRSA infection" "They will burn a baby with acid but not medically treat a living human being that their predecessors left alive and maimed." I felt the mans words were touching and heartfelt. But he should know I used the Planned Parenthood Clinic to get antibiotics for MRSA because it creates a Catch 22 situation if they consider arresting me. To this day I have horrific pain in my shoulders from something the federal government forcibly injected into me in Los Angeles in 2001. It has made physical work painful. The LA VA Westwood or the following torture at Flagstaff Medical Center gave me a stroke and those federal mobsters robbing the banking industry destroyed my career and my health. They are apparently at war with many of us honest USA citizens, some of those factions..

I pray those who benefit from harming us are forced to pay in one form or another or that we be given our merciful deaths by God. I encourage people to travel in pairs usually if going to seek government healthcare in a VA or State hospital, and you should do the same if investigating the criminals among us in government and in society. Always stay in each others site and in known torture encampments such as LA VA Westwood Hospital and the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona, you should have three people, one outside, and one at the patients side. Life and death mean nothing. To us abortion survivors, they are the same. To us American medical care holocaust victims, we do not care if the true dictators are decapitated. Most of us look burned, cooked, a hole in the center of a living maimed being. I would kill similarly maimed animals in the wild usually if hunting game, a mercy killing.

The doctors at abortion clinics will tell the federal mafia and gangsters to leave you alone in California. The clinics don't like the publicity of abortion survivors running from their clinics for simply seeking healthcare. After all, who is insane in that scenario, really? It is a classic catch 22. At one clinic someone tried to pay the Dr. to put me under arrest for some nonsense or to say I was insane. He did not take it and he was prior military, a man who believed in the image the government painted at least when he signed that bottom line to join. Don't join the military. He was too intelligent or too drunk when he did so. Sober up, open your eyes, obsolescence. My MRSA is now in my joints but at least I have not been tortured while seeking healthcare as is what happened at the LA VA Westwood in 2001 and the Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center 2004. Those who were running the crimes syndicates in banking or those torture camp specialists I mentioned killed Hunter S. Thompson, my old friend of the reporter and bean counter grade. I picture a Dr. to counter their Dr., short with thick fingers and a love for theatre. See below. Add to that final sequence below, the possum men, rolled over in a new line of deep fry products I am considering, one of which is Mobile Audit Club Possum Batter and deep fried. Almost tastes like white meat chicken, almost.

Daily Foreword February 22, 2014: I contacted the Oprah Winfrey bulletin board and requested a Jacuzzi in Montecito with Akindele a Yoruban traveler from a North African continent nation I met in the USA, and Oprah or any Producers. I want to discuss a Talk Show. Akindele is an excellent musician and entertainer and I am an oddball sauvant. We can have abortion survivors as guests and some Yoruban queens from Africa Town, Prichard Alabama, where many relatives ended up from several generations long ago in chains. Akindele went there seeking those descendants. What he did not know is I suspect large amounts of contamination among residents near and far. It was a war hub and was a slave hub and now is an oil soaked and contaminated remnant. The truth is a divide exists in the triangle Akindele and I travel. He traveled to Mobile to San Francisco and likely Los Angeles. Odd thing. I will put my famous painting up for sale on the show. My old middle number for daring to hold the road, 911, is price for the Queerest of the Queer, my famous painting and house talisman, $9.11 Million Dollars.

The one thing I am good at is combining disciplines. I did financial and medical audits using techniques from science and psychology and art and accounting. I know what is healthy by looking at it from a medical perspective to see if it works. The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 worked for the USA because it guaranteed a money base for lending in local lenders across the nation. Money stayed at home and was dispersed across the nation. Now with the end of the Glass Steagall act of 1933 in 1999 and an early resolution clause in the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992, we have seen the drying up of money from local banks across the USA and the closure of those banks. Of course with drought issues perhaps it is time to put up new methods to move water to crops or perhaps it is time to leave the planet or die in mass multitude.

Daily Foreword February 20, 2014: As I ponder the truly important things, I realized that comedy gets me through the Hell that is life in my life. The doctor told me I was an abortion survivor, but only after I was age 46, and I wonder if both my mother and I were victims of war. I had been injected and tortured at age 40 by federal officials and those they allow to torture us. I stopped drinking alcohol at age 31 and my life changed. Once I was told of the abortion attempt and that of my true nature in my brains structure at age 46, I saw a small version of someone who I was once like in the corner of my mind. That child that did not come along for the ride but in some ways invented it. By stopping drinking I tamed the child and now the child is bathed. In the comedy the solitary child invites another fugitive from the village of the Damned and all others in Kurt's triangle he traveled in work and play Mob to LA and SF, all of those who challenged Kurt and the child. Kurt being the more adult and realistic observer and the child being the fearful observer with the manic or stuttering speech and the creative twist from the blind of the imagination of the child at those least relaxed and more instinctual warfare moments such as what I experienced prior to the incident in the Pacific during the Falklands War in 1983 and the FDIC job in which war had broken out amidst banking law changes, specifically the FDIC Improvement Act of 1992 and its Early Resolution Clause, and the FSMA of 1999 also known as deregulation, and the attacks on FDIC officials with whom I had worked with in California.

I see him sitting there as innocent and naÔve as God's first child, albeit maimed and deformed. The eternal war leaves no space for him and consequently for me, for us. Mankind is like an animal, an ape that is a cannibal and eats the others. The lies are redundant. I have considered a for abortion survivors and those who did not make it are just as invited. Bring firecrackers so we know where you are located in time and space. I might be the only one there, or perhaps he will be there.

In comedy today I picture myself in a medium size auditorium. I like a Thriller comedy motif, a sort of Bate's Hotel motif, with myself as me and a child that operates like a surgeon behind drapes and an elder woman who was a friend and a possum man who is now on a string as helper and fetcher be. The two guys from the movie Ghostbusters enter and sit down next to me in the auditorium for abortion survivors, perhaps a park veranda in the evening, a sort of snake and devil motif with apples on the tree. One asks, "Is this supposed to be the abortion survivors meetup?" I point to the side and there he is, the warlike exterior of little me and inside is that light I know as being protected by the exterior. The room fills with little armored suits with little metal daggers. Little me says in his hidden demon voice, "Beak Man, I think it time for you to leave." A child says to them, "There are no abortion survivors", and starts to dance like a chicken in front of them, "Bach Bach Bach, Bach Bach Bach, Remember the G.D. m.fing egg turned on its end, My friend". Fast forward the scene and the Ghostbusters type of duo come out of a hedgerow of Rosebushes, their skin cut and bleeding and at the end of the road is the grave marked, "Wiseman" with a flash to execution around Vietnam in the USA. Reverse the scene and the two ghostbuster types are back in the auditorium. I say to them, "If you not an abortion survivor and if you are not hear to help donate to the private health care fund for abortion survivors, then please get out. We can not trust government healthcare. We are the "nobody". Once again the ghostbuster type duo is pulled back through the hedgerow of rosewood thorns, and come out bleeding. There is the little innocent version of me that is inside the little demon exterior and in the distance is the FDIC building highrise and a gun goes off blowing off the F-DIC head circa 1992 and I am bouncing on a black woman's knee 1963 give or take three years looking out of the window of my childhood home at Wiseman down the road, the sun in the window and I utter in my broken speech through the ease of movement of my throat afforded by the African american care taker's knee, my best friend, "Sun Shine Knee" and point at the dead F-DIC dude and the sun over his head. A quarter falls out of the sisters hand stitched gown, and I jump down to pick it up, and "mine I say", and she replies "The sister is the quartermaster retrieving the quarter". Several young females are on the lawn in the sun with fresh home made donuts. Reverse back to auditorium. The ghostbusters are there are alone scratched up to the point of needing stitches, each with a torn eye lid, each with a herniated testicle, and each with a major concussion in the left hemisphere, and each with maimed ears one shaped as a whale, the other a walrus. The boy says "Wake up", System of a Down Chop Suey (youtube). Beak Man asks "Where are we?" The African woman at the window is now their nurse and have their medicine in a little cup. "You are not at Mt. Sun Shine Knee" She whispers, "You are in the Devil's paradise and that youngsters Hell". The men see little minstrel me approach with my guitar over my back and my western wear with loaded pistolas, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, touch me with those needles and I will blow your nutsacks off, top or bottom." "This is y'all's healthcare from now on and it may be a bit like federal or state healthcare was to my acquaintance Saint Ram Bone, as you see I control his egg head like a puppet on a string and your healthcare recovery will be called the Village of the Damned Misery." "We want you to have the full experience and your nurse is my past baby sitter and is a puppet on a string like Saint Ram Bone." "Now who gets the first set of forced injections you drug crazed nuts".

The government has damaged me or awakened me with forced injections since that time and I had a stroke and was not compensated. I am now fearful for our society and in particular the elderly and the young due to the use of drugs given by mouth to relax and make a victim sleep so that another injection can be had at a later time in the arms or legs. Some may get it in the neck. Drugs are out there with a variety of insidious uses and it is not only government paid mercenaries who use them against us the innocent. I run the audit and the investigation and I tease the possum men along the way. I have a sense of humor if the serial killers and psychopaths and con artist possum men drop dead along the way. Do we all play possum in death? It is incumbent upon the traveler to keep traveling due to the stench of staidness.

Daily Foreword February 18, 2014: Recently it has come to my attention that some groups may have access to drugs that are injected into the elderly and other victims in Southern California, perhaps after drugging their victims through other means to induce sleep. Entire networks often with cross dressing men as thieves. For that reason all should be checked for those really infectious STDs even if they don't seem to need that sort of rape by the sickest minds. Rape and robbery and perhaps mind control of another level come into play with the goal being to attain retirement pensions and such in 2014. But I was tortured by government officials in 2001 and they claim they have done no wrong in Southern California or Southern Alabama or Northern Arizona. I hope to see them swing on judgment day or pay on this day. Don't mean to be mean FDIC but the banking industry was being robbed in the 1990s and the wars were just that, wars within the USA and outside of the USA. Some use as many distractions as possible. How to exact payment? Suggestions? I would like 9.11 million dollars USA or per piem only job and unlimited airline flights to oversee and audit finance and medicine in the USA.. I recently sent a ripple through the Chinese banking and audit system into the USA. Those over it in the USA might be pissed. It is small in todays world but I like hang nail mathematical play like Xu and Xu and Yu. Watch So Cal for the birth of the afterbirth in the form of gangs with needle tips.

Many of us are born into war and many experience it even before their birth. No one recalls real war. I saw a video that reminded me of the murder of the abortionist by the abortion survivor. He was so strong and lean, a young girl spinning with a pointing finger sort of looking like mean. Because I spoke to Marilyn when she was young, I laughed when I saw her name rise from long ago. Marilyn Manson won in the sick game, but this little girl and the choreographer put the abortionist to shame in the music video The Man That You Fear (youtube). How insane is man?

They kill their most innocent or leave them maimed and call it a new name, abortion. Analyze the word abortion as A Bor Tion, A meaning without or within, bor as to make a hole, and tion as a state of being. The Bor portion when reversed in Hebrew or Arabic is Rob, we are being robbed of things most precious to us. To make a hole within a being. How strange this role in life that their government tried to tear this former FDIC bank examiners and investigative journalist eyes out with their needles. Needles were forced in my arms in 2001 because I spoke and because I spoke quickly. In 2004 the USA federal government allowed needles to be forced into my legs on another and their chemicals in my brain and perhaps more when I was knocked unconscious. I had a dream they had cut part of my spinal cord so that I could not feel what they had implanted in me when I was unconscious. Do I have something implanted into me? And if so, I hope it does mind that part of me like an animal that has ridden top gun like an animal since I was a child. The people of the West Coast and those controlling D.C. are often of the more predatory animal sort, much like the slave owners of history and the cannibals. The Earth may cave in, abort-shun, is the flip side. How insane the O, hollow within. In side action I heard of some more meth monkeys on the run who tried to cross the Golden gate bridge in a stolen car and two dresses, had to turn back in, likely in the castro with a butt drag friend or in San Bruno with a flame or headed back to the leaders of the new techno freaks on a leash, predators of the elderly with a thin dime, somewhere in So Cal. On the first matter of abortion and federal needle bearing men, It is all in God's hands, when it is all awash and all is dead and the streets are clear, perhaps it is you that is the man that you fear.

Daily Foreword February 16, 2014: The problem of being born an alleged abortion survivor in the South East USA is that you may have speech issues when ou are young. Then if you recover from the attempt on your life, you may find yourself being accused of being insane due to your speech pattern when older. I spoke quickly and was called insane after I fled Alabama to California. I had worked at the FDIC the year before in 2000. It was obvious a sort of war was happening. It was obvious when I was injected in 2001 forcibly against my will for my speech impediment, that it was over for me as an accountant and as an investigative journalist. Now I am more and I am less. I am maimed and I see the world at war and I see peace over the field of graves. My comrades are those in the toilet, abortion non-survivors. Makes me want to wash my teet. My mother may have done nothing and yet she was in the nightmare of the USA at the time of her childhood. California is awash in blood, my own and others. Alabama was the same. Now we view each other differently, like someone is waiting for the other to take the lead in the death game, the survivor wins, the nightmare rolls over, and it starts again.

February 15, 2014: Health Warning: All Gulf Coast fish in the Northern Gulf Coast and some of the fisheries on the Eastern seaboard of the USA in the North East have proven to be very toxic to those people who consume large quantities of species of seafood from the ocean and the gulf. The preponderance of evidence is in the highly evident and more than probable occurrence of recessive genetic diseases expressed in the offspring of those who consume large quantities of that seafood as a major part of their diet. I am trained in genetics and the genetic structure is one of the most fragile things we as humans carry. Radiation may also be having an impact in addition to global warming and various forms of technological developments among us and toxicity of run off. I vote for international space colonies but I have been in a war for survival since before birth. I welcome the contraception of another day. It puts a plastic bag over its she-male head. Sheriff Snatch will demonstrate.

I urge the young to realize to be careful if they ever come to California. In many ways it is no different than Alabama. I was told during the Falkland Islands war era that a nuclear bomb had hit in the oceans and later I was told the USA was awash, meaning some of us had lost something. I was told in an offhand way to run for my life because the ship I was on was about to be drug into some sh-t. Considering it appears the international war criminals of various skin tones control the courts and the federal government and state governments across the USA and in particular California, we are not safe, those of us of the lower caste maimed through generations of war and subjugation. My life and this Earth could be as Edgar Allen Poe's House of Usher was to Mr. Usher, cracked and near death. Some groups pay others to cannibalize other groups in states like California and Alabama and Arizona and bribery and corruption is a sort of disease that spreads. Warfare or death becomes the alternative if you can not flee. It makes you want their death and I don't care when I among them. I should leave but it would leave a bruise.

Daily Foreword February 14, 2014: Fascism is inevitable and democracy is simply an illusion or delusion as is the case in the USA. We are nothing more than animals in a cage, many of us maimed beyond repair and the lives of the young will even be more disease ridden and the earth more toxic and barren. My own condition is at the point of death in many ways, some ways I am already there. I finger fork the dead and hope no one will know it, and my attorney calls his post tomato itch. I have applied for a years recovery at Rosemary's retreats. They help mothers in abortion situations of some sort, perhaps to bypass abortion. Since I am an abortion survivor I think I will ask for some time there with my attorney, a controversial rabbi, and myself, an in-over-my-head investigative journalist. You would have to be crazy not to bring an attorney to any government meeting, including those of the ecclesiastical sort and it has been said that in the end the pope eats the rabbi. The government will cut half of your brain out. Ask Sodom. Ask me why? Speaking of Heads, what was the name of the Dr. who took half of my head? Or was it Gomorrah? The Village of the Damned, 1960, feels like Heat and the water starts to swell in the river of insanity that is this Hell. Blow my brains out and I wont die, I wont feel a thing. Ask my last set of ex wives, she wolf crazy as hell.

Daily Foreword February 12, 2014: The consciousness as one concept, the club of consciousness, however gifted demented or lamented. I ask myself daily what to add to my new entertainment venue for those in the torture chambers of Hell on Earth. So I add comedy dripping with the blood of the innocent, some of it my own. "I am an abortion survivor. The second attempt will be a mercy killing". Now this question has two hidden postulates, meaning you kill me or the golden pathway kills you. As you do the math from the back end the riddle in the equation is simplified yet the complexity of depth of understanding at the beginning still exists.

In a comedy skit later on this page I smash a Sheriff Snatch the Possum Man I busted for thievery with 6 tons of quarters, the amount he intended to steal. A plasticine rabbi shows up being obscene and trying to save the Snatch. Of course now we have this abortion stuff. Big questions about who is Orthodox shall be raised, and which of the Ten Commandments I see as deeming fit for partial or total exclusion, much like many other religions tend to do. Many forget why they praise Jesus and scorn anyone like him. Its beyond obscene. The set will be mechanically rigged so that Snatch is first lined in his intestinal tract from beginning to end, open at the mouth and closed at the anus with modern high tensile strength cord, much stronger than most oil tankers, provided there are no punctures. Then Snatch gets an influx of rolls of quarters you would not believe, with the addition of methane gas at both ends. We will be testing the young on mathematical equations regarding lift and buoyancy using the Natural gas equation. After swelling, it will be in the Bee Hold, as Snatch soars above the crowd in his armored suit of quarters, dead or alive. A true abortion horror comedia. A sort of lead zepellin filled and laced with Snatch's faith gold, quarters, on nobody's favorite birthday. He may explode if a spark comes from my gun permit he illegally took from me and swallowed after it cut his tongue. It is count down like 4-3-2001 to show life is just a big joke to some people. Ding Dong, its the don't do. Its a Hot Ride of a fairy possum by Prodigy (Youtube music)

Daily Foreword February 11, 2014: In the recent movie October Baby, I am not sure if the abortion specialist was mentioned who botched the abortion on the real person in Mobile Alabama. I was an alleged abortion survivor as well. I wondered if the person who performs the abortions has been killed and if he was alive, it would in fact be a sort of real life Dr. Mengele, a torture specialist in Germany during the World War II era according to historical accounts. Survival of the fittest has suddenly taken to killing or maiming all of the competition. But we can not tell what has happened except it is a bit more like hell on some occasions. Many live in denial of war crimes around us and many do not care. It is a sort of retardation in humans and spells the end of that original type of mankind, an end either in genetic engineering or in war or starvation or all of the above.

Daily Foreword February 10, 2014: I had a dream that all of the airspace around China in the center was restricted. I saw a diagram that showed a bar going straight up. I have also envisioned a similar tool used at the equator and is at 90 degree angle to the Poles. Would it be possible to jump through space by creating acceleration on a logarithmic progression with a critical point in which the traveler can be moved around the rest of the defense in space like a spinning disk that has reached the critical point and travels at the speed of light or beyond. The Central Nervous System of a human being uses a similar method to push messages along axons between myelin coated junctures..

Daily Foreword February 8, 2014: The movie October Baby was released in 2013. The movie is about an abortion survivor from my native city in Mobile Alabama, and I was told by a Mobile Alabama doctor that I too am an abortion survivor. I released a video on youtube saintrambone discussing the movie October Baby and abortion survivors. I am seeking any others. I would like to meet the other victims and their siblings. I believe the chemicals or methods impair subsequent children from the mother's impaired ovaries. Nuclear blasts impair families for generations if a mans testicles are exposed. Take it from The Pig's Tale, an author I knew who experienced a nuclear blast test in 1954.

I was horrified when I thought of the connection of the abortion specialist who impaired both of us and likely others in the port city area of Mobile Alabama. We were born in the same city, but were we maimed in abortion attempts by the same person? I was born brain impaired from a murder attempt when I was an embryo or earlier in the ovaries. I was told that I survived an abortion, but I was at age 46 when I was told. I think it was warfare on the ovaries and embryos of women, including my mother. I was forcibly injected by a federal employee when seeking federal healthcare in 2001. The USA dictators do not acknowledge the Writ of Habeus Corpus therefore they are a military dictatorship in reality. I was an FDIC employee the year before in 2000 and was witnessing something that smelled of a small war in the offices in Roseville FDIC and San Francisco FDIC and something strange and dead was flapping in Hawaii at a bank exam there in the year 2000 in which I was FDIC bank examiner. I had a stroke from the set of forced injections, first in 2001 and then I was put on probation due to the first forced signature in 2001 and set of injections, and I was forced more injections and more violently and knocked unconscious in 2004 in Flagstaff. I am now partially dead. My tactile sensation or sense of touch has diminished in my hands and often my face. My vision has diminished. Other stroke symptoms are present .

If a child is born maimed from an abortion attempt, I would recommend finishing the job and do not be squeamish about finishing the murder attempt. Since the child is already maimed it is a mercy killing in the second attempt, and not a murder attempt as in the first attack. My life was diminished from the outset. I recovered partially by my thirties, and then in my 40's my life was diminished by some of our greed filled enemies who are housed in the seats of government financial and medical oversight and subsequently on the prosecutorial level in the courts. I have not recovered financially or medically.

I have envisioned a new weapon that may have been used against us, and it is an idea that came to me during a dream or a memory during the Falkland Islands War era. A shift in perception or consciousness so that the public cannot see the truth such as a nuclear blast or a downed building. The method utilizes North or South Pole ion flux and the techniques of mind control mentioned by Nikola Tesla. Are we all deceived? And if so, in how many ways, and to what level? I will ask the obscene plasticine rabbi to help me run a test -- Shoot me in the head on national TV to see if I can die after another test is performed. In that first test I will lower in slow motion using mechanical rigging, a total of 360 thousand dollars worth of USA quarter dollars on those who attacked me. The weight of a quarter is 3.67 grams. We can film it and put it on youtube and put a camera under a glass floor so we can catch it minute by minute, quarter by quarter on a graduated scale, and have microphones underneath so the assailants can give us their visions by the quarterly drop.

Those who attacked me were in Mobile Alabama and Los Angeles California and D.C. and Flagstaff Arizona and San Francisco California and someone followed me and attacked me while traveling through Vinton Louisiana in 2001, February. I chose the dollar amount 360 thousand dollars because that is how much Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama was allowed to steal of inmate food funds per this auditor's and investigative journalist's and quartermaster's opinion and recorded observation. Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Tillman stole more but I like 360,000. It rounds out. So the total weight of quarters on Tillman and the federal needle bearing SS and their bosses is 11,651 pounds of quarters each. So we are looking at a little over 5 tons almost 6 tons each of quarters on each of them. We can round up and when we run out of quarters we can use rocks or cement blocks. Snatch brought his quarters and the Quartermaster, since 4-3-2001, Betz ya Jack.

Daily Foreword February 6, 2014: I have tried contacting the Erwin brothers movie producers and all of their sponsors listed on their movie's "October Baby" movie online page(wiki link). I was told I was an abortion survivor at age 46 and I am from the same area as the main character in the movie. Ironically I had gone in to the doctor to see about a chronic earache at age 46 when I was diagnosed as an abortion survivor. I think I am a war survivor and my mother was as well. My story is more bizarre and more strange than October Child but no more heart wrenching. The strangest thing of my life links back to 1976 when Kelly of Monroeville Alabama was killed in an automobile accident. She was 15 and told me she would die that weekend. She was an astronomy practitioner. She told me I would die at age 44. I missed the explosion in 2004 I think. Google Yu Zhendong and saintrambone together. I have expanded my theory on the design of a space ship from being a weapon of war to a tool of creation or construction in the cosmos, e.g. moving ice from area in space to another.

I will call myself "The Day After Baby". I have considered a string of slogans for the abortion survivors, for instance, "I am an abortion survivor, sleigh me." Or, "I am an abortion survivor, rape me", Or, "I am an abortion survivor? Was my mother a medical guinea pig?" Or "I am an abortion survivor with a sweet carol, whistle me a silhouette, or better yet just f-in feed me. Considering I was born in the same city as the abortion survivor, that could explain why I was told that a river of insanity flowed through mankind. I reckon, if a garden hose is jammed up your embryo and turned to high velocity. I am considering hooking up with those abortion movie maker collectives.

Johari's Window is what the world needs. Increasingly it appears the same Gestapo tactics of the old world are used in California, and as usual the poor are paid to exert pressure on the innocent. I am still under pressure in California and likely Alabama. There are sociopaths out there and if they harass me I have lost my patience and you have my permission to rid them from my path.

It occurred to me that I could be blind in some mental aspects, some that I can not see or feel or touch or hear or contemplate. I am increasingly blind from a stroke the government has chosen to ignore. Somewhere out there is someone who is the other half of what I am. A living half? A dead half? A quarter of each? I am right brained, very conscientious and humane and creative. A left brained person theoretically would be very logical and regimented in thought and action with more deliberate actions taken to achieve an end, however they may have no humane empathy for others. We live in that world really, else I would not have been tortured for my work as an investigative journalist in the banking wars and in the medical wars and for my work in the US Navy. State and federal healthcare are to be avoided if you can in my opinion.

Daily Foreword February 5, 2014: Comedy is to horror are as pain is to pleasure. Both pain and pleasure come from the same part of the brain. The laughter of comedy is housed in the house of horror in our minds. I am at my most comedic in the most perilous situations. For instance, I now have a military radiation induced cancer tumor growing from the base of my neck. It is at the center of the hypotenuse in the triangle formed from the shoulder blade to the neck and the clavicle to the neck. It has hair on it and I can not afford to pay to have it removed and every time I go to a federal or state hospital they attack me with needles and hold me hostage and rob me, Kurt Brown. Therefore I have recognized the Tumor knot as Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fairy Possum" Till-man knot. A knot know it all and gnaw it all. This is an ancient struggle that goes back to 4-3-2001 when I Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone tried to stop the Alabama sheriff from stealing inmate food funds and starving inmates and he and federal SS illegally took my gun permit and attacked my family in Mobile Alabama.. The sad part about it is, I laugh at my own death while the possum head spirals and smiles and spits and hisses. "Y'all's banking system got gutted and here is the one who gut it". Deregulation allowed money to concentrate in "at risk" pools in 1999 and they set up the F-DIC butchers table with the "Early Resolution" clause in the F-DIC Improvement Act of Bloody 1992. Snatch and I are going to hoe down on y'all's ass when the bottom falls out. I will eat snatch at the last supper, pull it out, and "Chop suey" and two gold balls falls out. Snatch the Possum say "Spike two bulls and put them in the can. One day we both held legal guns, the next day we are wanted felons". "Snatch, speak for yourself". "Poof! Jiminy Love the food network".

Daily Foreword February 4, 2014: The diabolical mind is a fevered mind, and a fevered mind can become diabolical. The thing to realize is that even though that mind may accelerate in predation of others in its lower state of consciousness, the end is not difficult to envision. A case in point is a sociopath on a rampage on some public and free online internet mediums. The actors of Hollywood cranked and coked could be of the worst caliber due to their being accustomed to the lie of acting. Beware in our world.

As a criminal investigator and freelance journalist in my own right in auditing of finance and medicine, I realize that factions are at war with each other on earth, lower level thinkers intent on predation of others. We should always be cognizant of others in the possibility they could be set up with genetic markers from their bodies at crimes scenes. If someone was held captive their tissues could be cryogenically frozen indefinitely. With modern drugs citizens could be subdued and tissue taken from the innocent and placed in crime scenes.

I dream of weaponry and war and criminals. I dream of heaven. I dream in Hell. Having sunburn recently my ears were irritated when I went to bed. I dreamt that someone awakened me with something placed on my ear like a razor blade and behind it was a cauterizing tool of some sort to stop the bleeding. The thin slice of tissue could be macerated and placed at crime scenes. I awakened and checked my ears. They are not regular ears. They were maimed from a alleged abortion attempt before I was born. I am the whale. I am the walrus. My ears. The horror.

Beware in your travels in California and America.

Daily Foreword February 1, 2014: My begging placard will say, "I survived an abortion, feed me". I will place a coat hanger on my half halo hat and on the barb shall be one of my testicles and a piece of my eye lid and half of my brain. I do tricks, hat tricks.

A doctor did tell me I was an abortion survivor. The year he told me was 2006. My mother was dead a few years earlier. She was almost killed as a child. She was born during the last international assault on mankind of huge circumference, the war they call World War II. She almost died of a disease and it likely almost killed her young. Almost. The federal government liked to see me with final death. Scratching that itch. Never allow them to inject you and beware of all federal and state healthcare. Use non profit and private and religious based hospitals and doctors, doctors preferably not under the curfew of the federal governments. Have an egg sweet carol, better yet balance this one on the side like those federal FDIC masters and the lawmakers over finance. I see warfare like animal packs on Earth and no one has given us a space ship. I would put my Yu Zhendong space ship theories to practice if King. Too many people need work and the outer reaches of space are worth a bundle. In the end you get your head shaved. All returns to center.

Daily Foreword January 30, 2014: I was forcibly injected repeatedly and had other forced medical procedures by federal and state government official orders and was made partially blind. My grandfather was blind in his old age as well. I would prefer the smell of a .45 slug from the back of my head when I stare out into the abyss. Your government is gone and my vision is going with it. I want our enemies to pay for their torture and maiming of our people on American soil. So help us God. I was told that Buddha noted aging was a common thing, inescapable in his travels. But to be made old and debilitated is common if one is covered with parasites or deprived of nutrients, but my parasite was the one who ordered the needles into my veins. If I have blindness do I also have death? Beware of the lies of America and Hollywood. The USA is awash with war criminals in government.

Daily Foreword January 30, 2013: I have recently contacted many talk radio stations in Hunter S. Thompson's Colorado to do some talk show spots and I have contacted their advertisers to promote their products in my upcoming radio and other publicity spots in Colorado. I Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone was an associate of that Elvis of Journalism, Hunter S. Thompson, for a brief time until they made it look as if Hunter had killed himself. In one promotional video I will be in a Subaru and I will be picking up some guns from a Colorado gun manufacturer and I will have my attorney who is driving and enjoyed my industrial DUI vaporizer, which we will have public stock available for you to purchase after our upcoming Movie Series based in Colorado, out back country.

Daily Foreword January 27, 2014: If you have young people, children, protect them from the government and really think about options and consequences of not following the governments commands or directives. They are not God. Out West and in the South East USA, many us are enemies and applaud the others deaths maiming torture and robbery. The government of the South East is controlled by D.C. and they are controlled by those exterior to the USA. A lot of overt racism is in government. When I first joined the Navy in 1982 I was interviewed and examined by Asians. I should have known the USA is no longer in control of its own military or governments. Extreme racism and attacks occur on the West Coast of the USA. I urge the young to prepare to leave the USA when 18 or 22 and see the world if they are of the lower caste, the poor. Many of us were maimed at birth and then those in power torture us for it. In 2001 I was tortured by federal police and attacked by a County Sheriff who was a thief I was investigating. There is no hope for most in the USA. When NYC was attacked on 9/11/2001 I was hoping those who attacked me in California would be killed. But as luck would have it the USA banking industry fell as we knew it and now California appears to be headed for a 1500 year drought and the South East USA has become uninhabitable on the coast due to the toxicity of the oil spill in 2010 and the chemicals spilled, rumored to be radio active. However I have seen an increase in recessive genetic diseases on the Gulf Coast near the oil spill areas. Our enemy is in power. If he is killed, I hope you the young watch it from afar as those who live here may die with those low life animals in power and their followers.

Daily Foreword January 26, 2014: Think Happy Thoughts I was told recently. Considering I now see the USA and much if not all of the earth a toxic soup, and as a result all of mankind is condemned to genetic weakness and alteration causing malignancy, sickness, deformity, and premature death. The leaders are more like slave lords in their enactment of law and punishment. Healthcare for many such as myself does not exist due to being tortured and maimed while seeking healthcare under the war criminals in power over the United States. I am of the lower castes and am seen as nigger or a redneck or a jew and I realize there is no escape from their toxins or the ignorance of mankind or our shared illnesses and weaknesses. Find your sanctuary is what someone else told me long ago. I would like to see those who ordered that I be injected forcibly in 2001 at LA VA Westwood and the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona in 2004 pay dearly in peace or in war. Perhaps my sanctuary will be over their dust and graves and I can come and visit that locale when I am old and gray. The world is at war and I welcome the end of time if it can exist. Never trust the governments of the USA. Beware of the traps the predators have put in society for the young. Try to avoid living in toxic waste heap areas and areas downwind of toxic industries etc.

Daily Foreword January 23, 2014: To those concerned, leaving the South East to go West was not good for me when I was a young man. I should have left the USA at 18 and I should have prepared as a teen. Our entire lives have been comprised of war in the USA. I am maimed by those in power.

I have learned in my work that various factions on the Earth and in the USA fight for control of various industries of top value. If you are creative avoid the mundane and major in the creative science. Finance and banking are for inbred wolves. Do not serve their military. It was over run of any true conscience and all laws to protect the common have been gutted. Fight or flight.

The small triangle intersecting the larger triangle of the devils triangle that goes to LA and San Francisco with coordinate hypotenuses in the two triangles juxtaposed as in a devils or angels hologram in the southern USA falling down.

Daily Foreword January 19, 2014: Some claim I have been killed many times, and each time that my corpse should have been found there, all that was left was spit on the ground.

So as I consider that I, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone, was told I had survived an abortion, which I can not verify due to my being told of the abortion attempt only at an old age and after my mothers death. Then there was the nuclear Blast alleged in the Falklands War in 1983 in which my shipmate Robert Karlson of Ketchikan, the signalman, was toasted on the mast and left in a wheelchair and upaid in his old age. Then there was the blast in Blackwell or Braman Oklahoma in December of 2004, what I call the Yu Zhendong blast. I was in the shockwave and blast but kept driving, like I was trained in the US Navy as Quartermaster. I was told I would die that year and I had gone to meet my death head on and party a bit in advance. Kelly of Monroeville Alabama told me this when I was drifting with my father through her town when I was about 15, long ago. She predicted her death. Some say I have found mine. The injections the government injected me with has left me with a stroke and feeling dead. They did more to me. I suspect a time bomb of sorts to kill me or perhaps a slow degradation process they initiated when I was unconscious in 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona. They may have put something in me that can kill me if it needs to be triggered and they fear me or want me dead. I am partially dead and sometimes I really feel alive. Odd faker God and I. Perhaps when I am really dead I really feel alive.

I recently have been harassed a bit and I think I know what it is about. Be aware of con artists dressed as women with fake children in their hustle of the elderly for loans and free rents. They often employ others to rid the guardians out of the way. That is me. I am a guardian of a sort. I was there before Randy Kraft was arrested. I set him up with a conscience. I am his Angel in his book, I reckon. My father said never drink from a strangers open bottle. Randy counted on it if he did it at all. Was he set up? The courts of California stink of Asian Mexican and Gestapo feces in the higher seats, just as D.C. I was there to stop Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama from starving inmates in 2001. I was there to witness the harnessing and subjugation of the FDIC by rival factions wanting a piece of the federal banking oversight market share and privilege in 1999 and 2000 in California and Hawaii and D.C.. I was there to witness torture at the LA VA Westwood in 2001 when I was first injected forcibly by a federal agent and before court on a trumped up charge initiated by the thief Sheriff Jack Tillman who stole inmate food funds and my gun permit before federal police harassed me out of the city. A guardian of sorts was on a inmate bus with me to court from LA's huge metropolis jail to Los Angeles Airport Court. He told me that men had been killed at LA VA Westwood a few years earlier when we drove past the hospital area where I was first arrested. I fled Alabama to California so my kin would not continue to be harassed and targeted in their medical jobs by Secret Service who illegally harassed my family. I was a medical technologist before I was an accountant and auditor. It helped me to analyze and test at a higher level of probability of success.

Daily Foreword January 18, 2014: It appears the Colleges of Law of Santa Barbara and Ventura have invited me to apply for entry into their Doctorate program, but then they did not verify I would not be denied entry after placing money down, as has happened before. I am not surprised I am not invited to their game as I caught California government officials and obviously federal officials either under attack or wreaking of the smell of corruption. Governor Brown collects taxes on Cannabis from a Negro from Alabama while an Alabama negro goes to jail for growing his own marijuana and then that same negro is starved in jail by corrupt law men, like Sheriff Jack "Snatch The Fair Possum" Till-man former Sheriff of Mobile Alabama. We are not invited to their party.

Here is a true story. A king or queen was captured from the Yoruba tribe in North Africa and sold near an Alabama village now known as Africa Town. The king or queen was taken into the home of the European masters and over many generations, the queens and kings children became more pale. I saw some of their descendants at Mobile County Jail when I was incarcerated for trying to do journalistic work in Mobile Alabama and stop the starvation and mistreatment of the kings and queens pale descendants and their darker cousins too.

The eternal war has raged our entire lives while the dictators in power give each war a number or name. Their lies are in the game that I witnessed Stephen Hawking describing in a physics discussion on the origin of life, but their lies could very well be in what we see hear taste and touch and smell. Our enemies in power and their injustices have been shown to me in my life time. I envisioned the USA and Canada for that matter being gripped by something like a spider eating his meal. The war wages and their injustices abound. Know the enemy at the top of the empire and you will know the names of those you will have to kill. Beware of deceptions as you may be directed to kill your last remaining ally in the reality of the fact of the matter. If only space was an option, the evasion of eternal death of ours in the species. It all comes out the same in the end said the man who studied things in the end.

Daily Foreword January 17, 2014: As I stare out into the evening, it is as if one eye has gone dark earlier. I was made partially blind with forced injections initiated by the USA dictators in 2001 at LA VA Westwood Hospital in Santa Monica California by a federal Treasury department agent, Secret Service most likely which is a federal mafia of grease ball slime. Later I was maimed and injected further at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona in 2004. The major lesson is that the top of the federal government controls federal and state hospitals. I was maimed by both federal and state hospitals and I was actually forced to pay for some of the medical torture and maiming. Therefore they are the enemy and I pray for and applaud retribution if it can be found. We can be deluded into false war, therefore I say let it burn to the ground if a global war erupts. Freedom to the young in death, silence of the foolish proud in the final moments.

Any attacks upon us could be perceived incorrectly or reported incorrectly in the modern era. When I was knocked unconscious with forced injections and subjected to unknown medical procedures, and maimed, I had to pay with money and much of my life and mind and health. I applaud all attacks on the regime in power and their supporters in the South East USA, in California, and in Washington D.C.. I see California taking a shot to the head like JFK took and MLK took. It will be a continuation of the extermination of the greats of the human species. Also we will continue to see greater loss of edible species of livestock. Beware of the enemy in power. They are silent when we are attacked and when we are poisoned. They declare war when they are attacked. The beauty of my current situation is that when I was young and even after being born maimed, I feared death of the species. Now I do not care or even know if it can happen and after being tortured and injected and maimed, it is consoling that God has the last call and I really do not seem to care. I hope their war criminal balls are put to the wall and their federal d-ck heads are blown off. We are enemies with the dictators in power and their parasitic followers. You should never accept money to harm the innocent seeking healthcare. The West coast of the USA has non English speakers getting rich selling dope and taking jobs while English speaking states are unemployed and hooked on those drugs. Grow all the marijuana you want. If you are attacked, I applaud an eye for an eye and pray for your victory over the evil Goliaths in power. Liquor has been the downfall of much of the USA. Do not drink it as it is poisonous. It is put their by our enemies in power and liquor is in all segments of society.

Daily Foreword January 16, 2014: I urge the young of the South East USA and the more rural eastern USA to beware of the false lure of California, and the false lies of the predators controlling the USA. The dictators and their followers paint a picture for you to see, while in reality the picture is always different than what will be in reality in finance and medicine and law. A war was lost long ago and I was born maimed then I was maimed further and cast down by the war criminals in power over sects of the USA. I am in need of employment so I can get private healthcare. I have been tortured and maimed while seeking the dictators healthcare in the hospitals controlled by federal and state government. Tumors are on my body from military service and I am in pain. I am also sick from stroke symptoms due to forced injections. I am often taunted by my enemies. I turn the other cheek and pray they are taken from my presence, or my existence. I will consider all employment and financial options and will accept those that I can accept in good conscience. If the regime is attacked it will be different than what they say. For those of us born maimed and then maimed further and cast down by the dictators in power, we will hear in our deaths breaking moment, that beautiful moment of final morbid existence, "Free at Last, Free at Last."

A little true humor. I prefer Jewish festivities and plays for children instead of some of the other uniform mix churches of Christianity and perhaps Buddhism. I saw a play in a mixed Christian congregation in which the children were in costumes and many of them said their superhero was "the fly". How odd that Jesus would be celebrated with a fly, or children as flies and their superhero "the fly.". In my proposed superhero movie I would like to have Vapo Man, a sort of pot superhero transformer with a vaporizer on each end and perhaps a superstructure for his huge ass from eating donuts. See my video by doing a search on google for " Youtube saintrambone big easy bud hole ".

Daily Foreword January 11, 2014: It has come to my attention that often when I travel I am stalked when I am in California these days. False claims of criminal misconduct in the past along with the torture of myself leaves me no choice but to ask God to assist.

Daily Foreword January 10, 2014: (update 17:58 or 5:58 pm a falling meteor or aircraft or part of a rocket or shrapnel in the Southeast Corner of the Bay area down toward Walnut Creek or Livermore) I will buy one share of RFMK stock and attend an investors meeting and try to put my Mobile Audit Club investigative journalist movie on the shopping block with their vaporizer in the lead actors mouth and behind if necessary. Big Easy Bud Hole could be plural, as in Holes. The only person to make it out of the Village of the Damned was Hank Aaron and he did it by swinging a bat and keeping his mind on the truth that God can travel with us if we do his work. I do his work by persuading the legalization of vaporizers and a desire to have controlling interest in a similar set of corporations in the end, those that are beneficial and do God's will.

Someone once told me I should move to Colorado. James Caan and I agree that the movie Misery (youtube) resembles the modern day state and federal healthcare for many of us. Once maimed, you tend to see Caan's plight, our plight in reality if many of us use VA and state hospitals which have proven to be deadly to many of us under the current dictators in power.

Daily Foreword January 9, 2014: All of mankind can be controlled through the media in spite of being under attack. The best examples are the 9/11/2001 alleged attacks in New York and half of the Pentagon. Another concern to me is the Oklahoma City Federal Bombing in the 1990's. By controlling media and manufacturing evidence all opposition can be quashed. For us then the problem becomes who really controls media and key observation areas in real time in real places. I met someone who was in NYC on 9/11/2001, a very sober person. There were no planes in the sky, only explosions per that eye witness account. And then there is the aircraft I saw explode on the date December 7, 2004 in Blackwell or Braman Oklahoma. I kept driving through the area after the explosion due to fear of toxicity and an appointment 1000 miles away and the fact I was tortured and maimed with a stroke earlier that year when getting a suspicious burn treated at Flagstaff Medical Center in February or April of 2004. It is my belief that humane mankind is dead or tied up in a sense. Much is manufactured or of animal quality in our lives, as if in a cage for the profit of the cage masters. Many of us are born maimed and then tortured for it later in life and those same attributes of disability are used to call us insane in many cases, such as in a speech impediment as I once suffered. Our world shall perish in a genetic meltdown that appears to have started for many of us. We are up the food chain until we fall down. Where is the justice? Was justice the same after 1999, that kin to myself? After the suspect FDIC bank charter issuance request in Roseville California from a Nevada investor and then the near explosion of a fuel depot with a mud avalanche of fuel liquid composition in Rocklin? Change is inevitable now and always. Could we and the media be duped in a game of warfare that leaves our end of the stick in mankind a bit behind? Victorious the sick bastard writhes like a worm in his own secretions amid bribes. I see a new world, a third world, and people such as myself, a lower caste outcast are under attack in wealthy enclaves of places of extreme geo-centrism and racism such as San Francisco and mankind.

Daily Foreword January 8, 2014: Many of us have been forcibly injected in the USA by government officials and government approved officials in State and Federal hospitals. Use private healthcare if you can because at the top of the federal and state hospitals is the government and the government is controlled by those engaged in wars around the globe and in the USA against many of us. To celebrate those veterans who were on the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983, I want to commemorate the song "Earache My Eye" by Cheech and Chong in the movie Up In Smoke. I would like to change the lyrics a bit to, "I am an abortion survivor, My rabbi might be queer, for all I know we all took up the rearrrrrr." "Federal needles gave me a stroke for praying like a queeeen" The computer specialist, who I will call Eric the Red,, who kept the guns in a safe was arrested by a MP from a foreign nation at the Long Beach Naval Station in California in 1983. Eric the red had allegedly thrown the guns and computers overboard. I saw them going overboard and heard the laughter from some fag sailors below, as I was on the wings of the bridge. The war against Americans started there on the computers by listing many of us as queer. I think the queers were those to be exposed to radiation and new radar types and tested as medical guinea pigs. Signalman Karlson in my mind is on the cross on the mast, dead as bird feces himself. I picture a situation like Apocalypse now if we had killed the MPs. We would had to have gone out in a Yellow submarine to meet our allies in the submarine queer seal vessel. Youtube Jimi Hendrix Apocalypse Purple Haze.

My dear father told me two things that I ignored. He told me not to join the USA military. He also told me not to work in finance. I should have left the USA at age 18 for Switzerland and in my older adult years I would just wander in the forbidden nations including Iraq. We are enemies in the USA with those in power or they are enemies with us if forced medical torture is a gauge of hatred. What gauge needle hatred, 2001?.

The funniest thing about being an investigative journalist is that you do need an attorney at all times. Hunter S. Thompson was once accused of being a child molester in front of an audience and his response was, "Tell me another lie"..

Of course the Xu Xu and Yu trilogy and the Bank of China out of Macau incident headed by the Xu Xu duo in OKC and Wichita and my own quasi-mechanical and mathematical constructs or derivatives from Yu Zhendong == Xu Guojun plus Xu Chaofan. Can you solve it?

The weapon Zhendong is explained on the web. My shoulders are in pain from the chemicals the federal government injected into me in 2001 in Los Angeles at the VA Westwood when I presented evidence on murder attempts on myself by federal FDIC associates and I proved that Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama was a thief but it was ignored. I am in pain and without trusty worthy medical care. And then there are the tumors from 1983 in the USN. Whose next? Mr Rabbi is that piss my piss in my cup and who is bleeding at the mouth besides me? Sometimes I feel like I whisper into the dead chambers of my mind, my existence, to see who can hear me. Why are you here?

Daily Foreword January 7, 2014: To change course I am now seeking various business ventures. I have contacted Targard from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and I have contacted Rapid Fire Marketing which is the largest and only public traded stocks in the Marijuana and Herb Vaporizer industry. I want to integrate the Hunter S. Thompson journalist viewpoint from my true viewpoint that of Saint Ram Bone aka Kurt Brown, journalist in my investigations of government approved medical and financial crimes. For a logic class today, Sweet Carol is Uncle Sam in drag and she is a dog, a Mexican pimps dog. A poll was taken and it was agreed that Sweet Carol must be shot because she appears just as she is in the movie Misery.

Daily Foreword January 5, 2014: Humor is what is needed in California but the price appears real, the loss of livelihood and health after first working in the US Navy out of Long Beach in the early 1980s and working at the FDIC as a bank examiner in the later 90's in San Francisco and Roseville near Sacramento with investigative forays in Los Angeles and Flagstaff Arizona and Mobile Alabama and subsequent torture in the 00's with oppression and exclusion from employment and equal rights in the present. But I am not the only one at risk. Everyone is as risk, including the super wealthy who are often revered and often reviled, love or hate, in the end it is gang rape. California has that third world police state. Little Mexico and little Ho Chi Minh propped up with a banana republic of various shades including the snow men. Locally thieves who were sheriffs who I pushed out are now paid handsomely and do not live in fear. Neither do those who injected me forcibly, those federal men who call the shots, our true enemies behind the needles, the fangs of our modern lucifers desk, hypodermics and closed dark rooms away from public view. You would have to be a real dick to use federal or state healthcare in the USA unless you are about to die, and then there is always the martyr root, do something brave with yourself. But as Buddha watched and as Jesus watched, the enemies of those men died just like my enemies here in the USA and around the globe have been perishing and will die in greater number and then I will join them, most likely, if I can die at all. You never know till one tries.. But what is left in life for those younger generations, less and less. If it is not our game, we lose.

I would like Michael Jacksons house and a pony for sweet carol, this time the midget in drag and her three men in drag as well. A burro and a skank ho, the lack of pity shall be her name under her masters flame, their game to screw you, their federal F-DIC heads awash. I pity the fall but I am just here, an alleged abortion survivor, but I doubt that. If I saw the various syndicates of predatory factions removed, it would be like watching the sh-t wash from my boot but what could replace the sh_t?. A new way. A new wave. Beware of the third world state of California. She's about to cook in the center too. I saw it coming in the photograph in 2010 November. Endless sweat of summer till the body falls off like a dried grape. I remember the illusion.

Daily Foreword December 29, 2013: Many of us feel we are caught in a trap in the USA due to our poverty and the oppression we feel from those truly in power in government and truly over us and our people. I believe that many of the young and newborns have been harmed deliberately in the past in the USA to set a caste setting arrangement in place. I was born maimed and overcame the disabilities to a large extent and then as an adult I was maimed further by federal and city and state government officials. They are censoring our internet broadcasts. The persons at the top of the government do not care about us. I would consider using those born maimed as holy warriors in sacrifices against our enemies in the USA and internationally.. Considering the USA is a place that kills their own young for a profit, you can not expect yourself to be excluded from their attacks. Their government left me maimed. Recently I was in San Francisco where the syndicates operate against the American people..

A true joke. In 1983 or 1984 it was Spring Break or Summer Vacation in Long Beach California and I was at a neighborhood beer and pizza and pool joint called Yankee Doodles. I was young and a quartermaster in the USN. I was there with another quartermaster, Joe Buck, but he was from the Army. A young guy showed up eating his pizz and drinking his soda and soon we were shooting pool with a guy named Marilyn. He was skinny with mascara and a slight uneven haircut like a 60s girl. We took the party outside and the other quartermaster, Joe Buck, said he wanted to smoke a joint and asked that I drop he and Marilyn off at Marilyns place for a few hours. Later after meeting them back at the apartment I asked Marilyn his last name. He said I think I am going to call myself Manson like in Charles Manson. He then said he needed a guitar player and that he had an agent and about 10 guys who wanted to play guitar for him and he asked me if I wanted to play guitar for him. Marilyn said the music industry liked cross dressing guys. So that is how I met Marilyn Manson back in 1983 or 1984 in Belmont Shores near Long Beach. Now he is worth millions and I saw on his video Slo Motion that he recognized me. I am the first class burner in the video or the one being tortured with forced injections by federal war criminals in 2001. In the end he takes a shot at me with one of the millions of Chinese Assault Rifles imported at the Naval Station Long Beach after the rest of the USA was defeated in the Falkland Islands War. I should have jumped out in front of a moving truck before medical torture in 2004 or perhaps I should have borrowed Kurt Cobains skirt in 1984. Later I met the serial killer Randy Kraft in 2003 or 2004 at the same bar outside. He wanted to ride me twice sweet carol. Perhaps you can visit him in San Quentin when your government dictatorship is destroyed. Randy killed an estimated 66 whereas your masters have killed countless millions. Is it Randy to be a medical guinea pig? Master will say in San Quentin that it is always better to be under Kraft than in the room with a first class burner.

Recently I was in China Town in San Francisco and someone recognized me and started to talk about Yu Zhendong, an odd nut in the Xu Xu and Yu trio that became exposed in Braman or Blackwell when an aircraft exploded that I witnessed in December 2004. It had ordinance and self detonated when it hit. I jest about Yu Zhendong but an Asian man offered me a man with a woman's wig for my post-dining experience. He said that Yu really chews Zhendong. Thank you very much Sweet Carol admirer..

Daily Foreword December 19, 2013: The selective targeting of individuals in the state of California both by government and con artists is common. You should view the state of California as a predatory third world state with much ignorance and abuse instituted by government and often citizens. A travel warning was issued on Mexico. I want to issue one on the south west USA. Many residents are just as criminal as the government and many of them in some areas work with government officials against unsuspecting citizens. Those same resident citizens also benefit from the targeting of select individual for persecution. Many of those who target the innocent citizens are in the business of drug production and distribution rings, money laundering syndicates, gambling and syndicated thievery, etc. for themselves and government officials. I do not mind an eye for an eye and would see selective vendetta setting as a benefit to the victims of both criminals in government and those who are victims to those syndicated criminals in the general population.

I know a joke. A craigslist renter from Beverly hills and dressed in drag applies for a rental in a nice home with rooms rented and claims to be an actress.. The man is rented the room and most of the house without application and by cash. His midget associate acting as a child soon comes in and starts harassing other renters to make them move, doing things that sociopathic children like to do. Then the mother in law comes in and is a habituated thief and has testicles under his dress and often breaks into other renters rooms leaving the doors open. Then another man comes in in drag as a woman and does the same thing. What can be learned from this?

Always get an application from Craigslist cross dressing drag queens and the criminal element cross dressing as well, whether they are government or civilian. At least you can hook them out. Sweet Carol does not mind. Imagine three adult size and one midget with a trick. We can call it the trifecta on a budget.

If it is Sweet carol they are likely trying to set you up for a long time in their prisons for profit industry. Sweet Carol is Uncle Sam in our era of decline. Sadly police and others may be involved in the targeting of the innocent on craigslist and dating sites. Many of the innocent have been harmed and many of our children are harmed as well. Let us welcome the acceleration of warfare in vendettas against predators in government or society. Many innocent are tagged criminal in California and Alabama. Protect yourselves and their victims. Case in point. While on the USS Reid FFG 30 a gunner who was the computer programmer threw the guns and computers overboard and he was soon arrested. He looked like Van Gogh, fairly tall and red hair like Van Gogh and I called him Van Gogh and will recover his name, perhaps it was Eric. We should have set him free from the third world MP who arrested him in that war time because he told me they had a list of men as homosexuals. Those men on the list were in fact experimental guinea pigs and torture victims as in vendettas. See Signalman Robert Karlson of Ketchikan (facebook)in wheelchair. Not compensated by government. See myself, former quartermaster with tumors from Karlsons ship and I am also a former FDIC bank examiner in 1999 and 2000 left partially blinded after torture for investigating crimes in government in 1999 to 2004 when I was tortured in Flagstaff Arizona with permission from federal officials in Los Angeles who had concealed evidence in my investigations and tortured me with forced injections and other medical procedures before court in 2001 on a set up charge by Sheriff Jack Tillman of Alabama, now terminated for being a thief. I have Not been compensated, therefore vendetta ideas and compensatory suggestions are welcome..

The enemies to our people have come to power and we are being maimed as adults and as children. Many among us do not care about the common citizen, and some admire our being tortured our deaths our downfall. Many setups resemble that rental situation described above. You can not tell cops from criminals in my line of work as investigative journalist and analyst and witness to the melee and mayhem of the USA in our era of predatory capitalism.

Daily Foreword December 18, 2013: In the next wave of warfare we may have more personalized genocide by targeting recessive genetic traits in a persons genome. The genome is what makes you yourself in terms of genetics. It may be happening now by nature or by nurture of warfare that recessive traits are being expressed in some various family's members. The government has torched me and they would have killed me. Run from anything that stinks at 18. You are obligated to no one in the USA or elsewhere. On the Gulf Coast Cystic Fibrosis is being felt in what may be epidemic proportions and on the West Coast I have seen some recessive genetic cancer of the Ashkenazi Jewish families and a plethora of cancers from what should have been healthy people from the highlands. A new day of warfare or a day of blight?. I was invited to go to a law school perhaps but I think that if camps open up with the infirmed I would be of more use in medicine. The federal government was bought out and we in the states were sold. The South East is in a sort of hell while the West coast is a hell for some of us. You are never always welcome at the party by everyone. In the end mankind will may be reduced to a bunch of inbred savages and extinction may be welcome..

Daily Foreword December 15, 2013: Many in the USA are ignorant in genetics manipulations and alterations due to the exposure of the genetics of the humane body, the genome, to various mutagens or those things that cause change. Cystic Fibrosis and other recessive genetic diseases are becoming more dominant genes in some families who are exposed to the changing conditions in much of the USA, in particular in the industrial areas and military areas. The media raves about gun violence while this hidden time bomb is destined to send many of our earliest family members to their premature graves. I have noted other suspect manifestations of recessive genes made dominant and cancers in some regions. Common sense says, "if it is blown with radio active dust, or if it bubbles toxic in air and water from an industrial plant, or it glows bright with military radioactive sheen and new found radar, then you better take your young and flee. Their government does not give a sh-t.

Daily Foreword December 12, 2013: I am a freak like many and my mind is not right because I blend various disciplines together in creative new ways. The USA is being strangled in many areas in the South East USA. The change in banking laws in the 1990's made a bad condition worse. Like blood in a hand, if it is not in the small veins, the capillaries, the hand dies. The Glass Steagall Act of 1933 was killed in 1999 allegedly by pressures from Citibank in 1998 which broke banking laws deliberately. Now much of the land is starving while the other feasts. I also what should be legal for some should be legal for all. First California marijuana monopoly and now a heroin and opium producing section in the near future. The Fifth Element man with the quarter hat is my scientific and ball filled role model from recent TV viewing.

Marilyn Manson's song SLO-MO-TION (youtube video) is a coordinated Queer Speak or God Speak song. I want to thank Marilyn for remembering that I had told the FDIC management on my way out in 2000 I would shine a light over their heads and I also told him I am a first class burner. The flare he holds in his hand over his crotch had a FDIC Sweet carol Master giving head in the video under the light I promised. As a burner you learn you are the Bernie. Translated at beginning, "Dirt, can you come out and play?" At the end of the video, "Say Hello To Dirt", then Dirt is shot riding the bike from Dirt's video, "The Devil Katrina You Say" by saintrambone.

SLO is San Luis Obispo California near Big Sur and the famed Hearst Family Mansion. MO is the name of my probation and exile officer in Eureka California in 2002 or 2003 and 2004 when I was made to have a stroke while in transit. I stopped for healthcare in Flagstaff for a burn of some odd sort. Tion is to Shun as to tell someone to leave you alone. The SLO area in California is one of the most beautiful but it is a road of prisons in the area, a plethora of them and the prisons in that area of California are their main money supply, the largest prison industry for profit on earth, predatory capitalist profits. It is a vile and vicious place if you look at highway 46 end to end and Highway 1 into Morro Bay. Marilyn Manson and I used to hang out in Long Beach California in 1984 most obviously. Is Signalman Karlson Alive in Ketchikan?

The Long Beach Naval Shipyard was shut down in the 1980s. Soon afterward huge volumes of Chinese made assault rifles were shipped in at that locale and sold in the USA. Many USA veterans are tortured maimed and imprisoned for simple gun ownership in California. Every weapon is only as effective as the next level of opponent in terms of technology. Meaning if you bring a gun the crimes syndicates and the government are more likely to pick it up and pull the f-ing trigger in your mouth before you know what hit you. The gun as a weapon in most modern warfare is obsolete. The modern weapons arsenal is for sale in both patented and unpatented markets, both in retail and in the underground markets, and those four categories are not all the same, meaning under most people the world is quicksand. And then there is Archimedes, the true old school weapons inventor if he still lives among us. I loved the quicksand of the thought of triangles as I traveled triangles that led to figure 8's. The assault may come in many forms upon us but the trivial cockroach will be their till your death date. Guns are nothing. Have a smack of that radioactivity in that California home grown Heroin. Mo is the Humboldt connection. He wears the Vaseline bra in the slo mo video slo mo shun. The federal war criminal terrorists associated with the Treasury and FDIC and US Mint and those police integrated into them are the connection Halperidol and I would like to see stands for their dope put up at their known forced dispensaries at LA VA Westwood in Los Angeles near Santa Monica and of course the Flagstaff Medical Center in the bitch heat of ARizona. Don't forget the electric shock machines for the fast fags. The USA government's guaranteed rights as we knew them as alleged to be are now gone as we knew them or they never existed.

You never know anything until you put it to the test. They give you enough dope and electric shock and other medical procedures by force that you start to feel numb and then life is a dream. It will make the nightmare to come easier to swallow, I reckon.

Daily Foreword December 11, 2013: Thou Shalt Not Kill is one of the ten commandments. But there is not one commandment about not shooting people up with drugs and toxins, forcibly injecting them or us subcutaneously in the muscles of the shoulders and thighs. However in logical deduction I have deemed that life is consciousness. I was knocked unconscious with forced injections and it was allowed by the federal dictators in power in the federal government in their state and federal government controlled hospitals in the USA in 2001 and 2004. I Kurt Brown was left maimed after working in a murderous FDIC office and after investigating the crimes of the government. Now I see the enemy within and their paid combatants and I herald the day they are thrown to the streets and identified and killed.

The people in charge of the government of the West Coast and in the South East call all insane who challenge their abusive authoritarian dictatorship ways. The West Coast is a prison empire for many of us. The culture of the people is to see outsiders as the most devious and dangerous and criminal sort. Their view fits in with the more Nazi like culture of Mexican government and Chinese government and to some extent that which has cut the throat of D.C. government.

It is a sin to forcibly inject anyone as it as an act of aggression similar to rape and maiming and murder. To turn the other cheek is virtuous but when your brains are knocked out, the cheek and the rest of the body go numb, along with compassion for strangers. When I was knocked unconscious it was a violation of the commandment not to kill. .

In California it is the common way to attack the innocent and call them insane or criminal. The have the largest prison empire on Earth and they rob and extort common Americans. I will applaud the death of their governmental abuses and their government if necessary. In Alabama government it is the same and it is the same in New Orleans. It is the Mexican and Asian and English Nazi way and D.C. seems to favor the same treatment of many of us.

San Francisco EEOC is a tool for the government war criminal syndicates that needs to be dealt with.

Daily Foreword December 9, 2013: In analysis of those who we should target in my forays of retribution of equal deeds, the simple side would point to the San Francisco EEOC which is in the pocket of big money financial criminals from various ethnic groups and crime rings and corrupt governments around the globe. The EEOC in San Francisco should be shut down for allowing the San Francisco FDIC to be run like a financial mafia sending the innocent bank examiners to their graves or prisons or insane asylums, but always into poverty. Where in heaven is Sing Sing. It does not pay to sing in the federal treasury and FDIC mafia. The government was taken over long ago but we must concentrate our efforts somewhere. We are enemies with those in California government and their various hate groups. Who controls the EEOC San Francisco really? Who controls the San Francisco FDIC really? Who in Los Angeles at the VA or Secret Service allowed me to be injected and tortured.

In more scientific matters I am considering relocating to a desert nation and have considered water harvesting for crop irrigation. The sea is in motion and the waves and tides present energy. This energy can be captured along with sun energy to make the system work. The water if raised and heated then dropped onto a flat hot surface will create a cyclone of water particles above and next to the main water flow and the harvesting of the water vapor particles can occur. I think the EEOC in San Francisco owes me an apology of several million dollars but D.C. is in power. Best of luck with your coming wars. I hope they kill those who harmed myself and others. Falkland Islands war was the shuffle of the past in the present. The USA is controlled internationally and the banking laws were changed in the 1999 in the FSMA of to create the second cross slit across the common Americans throats one more time. The first cut was the FDIC Improvement ACt of 1992 and the Early Resolution clause in that. Now they butcher the banks when they fall. The assembly line was put in place. My life was in the toilet long before but it got worse as I was put in the middle of that war. Thanks for the FDIC job. What a year. So far I have made 640,000 dollars for one year of employment. Maimed and half dead but Sweet F-DIC Master, you hermaphrodite and serial killer sociopath, My nuts look shiny over your bald head ass well, the hole you can not get out of.

In terms of amateur physics I consider the illusion of time. IF time is delineated as a factor and only space is considered, you can understand how one can see into the future using lenses composed of various outer galaxies and such and looking back into our points in space but on a future landscape if it exists. I see a nation in ruins, a people devastated, many maimed through warfare generations before they were born and through predatory capitalist practices used upon us. I once read a bible verse that said here we come in our tatters. Don't forget to bring a little of the devils mane in your teeth on your way through the window Geri. In terms of God Speak, Crispin came out as Nips RIC. RIC means many things, some in computer terms like "who you are", and of course in finance meaning return on investment income or dividends in mutual funds to avoid taxation, a perfect portal for masters masters to legally wet their beaks, and now that Social Security is propped up on the stock market, get ready for impoverished mayhem for the masses. Its all so Hairy and Dirty and now the young are altered long before birth and deliberately. It started long ago, likely in World War I and II and perhaps in ancient Egypt.. Where is the Justice? Did the two booth cascade feel his shoes, that shower of human hi-jacking I have examined as feasible. Welcome to the devils paradise and my hairy fairy prairie land. OK C, tornado alley, dust and sand touching a dead man. Who was McVeigh? Did he really exist? Is there gauze and a wire in his dead head? Yu of BOC Macau arrested in Los Angeles was allegedly taken apart and they hooked me good at the FDIC and then at the VA while seeking health care. Federal financial warfare has a characteristic whisper and I want payment of several million for my own private healthcare or Early and premature death beyond Yu.

After considering the uncompensated disabled Veteran USA Robert Karlson of Ketchikan (Facebook), my former shipmate where I was quartermaster at time of the Falkland Islands War end, beginning, end. His spinal cord was popped like popcorn in a weave of sinew and he now has MS type conditions. Obviously it was a new high powered nuclear radar and they cooked his spinal column. Signalman Karlson was in the known toxic areas on the mast and near the radar and topside. At what price paradise and they kick veterans like dogs. I was deliberately made partially blind. I think we should unite the outcast and meet high level executives to discuss our colleagues employment options. I prefer Treasury and Reserve and FDIC audits, free range scout. We know the game and some times we die some times we wish we or they were dead, you if you are the opponent in this war for survival.

Daily Foreword December 8, 2013: For many of us in the USA our lives are a bit like Hell. We are often born maimed and harmed along the way by those controlling the dictatorship spots in government, and then those ape like people who hold the guns and keys and law books all look away when we are wrongfully tortured or killed or maimed. It is my belief a war was lost long ago for us in the USA with no definite winner at the lower level. The top level lives as it always has, as a predator.

After I worked at two FDIC offices where there was murder and mayhem in California and Hawaii, and after working as a journalist investigating crimes in government in Alabama and California and Arizona, I was set up by corrupt lawmen and illegally harassed and attacked, myself and my family. I fled their lead assailant, the now proven thief Sheriff Jack Tillman when I presented evidence, and then I was sent to jail in 2001 for the exercise of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I was sleeping in my vehicle outside the LA VA Westwood in what was a wooded area to seek government health care the next morning while traveling. I was injected and maimed and tortured and sent to court and those who harmed me are wealthy and rich in the hills of California and around the globe.

Deals need to be struck between their various victimized groups to organize retaliatory movements of like kind and to lessen the power of the inhumane and more ape like leaders who are in key spots in our hi-jacked government. If a war criminal dies a mobster dies. It does not lessen the skid mark he or she made of others but it leaves a sweet massive odor..

A judge said to me in in LA in 2001, "I am sending you back to school" meaning LA County Jail, and I was released 8/11/2001. I had been injected before court and subjected to what amounted to forced medical torture at the LA VA Westwood in Los Angeles. The federal government in California is lopsided just like in Alabama. Our people are in the teeth of the enemy on American soil. 9/11/2001 NYC Lost teeth just like I did but I turned the other cheek and looked at the higher power. They did not. They killed the innocent to continue their blitzkrieg into the USA and internationally.

I had spent twenty years in college and the school the judge sent me to was like Guantanamo Bay prison except it was the huge city known as LA County Jail. I would never join the USA military again or work for their government banking oversight at FDIC. I was deliberately maimed by them, our enemies in California Arizona and those in higher office in Alabama assisted. Their military is nothing to a true warlord. We are prisoners on an overcrowded planet of abuse, a prison of sorts.

If you are sleeping in your vehicle and if you have a gun, you better take it apart, and lock it in a safe, and have proof of purchase. I advise against the more Nazi like states of California and Arizona of even owning a gun. Never go near government areas or areas controlled by government including their hospitals. In California they are the largest prison state on Earth. They rob the common fruit picker from Mexico and the common Cotton picker from Alabama, black or white, nigger or redneck. They hate you and will take everything from you. I applaud those who attack our enemies in the coming holy wars if they are manifested. It is the nature of the Type A blood beasts coming together on the West Coast that has created a tourniquet on the East and South East USA.

They work together and abuse each other. South America had two tribes at one time in which one ate the other for protein. My life is like George Orwells hell. But now USA health care for all is a serious risk for all, so welcome to our God D-mned nightmare. Many of us are enemies here as evidenced by the USA governments actions against me in California and Arizona and Alabama. I do not care if those who benefitted from my persecution and maiming are killed. Just send me a private doctor, as I am ill from their health care which is in fact torture and imprisonment and maiming disguised as healthcare.

I would welcome a global holy war if the right postulates were proposed. They are drugging the young which is of serious concern to me. No need to be a Ritalin addict. Let the boys run. Run right out of this predatory hell and prepare for fight or flight in the next encounter with our enemies on this Hellish planet.

Many groups succeed in the USA and others fail. Having tightknit religious groups with social supports and ties seems to work. The Jewish people seem to have the greatest success according to statistics in the USA. Many groups defend their own even if it kills them. Religion, social belief, sobriety, and wisdom is what it takes to survive in a septic tank of predators such as what we have in the USA in the predatory industries of gambling drugs tobacco medical torture for profit and alcohol and the entire gamut of abuses. Protect your own or perish. The government is not your friend. It and we are factionalized. Imagine the enemy dead, never to inject us again, never to torture us again, never to lie and torment us again, never to breathe a silent or spoken word, dead. Let us pray it comes to pass.

Daily Foreword December 7, 2013: Life, what is it? Consciousness. I was laid unconscious after begging for mercy from captors in the USA, federal government approved captors. I was not compensated. Ironic because I know of others who were harmed in vendettas in the military and in federal banking oversight. The war never ends. You can walk away for a while, perhaps forever in flight. I have considered a book idea totally from the subconscious of the right mind, a sort of spinning out from the Hypotenuse of my travels and touching on three points in my forays of audits and investigations including Southern California, Northern California, and lower Alabama and immediate region. The hypotenuse will weave in Dorothy of Wizard of Oz at Oklahoma and Wichita Kansas line and all the people and points and movies of the past that I have known that pertain to my life and focus them on the center of the hypotenuse of what I call, "The Devils Triangle", the point of my audits and investigations. Did we lose the war after the nuclear blasts in the 1940's and 1950's allowed those who silently took over the USSR in the 1950s, to take over the USA and the UK in 1961? Tsar bomba October 30, 1961. Perhaps earlier the war began. My father was almost blind at birth and half of my brain was gone at birth. What happened to the rest of us? They young hand trembles in war and the old hand steadies and leaps in. If you harm someone for payment, without just cause, you may be next.

In science I pondered recent events I witnessed and theorized on the probability. A nuclear or a meteor shower alleged over Arizona before Veterans day witnessed by someone I know who said it was large and going North. Then after Veterans Day nuclear Shards found on Treasure island by San Francisco. In addition I noticed strange hot breezes way out of the ordinary a night or two after the meteor or nuclear blast and the hot breezes were on the Southern California coast near Ventura. My nuclear tornado idea came to mind using the betz equation analysis but I was looking for a spark or a radiant tingle that is at 7 hertz matching our own brainwaves once they have tamed the beast wind. Perhaps it is large then tweaked down for all to enjoy in the employ of the Satanic rulers of this cursed planet and existence on prison planet and medical torture planet Earth.

Daily Foreword December 1, 2013: On this day I want to make an apology to a Rabbi who I said was the obscene plasticine rabbi. I am the obscene one, I am the one who wants to sing, "Big Easy Bud Hole by Saintrambone" nude in front of a new cannabis coffee shop, a big easy, in New Orleans cannabis section in the French Quarter. I am the plasticine one with plasticine phallic sheath. I also envision my dynasty of acquaintances, the Four Bucks, Joe Buck of movie Midnight Cowboy, my blind florida Sicilian grandfather Buck, Buck Bloombecker notorious legal writer legitimate, two quartermasters, one from movie Catch 22 and the other myself from the USS Reid guinea pig fag ship of the USN, Dorothy of Wizard of Oz with her panting panties luring her across the line from Wichita to see you Know Who, and then there is the question of the OKC bombing now, due to the weapon labeled by Kurt Brown aka Captain Kurt aka Saint Ram Bone. Timothy McVeigh could not testify due to the gauze in his head. Another weapon, a ripple machine, cause and effect broken. A thought tossed up and caught, and in it, our minds.

Now on to the real, Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun and in the distance Yu Zhendong of Bank of China here in USA, their triangle Wichita and OKC and the Z over head Zhendong with Yu there to help explain, and there is the Burning Zhendong Spaceship in Blackwell OK at the Kansas state line, and my old boss from the FDIC in Roseville, Mr. Justice whom I will call Mr. Crispin due to his neighborhood almost being blown up in 1999 after a suspicious bank charter issuance request from Nevada to Roseville FDIC. Crispin was relocated from Rocket Fuel Rocklin. The Blue tooth dropped the Zhendong and along came Rocket Man, Dec. 7, 2004. My dog Bow Bone and a few angry witches from my travels of many former bosses, primarily F-DIC head women bosses, drags steers queens mean, sweet carol in eyes of nymph purple sheen and odors of vagina or pseudo vagina or sweat like balls of mean. I remember the forced injections from the federal dictators mercenaries and I want 40 billion dollars or 40 billion lives or an oversight job in federal finance.

I had a dream about the Rabbi and there he is with his friend, the King of the Yoruba seeking his brother. With Joe Buck is the homeless crippled Hoffman from Midnight Cowboy and behind him is Hoffman from LIttle Big Man movie but it is the me from Eureka exile and carousing there with Indians Yurok Karok and Hoopa lean, after busting the banking machine because of the F-DIC green money laundering machine in San Francisco, Masa F-DIC Bod green 2001 with floors of blood and haste and murder sheen. KAW. Awaken. 9-11-2001 the humans minds laid open and laid clean. The ripple? Cause and effect? Zhendong AC trickle down explosion in NYC. Behind the Quartermaster in Catch 22 is Kevorkian or Cesarian or whatever his crazy name is. All of these things at the hypotenuse of the devils triangle with the line at center going from OKC Blackwell Wichita.

I often wonder if someone with a dead part of their brain can counsel with the dead or more conversely with God or Allah or that big giant head, etc.? Is signalman Robert Karlson of Ketchikan dead? Poor soul was blindsided out on the limb in 1983. The radiation coast. Dier. Medical marijuana dropped in price on the West coast of the USA but now it is radioactive. New Orleans soft mud whispers whiskers. A club of mudfish to assuage those San Francisco cravings in bloody slave bayou. The French slave race should arise and taste the evil mane of the dictators face. As we howl like the dead young from the living dieing race. Listen for chain, listen for Cane or was that Able. Strange thing to seek one's brother. Why bother? Aye Mate? King me. Whippoorwill Martin Woods of UK Government controlled by international dictator, I kurt Brown saint Ram Bone have not been paid and it appears the signalman and I and Crispin have lost contact due to censorship or overt murder or is the guinea pig or crispin hanging banging to date?. Nips RIC. It is computer jargon. Pass it along. I was left in the swamp and left dead and or lame but I wants to got paid. FDIC BOD and pointers into King pin.

Daily Foreword November 29, 2013: It appears that the South Eastern USA is in a full blown depression. This is evidenced by the huge number of foreclosures in the South Eastern states. Because the dictatorship in power over the USA favors the West Coast of the USA and due to the regions financial health I encourage a replication of "some" of their behaviors, damn the dictators in power. I discourage movement to California and Westward due to forced injections and medical torture and maiming by those in power over the region. A travel warning was put out by Martin Woods of Hermes Forensic Solutions not to visit Mexico in 2008. I say the same about California in 2013, avoid it and go elsewhere to seek peace and happiness. You will not find it in the Western USA.

In the South East USA, First the Crack and Meth and Pills and Alcohol need to be stopped . I see marijuana as a lesser drug, a vent of sorts, and encourage the cultivation of recreational cannabis in the South East USA. Our enemies would kill us in the USA and they have harmed and maimed and killed many of us, therefore it does not matter if you incite war on the enemy in power. Remember in a technological war you are often deceived and often times the super bosses of war crimes entities control the lesser or sub bosses of war criminal empires. Do not accept money from the regime to torture us the common citizen. If you do you too may some day find your master is your worst enemy.

Daily Foreword November 25, 2013: Many people are under attack in the USA. The cities have become predatory in places such as Los Angeles and the San Jose / Fremont area. The South East is being eaten alive by predators in government who write the laws to rob and kill them. In my idea for a weapon from a quasi mechanical and quasi mathematical construct given to me in a clue of the arrest of Yu Zhendong in Los Angeles, and Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun in 2004 in OKC and Wichita after their alleged theft from the Bank of China in Macau. The explosion I witnessed in December 2004 was likely the Zhendong aircraft and ordinance seemed to have detonated the craft when it hit in Braman or Blackwell Oklahoma December 7, 2004, late at night. Likely Donna Tanoue, former FDIC chairman, had inside deals working in 2001 with the law firm she left in Hawaii. The money was likely USA treasury currencies or stolen from the Vegas syndicates, approximately a half billion USA dollars. I want 40 million USA dollars for my work and reparations for war crimes against this journalist and former FDIC bank examiner. See FDIC Board of Directors and Regional FDIC director San Francisco and the Secretary of the Treasury.

To explain simply the weapon or multipurpose tool, the shape of the fields are X to X to Y in three dimensional measurement. The Gun is in June meaning the power is turned on to the compressor, the Central Heat and Air conditioner Fan plays a part in detonation or in indicating a repeating cycle through the fan or its energy or the spreading of ions or isotopes or potentially energized particles or fields in the ducts. The O in both names indicates a full loop requirement, meaning a circuit. It is very simple. My enemies hate me in the USA and the Earth for my work. They torture and maim and kill us on USA soil therefore turn about is fair game. A war was likely lost. Beware of technological subterfuge and warfare.

Daily Foreword November 22, 2013: Never join the USA military. The war was lost long ago and the weapons are obsolete. After all, you would not give your only rocket launcher to your enemy. You would give him at best a pellet rifle. Then you would give the opposing side the same weapons for a price and sell the rifles repeatedly while the lesser idiots kill each other. We in the USA Navy in my opinion in 1983, many of us were selected out for exposure to toxins in vendettas against various ancestors or for usage as medical guinea pigs. Our ship was nothing more than a garbage can in our era of warfare. A garbage can full of guinea pigs and the sea is full of them, us idiots. I was warned. Now I see our enemies on USA soil trying to cover us up and put us into the lower caste or dead. I see dust in the wind, their remains and ours. We are in a war and many of us were harmed before birth intentionally. The time will come for more war and I will laugh when those who harmed me and the rest of us, are killed and maimed and tortured. Just as they did to myself and others. An I for an I. I like the numbers. Lay your betz.

The recent shift of the USA Social Security system with linkage to investments in the stock market will prove to be hazardous. I was told that some of the Blue Chip companies do not exist. As an auditor who was tortured for my acumen in diagnostics, I am not surprised.

Numerically this is an odd day of predictable pallet, 11/22/2013. Very odd in numerology, like 4/3/2001 and 4/23/2001 was for myself. The first time I was injected on 4/23/2001 it looked like someone who resembled George Masa FDIC Regional Director in San Francisco. On 4/3/2001 Sheriff Jack Tillman now a terminated thief stopped my entry to report his thievery and he conspired with FDIC and federal mob in torturing me in Los Angeles on 4/23/2001. The man who forcibly injected me in on 4/23/2001 was not a Dr. but likely related to the federal criminal swine who swallowed San Francisco F-DIC whole and F-DIC ARDs.. What is the matching day to this year's date? 12/12/2013? 12/11/2013? 12/13/2013? Perhaps they are like the mob for the top mob in federal banking? Strong Arm Tacticians?

Daily Foreword November 21 2013: If you are young, do not believe the lies of the dictators in power over the USA. Many of us are enemies here and would kill each other with no remorse in the USA. Cities like Los Angeles should be avoided as if your worst enemies control the city. First class citizens, second class, and third class citizens is the informal rating. The goal of many is to take the average college graduate second class citizen and put them into the third class so they do not advance to the first class. Extreme prejudice on many factors comes into play. If they try to take you hostage you are often better to kill yourself in trying to escape. I was left maimed and they accept none of their responsibilities in crimes and torture and thievery and abuse of us. You are better off dead than to be taken hostage. If you own a gun, fight to the death to protect it or do not own it at all. I gave them mine when I was doing nothing and they maimed me. I now pray for their deaths and our witnesses to bring us factual assimilation of their dead and maimed with ours.

War technology centers should be avoided also, including San Jose and Fremont and that area. I was injected and tortured in Los Angeles and Flagstaff and have many health problems from it. I would have run for my life or fought to the death if it was done over again. They target many of us. I encourage the formation of a holy war party in the USA in a political capacity with a spoke wheel design of denominations and a round table at center. I pray for the decimation of predatory capitalism and the freeing of our people in all capacities.

In design of our war machine, we must be like the enemy in power who hide the true dictators. I once knew of a taxi cab company operator in Hawaii who tried to trim his costs by driving his own taxis on occasion. The competition had him shot in the back of the head. Therefore he should have hired a driver. In a way Obama is the driver of the USA and was placed there by the true dictators who have harmed me and others. Bush was the same and apparently Clinton. I wish you well in this coming holy war if my material design of a war party against predators on American soil and world soil is arranged. The Holy War Party.

Imagine if you will, the circumcision of the head from the body, sutures at both ends, a body swap. That is what's next muchachos. I like the smell of maypops and the mourning if my enemy is being half fed, half bled. They torture us and we torture them. Dogfights in war are as meaningless, one never knows which one is about to go insane. Remember Vietnam. Remember the silent Toastie Signalman Robert Karlson in Ketchikan from the Falkland Islands era. He is the example of post traumatic injury. Imagine your central nervous system is like elastic in a athletic underwear waistband. At first the tear is nothing but 20 years down the road there is no elastic. That is what they did to Karlson and the VA will not pay him per my last contact with him. I have tumors I was told not to discuss for some odd reason. That is our government. They beat me at the doorstep for the last time. I will someday walk over their ashes ruins or their vacant space in government seats. Frankly the war criminal sect should have a taste.

California has the largest prison population per capita of any place on Earth. One person said it is because we have the food to feed them. My reply was that it is a for profit industry and the masses are sold on the hoof. Many of us are targeted if we are considered outsiders or a threat to the top predators in the power structure.

Daily Foreword November 18, 2013: I seem to be more effective if I pray for something and put things into play on another level. I find it is easier to help others than myself. I was tortured and maimed and my career destroyed after investigating crimes in USA government. My conclusion is that the government is controlled by those who are indifferent to my health and my children's health. I was shown things like the level of the bad tow--banking secrets murders torture mass genocide. Money is the root the toe the undertow. Hunter S. Thompson came into play, his joke of stupidity on the surface while underneath the death game play till one day someone took his chip and unloaded his clip, after Thompson spoke to I in 2004 and he died in 2005 and my mind faded into the stroke from forced government injections in 2004. I eye Colorado Pennsylvania and Forrest Gump land. Their government has taken us to another level. Joining the military is to punish ones self for a price, one sells death while the other takes it in the head, one sells dope while another takes it in the hand. The landmines are there, booze, drugs, gambling, lack of any conscience for a human being resides at the top. This time the toe is the head and the FBRA is the FDIC. Flee if you can.

Someone recently told me that the way people used to take care of things as I have encountered is to go out and break knees. Perhaps at the level of the common citizen but in this war there is no greater feeling than to see your adversaries head fall off. The end of the fight, breakfast. The 4 Bucks dining at the Syrian womans directive arranged by myself, perhaps next time Beverly Hills Hilton since the last time was on the ridge under the scarfaced patio at the Beverly Glen diner. 4 Bucks and two Quartermasters. Its 450 time. I would like to see Hunter S. Thompson ride a white horse with my fathers .22 rifle stolen by government and shooting it like a killing machine in the Beverly Hills Hilton Patio Dining Section and at the end, I demand payment for the war crimes committed against me. I want a house like FDIC Masters and a few whores like ARD FDIC Sweet Carol to keep it clean on their knees. They should leave people dead when they knock you unconscious with forced injections. It makes you pray for strange things if you survive. My $40 Million please. Take it from the crooks, the Secret Service and their BOC and Casa De Cambio type of banking connections. Alligators eat crocodiles too, to ingest them like a Jesuit ingests. Technological war has ensued. Thompson agrees, beware of the Secret Service (youtube letterman video), beware of government, I was injected tortured and maimed. I would have preferred death like a taxi.

The alleged Martin Woods of Hermes Forensic Solutions in London was paid at Wachovia. I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone, formerly of the FDIC and later an investigative journalist on government crimes was not paid but tortured, like the enemy, therefore those whom have killed us deserve to be cooked in a pot of stew for the dogs but that is my prayer and God has to make the connection happen. It is my opinion the whippoorwill is not what he seems. Friend or foe I don't know but this former FDIC bank examiners representative wanted people dead or paid and I am one of those people don't you know. I heard God's banker in spirit singing and swinging on a rope under Blackfriar bridge in London during the Falkland Islands war end don't you know, making me instinctive of death in stereotypical confinement while on the USS Reid FFG-30 in the bowels of the experimental guinea pig show. Did the Pope get caught in the bankers undertow? Justice? Crispin? FDIC boss was almost detonated in Rocklin California in 1999. Was it a swap of my boss? Who is on whose side? FDIC and Treasury payment due I pray or that God takes the bod and the rest of the treasury thieves out like Xu and Xu and Yu. I was told I would be better to sit in the corner and shut up. Did they cut my mind? I am in illusion giving them, the enemy, weapons of war to kill mine?. If so, I pray for their death as it is in bank examiners terms, not materially significant enough to be of concern. $40 million or a paid per diem and private insurance route and I give the FDIC and Treasury the Mobile AUdit Club screw, audit, as a public service.

Daily Foreword November 17, 2013: Protect your children from government if you can including their schools (indoctrinations) and their drugs when possible. If not, they are likely in the end just as well off dead just as I was. They or we can be used against our own.

Also on phase out I dream of weaponry. REM in the waking moments or I see traces. For instance mind control could have you speaking to someone and then the visual field they were in shrinks to the middle in an elliptical shape, like a lens, covering 25% of the field. I was partially blinded with chemicals from forced injections backed by banking and war criminals employed in the USA government or controlling it. I want payment of 40 million USA dollars or I hope to get the President on the Eye-phone.

Hunter S. Thompson a murdered journalist and author claimed to be sucide did not trust the Secret Service either and they tried to persecute him in 1988. He talks about it on David Letterman. There is a conflict of duties at the Secret Service from an auditing standpoint. They are both the police and the money counter and handler. I was injected the first time by whom? The Secret Service against my will when I was only going to refill a prescription at a VA hospital. The Secret Service or the other federal agent did itbefore court and they tried to cover up my investigation of Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama as a food funds thief and a murder attempt on myself after FDIC employment in San Francisco and Roseville California. Many of us do not care who lives or dies here. After all, I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone am barely alive.

Daily Foreword November 14, 2013: Radioactive shards found on Treasure Island outside of San Francisco the day after Veterans Day. Lesson -- do not go out West seeking treasure. The explosion a few days prior to Veterans day in the sky and viewable over Arizona and California may have had a trajectory with a nuclear warhead aimed at San Francisco. An eye witness account I spoke to saw it in Arizona's night sky going North, either west or East. Nuclear shards were found on Treasure Island outside of San Francisco a few days after the mid air explosion. It could have been what was left of an imperfect nuclear warhead detonation. In the pic I saw on mass media the explosion sent out 5 or 6 large fireballs, like guided projectiles or remnants. Every hollow point knows how to find center. Some could have been dummies with a smart rocket in the mix smaller than the exterior or perhaps it was a sort of club fist that detonates with slight scattering of radio active debris, a sort of nuclear hydrogen candle with some hot tritium balls for the ground. A special tribute to my friend and fellow journalist Hunter S. Thompson portrayed in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Thompson was shot in his head in 2005 after we discussed FDIC and Treasury and Secret Service banking syndicates and the Flagstaff Medical Center and the LA VA Westwood torture I endured. And lest not forget Robert Karlson in Ketchikan (facebook). Is Karlson still alive? He is our Snowden in Beverly Glen at the Beverly Glen Diner, me and the Quartermaster of Movie Catch 22 and Joe Buck of Midnight Cowboy discuss Karlson with the three Bucks, my Sicilian grandfather Buck from Florida, Buck Bloombecker the notorious attorney writer, and Buck Angel of Mobile Audit Club.

If you think you are radio active, get two opinions, do not pay for any medical care or offer insurance until Geiger count is done. Bring witnesses. I was injected and tortured for seeking care for likely radio active burns in New Mexico or West Texas. I kept going to Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center and that was a big mistake to do by myself in 2004. I was injected and tortured and detained and they have not told me what they did to me. Is that a Radio Active Zenith Sandwich Flagstaff from a few days ago? Aka is Flagstaff Radio Active or Las Vegas?.

I would support a military leader from our veterans ranks in the overthrow of the dictatorship that has come to power in the USA or a peaceful monk with a blueprints to put all human beings who wanted in outer space, without murdering them or using them in any predatory fashion. I would recommend that Israel and Iran be used as an example in sculpting a society. No casinos and no predatory industries fostered. The government is corrupted and likely lost to other nations or gangs of criminal cartels in money laundering and drugs and computer crimes from the upper ranks and their attorneys. The general rule has always been, "We protect our own or we perish".

Daily Foreword November 12, 2013: Instincts are valuable in a time of high technology warfare. An animal knows when it is in a cage if it is accustomed to the wilderness, regardless of the trappings. The lies we were told when young in the USA public schools in the South East would be funny but it has gotten worse. On the West Coast the government robs people with the assistance of war criminals over the federal government in the South East USA and D.C., and those internationally who control them. The USA constitutional rights do not exist and neither do human rights exist. They are a lie just as the theater of war has been a lie in my life time. Those young men of the Vietnam Draft were basically done away with by the enemy in power on the face of the Earth, who has taken over all major militaries on the Earth. It is my belief that the war machine is sometimes like a blade in the human psyche that has to be cranked and oiled with blood with social lines defined on who will be conquered and robbed and who will take the spoils. It is funny but sad when you go to the West Coast of the USA if you are not rich, you are often considered a redneck or a nigger or something else, meaning a lower life form of one stripe or another. Jobs are scarce on the West Coast and many races of the Type A blood have close links to recent cannibals and slave ownership, as is evidenced in California by housing the largest prison population per capita on Earth. I was first tortured and injected forcibly in Los Angeles California in April of 2001 after having been terminated in April of 2000 from FDIC San Francisco, a place of murder and mayhem at that time, just like Roseville FDIC was. Rocklin California was almost detonated in 1999 like San Bruno was in 2010.

But considering a man who was likely closely related to me in some fashion was starving some other men in his role in Sheriff in my native city, I have to consider the more ignorant of men to be those who cause suffering unnecessarily. Ignorance of humane conscience is a sort of retardation and is common in any human blood type. I was left maimed and no one cared, neither in Flagstaff, neither in Los Angeles. I begged for mercy not to be injected on the first occasion and even more on the second occasion. I was given no mercy by our enemies in power and their followers who are robbing the earth in their banking crimes. When the NYC Twin Towers were knocked down soon after the first set of forced injections.

Daily Foreword November 10, 2013: The explosion recently over the USA a couple of days ago was remarkably like the Zhendong Explosion I witnessed in 2004 December on the highway in Blackwell Oklahoma or perhaps Braman. I had a dream or someone told me a few days before this explosion that we had lost a blade. I have had a stroke from forced injections by the war criminals who run the federal treasury and treasury police. Sometimes my memory is faulty. The government harmed me and has not paid me. Our enemies are in some of the USA government seats. I thought the statement about the lost blade a few days ago was about a person who was claimed or labeled gay or a guinea pig for experiments, but it may have been a weapon that was lost. The lost blade could have been a blade such as a missile or power source used to knock down satellites or weapons. The USA is a lost cause as far as I am concerned. Those in power are like predators and it is going to get worse as is evidenced on the West Coast of the USA. The South East has always been a slave state of one form or another.

Was I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone tampered with in Flagstaff while unconscious in 2004? The federal government first injected me in LA in 2001 against my will. It is my belief that the USA if not the entire Earth has been overtaken long ago in a war of some sort. We were exposed to toxins while onboard the USS Reid FFG 30 in 1983. Some are in wheelchairs, some are in tumors, and some have had children with more pronounced genetic abnormalities since service on that USN vessel, and there has been little or no compensation for many of us.. We were told that a nuclear device of some sort had occurred in 1983. I wondered if President Reagan had been arrested. But I believe the war was lost before the Falklands war or Vietnam, before my lifetime. The USA is divided and being devoured by predator industries. I am urging the young to beware of predator industries and the government itself. A wolf in sheeps clothing oversees the flock in the USA and much of Europe it appears on certain days. Many of us are better off dead or in full scale war or to flee, preferably scattered to the universes..

Someone also recently told me I should eat steak or was that stake. It turns out either way sometimes. Considering a restaurant recently had a chef who laughed when I ate the meat, who may have fed me human flesh. Forgiveness is requested from God and the man I may have ingested. Perhaps Sweet Carol's To Fu, it tastes just like bovine swamp beef, or the alternative nutria in a toasted rats F-DIC. Our FDIC bosses were more like sausage heads rather than DICS. Who controls the USA government at any moment is a sort of guessing game as in whose lord of the flies.

Daily Foreword November 5, 2013: Two warnings. If you own guns in California and if you work for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as a bank examiner, you can expect one of two things to happen. A FDIC Regional Director was shot in his head in his office and called a suicide due to it being his own gun that killed him. And then there is myself, Kurt Brown, alias Saint Ram Bone, I was sent in afterward. I was tortured with forced injections for sleeping with my gun after observing mayhem under the FDIC's employment. So I recommend not owning guns in cities and in California. Never take a job with the federal banking industry without realizing they are controlled from cold and calloused international and local predatory locales and groups. Beware of California and Arizona and Nevada as those states are wrapped up in Asian and Mexican and Canadian (UK Crown) Syndicates, and gambling and drugs syndicates, etc. in Government. Many of us are targeted from within the USA government by those who control them from outside the USA. Never fear them. Never fear the enemy, those factions of government at war with many of us. I applaud an eye for an eye. .

Daily Foreword November 4, 2013: Be very careful in California if you visit. Those in power are like human eating savages. I was tortured repeatedly in California and Arizona I also have tumors along the right side of my body from exposure during the Falkland Islands War while in the USN Pacific Fleet. Robert Karlson of Ketchikan listed on Facebook is severely crippled and has not been paid for his MS type condition from the USS Reid FFG-30 in 1983. I was told by my father after USN discharge that many sailors from the Falkland Islands era would show symptoms later in life. His generation of veterans showed symptoms of exposure.

In the world of dreams the buzz saw of life some times touches reality. Some are just terrified some are mortified. A mathematical probability would be that if someone survived an abortion attempt partially that they would have nothing to move outside probability. Was it the underworld mortician who said in the dream, "I was more than just terrified, I was mortified",?

Daily Foreword October 29, 2013: I have now expanded my Zhendong weapon discovery to not only the OKC bombing but also to the NYC Twin Towers on 9/11/2001. It has a simple quasi mathematical quasi mechanical formula that is Yu Zhendong to Xu Chaofan to Xu Guojun. The explosions in a commercial central heat and air system would fit the explosions of OKC and NYC. "But I saw the planes" will come the reply about NYC on 9/11/2001. With the aid of the control of the mass media or perhaps with the aid of mind control using my theories from the Betz equation model and the nuclear blasts listed on page Love Line 12 and using Nikola Tesla's theories on mind control through energies in the atmosphere, I believe the entire Earth could be subdued with this method-- mind control or a simulated hologram plane from space and a controlled sub-nuclear blast utilizing common apparatus on the face of the Earth such as a commercial central heat and air conditioning unit and my Zhendong spaceship method.

I have a possible correction to an earlier method of CHA detonation from Zhendong placement of a nuclear cluster charge or charges in a commercial CHA duct system and the compressor. Three separate radioactive isotope types are used. Castle Bravo Shot used two types. A stream to be circulated in the duct system with accumulation and assistance from Zhendong. Also an egg cluster of another radioactive isotope type dropped into the compressor or into the duct system. The drop would occur after significant isotope density is in the duct system. A third type of radio active isotope charge would be dropped after the isotope cluster egg from the Zenith or is projected between the duct system and the load in the compressor and with a possible critical point to initiate the explosion. Of course like an X ray, Isotopes could be sent to X depth. I had said to use a beam or ray which may be possible in accumulation stream of isotopes to target systems.

Robert Karlson of Ketchikan (Facebook) is our Snowden Signalman. I sent him an SOS a few days ago and it was shot down on the web by the fed. Donate to his healthcare if you can. You can find the Quartermaster from the Movie Catch 22 discussing Snowden with the Quartermaster from the real USS Reid at the Beverly Diner in Beverly Glen with talk about our Snowden, Karlson. Karlson should be paid 100 percent VA disability. He was out on the limb, the mast area, an area I was told to stay out of due to the toxicity of the radar systems. Can we demand payment el capitan crook? Karlson was denied anything first time around by the VA and eventually allegedly gave him healthcare, a new method. Is it another guinea pig experiment or proven medicine? I have developed tumors on my right side in numerous places from exposure at that time during the end of the Falkland Islands War in 1983. Karlson has something like MS, but this was induced by exposure in a war time environment. I was told recently we have lost "a blade". Was it a Chadeish Yameinu member and friend of the obscene plasticine rabbi? Or was it a member of the experimental guinea pig sailors listed as gay? That was a list found onboard by the gunner and computer specialist who threw the guns and computers into the sea in San Pedro or Long Beach, on the USS Reid FFG-30. Is Karlson dead?

When I was a 12 year old I was a reluctant apprentice to a CHA repairman who was an electrician. He said one day about the compressor, "one day they will learn how to make a nuclear bam from the son of a b-tch." Another mentor and veteran told me that many of us would show symptoms of toxic exposure after military discharge in the Falkland Islands War era and later in our years many of us have showed symptoms more apparent than when they first started and that the government would not pay. I have suffered the same because I was delayed in filing a case after the stroke in 2001 and 2004 from forced injections. I welcome a war against the dictatorship and a formation of a political party for a more militant formation. The West Coast is shot just like the Gulf Coast in the USA so who cares if the wardens are shot in our prison society on Earth. They shot me up and maimed me. I think an eye for an eye is fitting.

I, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone, have been beaten down tortured maimed and jailed coast to coast in the USA as a freelance investigative journalist on government crimes in finance and medicine and it is obvious we are labeled once again by the enemy who is in power. Adjuncts to crimes syndicates is what I see the federal FDIC and Treasury as, but they are controlled by laws written by mad men or thieves who control Washington D.C. The Glass-Steagall act of 1933 was de-railed in the 1999 Financial Services Modernization Act and the FDIC improvement act of 1992 with "Quick Resolution" which set up the butchers table for the fall of the USA as we knew it. The Zhendong weapon is theory and I have elaborated on it on this site and on the web and I suspect at least some percentage or measure of truth, which is really what I seek, the truth.

Many of us are enemies in the USA. Their government has us deluded with gun violence reports while they tear us apart with new weapons and behind closed doors with their needles. This is a holocaust state. Many of us are pushed out of employment to make room for those who are part of various crimes syndicates. Charles Dorner was terminated from LAPD and then allegedly killed people. He was 40 years old and allegedly got killed afterward. I was terminated from FDIC at about age 40 when I would not go to a bosses hotel room in Hawaii and Donna Tanoue of Hawaii was the FDIC Chairperson, which was part of the reason why I would not go. Murder and mayhem reside in banking oversight. The government should offer employment options. I want payment of at least 4 million USA dollars from the FDIC and federal dictators over the treasury.

The money from banking crimes is too large and can not be stopped without decimation of various industries and the murder of those who profit from them, because they will try to kill you if you try to stop them. The government employers cut your Achilles. I want my old job back at the FDIC or something similar, perhaps the old Sweet Carol's, ARD F-DIC or Masters job. I like the hook of it all. I will accept payment from those who blew up San Bruno in 2010 or those who tried to kill me in 2001 and who gave me the stroke with forced injections and who likely tampered with Mr. Justice's neighborhood in 1999 in Rocklin. Lord I prayed, look what those international predators did. 911? In time I will want 400 million and you can divide up the other 80 million of the Xu Xu and Yu currency in the event our enemies are killed and their monies returned to our people. Beware of California. The enemy is perched in the highest government federal and state seats. The Zhendong explosion and patent was revealed by myself, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone.

Daily Foreword Ocotober 24, 2013: It appears I was abducted according to BC / BS of Alabama in their medical records from April of 2004 in my case at Flagstaff Medical Center. I was forcibly injected and knocked unconscious and held for three days forcibly at FSMC in 2004 with the psychotic and deranged. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama has just confirmed that I was treated and billed for outpatient only, therefore those who abducted me did it for free or took payment from the federal crimes syndicates controlling Los Angeles California Superior Court through D.C. FDIC and the rest of the wealthy war criminals at the Treasury and their police forces at the Secret Service, all owned by the international money laundering kings and queens, and their other predatory activities, etc.

I would wager that the federal government has had a hand in my abduction and my stroke. The money laundering factions of the war criminal sects in California and D.C. and the Earth. It can not be stopped and if you are an investigator or accountant you are at risk due to the volume of money and the nature of warfare involving huge sums of money. You should view the government with suspicion. Our children are at risk and I am urging the young to leave the USA and all predatory nations. We are now in a new sort of slave state exacted with murder and medical torture and robbery, etc. for those who resist their onslaught. I do not care if the slave owners are killed in the predatory industries in the USA and around the globe. There are many ways to make a man woman child or zygote a slave.

In 2004 the alleged Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun were arrested in OKC and Wichita and Yu Zhendong was soon arrested in Los Angeles. It is likely a ruse and a government ripoff and not a Bank of China incident with a recorded amount of nearly a half billion dollars. I saw an explosion near the line of Blackwell and Braman Oklahoma in 2004 December. I was injected forcibly in February or April of 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center under federal war criminals orders and likely linked to the Casa Di Cambio and FDIC and Treasury syndicates. Was it illusion caused by implants or triggers? Was I used to point to Donna Tanoue Former FDIC chair and the Xu Xu and Yu trio. The area may be slightly radioactive and that which hit may have been a weapon used to deceive the slave populations of prison planet Earth, meaning a sort of Zhendong Space ship with new weapons capabilities.

A simple translation for my new weapons theory: Xu and Xu and Yu are three points in a three dimensional triangle, and the the Gun in June, Guojun, is fired when the commercial CHA unit uses its fan, Chaofan, and it is all made possible with a multi-faceted space ship overhead, Zhendong, and like a hen it drops its egg. A type of nuclear transfer using something akin to a high powered cluster of radioactive ions perhaps pushed by a beam. The temperature and pressure difference of the Compressor and perhaps the lengths of a/c ducts in the building can be used to create a nuclear accelerator and a harvest point for a combustion reaction perhaps in some way using the compressor. NYC Twin Towers and OKC federal building could have both been hit with the Zhendong I saw explode in Oklahoma near Blackwell and Braman Oklahoma. This is theory and I think rocketman took it down with or without a Bluetooth. Thou shalt not kill. They killed Timothy McVeigh, the wrongfully accused, or was McVeigh part of the illusion used for distraction, a non-existent human.

BC/BS of Alabama said they could not send me a written document with all of the procedures paid for but they did give me a BC BS Claim Number 350126512500 from billing date April 13, 2004 from Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona claiming outpatient work. The total for the outpatient work costs 1453.84 cents. My wife was billed over 2000 for the inpatient abduction. I do not think she paid but the government was in charge of it. We lost a war. I had a stroke from the incident and I want to be paid several million dollars for it in cash or assets and if I am not paid I pray their enemies can exact a million times the damage on them as they have upon myself and others including murdered judges and bank examiners and journalists.

I would welcome the end of the war criminal dictatorship in power in the USA and particularly on the West Coast and in the South East USA for the governments abuse and torture of many of us when seeking medical care. I was also tortured and abused for attempting to stop torture and abuse of Americans such as starvation in jails by Sheriffs who are thieves and who are part of the syndicate of our enemies in power and who hold high office under the predatory capitalist empire. I diagnosed the scenarios like a physician or scientist in a lab.

Flagstaff Medical Center and BC BS of Alabama will be contacted by my attorney if I can afford one. They will say I can not sue due to the age of the case. They gave me a stroke and my memory is coming back. I just want to see what they did to me and they are hiding information. I urge you to protect your young from the enemy in power and their traps inherent in predator capitalism.

Sheriff Jack Tillman should eat well in Hell. He helped to initiate this final assault against myself, an auditor and investigative journalist on government crimes in finance and medicine. Tillman was a government funds thief and a government food funds thief and now is no longer Sheriff since 2005. The federal dictators injected me in 2001 and stopped the presentation of my audit results against Tillman. The federal police in the most hated city of Los Angeles California also ignored the murder attempts against me in my investigations of FDIC crimes, investigations of my prior employer. The FDIC in San Francisco sent out a mobster to try to take my camera on St. Valentines Day 2001, the day I told them I had reported their money laundering, and that I would like to be the top guy in any anal F-DIC sex in San Francisco. Then three days later in February I was attacked on the highways and reported it to 911.

A little over a month later Jack Tillman tried to have me killed in April. He took my gun permit on 4/3/2001. I am by nature a numerologist and use it and other instincts in the hunt or in warfare. I did not have a gun on that date I was going to report him and he answered the call to the trap I set for the thief. I used his psychology by telling those starving inside the jail I was going to stop the thief from taking the food funds money and said it was the Sheriff, which it was. Never own a gun in the USA. I am still harassed as if I have one by those syndicated to the war criminal money laundering and dope dealers of the federal government and those who control them and those who benefit from their war criminal arrangement in law and war criminal profiteer privelege. The money is too large and the crimes can not be stopped. I was left maimed. I do not care if those who controlled the maiming are left maimed tortured or killed.

We need better weapons to deal with our enemies in power and we need better discernment tools and escape methods. Could it be that the entire NYC Twin Towers and OKC bombing and all events surrounding them are contrived or artificial with confusion about "cause and effect". My Zhendong analysis would seem logical considering the time for advancement in warfare technology since the alleged nuclear blasts of history.

Daily Foreword October 23, 2013: I was told by a doctor I am an abortion survivor. I stopped by an abortion clinic yesterday to see about getting some medical care for a possible latent MRSA infection. I drove by twice. I think I will start hanging out at abortion protests, Sweet Carol. ARD F-DIC Sweet Carol told me I was in a hole I could not get out of, and that was around Y2K in San Francisco. Am I back from the dead?.

The second time I went by the clinic some protestors outside of the abortion planning facility started dumping what appeared to be blood on someone's head, another protestors head. They were shouting at me that they had never met an abortion survivor. I should have stopped for afternoon tea with my, our, fan club. The town was Watsonville California, a likely Catholic community. I should have stopped and seen if they would pay to have an IV drip line of antibiotics to kill the MRSA infection that has likely gone systemic. Perhaps I could find a lovely viable female volunteer to bear a child for me an abortion survivor. Perhaps the obscene plasticine rabbi in Santa Cruz, my dear friend, "why are you here?" could join in with a lovely volunteer to bear his child. I will vouch for him, he is in "the mood". I am in the mood. I am almost deadly. Or am I dead? Did I survive? Or did I survive unscathed the medical torture in 2001 and 2004 at a federal and state health care facility in California and Arizona?

Many know of me as abortion survivor Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone in North California area because I have mentioned a clinic that schedules abortions and I tried to get healthcare there once and was planning to jump out the window if anyone tried to inject me as has happened twice before when seeking medical care at a federal VA and then state Arizona hospital. I fear the VA and state hospitals after being tortured due to federal banking and war criminals trying to silence me. I was told that I was an abortion survivor after my parents were dead and after I had served in the USA military during the Falkland Islands War era. I also have developed tumors on the right side of my body from exposure during the Falkland Islands War where I worked topside. Another man, Robert Karlson of Ketchikan (Facebook) has central nervous system damage from exposure and is now in a wheelchair .

I was born in a city that was a major USA Port city during World War II and my mother and her mother were likely exposed during the war . I might just be another war survivor, or perhaps I suffer the curse of the eternal witness, the freak with a hollow part of the brain where God is coiled up like a serpent, taking care of things as we travel in my split and shared melon head. You see I have animal survival instincts of another predator and an angelic heart like a dead child. A dichotomy straight from the annals of "What the f---?"

The big F-DICs blow Justice as he was 'almost' crispy in Rock-lin and EDIE never tossed F-DIC ma's salad nor mine in sack of tomatoes. I am a weapons theorist as well. I often wondered if my captain onboard the USS Reid FFG-30 could be replaced by rapid material transferring in a conjugated and hinged tube material transfer as in a new weapon. The captain once angry at me slammed his feet on the deck with two thumps and I thought of the enemy jumping into his shoes through my admitted mess up on orders exposing our position. The captain did the foot stomping again at a party after the Falkland Islands war and for a split second I thought I saw a different man. When my boss Mr. Justice at FDIC was almost detonated along with his subdivision in 1999 I did not know if Mr. Justice was replaced or not as in that war with the weapon I envisioned with my captains assistance.

Daily Foreword October 18, 2013: The time has come in the USA to choose sides and to witness the betrayal of many of our people by some government officials, as they have murdered us, maimed us, and robbed us of all things including health and happiness, all for their own gain. The murder and maiming of many honest hard working Americans and those in other nations has become common place.

I was injected and knocked unconscious illegally by our enemies. They should have killed me. A nurse tried to free me in 2004 and a cop tried to free me in 2001. I was afraid to flee, afraid of assassination. Never fear the enemy. I should have taken flight or taken fight, as it is the animal way among animals.

I was born an abortion survivor according to a Dr. who told me at age 47 after I was an adult and I was maimed also at age 40 in 2001 and later in 2004 after investigating USA government crimes by banking syndicates controlling the federal government in California. I also was investigating a thief who was a Sheriff, Jack Tillman, and he was trying to silence my evidence against himself by assisting federal murderers in having me killed by illegally pulling my gun permit when I had no gun on 4-3-2001. The federal government in Los Angeles suppressed my voice and withheld evidence against Jack Tillman in Mobile Alabama so they could torture me and silence me.

Our enemies pay others to harm us, holding us down and injecting us with chemicals and calling it medical care, and they are abducting us and imprisoning us and robbing us while we are in transit and investigating them and their government calls it justice. They shut us down from employment to further their financial gains in the financial superstructure of the USA and world banking and financial systems while they enslave us.

I hope to find a political party in favor of upheaval or escape from our enemies now among us and at the top of the dictatorship in the USA and abroad.

In an attempt to conceal what was done to me at Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004, BC/BS insurance of Alabama is withholding a detailed written report of what was done to me in 2004 at at the FSMC in Arizona.

Daily Foreword October 15, 2013: A travel advisory for those entering California and Arizona. Many of us honest Americans have been targeted by those dictatorship members who are linked into the South Eastern United States of America and the West Coast of the USA. I urge the young to leave the USA and find nations with less predatory capitalist practices including everything from drugs and alcohol and gambling and forced war for profit and international oil thievery and prisons for profit and medical torture for profit and corrupt courts that leave them at the mercy of international war criminals and litigators who write banking and commerce laws that leave them unemployed and destitute, etc. Anything that makes you a SLAVE or lesser human being is predatory capitalism and you should flee from it.

The cannibalism of the human race is being re-manifested in the USA in new forms. I suspect many nations lost a war and you can see it in predatory capitalism when the enemy has moved forward to turn you into a slave of some sort.

I was told the USA was "awash" after the Falkland Islands War when I was in the USN. I was offered UK citizenship if I wanted a piece of the fighting. The USA and the UK are in the same boat from my observation, "awash".

Daily Foreword October 13, 2013: You have to be able to take todays government in the USA with a sense of humor to handle the taste of the vomit. It is my belief that if a war was not lost in the USA in my life time, then a larger war was lost on the Earth long ago and if so then this is our prison planet, a world of torture and intentional maiming by federal officials..

The government will call you a schizophrenic if you have memory recall after you recover from the stroke they induce in you with forced injections. That is true in my case as an investigative journalist.

Fact, I busted Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mob AL as food funds thief, and he tried to have me killed by pulling my gun permit. That was after I had been attacked for investigating FDIC murder of a top banking regulator on the West Coast of the USA. Fact, several banks and bankers have been caught with suspicious ties to former and current federal officials, including Wachovia Bank, and the "alleged" bank of China trio from Macau, Xu Chaofan, Xu Guojun, and Yu Zhendong who came in to the USA the same year I was being forcibly injected in 2001 and Donna Tanoue was going back to Hawaii after working as FDIC Chairman.

You may notice if you are a mathematician and CHA repair man and physicist and theorist on war, that the names of the men illustrate a new weapon that turns an ordinary commercial CHA unit into a sub-nuclear bomb. You see, I was almost killed in 2004 by an exploding aircraft of some sort in between the two Xu's arrest points, in OKC and Wichita respectively in 2004. I often wonder if when I was injected in Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004 if I was given something to make me age quicker, to kill me. I had the stroke from the torture then I think, but I have noticed huge pain which may have been due to my being dragged around unconscious, either in 2004 or in 2001 at LA VA Weswood where I was first injected before the courts of our enemies in Los Angeles.

A sad truth is that I now suspect some if not all of the men on my boat in the USN in 1983 may have had horrible things done to some of us. I often wonder if we lost a war at that time. You see, my memory was hurt by the forced injections by our enemies in power on the West Coast of the USA in California in 2001 and Arizona in 2004. We the USA were not in the Falkland Islands war in 1983 as a nation, but I think my ship was attacked if not bombarded with damaging rays, etc. One of my shipmates is suspiciously in a wheelchair, see Quatrains 12 web page of Mobile Audit Club. An addendum to that tale is a dream or reality came back. When Karlson was lost and allegedly recovered, we soon went down, first the sound of someone screaming for help to me as they came up the gangway and as I turned I thought I fell inside the bridge. As far as I know I was in a semi state of consciousness and held perpendicular by the nature of the weapons bombardment. A helicopter had landed on the landing pad of the USS Reid FFG-30, coming in from the vulnerable attack position at the rear. They had a new weapon. From a dream or the reality of war, I heard my enemy who is now in power in the USA as evidenced by our plight announce, "Code Jade". The sharp cackle of warfare and I could not slit his throat or blow his brains out. Pay the man in the wheelchair who may or may not have seen all that I describe, but most at least. Karlson is our Snowden in dieR straits and I hope that my fathers stolen .22, a gift to me taken by federal war criminals, is recovered or that it becomes a Catch 22. KNow Nikola Tesla's war methods and others.

Daily Foreword October 10, 2013: Due to the possibility of a woman's life likely having been placed in danger and her job at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona in 2004 and due to a release of a video about that woman's valiant attempt to help an investigative journalist on government crimes escape torture and abuse disguised as medical care at Flagstaff Medical Center. Because the federal government and internet censors will not allow the video to be released at Indy Media or Youtube without edit or deletion, I have released the video to Code Pink Organization.

I also had on the video evidence that Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama who was sheriff and who was a food funds thief and proven to have done so, had worked with federal assassins in an attempt to have me killed. I had suffered a prior attempt on my life during an FDIC murder investigation I was running at my prior employer the FDIC of the top F-DIC. I caught Tillman and evidence was suppressed by USA federal war criminals and I was injected and tortured before court in 2001. Now a woman's life is in danger who tried to help me escape from injections that lead to my having a stroke and likely other damage unrecorded.

As I see it, I was sent in to investigate the FDIC Murder after the killers had settled in at the bloody FDIC San Francisco office. And they had the audacity to put the rank and file separate from top West Coast Management. We were the bank examiners and they were the F-DIC D.C. Sweet Carol Coke Suckers.

I remember when I was unconscious either in 2004 at Flagstaff Medical center or on the USS Reid FFG-30 in 1983 somewhere after leaving Long Beach Ca, someone said, "Lets get him out of this garbage can." Of course I could have my head in that odd machine placed there forcibly at the federal torture and healthcare facility at LA VA Westwood in 2001 where I was forcibly injected the first time.

The question becomes, did someone throw me in a garbage can after torture? Get my medical records BC/BS and federal hoodlums from Flagstaff Medical Center. FDIC and Treasury are likely taken over long ago. I was warned in a strange way in 2004. Yu Zhendong blows up. Is Xu and Xu two points to OKC and a new weapon showing that McVeigh was innocent. Know my Zhendong Weapon Idea. Xu to Xu to Yu. Ac unit fan to gun in heat of june. Accelerate or impregnate cycle with Zhendong overhead. Or count me in as a theorist at MIT.

Daily Foreword October 9, 2013: Due to withholding of information and removal of files containing records on torture at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona in 2004 against myself, Kurt Brown former investigative journalist, I encourage profit taking against not only Flagstaff Medical Center for their heinous torture at the demand of federal banking war criminals in the USA governments and Sheriff Jack Tillman a now proven thief who I caught in an audit on 4/3/2001 in Mobile Alabama. Tillman tried to have me killed by illegally taking my gun permit on the bequest of assassins who were at the FDIC San Francisco. They had killed the prior boss on the West Coast and I was sent in to investigate, as I see it.

We are in dire straits the day we are taken hostage while seeking medical care and tortured and maimed and I insurance has us pay for it with our lives. BC/BS has lost the record therefore money laundering continues. The alleged Bank of China money of 2004 was likely not Macau currency. It was USA currency stolen by our enemies who have likely seized most if not all of government. BC/BS stock should likely drop in value due to their being associates to the war criminal horde in the federal government. Flagstaff Medical Center and the new American gestapo of various bloodlines in all powerful at LA VA medical center. They are beholden to international money launderers. To Robert Karlson of Ketchikan, former signalman in dire straits, we love you on the hill. Facebook him and send his some medical money. I fear he is now a guinea pig at best and I have written about him on Quatrains 12.

Daily Foreword October 7, 2013: A Flagstaff Medical Center nurse or orderly is likely in extreme danger tonight due to a video I released mentioned that she had tried to help me escape in 2004 from Flagstaff Medical Center. I was forcibly injected and had a stroke and have not been compensated. This involves international money launderers and murderers who kill judges who want to silence men such as myself, an investigative journalist on government crimes in finance and medicine and a former FDIC bank examiner in San Francisco where a top murder had occurred before I arrived of the F-DIC Head. The nurse is in danger due to the video being edited by federal agents at youtube.

I have tried to place the original video at LA Indymedia. The video that was edited is at youtube and by editing the video they endangered the nurse's life and her job for her attempt to help me. She looked like a Syrian woman in a way but she was American most likely.

Daily Foreword October 4, 2013: Youtube is down this morning and most likely due to my releasing a new view yesterday. Saintrambone is my youtube name and where the playlist of my videos is located. I pointed out the fact that the government of the USA is now more like an enemy than an ally to those people of the poorer class in the USA. We were taken over long ago and many of us have been harmed as children and many more of our grandchildren will suffer terrible harm if they remain in the USA.

I am encouraging the young to consider other nations for residence and to leave the USA when young. I mentioned Israel, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa as possible homes for your young in their exit from the predatory factions controlling the USA.

In the video I also stated that I was injected before court in 2001 by a federal employee and I was basically shut down after torture and threats by money launderers in the FDIC and Treasury. The USA federal government suppressed evidence in my case in the proof of thievery by Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama which I presented. We are enemies with the regime and I want payment for their war crimes against me. I will accept BC/BS insurance so I can afford a private medical practice. We should not trust federal and state facilities for healthcare because our worse enemy is in control of the USA government. Obama is a PR figure. I am speaking of the war criminals who had me and others harmed. I will not get payment but I could get catharsis if our mutual enemies were killed maimed and tortured as many of us the honest have been in the USA. We the honest in banking oversight, judges and bank examiners, and we the honest journalists who investigate murder and mayhem in the government finance and medicine, are being tortured and killed and maimed. I welcome release from our enemies in life or in death.

In the video released yesterday on Youtube by saintrambone I also mentioned that BC/BS insurance and I were forced to pay for forced healthcare or abuse rather in 2004 at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona. The staff forced me to sign the insurance documents and then they forced me to be forcibly injected and held me for at least three days and soon after release I started losing my vision and soon discovered they had given me a stroke. Beware of California. Beware of the USA governments. Those international billionaires who control them are our worst enemies..

Daily Foreword October 1, 2013: Mind control and Nikola Tesla's work and my own theories on three dimensional manifestation has made me wonder if the entire world has been caged and pegged from outer space.

I was once told that nothing is as it seems. A new wave of warfare makes me think of the guy with the "shank" in the prison. He has the latest greatest shank and is king of his world. His world is already controlled and absurd. Why aren't we in outer space in the multitude?

I am very sick and without trust worthy healthcare. Before I was injected forcibly I had complete empathy for the suffering even if they were war criminal. Now if those who create unnecessary suffering are dealt with brutally, it lessens my own pain in a way.

It has been said that every organism emits its own unique resonant frequency. I believe all viruses and prions and many cancers can be dealt with through electrical engineering applied to medicine. I wrote a song titled, "Stone Cold In My Electric Chair" right after I was made partially blind from a stroke due to repeated forced injections of chemicals by those who control the alleged USA government and take their directives from them. In the song lyrics I said "Fifty Dollars is me Stone Cold". A young woman who I believe was from Syria told me I should change it to "Four Bucks is me Stone Cold". A person at Flagstaff Medical Center was going to allow me to run in 2004 from the Flagstaff Medical Center right before I was forcibly injected. I loved her for that option I should have taken. But I am sure they would have killed this government informant and government crimes investigator and journalist. I am in so much pain I should start a donation fund for my healthcare or a grave plot. FDIC should provide me with free BC/BS Insurance. Never use a state healthcare facility or federal.

Daily Foreword September 26, 2013: The greatest damage done to me, Kurt Brown, during my investigative journalism career was torture and repeated forced injections by federal agents and those they approve of in the USA. I am not sure what was done to me while I was unconscious. The fact is, due to the stroke I had after the last set of forced injections, I often wonder if I ever came out of the coma from forced injections. When I was unconscious at the Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004 in Arizona and under the control of federal police since 2001, I was injected and knocked unconscious. I believe they did something else to me, other injections or medical implants or chemical alterations or electric shock to the brain while I was unconscious. We are at war for our lives in the USA. My shoulders often hurt and I can not help but wonder if I am knocked unconscious and drug around by war criminal felons. After all, I was injected and tortured repeatedly before the banking wars heated up in 2008. Beware of those who will harm you if they are paid to do so.

They launder money and kill each other as in gangland warfare at the top of the Treasury and FDIC money laundering and banking oversight empires. They torture and maim the innocent among us. The war never ends. Protect your young. Protect yourselves.

Daily Foreword September 23, 2013: As I have grown older I have come to realize that I am in peril in the USA, in particular among some factions in California, a place I mistakenly considered a refuge. In many cases they are money laundering and dope smuggling and murder for profit criminals and many petty workers will inject you forcibly if they are told to do so and paid by those in power who in fact are over the predatory industries, drugs gambling alcohol heroin cocaine prostitution marijuana and much more. I no longer feel safe in California although I have made many friends there. I am considering leaving the USA if a film project does not seem feasible or if none of my proposed inventions can be tested in a laboratory setting. One proposed movie is a sitcom on the FDIC experience, a horror and comedy based on true events.

If you want marijuana, move to Colorado as it is legal there and you do not need a doctors note, which is more extortion by California drug lord masterminds.

The greatest threat in California is the tendency to discriminate in employment against various people from outside the region who are not protected. They try to send the unemployed into insane asylums or prisons if they cause trouble for the more criminally elite who are in hidden and in power. I ran audits and investigations and was left maimed and was not compensated. I lost my feelings for aggressors and do not care if they are killed or maimed in any coming wars or ongoing wars on American soil. Where next? Casablanca? Sweet, give Dirt a 24 carrot, he's about blind." Nobody cares who lives or dies among the wolves of the Earth.

Daily Foreword September 22, 2013: It appears my life as I knew it as an accountant and journalist and medical and financial crimes investigator is over. The report is thus : It appears my entire world is awash from my personal life to the international scene.

Daily Foreword September 10 2013: I was once told by a doctor I had survived an abortion. Mother had died two years earlier and all family in the know had died. Considering a state hospital doctor told me this after repeated forced injections by another federal government and another state government of various chemicals into me Kurt Brown former FDIC bank examiner, I doubt I am an abortion survivor. If I was then that would mean I am in fact dead because an abortion is an abortion. That would explain the sensation of death and peering out a window onto life, or that would be the stroke caused by the embolus or some unknown medical procedure while I was knocked unconscious from one of the forced injections I endured in 2001 and later in 2004.

I and many others on the Earth and the USA have been butchered through various means, many of us used as medical guinea pigs unwittingly or knowingly. Even our instruments of war are too sharp to protect the weapons bearer and their young. Nuclear spillage has been in every war as of late and their government turned against me and others in the USA. After my horrific USN Falkland Islands fallout experience and my FDIC employment and my freelance investigative journalistic phase on investigating government crimes in finance and medicine, I realized our entire generation and those past had been deceived. The forced injections by government into me and the indifference and attacks by city police commanded by federal police and who were assisted by a thief who WAS sheriff assisting them.

"I was first attacked where?" As the character Marlon Brando played in Apocalypse Now would say in my shoes. Another life at the lower level is always like Hell. Heaven Hell Purgatory from the devils triangle, flicker of light protected by a layer of dead flesh is what is left of my life due to those filthy war criminals who have not paid me for their war crimes against me Kurt Brown. They also owe in this war some war payment of the gold crust to families of the bloody FDIC head and Judge Thomas Wales, etc. Your O'bama is a PR official sent by a postal worker with a wet postage stamp wet with the blood of the last F-DIC worker who painted the head of the F DIC in journalistic form and delivered the house talisman painting to the Queerest of the Queer city San Francisco. An FDIC man in San Francisco once told me someone whacked an FDIC mans head off with an ax in the street in NYC. He laughed at the humor but considering the prior boss at FDIC San Francisco was shot in his head in his office and laughingly called suicide by the Secret Service and the FBI. My FDIC boss was almost a crispy critter in Rocklin California and I wondered about new hidden weapons of war and methods of subterfuge in the most modern warfare. I could now applaud some executions now I suppose if those who injected me forcibly were strung up by chords that looked like their porcine intestinal tracts, but I would rather receive a decent payment for their war crimes against me..

Daily Foreword September 7, 2013 : To the young I would like to tell them to look at the prisons of the USA, the largest prison population per capita on the Earth. The people there in prison often believed in the lies of the predators among us, our true enemies. Alcohol is a hard drug just like heroin. Cigarettes and marijuana guarantee death by cancer over time. The abortion clinics are there to rid you of your children, not those who built the clinics and do the abortions. Casinos are there so that tax dollars can be taken from the public and pushed through government approved money laundering channels.

We are not treated equally and that never happens among the human population in any nation. You are not obligated to serve worship or admire the war criminal sects in power over the USA governments. Beware of forced injections and beware of traps. Do not depend completely on the enemy who is in at least part of the world empire government. You and I are nothing to them. Do not harm someone just because you are paid to do so. The USA government approves of forced injections with needles upon our people and the murder of others in the ongoing war against those who are naÔve about the enemy in power. The Russian government did forcible injections to control the populace. It creates uncertainty and you can not know what they do to you while you are unconscious.

Some times things are not what they seem.

Daily Foreword September 4, 2013: Today I heard a large explosion, one of those moments and then the sirens rang. I wondered if LA ceased to exist and how I would get out of the rim of that Southern California metropolis. I looked online and the USA federal war machine had just publicly authorized war payment on war in Syria. I miss Moammar Gadhafi and the old Libya. As the devil may see it, google search "The Devil Katrina You Say" and see the video for entertainment made when I was in a partial coma.

Do not worry about what is happening over there, that is war for profit, and over here is the similar mad war machine in the USA experience, except needles and medical torture left me partially dead after exposing Sheriff Jack Tillman food thief, and the FDIC money laundering overseers, and us, their examiners, often left like Goody Two Shoes blood and guts FDIC regional director San Francisco in the early 1990s, "Goodie two shoes whacked self in F-DIC head" said the Secret Service parrot to the NSA spawn. I can tell you from my dead side, it is like a sleeping toe nail, I split the two sleeping toes of the enemy crushing us. .666 = A1/S It is from the Betz equation. It is prophetic on Love Line 12 of this site. Hats off to the obscene plasticine Rabbi. I wonder what his opinion is..

Daily Foreword September 1, 2013: A travel warning should be issued on the USA in the South West regarding forced injections and seizure of assets by the predatory legal sectors in California and Arizona and their syndicated crimes associates. Never bring guns into the state, even if driving through California to Alaska. Their police and law groups are as predatory as drug dealers and money launderers, because that is who their bosses are on the West Coast and in Washington D.C.

It appears that Morro Bay and SLO have become hot spots for undercover activity as the new slave owners of America try to fill the jails. Most often in the jails are those people who are slaves to drugs and alcohol or targeted and persecuted by crimes syndicates inside the USA governments. Many of the inmates in jails are those damaged from current predatory activities against them and other inmates are victims of prior wars on the people of this wretched prison planet. Never bring a gun into the state of California as the government is stealing thousands of dollars in fines and seizure and extortion through bails and they can inject you before court thereby crippling you in defending yourself in court.

The Morro Bay area exemplifies the rich in the mansions and the poor in the prisons. Beware of the lies of California as they are as predatory as Washington D.C. and those who control them. Also Arizona is forcibly injecting people as I was injected at Flagstaff Medical Center and knocked unconscious simply when seeking healthcare and they robbed my insurance and myself and even stole my home and car keys while I was unconscious and in chains. I have prayed that our enemies with their needles and forced medical procedures are removed from power, any way necessary.

I have elaborated on some of the new weapons to be wary of and I have mathematical proofs on page Love Line 12 of this Mobile Audit Club website. We are not slaves to the monkeys in man who have come to power. They are the ape and it does not matter what happens to them when they try to enslave us through various means. Prisons for profit is California's main industry, as they have the largest prison population per capita in the USA, and the USA has the largest prison population per capita on Earth. In the South East USA the dictators steal oil and sell black market dope to the populace. The banking oversight system resembles the movie, The Lord of The Flies, as they fight like children for the carcass that was the USA Treasury and FDIC. I was an eye witness as an employee and freelance investigator.

August 18, 2013: It is my belief that a war of sorts has been waged on many of us in the United States and likely Europe and other nations. I suspect the entire human population on Earth has been duped. The focus of WWII on nuclear blasts did not take into account the usage of the blasts of energy in other higher advanced weapons. I have speculated on the Betz equation and the linkage to the two largest nuclear blasts in history. Mind control using Nikola Tesla's theories are connected to my thoughts on the Betz equation and the nuclear blasts listed on page Love Line 12.

I have been injected and tortured repeatedly and cast to the lower caste by those over the USA federal governments. Our financial system is not ours and my own body is not mine under the international dictators. They knocked me unconscious and my world became questionable. I welcome a global holy war and see the extinction of the human race as a mercy killing if it occurs. Never trust the smiling enemies among us, over us, and beware that many will harm you if they are paid to do so.

One of the greatest mistakes I made as a child was to see the USA government as being benevolent like God, a force to fight and die for. .

Never serve the USA military and avoid government employment.

You can not change the beasts in power. If they try to abduct you or arrest you, in some instances you would be better off to fight to the death or just take your own life.

Daily Foreword August 15, 2013: I have given up on traditional employment in the federal sector since the federal government allowed part of my brain to be caused to have a stroke due to forced injections while I was conducting audits on government crimes in finance and medicine. I and other USA federal bank examiners deserve payment in a class action suit or warfare if necessary and if necessary military actions to seize power from the tyrants over us in their predatory enterprises who have wrenched the banking system out of the average banks and and average working America's hands. The world was convoluted with war, new weapons, perhaps time twisters using atomic blasts as a power source of which I discuss on page Love Line 12 with a mathematical theorem based on the Betz equation which equates to many possibilities. Many of us are brain damaged since children, lopsided brains, collapsed, likely warfare and caste setting in our era, or possible chemical ignorance and greed.

For comedy today I would like to propose a new movie called "Mobile Audit Club" a sort of real life movie based on the journalist who built this site and the evidence of his investigations. In the real world I lost I won. I can not disclose my occupation except I have an F-DIC pink slip and an IUD. The federal government will not re-hire me.

Therefore I propose a movie scene: Benicio Del Toro has his picture taken at an ATM as he robs Sheriff "Jack Snatch The Fairy Possum's Accounts" in a melee of collections enroute on the devils triangle. A former FDIC bank examiner who is a journalist also are out to retrieve various government criminals stolen or swindled booty. Benicio is the electrical engineer and art connoisseur and underground collector who in this first shot has some sort of cigarette at the ATM while he reaches for Sheriff Snatch's ill gotten funds down in Mobile Alabama. The 3 D Dimensionalizer cage places the man in several blasts and wrecks and and robberies and always escaping or presumed dead.

I propose movement of water on page Love Line 12 using these theories on triangulation and pressure differentials and inspiration from scientific art such as a projected image in a faraday cage taking on three dimensions. In addition the Queerest of the Queer painting is picked up in the Village of the Damned Mobile Alabama and is to be taken to the Obscene Plasticine Rabbi in the San Francisco area. Next stop in the movie for the duo Benicio and Saint Ram Bone with their possessed painting is Las Vegas and the hunt for the Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun money from Bank of China. Xu and Xu allegedly were arrested in 2004. The objective also is to return an explosive to a Las Vegas Reno international billionaire who almost killed the most famous journalist who worked with Hunter S. Thompson, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone. In real life Hunter S. Thompson was shot in the head and called suicide. I had discussed Flagstaff Medical Center's torture chamber for profit calling all insane and doing medical procedures and I also pointed out covered up murder at the FDIC San Francisco and an Explosion in 1999 in Rocklin California that was a dud, and the strong arming of federal bank examiners by others compliant to demands of international crimes syndicates. I was saddened that someone shot Hunter and called it suicide in 2005. I spoke with him in 2004. That is another topic to be triangulated with other movements in the vendetta, one in which Del Toro does not understand the depth of the paintings hidden face. It is a dead joke shared among the dead and the dead among the living. Kurt Brown, Saint Ram Bone, auditor and collector, Mobile Audit Club time eternal.

Daily Foreword August 9, 2013: The USA is now in the dark ages of predatory capitalism as the West Coast devours the Gulf of Mexico Coast of the USA and much of the North East USA. Cocaine in the form of crack cocaine is like a plague in the South East USA. Marijuana is distributed at the price of gold in the South East USA by those from the West Coast of the USA and other nations. Unfortunately it is sold only occasionally and crack cocaine is more prevalent in some areas. Heroin will soon be distributed in greater bulk in the Eastern USA and grown on the USA west coast and other nations. When I speak of the West Coast I am talking about the demarcation line that runs from the South to the North, starting in New Mexico on its Eastern side and going to North to the Eastern side of Montana.

For all intents and purposes the USA as we know it is destroyed or never existed as proclaimed. Mankind is a predator and predatory capitalists have taken siege in the USA. I would applaud the execution of those who would make us cocaine slaves, starting with marijuana prohibitionists in the prohibitionist states and in D.C. and beyond. The execution and ridding of assets of those enslaving our population to cocaine is welcome. We are at war for our lives. Many children are maimed before birth. Beware of caste setting through warfare on the young. I pity the B blood types in the South East USA. They are being devoured by the A blood types on the West Coast and in South America. A blood types include many of us. B blood types are the slaves of past and present. A peasant A blood type is a share-cropper of antiquity and A and B worked together in the fields like slaves in antiquity. The time has come for change in the South East USA. We are enemies under the current international dictators. Protect your young. I was born maimed because of them and was maimed further when I investigated government criminals.

Daily Foreword August 7, 2013: It appears the South East USA and the people there are now the new third world of the USA. In New Mexico the Mexican population there has become highly politically oriented. Considering their grass is now almost worth its weight in gold in New Orleans, you can understand their political love for the drug dealing tyrants in power. I see more Mexicans with American flags in the South West than I see Americans with American flags in the South East. We are enemies with the regime in power, particularly in the South East USA. To see them detonated under weapons of mass destruction would end our suffering. It does not matter if the USA is broken up after a series of wars.

I have been attacked many times in the USA. Including being attacked by the corrupt government officials in California and Alabama and Arizona and D.C. I was forcibly injected repeatedly and robbed of my belongings and my employment and my health.

Daily Foreword July 23, 2013: Today my attention is turned to a Signalman, Robert Karlson of Ketchikan Alaska from the USS Reid FFG-30 who was likely subjected to medical experimentation or abuses in warfare, which is common. You can do a search for him on facebook and send him money for proper medical care. I recommend private and not public federal or state hospitals. I was the Quartermaster and the alleged Falkland Islands War was waging. Those of us who were topside on the ship were exposed to more, in particular likely new weaponry used against us and high intensity radar on the Signalman who has not been paid per my knowledge for his resultant multiple sclerosis, a debilitating condition that has left Robert Karlson in a wheelchair (facebook link) and without VA compensation for his injuries. We worked 24 hours a day seven days a week for two week intervals or more during the 1983 period in the Pacific Fleet of the USN on the USS Reid FFG-30. Some of our children have been born deformed since then and some men may not even be able to reproduce. I was injected and tortured by those in power in 2001 after FDIC employment and after freelance journalistic work on a murder at the FDIC that was covered up and labeled suicide. I want to be paid and I want to hear the Signalman, Robert Karlson Jr. of Ketchikan Alaska gets 100 percent disability from the VA. Robert Karlson can be found on Face book if you have a wheelchair or boat to donate. Onboard the USS Reid in 1983 a Petty officer told me to go take a long shower, a very long shower, after we were exposed to toxic fallout or weapons. The question becomes was I abducted on the ship and were those who control the federal government performing experiments on myself and others? In a dream someone placed a radio-active tool to my nuts after taking my shower thereby enabling more experimentation and debilitation of an unsuspecting and enemy populace. That enemy was us and we were nuts to have been there. I want payment Sweet Carol and George Masa or whoever took over in San Francisco FDIC. A corner of real estate or equivalent monies from Doctor Tanoue's piggy bank starting with the Xu and Xu capital from BOC Macau and the murderer from Reno who is competing with those around the globe. Pay the Signalman 100%, Robert (Bob) Karlson Jr. of Ketchikan Alaska and give a quartermaster his quarter of the FDIC Xu Xu booty.

When we were in the USN they cooked Karlson's ass and he now has advanced MS. They fried my nuts in the USN. Later they cut out half of the remaining half of my brain with a stroke by forced injections. I want that class action suit for federal financial oversight employees who were tortured murdered outcast or persecuted and I will accept a job on the FDIC BOD as protector of positive capitalism commerce. Our enemies have come to power through force and they will have to be removed with tact and ruthlessness.

I had a dream. I wondered what it would be like to be hanging on the cross like those people of antiquity. IN the dream that followed it was the edge of the abyss of death and my arms were light and I could barely feel them and my feet had slight sensation and as I thought I tried to bend my knees to get into a box I realized that I could not control my feet and the whole thing at one faded moment was like hanging over a box from a cross. Strange dream but it gives one an idea of persecution. I would prefer that slap happy death over forced injections and torture and seeing my shipmates die after being exposed and penniless while their conquerors eat sweet carols F-DIC treats. Cock s-ckers all D.C. ? The entire boat was labeled queer, Dier, guinea pigs all topside at cookin time.

I often wonder is Karslon was selected for his experiment or torture due to his fathers service in the USA military at an earlier time? If I recall he was of high rank and had many combat awards. Pay Karlson, and let me work on the FDIC BOD. I will do it for a F-DIC pink slip and an IUD, I already have both.

Daily Foreword July 16, 2013: I often state hypothesis for scientific type tests in audits or investigations. I tested to see if Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama was a thief of food funds and he was caught hording food funds for personal usage and starving inmates, legal under Alabama laws and actions in 2001 when I tried to stop him. He was terminated or forced to resign rather in 2005.

Another hypothesis is that former FDIC director George Masa in San Francisco in 2001 who was given the post after the prior FDIC regional director was murdered in circa 1992 and labeled suicide, was being directed and appointed by an assassin's associate. t George Masa was appointed by someone who had direct links to Donna Tanoue of Hawaii who was the FDIC Chairman of the board and quit in 2001. She quit because the flush came or the breakage or ties when Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun entered the USA with at least $483 Million dollar equivalents from the Bank of China in Macau. Something went wrong. and Casa Di Cambio Puebla was working deals that allowed the USA banks to fail on the East Coast and for British bank examiners to be paid American dollars while we American bank examiners and freelance journalist on government crimes become victimized on both the East and West coasts. I welcome a war to break out. Some times the wheels of justice are clogged with our own blood and we need theirs to break the gridlock. Who is our ally and who is our enemy? The EEOC in San Francisco should be shut down for their war crimes against innocent federal bank examiners. We need a class action suit to stop the robbery of America or we need war. They tried to force a lovely Asian woman to have sex and she quit as a FDIC bank examiner. They had more in mind than sex. Behind closed doors it is chemical warfare. They gave me warfare in injections in 2001 and 2004. I would not go to my bosses hotel and was given a bad rating which allowed me to be terminated. The injections I saw coming and it was in March of 2000 that he or she who was my supervisor on the bank examination in Hawaii for the FDIC that he or she wanted me in the hotel room in Hawaii by mysel It was my boss from the San Francisco office on that job and dressed like a female. I want to be paid several million dollars or granted seized assets from those who have left us maimed and robbed. It is more than your tax dollars going into those channels.

Another hypothesis is that the banker from Reno Nevada who wanted the bank charter in Roseville in 1999 was competing for either Chinese or Latin American currencies and represented the grease balls out of Las Vegas. An explosion almost occurred and my boss Mr. Justice came crying to me like I can stop a fire bomb. Technology may have rendered the war for human rights lost on Prison Planet Earth .

Daily Foreword July 15, 2013 : Yesterday I was shot at on an interstate in Los Angeles County. A fog light was shot out on my vehicle. A bright flash was seen from a vehicle ahead. Los Angeles is a place where the government hates the American people, particularly if you are not from the region. They will rob you and torture you for simple gun ownership. They are always looking for ways to rob people. If it is not the crooks it is the government. I hope the USA is broken up and our enemies are killed on American soil.

Beware of alcohol and other drugs. Their government wants you incapacitated and addicted.

I was tortured and injected at Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona in 2004 and at LA VA Westwood in 2001 in West Los Angeles. It started because I investigated government financial and medical crimes. Since that time I have turned 180 degrees in my view of the USA and the governments.

The government has allowed many drugs and contaminants to ruin many people from my generation, born in the 1950s and 1960s in the USA. Radiation exposure on adult humans and the usage of various drugs for pregnant women has left many of our children retarded and deformed. It is likely a new weapon was used on much if not all of the people on Earth. I discovered one such weapon through analysis of nuclear blasts, their timing, their locations and you can see the theory by doing a Ctrl-f for the Betz Equation on the Love Line 12 page of this Mobile Audit Club website. I speculate there are many more such weapons on a smaller scale. Beware of California as it is has the self righteous cross in the courtrooms through D.C. but they are abusive robber barons and the populace in Los Angeles is geo-centric and highly bigoted and prejudiced in many cases. If you own guns, never let them find you with them. Buy a safe to store them. I am considering joining forces in the Holy War on Earth. I want to see Israel and Iran join forces. Neither allow casinos and money laundering. I want a space colony built for us by Israel and Iran and perhaps North Korea since they supposedly have the fastest jet in history. There are other ways borrowed from nature, such as the mimicking of one thing for another. A computer mouse is dropped and it snaps apart like a bugs abdomen and no structural damage to the computer mouse. The Central Nervous System skips neural impulses at the speed of light. The FDIC Board of Directors needs to be nailed for their abuses or perhaps we should look to those who control the FDIC Board of Directors. A war is waging there.

Because mankind is a lower animal in the cosmos relatively, man must learn to behave like a higher order being. Our natural tendency is to fight like lower animals. Perhaps that is the way of the ignorant or the blind or the inbred.

Daily Foreword July 6, 2013: It is obvious a war was lost on Earth and it is likely many of us were tampered with at birth. A doctor in 2006 or 2007 told me I had survived an abortion, but that was after I was forced injections and had a stroke under the hands of the international dictators who control the USA federal government and their state government and federal government healthcare systems. All children and unborn who are not protected in many ways are at risk.

You should be aware that the military was lost long ago. Many men are being subjected to poisons and weapons of war and they are discarded in many cases with no payments. One signalman I knew got MS after being exposed to radar of varying types on the USS Reid FFG-30. He worked topside with me and we were both exposed. We did not turn off our radar due to it being wartime and that signalman is now in a wheelchair and to my knowledge was not compensated. There was also a nuclear spill or some other matter in the Pacific Ocean or near the end of the warmer section of the South Pacific. I was taken from Navigation duties after exposure in a toxic area and resulting sickness. The captain said as we looked overboard, "They are trying to kill us."

My life was destroyed after FDIC federal service as a bank examiner in 2000. In one instance we were under seeming attack at Roseville FDIC outside Sacramento. My boss's subdivision was almost blown up with fuel in Rocklin California in 1999 when a pipe diluted a subdivision with "Jet fuel" according to my FDIC boss and it was diesel according to recorded reports on the internet. Donna Tanoue of Hawaii was the FDIC chairman. A huge Bank of China out of Macau deal was about to be made in 2001 for money laundering with Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun. A man had come from Reno in 1999 to get a bank charter from the Roseville FDIC for a bank in Roseville and he was an obvious possible money laundering type in my opinion as trained in psychology and human behavior. I use psychology in many instances and traps as an auditor and investigator. Ironically the pipe with fuel that nearly blew up Rocklin was coming from Reno. In this bank examiners opinion in hindsight someone was trying to make a Bank in Roseville look like a money launderer intent on murder if they did not get their bank charter. In reality they are fighting over the proceeds from banking and money laundering and we the innocent are being persecuted and maimed. I am partially dead due to being maimed by federal and state officials since then and the only upside is that I welcome global warfare and annihilation. If we are to be the lower caste for eternity, we are better off dead.

Daily Foreword July 4, 2013: I would like to celebrate our independence from those whose minds are like animals and who rule over us and forcibly inject us. I would like to celebrate when the federal government controlled by the international dictators over this hated land mass known as the USA, are forced to pay us outcast honest federal bank examiners and investigative journalists for their torture and maiming and killing innocent bank examiners and judges. I would like for God to exercise the price in blood or famine if we are not paid in wealth untold. I have been maimed and am dead on the outside or is it the inside? Regardless I welcome the deaths of those who attacked me and others.

Daily Foreword June 27, 2013: I have requested Ellen Degeneris allow me on her show. Here is a copy of the letter I, a Quartermaster at one time for the USN, sent to Ellen regarding a nuclear blast during the Falkland Islands War. The letter is now posted on LA Indymedia. Oprah can't swallow as deep in Montecito due to F-DIC issues, gross limits and such. I would like to propose I sit in my Princesses high chair and let Ellen swallow from the front in a cover shot with the Queerest of the Queer painting image behind us and a Plasticine Rabbi casting dust to the clouds somewhere on the California coast.

I have been warned that the red flags may be going up again when I, Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone, am in the vicinity of the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles California. Those crimes syndicates inside the USA government who are beholden to those exterior to our lower class in the USA, are attacking many of us honest investigative freelance journalists and this former FDIC bank examiner.

Sheriff Jack Tillman had taken my gun permit when I had no gun and was going to report him on 4/3/2001. The federal government uses things of that sort to get us trapped into crimes. Once they get "the dirt" on you, meaning a charge for gun ownership, they can step on you forever. They are cannibals and predators on the West Coast of the USA in government just like those in power over the South East USA governments. You have a catch 22 situation where if you do not have a gun or protection you can be gunned down. If you do have a gun you can be forcibly injected by the government war criminals in power over the USA. I had been attacked in February of 2001 after reporting money laundering at the San Francisco and Roseville FDIC and I had tested to detect if murderers were present. The prior regional director was shot in his head. Here is news post with the letter that was sent to Chase and Associates here in a link. Modified to hide names and identities.

Daily Foreword June 25, 2013: It appears the West Coast on the USA has had a blitzkrieg that reached Washington D.C. The nation was likely divided among international power brokers. The marijuana growing and money laundering states of the West have over run the North East and South East in Wealth. The English speaking people of those areas have become subjugated by the more foreign languages from the Pacific Rim nations now in California and to the East to Nevada and Colorado and the North West.

I contacted one of the men who was involved in investigating issues surrounding Wachovia Bank at his company Chase and Associates in Tampa Florida. He has not returned my communications. He is likely a ruse or set up much like Martin Woods of Wachovia Bank in the UK who was the one who allegedly caught money laundering in the USA. I believe this is a tug of war and we the common of the USA are the prey. I was injected and tortured by federal government, and increasingly more our families are under attack by the regime in power.

We need a new political and military force to rise up in the South East and North East USA.

Daily Foreword June 22, 2013: It has been over a week and I Kurt Brown have not heard from any law firms I contacted regarding a class action lawsuit for the expulsion and murder and attacks against honest USA federal bank examiners. I brought conclusive evidence using Wachovia Bank which was busted by a UK auditor and not a USA auditor. We are silenced and or pushed out as bank examiners and as freelance journalists in the federal banking regulatory industry. I was left maimed after forced injections by government officials in California and Arizona. I was left maimed by federal government officials. It is my hope I am paid a multi million dollar amount because I was left maimed and now I am attacked when I seek federal or state health care. But it will not happen unless the enemy can be driven out of place like a peg from a board.

I applaud those who walk with God as they crush our enemies and their industries. I welcome the end of time but I cherish life. It is a paradox. Do not trust the enemy in power over many if not all of our cities and perhaps the entire earth. If they inject any of you forcibly I hope you can have those who sent the needle bearers killed and that the needle bearers are reigned in. I welcome the end of the human species under current conditions and I am severely maimed because I trusted the USA government. NEVER TRUST ANY THING THE USA GOVERNMENTS ARE INVOLVED IN. THIS IS INTERNATIONAL SUBJUGATION. Beware of California. Beware of Arizona. I was injected in both states forcibly. Beware of Alabama because their government is controlled by those exterior to the state and the people, a sort of Banana republic. Beware of Washington D.C. as the power and money there invites new weapons from international design that can not be detected. We are prisoners on prison planet Earth and many of us are better off extinct if we can not get free from our enemies.

Ironically I could not find the law firm that represented the Bank Examiner from the UK, Martin Woods, who sued Wachovia Bank and won. It is likely a ruse.

Daily Foreword June 14, 2013: A class action lawsuit is being requested online under various legal news groups on behalf of outcast and murdered and tortured federal bank examiners and accountants and investigators and journalists. I Kurt Brown former FDIC bank examiner and journalist am requesting the lawsuit. The federal government and state government have shown blatant disregard for our health and we aer basically under attack in the USA at the federal and state level. I presented evidence on various now known criminals who were government officials including Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama. My memory was knocked out with forced injections and a stroke until recently from 2001 or 2004 until 2010. Since that time Wachovia Bank was busted by a UK auditor thereby proving that USA auditors from the Treasury and FDIC known as bank examiners are being silenced.

Daily Foreword June 11, 2013: The "true control" of populations is not demonstrated through national boundaries but it is demonstrated through capitalistic endeavor. For instance during the Falkland Islands War the alleged British and Argentinians fought for the Falkland Islands. Now the Spanish speaking nations and segments of the USA are dope dealers in Marijuana and other drugs that are illegal in the English speaking parts of the USA. When Wachovia Bank was busted in money laundering it was done by a UK auditor in London who was paid in American dollars. I was paid nothing, left maimed, and attacked when I seek health care at a federal or state hospital in the USA. This never happened until I started investigating government crimes.

I have no health care even though they tell me it is free for me at the federal level.

Daily Foreword June 7, 2013: I often write these pages and notes as warnings to the young. Many of us in the USA and the Earth were debilitated at birth often through warfare and the spill over of warfare and other heinous acts against the young and the old and the unborn in a population. I have seen many birth defects and mental retardation to some extent due to acts of abuse against the young and the naÔve.

Those in power over the USA governments have factions who do not care about you. You are nothing to them just as I am nothing to them. On the West Coast of the USA is a huge and increasing population of people from many nations including Spanish speaking nations of the Americas, Asian nations, and India. Those in power over the USA government are no friend to your people. You should not serve in their military and you should be aware that they often want to harness you into the slavery of various drugs and of course alcohol and tobacco. They do not care if you live or if you die or if you are maimed. Those industries are like the military and government employment. They will kill you and throw you out used and abused.

In hindsight I would have been better off to have taken my own life rather than to have ever joined the military, worked for the federal government at the FDIC, or too have ever allowed them to inject me with any chemicals even as a child. I was forced injections in Los Angeles and Flagstaff and kicked around in Alabama by government officials. I do not care if they are killed.

Daily Foreword June 4, 2013: The one invention I have on this site is the Nuclear tornado. I utilized the Betz equation in a calculation to derive a sort of tornado with power harnessed in geosynchronous orbit until the secondary explosion on October 31, 1961, the date of Tsar Bomba. Then the power blast with full control was put into action, a sort of super charged and directed jolt. The Russian dictator from that era told America before Tsar Bomba, "We will show you". The Betz equation coupled with Nikola Tesla's theories on mind control utilizing energies in the universe, and my discussion with a man who witnessed the Castle Bravo Shot from March 1, 1954, and my calculations from the dates, in particular the number .666 derived from 8 months difference if Geo-synchronous orbit is factored in. The world has been turned up on its head and I am better off dead, yet I live. Things are not what they seem. What does God have in store for me? An ape's destiny? A man's war. A pregnant wife's bed? Sanctuary can not be found when in the presence of your enemy if they can overpower you. Sanctuary. Beware of the traps in society. The military men are used and abused and civilians are caught up in drugs and alcohol. Our society has head its head wrenched off around much of the Earth, I Betz you. Do a ctrl-f or "find" on the page love line 12 for Betz equation. You may have to use the internet explorer browser due to the pages of this site are huge.

Daily Foreword May 27, 2013: The lies of our lives have become apparent and baffling to this degreed investigative journalist and degreed accountant, formerly at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. If it is a corporation, it is a money laundering and murderous hand of a larger corporation. I was ruined by their employment and work investigating their murders and the suspicious and violent activities in San Francisco FDIC and Roseville FDIC in California. The Seidman Center for the F-DIC is a training center. The Grease balls use it like a whorehouse in Virginia. If you have a wife there who is young and lovely, check her for Seidman STDs.

I was injected forcibly and tortured but my truths were shown that I tried to prove. But something is amiss. Wachovia Bank was busted by a UK Auditor, Martin Woods, who was paid millions of dollars for their harassment of him. I think Martin Woods was a set up or a ruse from behind the scenes. The USA was likely divided long ago and various nations fight over the bounty.

The Falkland Islands War left marijuana legal in the Western USA and sold like heroin to those in the East in most places, from Texas to Florida and from the Dakotas to New York. The Spanish took over that facet while the English speaking may have likely been over run by the Asian or Russians during the period after World War II. The War Never Ends.

Daily Foreword May 26, 2013: I, Kurt Brown, urge all USA citizens of the lower caste and class particularly in the South East and South West to beware of all government sponsored health care, whether in a hospital of federal or state or city control. The point is that those at the top of the government now in power who want to target innocent people can do it through health care. I was a FDIC informant and freelance journalist specializing as a government crimes investigator. I was given forced injections at a federal health care facility and later at a state health care facility. They caused me to have a stroke and have ignored their abuses and will not take responsibility. I was basically knocked senseless from 2001 or 2004 to to 2010.

This is Hell. My hand almost rotted off before I got health care at a private facility. I had lost sensation in the hand, neuropathy, and gangrene was soon to set in. I could not afford it, but I had to pay for it because the roads to the Federal and state facility healthcare has been made hazardous by some of our enemies in power.

Daily Foreword May 21, 2013: Todays update is a Youtube Video with pictures and a request to give federal veterans free health care at state clinics, particularly if the veterans have been harmed due to the alleged health care, misery, afforded by federal and state facilities controlled by larger war criminals in government, hidden among those who mean well. They kill and torture and maim federal banking oversight informants. I was brought in because I was worth nothing, expendable, and those who are corrupt often kill us. The USA is a waste land of the future and a concentration camp of the present. The Mexican and German government never cared about an out of place mutt from the South East USA. Make preparations.

Daily Foreword May 21, 2013: Things are coming full circle. I was told today by a health practitioner that the new California federal war criminal pack in the USA internationale government, aka a computer report with war criminals at helm of USA government internationale, stated that I was deemed a terrorist threat because I stated that you are better to take your own life than to be taken hostage by those war criminal factions over the USA governments and those controlling all state and federal health care facilities. They use medicine to terrorize many of us. As one VA police officer stated to me before I was persecuted in that most evil city of Los Angeles, "Remember who drew first blood" I had been forcibly injected in front of one of the VA police officers and word had spread. I was investigating high level murders and a thief sheriff.

I think we should be issued suicide pills, arsenic, like Hitler allegedly ate. If its good enough to kill a murderer it is good enough to kill a saint if he chooses death instead of torture by our enemies in power. They gave me stroke.

Daily Foreword May 20, 2013: I Kurt Brown was injured deliberately and I am now very sick. Here is a pic of the injury and see the comment following the main article on LA Indymedia. The injury happened over a week ago, perhaps in Hollywood. Retaliation against this former FDIC bank examiner is turning into direct assault. The government first injected me forcibly in 2001. This time it was in the deceit of a false hand shake of sorts with a deliberate injection. Did we in the USA lose the Falkland Islands War? Is that why the innocent in banking oversight are being killed and maimed? I am blacklisted by federal government from employment and am fearful of their health care. I want payment of several million dollars and will accept a foreclosed million dollar home in California in the area I choose to feel safe.

For the religious among you, God has his humor. I came across a Hebrew and Japanese mix person. Their house was being put up for short-sale. A possum was coming into the Hollywood home through a hole in the kitchen. I saw it there. The owner was a former WWII pilot who flew the Catalina style plane. I made a joke about a Sheriff who was a thief, Sheriff Jack "Snatch the Fairy Possum" Tillman. Tillman followed the order of the America version of federal gestapo in Alabama by stopping in 2001 my reporting criminal activity by he the Sheriff and the federal syndicates killing us innocent bank examiners and freelance investigative journalists. The USA is going to fall if the international mafia is not reeled in. Legalize cannabis in the South East and Mid West. Stop the proliferation of casinos. Stop the federal mafia from writing laws that enslave us. Stop the possum like mentality of lower men, rodents among us from robbing us of everything.

Daily Foreword May 15, 2013: Todays post is a post on youtube by Kurt Brown Saint Ram Bone with a Mobile Audit Club update. I am now seeking the donation of funds for healthcare on the Fund Raising page linked above. I am tortured when I go to the federal or state facilities for health care in the USA. They gave this former bank examiner and current journalist a stroke with forced injections. They erased my memory for a while and now I am back and sick as hell and perhaps dieing with symptoms secondary to the stroke condition.

Daily Foreword May 13 2013: I trusted the USA governments and was left maimed and now without health care for conditions associated with a stroke which was induced by forced injections allowed by the USA governments upon me in 2001 and 2004. I was investigating as a journalist the covered up murders in federal banking oversight, and thievery by a Sheriff, and medical torture by the Veterans Administration in Los Angeles and later the Flagstaff Medical Center in Arizona.

The greatest mistake I have ever made was trusting the USA governments. You should never trust them.

Recently I was speaking to a unicorn, a person of mixed Hebrew and Japanese descent. We discussed their experience in Israel. I mentioned what the Rabbi Weiss of Neturei Karta told me. Rabbi Weiss told me that the Jewish nation of Israel was not to arise again until the Messiah has arrived. The Rabbis wrote to me in stating the Talmud explicitly stated that a wall or fence would be around them. It sounded like a prison. The Earth is a prison. We all have walls around us now in any nation. I was born partially maimed it appears. I had to teach myself to speak and I was tortured for having my imperfections by the federal government. They said I spoke to fast and injected me forcibly in early 2001. I have considered the possibility of using the dead part of the brain to speak with the dead, a new trick, like teaching myself to speak to the living on this side.

Daily Foreword May 7, 2013: After coming out of the USA government induced coma of forced injections and torture after reporting money laundering and suspected murders and known thievery and human rights abuses and torture in law enforcement in the USA, I came to realize that a war was lost long ago, somewhere. This is Prison Planet Earth and it appears Gang-land warfare is all the rage with the government now injecting people for their profits. They have left me maimed with a stroke. I do not care if they are killed or if I am killed. I am already dead from the stroke and it appears that even though I had leads on suspected covered up things in banking from China, the new rage is my statement on the Casa De Cambio Puebla video regarding an attack upon myself and a passenger in San Francisco after someone mentioned the Casa De Cambio Puebla fiasco. The government in California and their federal associates are hostile to those coming from the South East from the poorer classes. I encourage young people to join foreign militaries not controlled by the international regime over the USA. Many of us are better off dead. That is the one upside to fearing nuclear war as a child, I now welcome it or an escape for humane people from the slavery of prison planet Earth. My living Hell.

Those in power over us are the most evil and the most clever. They have a game plan and that game plan is global subjugation for ever.

Daily Foreword May 5, 2013: To the young of my family friends and others, this site speaks of the USA in relation to the Earth. The USA has been awash apparently my entire life. Crime, corruption, murder of the young, and enslavement of adults through various means is the nature of the USA and much of the Earth. Protect yourselves. Many do not care about you as evidenced by what I Kurt Brown tested for and experienced as a USN sailor and as an FDIC bank examiner and later as a free-lance investigative journalist of government crimes.

You should likely plan on fleeing to holier nations as an adult. Is it a better place? Who knows? This USA thing is doomed and I feel that the UK is awash also. This war is bigger and hidden weapons have been used for many years most obviously sometimes harming the unborn and likely the genetic reproductive structure for generations or centuries to come. Now the women are prostituted when they are not dead from disease and they are prostituted in known and legal drug outlet areas throughout California, and those same drugs are sold in Alabama yet illegally with profits going to those who control the drugs in other areas. They will use you like an animal and torture you if you allow them. I was injected forcibly in Los Angeles California and later in Flagstaff California.

Run for your lives young ones. If they catch you, you may be better off to kill yourself or have them kill you in some cases. You can not ever tell when they will pull out their needles and jam them into you saying you are insane. I was born with a speech impediment where I sometimes speak quickly. The government knew of it and said I was insane because I spoke quickly. The truth is that I spoke out on government murders and money laundering at the FDIC in San Francisco and a Sheriff Jack Tillman was a known thief in Alabama who was stealing inmate food funds and starving his inmates. They will harm anyone for the money.

The USA is controlled by international dictators and it is a dictatorship of abuse and torture and subjugation. I was placed in a war zone in banking oversight and later investigated just how far the war goes. I was then tortured .

What someone has done has taken over many world government, assembled a military affront and they have reduced the mid-East also to nothing in terms of armaments and defense and hope for space escape. We and ours are in dire peril on Prison Planet Earth.

Daily Foreword April 30 2013: To preview todays post I have put a post on Youtube regarding an attack on myself and another in San Francisco. Remember to ctrl-click to view. The federal government and local California governments appear to be on the rampage again. I have been harassed in California recently in San Francisco with one person mentioning Casa De Cambio Puebla, a Mexican currency exchange house, alleged Mexican, that was busted with Wachovia Bank in 2008. I have received no payment for whistle blowing on the FDIC and state law enforcement who are thieves and murderers. Their courts have allowed me to be labeled criminal after reporting murder and money laundering at the FDIC and thievery by law enforcement in Alabama. The torture and maiming I endured due to reporting government crimes has left me at the mercy of our enemies in the United States of America. Many are paid to harm us the innocent in the USA. The businesses are predatory, including money laundering and gambling and murder for hire and torture and control using medical techniques and drug dealing and more.

I have contacted Martin Woods of Hermes Forensic Solutions in London UK to report the situation has gotten worse on the West Coast of the USA with the recent verbal abuse of myself with the mention of Casa De Cambio Puebla and then someone trying to run me off of the road in San Francisco this past Weekend after the comment was made.

Never trust the government of the USA. I was told by a USN officer during the Falkland Islands War that the USA was awash. The situation at the FDIC and the attempts on my life and being jailed for reporting a Sheriff who is a thief only proves the USN officer as being correct as evidenced by the 1990s and then the attacks on my me since 2000. The USA government is awash with international felons controlling key government positions either directly or indirectly. Those felons in government are labeling many innocent Americans criminal, insane, or they are killing us.

Daily Foreword April 29, 2013: This site was designed with the young people in mind. The USA is nothing but a world dictatorship that has a piece of land demarcated as the "United States of America". It is as if we are in a war and are losing. I Kurt Brown was born injured and my mother was born during the middle of World War II. Those claiming to be the USA government tortured me and harmed me later. Their claim was that I spoke quickly, meaning insanity. I was born with a speech impediment and was injured for it by the regime in power and those who are paid to attack others medically and through the police and courts. I encourage the young to spread around the globe and leave the USA. It is a predator nation and like many controlled by those who are like wealthy slave owners. You are not their slaves. You are not their less than those in power, even if they harmed you before birth. Run for your lives when you are 18 or adults. Scatter around the Earth. You are on your own and they do not care about you. They might as well be your worst enemy. And I hope you find a place, a holy and safe place, a sanctuary, or I hope you find a peaceful resting place in death.

Daily Foreword April 25, 2013: When I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone was a FDIC bank examiner examining a bank in Hawaii in 2000, I sensed a knife to the throat of the FDIC due to attacks back in California on federal bank examiner bosses. Donna Tanoue was the FDIC Chairman of the Board and she was an attorney from Hawaii. I was asked to go to a hotel room at night to a FDIC bosses room who was supervising me. She was a post-op trans-sexual or a man in drag from San Francisco. I was not in the mood and I feared a knife to the throat or a needle in my body etc. if I went to the hotel room as she requested. A day or two later she said she would get me one way or another. She or He did get me. I rode with a serial killer once in my life and he wanted my penis and it's corpse, and even then I knew it was not always Randy with Kraft.

She or he got to me because I was terminated after the FDIC bank examination in Hawaii in 2000 when I would not drop an EEOC complaint regarding the matter. In 2001 Donna Tanoue resigned as FDIC Chairman and Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun entered the USA from Macau with 483 million USA dollars allegedly stolen from Bank of China. Yu Zhendong an accomplice was allegedly in Los Angeles. I had been tortured in Los Angeles California on 4/23/2001 with forced injections and persecution after coming forward on murder and mayhem at the FDIC in California and Hawaii and D.C. and thievery by a now proven thief of a Sheriff, Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama aka Mob AL. I would not have known about Xu Chaofan an Xu Guojun of the Bank of China entering the USA if I had not almost been hit with a burning aircraft or rocket near Braman Oklahoma in 2004. They were arrested in June 2004 allegedly to the North and South of my location at the time of the explosion. I was in a sort of coma from forced injections after Sheriff Jack Tillman a proven thief took my gun permit when I was going to report him in 2001 in Alabama and later I tried to report him in Los Angeles and I was tortured with forced injections by federal employees.

I want payment of several million dollars or land equivalents to survive or I want the FDIC to have a new rectum opened up so we can examine the big crooked DIC inside. It appears the F-DIC is in a hole it can not get out of.

I had an uncle who was shot in his head in Hawaii around the time of my birth pre-1965. He was running a cab company and owned it. They say it was the competition. I know of an attorney in Santa Cruz California who was shot in his head by his client 40 years after dodging the Vietnam draft. I knew Hawaii and the Pacific Rim were a blood bath going into it. The war never ends and the F-DIC fudge is never fun.

Daily Foreword April 21, 2013: The word of the day is to protect your young and your unborn in the USA and the Earth. A strong likelihood exists that manipulation of various groups young and unborn can create caste setting for future generations. I was born injured and had a speech impediment. The government later in life tortured me for the speech impediment, quick speech, claiming I was insane or a threat. Many in the USA want to kill and harm each other simply for the thrill of the kill or for profit. The USA today and the government appears to be a predatory to many. Many of us are labeled threats and caste out of employment or harassed by various hate groups associated with government or their crimes syndicates. This is common on the West Coast of the USA and the Gulf Coast is more or less the same. I was injected forcibly for a speech impediment that I have had since birth with claims of insanity by the ruling dictatorship in power and their paid henchmen in the courts and police.

Protect your young.

Daily Foreword April 18, 2013: I was brought into a conversation immediately before and during the explosions in Boston at the Marathon. An apparent elderly Jewish individual and I were talking about Israel and such and they mentioned they did not really like Israel because the people were smug according to them. We then went and stood by a wading pool to "Look at the turtles" as the apparent Jewish person described it. The turtles were there on a rock in the sun and the person said, "There is not much sun today" and I replied "But there is enough to warm the turtles"

On another thought, I was on a plane from Dallas to San Francisco. An Indian or Hindu woman was there. I was discussing the atrocity of the forced draft in the Vietnman era and the suicides that occurred afterward with some veterans. She told me of the butchering of cows as being the same. She then came to tears. We were flying somewhere far away on another level.

Daily Foreword April 9, 2013: Today I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone was denied entry into yet another law school in California. This time it was the NWCU online law school., the last time it was Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of law. The USA government hates those who enter the military service and who do not wear the blind that is required to follow a cold blooded killer of innocent men and women and children. They kill in the banking oversight system and their syndicates are at war with us honest federal bank examiners and investigators who are astute and educated.

I am blacklisted from federal employment in the USA. When I seek health care I am attacked if the government has any control over it.. I no longer use the VA healthcare due to torture and being forcibly injected and the murder of others in experiments. I no longer use the Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center due to being maimed with forced injections there in 2004, knocked unconscious with definite stroke symptoms not long afterward.

I think the government is awash with predators in the USA. Protect your young. We are enemies here in the USA in many cases and on the Earth. That is the nature of the predator in man and predatory capitalism rules the USA. They launder money stolen from the Earth. They run casinos that steal daily. They sell dope in some areas and restrict growth to others. Their police attack us at will and torture us in cages through starvation or forced medical procedures.

We are not their slaves or lesser animals. They just treat us that way. Even illegal Mexicans are being injected who run into the USA and Nashville police forcibly inject people in that city.

Daily Foreword April 1, 2013: It is obvious that the American people do not control their banking system and the government oversight of the USA banking system. I witnessed the hi-jacking of our banking system at bank examinations conducted by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in which I was one of their terrorized bank examiners in California and Hawaii and Arlington Virginia. Their laws are written to make some areas wealthy and some poor. For example marijuana from California and Colorado is sold for the price of Gold in the South East USA. I was tortured with forced injections and left maimed. I was born with a speech impediment that sometimes surfaces and I was allegedly tortured for that impediment. The truth is that those who control the USA governments wanted to silence me. Someone told me once that I would be better off if several nuclear bombs went off in Washington D.C.

During the Falkland Islands War in 1983 a USN Petty Officer told me that the USA was "awash". He offered me the right to go to the war in the Falklands on an American ship and that I could never return. I assume I would be residing in the UK or dead or captured for experiments. The USA and the UK are "awash" and likely controlled from exterior sources. Because I was left maimed and destitute, I do not care if those in power are killed around the globe or even if I am killed. The way I see it, I am already at least half-dead. Never serve them. Never trust them. It is a pack dog mentality they use to draw us in and then to destroy us.

Daily Foreword March 23, 2013: I Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone was denied entry into the Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law today after explaining the murder and mayhem I have proven through my audits and investigations of highest finance. Considering I was an accountant and discovered that international and internal crimes syndicates and criminal groups controlled federal banking oversight and money laundering, I should not expect open arms at a war criminal empire's law schools or even justice in the USA. You should never serve the regime in power and I approve of their overthrow and the dismantling of their world prison they have created. They will alter your genetics and have caused a caste system for many of us. I am an alleged abortion victim but I see many of us. Something happened in the South East USA and the Earth. I can not approach through law education their regime. Wachovia Bank proves we can not audit or examine our own banks insured by the federal government's FDIC, my former employer. We can not have human rights as I was injected and tortured repeatedly with federal government approval after reporting now proven government crimes. The USA media as indicated by the propaganda machine over us is a dismal lie and it started and has not ended in my life, from the Vietnam draft era to our era of advanced predatory capitalism in the USA. Many of us would welcome death instead of subjugation under an enemy. I am one of them. You can not win at another man's game. Often it is closed. Would anyone like to volunteer a new game?

Daily Foreword March 13, 2013: I was born into a sort of war torn Hell since before birth here in the alleged United States. I Kurt Brown was told I had survived an abortion of some sort. I was told this after I was an old gray haired man. The government of the USA injected me forcibly and basically tortured me for an alleged speech impediment I had since birth. I did not know the alleged abortion attempt caused it but something did cause it and it hurt me, but not as bad as the forced injections in the USA after investigating government approved crimes as a freelance investigative journalist.

My career and my health were ruined and it started when I was a embryo in these hated United States.

Daily Foreword February 13, 2013: The alleged death of the fugitive LA Cop, Charles Dorner, was remarkably similar to my own fate except he allegedly tried to kill his boss, and I just wanted the mob bosses treated as I and the dead regional FDIC director were treated.

Those who control killers in D.C. who control the FDIC tried to have me killed. I lost a tooth in jail while trying to eat in LA in 2001 for no real crime or deed other than performing professional and dangerous investigative journalism on government crimes. I also had tried to stop an idiot of no human compassion and no moral character, Sheriff Jack Tillman from starving his inmates in an Alabama jail in 2001 and he set the whole thing up for my later arrest for no gun permit. He did so with the aid of murderers in California and D.C. who control federal banking oversight and their own money laundering arrangements from often remote locations.

It is my belief my attorney in LA or the city of Mobile withheld evidence in my case in 2001. I asked my attorney, Ms. Holtz, if Sheriff Jack Tillman was caught stealing in an audit I requested. She said "no" in 2001. She also had me speak in court. She should have had me take the fifth amendment on all questions or to have let my mouth run free. I was fed to corrupt court officials in that hated and feared city of Los Angeles California. Later in 2005 Tillman was forced out and jailed for thievery including the hording of 360,000 dollars of inmate food funds. Tillman is now paid twice what a paralyzed veteran receives in retirement in the USA. I am blacklisted from federal employment. I am without health care excluding federal VA health care which I now fear due to my own torture and the murder of other guinea pigs, former USA soldiers. Ironically I would not go to my FDIC bosses hotel room at night in Hawaii at a FDIC bank examination in 2000 and was terminated. I want payment now, several million for health care.

I would still like to have control of the spots controlled by our money laundering amd murderous government officials. They are internationally controlled and are often associates to syndicates established in the USA by various groups from outside the USA. I would like to see the Goodie Two Shoe brigade take the spot of our internationally controlled enemies as banking financial oversight watchdog. They kill many of us "Goodie Two Shoes" and put us Americans out of work and they try to put us in something akin to holocaust camps in these hated United States.

The officer Charles Dorner was terminated from Los Angeles Police Department at the same age I was terminated wrongfully from the FDIC, at about age 40. Instead of killing my boss I started an investigation of the murder of the prior boss who was labeled suicide in San Francisco. I had a degree in journalism and in accounting, so I changed occupations to journalism. I had to test the associates of the Regional Director the FDIC had put in place of the dead man. I came to realize the replacement Regional Director was allegedly sent from D.C.. But was he sent by Las Vegas and the Pacific Rim nations to aid in money laundering?

Fingers were broken that pointed to Bank of China in Macau and their Las Vegas Connections in the Pacific Rim nations obviously, perhaps with Donna Tonaue's assistance. She was the former FDIC chairman when I was being tortured with forced injections and having my teeth knocked out in early 2001. She resigned that year when the Bank of China from Macau's Xu Guojun and Xu Chaofan entered the USA. Wachovia Bank was later busted by a UK auditor. We Goodie Two Shoes are being silenced at FDIC bank examinations, most of us anyway. We lost our right to speak as journalists in the USA and to act as professional accountants in government. I am now considering attending law school or something simple of that sort. The allegedly dead officer Dorner may have been manipulated with forced injections to make him lose his memory.

I was in a sort of coma with memory loss for years after the government forced injections of chemicals into me starting in 2001 and they did it again in 2004. He may have been put on a career path to his death with an arranged murder. Then again, Dorner might not be dead. This is LA.

During my trials in 2001 I was offered an out and do not know what the outcome would have been. Perhaps no case and no lost tooth. We know our enemy in government but it knows us better. Some times we of the lower caste work together. Some times we are deceived and put into traps and killed or maimed.

Daily Foreword February 13, 2013: It appears the government in Los Angeles has a desire to attack me again. Someone tried to set me up for something and we had a discussion. Los Angeles County is a like a pit of vipers so beware of our enemies in the boundaries of that most vicious and corrupted American city, and they connect to D.C. also.

Group think is what Americans suffer from. They or we move in a group, whether it is in alcohol or drug usage or in murder and torture. Western Europe is no different and I believe the USA and Western Europe are controlled by predatory capitalists. It does not matter if they are killed or maimed or robbed. Those in control kill and maim and rob us. I can not get health care in the USA without fear of being attacked by government syndicates. I encourage the support of the overthrow of our enemies in power and their group of war criminals who are in the "predatory" capitalist industries including gambling, alcohol, drugs, war for profit, and more.

The USA is a place where many are taught to kill their own children in abortions. It is accepted as a right and many want to join the group in the practice. I am an abortion survivor according to a doctor in 2005 or 2006. I might have been a victim of the wars inside the USA. The government has tortured me for a speech impediment with forced injections and a resultant stroke. There are those who are still trying to set me up for a fall. Beware of mind control and group think and the mass media in the USA. I support the overthrow of the federal regime in power and the breaking up of the USA into smaller nations. I also support the execution and robbery of federal and corporate predatory capitalists in the predatory industries.

In my parents generation, they were taught to use alcohol. Im my generation we were taught to use various other drugs including marijuana and psychedelic hallucinogens. Now the young are encouraged to use both of those drugs and cocaine and methamphetamine. Group think is a terrible thing and the regime in power encourages the killing of the holy in the holy nations.

Daily Foreword February 3, 2013: If you are young in the USA and have military aspirations, I urge you to beware of the war criminal sects in power in the USA. They left me maimed after years of government service with repeated forced injections and a stroke. When I was young I felt obligated to serve in their military due to social pressures. I did not know it but I was born maimed and it was likely intentional by those war criminal sects in power in the USA. Now I do not care if they are killed and I urge young people to choose the military they serve or do not serve very carefully. I would not do it again. It is obvious the war criminal sects have won in the USA and they are controlled by our worst enemies.

Many teenagers and pre-teenagers born in the 1950's and 1960's had given up on their lives and turned to drugs and crime in anticipation of being killed at age 18 in the forced military draft in the USA. If half of my mind had not been altered in some fashion before birth, I would have at age 8 started making plans to leave the USA by age 18. Therefore if they attack your resident nation if you flee, perhaps you can aid the international war effort by killing for profit the war criminals in a more international scope.

Daily Foreword February 1, 2013: I have contacted the Iranian embassies in Switzerland and Jordan and I have contacted the Iranian Consulates in several cities in France. I am seeking asylum in Iran at some point and have requested that I be allowed to make a re-make or undo of Argo, the movie about American hostages in Iran who were alleged hostages, 6 of them. I had considered a three monkeys ending instead of the champagne for drunkard Americans that was the real ending in an escape plane, but I reconsidered a new ending to lead to a movie sequel of the movie Argo. I would be hi-jacking the escape plane, I an American citizen and perhaps a buddy project similar to the movie Papillion where one of the confined hostages chooses not to leave, perhaps another forced medical guinea pig who discovered too much. They are both in Iran in refuge and a third war is brewing as all men see the fences put between them including a segment from Israel and the Soviet Union. I am in reality a former Bank Examiner for the FDIC and freelance investigative journalist and a veteran from the USN during the Falkland Islands War. In reality, you have a nuclear dump out there in the ocean somewhere from the war. They cooked this Quartermasters gonads over the nuclear waste somewhere in the ocean and later punished me for owning the same type of handgun I was taught to use in defense of a missile weapons arsenal in Los Angeles during the Falkland Islands War.

In the movie I propose, in the new ending in Argo is a sequel, Kurt Brown ERGO Saint Ram Bone, or perhaps just ERGO. I will tell the hostages in the new script that I will see they are all to be set free in 444 days. It is the Wise Man's day, all 12 or all one. "It is God's way and not to f-ck with us." I will teach them about the horrors I and others have endured in the grips of predatory capitalists and the true underbelly of the side effects. I will exact an eye for an eye, a shoe for a shoe, a very big show. Money launderers and large drug smugglers and villain attorneys may be executed along with a few billionaires or their mercenaries, or those who have forcibly injected innocent Americans in this new covered up war. A Clint Eastwood meets Dustin Hoffman, both in exile kind of buddy film, set with a backdrop in Iran.

Daily Foreword January 28, 2013: Recently someone informed me they were told I had been "hit" aka murdered. It is ironic because at a restaurant recently a wealthy money laundering and drug importing sort of man with a foreign accent tried to provoke a fight with me at a restaurant. I ignored the man and his partners who were at another table. The government criminals in the USA often try to provoke fights or get you to run and thereby mess up. In that way they can put you in a grave or in a jail. I later heard an explosion near the area and wondered if the man had been killed. I hope his pockets were cleaned before his corpse was discarded. Wishful thinking I suppose. I see myself as a sort of watchman for God since part of me is dead since birth. In my imagination I sit in the room with God and we discuss things of which I can only be partially privey in consciousness. It is ironic that the first time I was forcibly injected and tortured to sign documents and placed in jail after threats, torture, and being set up, that I prayed for the end of time every day in jail. When I was released the NYC twin towers were knocked down one month later. I had spoken to someone about a job in the building before I was injected and tortured.

On another matter, I urge the young to avoid all alcoholic beverages. It is a powerful drug similar to morphine in its effects. It is much more powerful than cannabis and hashish which I also recommend not using as it is a predatory capitalists tool to rob the young and naive. Alcohol is another weapon of predatory capitalists and you should view liquor merchants as your enemy. In the movie Argo, a propaganda film making Iran seem like a nation of barbaric warlords, when the people were rescued from Iran those who were fleeing celebrated by saying they could have alcohol and were out of Iran. The movie was absurd. Alcohol does not represent freedom, alcohol represents slavery to negative capitalists and predatory capitalists. I respect Iran and my prayer is that Iran and Israel can unite and build space colonies.

After being injected and knocked unconscious while seeking healthcare at Flagstaff Arizona Medical Center in 2004, all with federal war criminal approval, I no longer advocate pacifism. I encourage an eye for an eye and I see war as a necessary part of survival against brutal enemies to mankind. I want the Flagstaff Arizona board of directors to pay for their war crimes against myself and others. Washington D.C. is now controlled by our internaional enemies and I encourage the American people to stand aside if our enemies are attacked and killed in the USA or overseas. Never drop your guard in the USA. We lost a greater war long ago and our young are being harmed just as I was before birth and afterward.

Daily Foreword January 27,2013: One of the most helpful things I was ever told by a Rabbi was not to let the tongue become like a dagger. Many people are full of hatred and they do not know of the Rabbi's wisdom.

They are predatory capitalists and have no remorse. Try to stand by God and the Rabbi and if you are attacked then you have to defend yourselves. America is nothing and I urge the young to find other nations, holier nations, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and perhaps Israel, etc. or Maybe North Korea or Russia if you feel gamey .

Daily Foreword January 18,2013: The human species is easily deceived. The Falkland Islands war in 1982 and into 1983 was likely a continuation of other world conquests already initiated. The murder of an FDIC regional director in San Francisco in the early 1990s and later the torture of myself, a former federal FDIC bank examiner, in Los Angeles California in 2001 was part of the ongoing war. I tend to want to point to American war criminals but this is international. The government labeled me insane and criminal and now have blocked me from employment. I was given a pink slip for not going to my bosses hotel room at the FDIC. They are laundering money and killing people and harassing many of us.

Daily Foreword January 3, 2013: It is my suspicicion that many children and the unborn in women's ovaries in the South Eastern USA were tampered with in the 1940's 1950's and 1960's. My mother was born in 1943 and I believe her generation was attacked with biological and other weaponries when young. Many of our young in the USA have been compromised, and that includes the West Coast of the USA as well as cities like Mobile Alabama, a former military hub. A doctor told me I was an abortion survivor, but I suspect warfare against us as children in the USA. In the year 2006 A doctor told me I had survived an abortion from indications that had crystallized. However I noticed that a sibling of mine had one or more of the same symptoms. I was born at the old Providence Hospital in Mobile Alabama in 1960. The doctor who told me I had survived an abortion told me so in the same building I was born in the year 1960 and where I had trained to be a medical laboratory technologist in 1998.

The Vietnam war was an indication that the enemy to the American people was trying to kill many of us with a forced military draft (abduction). If you are young and in the USA I encourage you to leave the USA at age 18 or sooner and for parents to protect their young. I recommend mid-wives and not large hospitals for infant delivery and care.

Because of the stroke I had after being tortured with forced injections repeatedly by USA federal government officials and those who they control in 2001 and 2004, I now pray to God for relief. I will gladly accept relief in any form including large and small donations of money and assets. It is as if America lost a war and we were taken to the gallows or into servitude for beasts. You can not change the Beast, predatory capitalism industries such as we have in the USA and much of the Earth as they are controlled from within the nation and from outside of the nation.

I pray for Israel and Saudi Arabia and Iran to work together to build space colonies together. Those over the USA never will unless it makes them rich, bloody rich as in predatory capitalistic endeavors. We are still a slave state in the USA and many of us are discriminated against, including when many of us seek healthcare.

The comedy for today is American Holocaust Humor : I Kurt Brown -- Saint Ram Bone, purveyor of the dead in their living death tones was in the "White Noise Room" as I call it, the land of the living dead. I am partially blind there just as I am here after being tortured by federal war criminals. The dead man says to me, "Have a mouth full of pork". I look around thinking, what does that mean? And who is that vile man? Then I realize it is one of the dead veterans from LA VA Westwood used in heart experiments. They are known by some as federal medical guinea pigs. I laugh to myself and want to have him hand me the keys. Who drives a fancy car for donation to a fancy three-quarters dead man dancing on the end of a federal needle, one quarter remaining, "The Quartermaster?" I have written an acoustic song and titled it "My Angel of Mercy". I will sing it and release it on Youtube soon. The lyrics are on page Love Line 12 of this Mobile Audit Club site. .

Daily Foreword December 30, 2012: The USA government allows journalists who report banking crimes to be murdered and maimed in the USA. I was set up by a corrupt Sheriff, Jack Tillman, and federal assassins associates who murdered at the FDIC. I was left maimed. Now it appears there are those who kill people's children. A CNBC's executive's children were murdered when he released a news page on "Banksters" involving a trillion dollar lawsuit on financial banking crimes. I would gladly investigate the murder and more in the banking industry but I am not allowed. The working mans enemies in the government call me insane or criminal or both. I think the lawsuit is a ruse in the fact that judges on the take will call the case frivolous except for the payment of a few real estate claims.

The predatory attacks we are seeing must be responded to with equal and more aggressive violence on their wealth holders and their families in the predatory financial industries. Money laundering and the torture and bullying of current and former federal USA bank examiners is commonplace. Perhaps the time has come for another war? I do not care if our enemies and their families are killed, those in predatory capitalistic ventures. Just don't forget to give Saint Ram Bone some of the money you collect. I was maimed and the federal war criminals will not pay me and I am harasssed often and am not given employment in the federal government and am blacklisted from industry by federal and state war criminals who harmed me. So don't forget Kurt Brown alias Saint Ram Bone. I need just a little to wet my beak, about 9.11 million US dollars or a third would work. .

Daily Foreword December 29 2012: It appears we are in a sort of silent war in the USA. The predatory capitalists who are the enemies to mankind now control much of the USA, the Americas, and likely much of Europe. The saddest part is that many of the innocent are killed or maimed when we try to protect the ideals espoused by a higher order human society. I was left maimed. Therefore I harbor anger because I was not paid. .

Their government launders billions of dollars taken from the USA and abroad. Those who control their government share in that wealth. Their government grows and deals dope on the West Coast of the USA and sells it in the East illegally. Their grass is worth its weight in gold in the prohibition zones of the USA. They also abuse many of us when we seek medical care. I was maimed with torture while seeking health care and many veterans were killed like medical guinea pigs.

Because they have computer and money and an army of people to attack us, men such as myself are being beat back from all government involvement and all work.

I like Iran and Israel and Saudi Arabia in a way but they have a forced military draft in Israel and likely in Iran. If only at age 12 I would have prepared to leave the USA at age 18.

Daily Foreword December 27, 2012: The USA government or their associated hate groups are sending out their war criminals to harass and attack the innocent in the USA. I do not care if those who attack us are attacked in return. When their predators become prey and lay dead and maimed in the street, and when they no longer harass us or attack us, we will know that the creator has given us another day of life in the light.

The internet has become censored like the mass media and if you make news posts on Yelp or Yahoo the news posts are removed. Our enemies do not want us to have speech. .

Daily Foreword December 23, 2012: It has become apparent to me that the regime ruling in wealthy areas of the USA have police who try to keep the poor out or they try to wreck you so you do not return. The USA is a place of racism and geo-centrism and many would kill and maim and torture you for a paycheck or for the reward of raping your wives or children with needles or penises. They keep the poor chasing the golden carrot and all the while they try to teach you, "your place" at the bottom of society. A man was killed by police when he owned a gun in Mobile Alabama recently. Do not own guns to protect yourself. You would need better weapons or escape devices if you are going to protect yourself from government and their ape-like henchmen with badges and authority.

If you are young and are in the lower caste or the poor and if there is no hope for college funding, you are better to leave the USA and forget the ideals of wealth and equality they teach you. They are predators who control industries that are predatory on the American people. There is no ladder to success and wealth if you do not have it when you are young. There are other nations and if those in power attack you after you flee, I hope you can find their true leaders and kill them and take their wealth. We are enemies in the USA in many cases. California and Washington D.C. and Alabama, etc. prove this fact. Guns are useless in a war against them. You need higher end weapons or escape mechanisms. For most of us, their government is nothing and all they espouse is a lie in regard to our health and well-being. Beware of their paid police. They are like the old Gestapo in many cases and they are always looking for another victim, you.

Daily Foreword December 12, 2012: The USA government has a war criminal entity at the top and at some points in their hierarchy. Cities like Los Angeles are notorious for heavy government abuse of the unsuspecting American populace. I was lured there today and saw an obvious set up was being initiated in Marina Del Rey. The people of Los Angeles have no control of federal and state war criminals associated with government and many do not care if you are killed or maimed or robbed. The wealthy millionaires of various "predatory" industries reside there and elsewhere and have lessers attack newcomers and novices. I lost a tooth in the restaurant today when something was in my food. My tongue was cut and bleeding and the person who maliciously lured me there to the restaurant said laughingly, "Bring this man another salad, he broke a tooth".

After he said that I stuck my tongue out briefly to show him or her the blood. Right on cue, a small bird landed above the liar, a small finch type of bird, and it regurgitated seeds and slime and worms from its craw and on top of the person's head who sat across from me. Some of the seed and slime spilled into the person's Special Salad from the birds projectile vomiting. It was a cute bird and it looked down at me laughingly as if asking me to "Pick IT up". Also I may have been tempted to retaliate when that someone may have poked me with a needle when I was leaving and after being surrounded leaving the restaurant, and I am not sure if I was injected with chemicals. It is possible a vector was used also because at a later time I found something on my body considered a vector in medicine, but I had been outdoors before discovering it so I am not certain.

I have been injected and tortured there in the nearby Westwood Federal Facility in early 2001 and I was also tortured by Los Angeles courts. I had proof of murder in banking oversight and money laundering and I had proof of a thief Sheriff in 2001 also and it was all ignored by my captors in the federal government and their state court associates. Sheriff's Deputies were there at the restaurant today also while I was there with the malicious person. At least 20 or so deputies were in a meeting. I announced to my guest that they were not stealing food so I had no need to bother them as I did former Sheriff Jack Tillman of Mobile Alabama on 4-3-2001.

The police are like soldiers for the top order of government officials who kill or attack on command. Their government is often our enemy and should be seen as such. Beware of traps and set ups and provocations and protect your young. They are still laundering millions of dollars and stealing our basic rights to healthcare and have disparate drug laws to benefit government approved drug warlords and money launderers in some states. Many seeking government healthcare are not attacked while many are killed or maimed. I was left maimed. If I was young, I would plan to leave the USA and lead a life away from the tyrants and predators of this nation and other similar over-run nations that harbor capitalists who are in predatory industries. It does not matter if the predatory criminals at top of financial wealth are killed when we the innocent are maimed and killed by they and those they pay to harm us. If you are investigating murder and money laundering by the regime in power, you would be better off to kill yourself than to be taken hostage, as they have no mercy.

I have released a new video on the Youtube Saintrambone channel and I talk about Queer Speak, or the interpreting of hidden meanings. I would like to call that God Speak in some instances, such as warning me about my malicious guest. I am seeking payment for their maiming of myself but the government will not allow me to sue after basically knocking my brains out and then claiming the statute of limitations had passed when I remembered the diagnosis of stroke from 2004 after forced injections. I remembered the diagnosis in 2011 and much more involving the FDIC and more. I consider the killing of money launderers in the government who have killed and abused others to be justifiable in our times of starvation death.

Sometimes nature sends us messages, as nature is the child of God also. .

Daily Foreword December 6 2012: It appears that there are some lower level government hoodlums who are trying to initiate the fight against myself, to totally destroy me. I was left maimed by them so I do not care if they are killed. They maimed me deliberately, putting me into a partial coma with lost memories. The first forced injections were in 2001 and the second in 2004. The mafias of Earth are attacking the USA banking system with the help of lawmakers in the USA. Wachovia bank and Casa De Cabmio Puebla and the Bank of China out of Macau are testimony to this. I want payment for their crimes against me. Because they maimed me in cold blood I do not care if they are killed. We Americans of long term ancestry should protect ourselves from enemies in the USA and abroad. I applaud the overthrow of the drug dealing and money laundering dynasties in power. Beware of California. You are better off dead than to be captured alive by our enemies in power.

Many groups in America are predatorial as evidenced by disparate drug laws in various states enabling some states to be the tourniquet holder on another part of the nation that are addicted to the other regions drugs. They will also imprison you for things that were once considered legal, like owning weapons. I would not care if our enemies were hit with imported surface to air missiles and other newer more modern weaponries. We are enemies with many of them so as in a war it does not matter if they or we are killed. Sometimes you are better off dead than to be under your enemies abuses.

Daily Foreword November 26 2012: I Kurt Brown have contacted the attorney who represented Rodney King in Los Angeles in the police brutality case from the 1990's. An attorney said the statute of limitations had passed for medical malpractice against the LA VA and federal police in 2001 and Flagstaff Medical Center in 2004. Thye knock your brains out for 10 years and then tell you to stand fast, the statute protects them. From now on they or IT has no protection. .

I do not expect a call back from the attorney. The Cochran office said they could not take the case. Those at the top of government have been over run or are very corrupted. I would release a book but I think it would likely have more acclaim overseas than the USA, but then again, their enemies around the globe know the story. I am asking for an attorney to represent me in the American Holocaust. The government left me maimed and I have proof of their wrongdoing. They were pushing us around at the FDIC offices, those groups coming from outside our staff and much was pre-arranged before our audit teams arrival at the FDIC Bank Examinations. Wachovia Bank is testimony to that fact and we should fear those behind Casa De Cambio Puebla and Wachovia Bank, now in Wells Fargo Bank. The question remains, who was helping the Bank of China out of Macau launder money in the USA. Citibank? Las Vegas? The FDIC Board of Directors? The OCC? The FDIC San Francisco? All of the above? I was almost killed between the point where Xu Chaofan and Xu Guojun were arrested and I want payment or satisfaction. We have tyrants in power around the globe and in the USA. They should be forced to pay. I want several million dollars and if God/Allah takes lives, then it was pre-ordained, like selecting a goat in the field for sacrifice and fattening it before sacrifice.

Were they the ones who controlled their ranks to kill and maim our people? Who really controls them?. .

Daily Foreword November 17, 2012: (Late Link to American Holocaust Survivors, Abortion Survivors This link is about Holocaust Survivors. I was told I had survived an abortion by a Doctor who told me in 2005 or 2006 or 2007. Our enemies may be tampering with us and calling us abortion survivors. Protect your young and beware of military alteration of your reproductive genetics due to exposure to warfare apparatus and experiments on the human flesh.) Beware of the governments in the USA in all manners. The federal government will torture and rob you. The one who controls the government is anonymous. I was captured by them and tortured and maimed in 2001 to 2004 and beyond after investigating murders and thievery by government officials. You are some times better off dead than to suffer the wrath of our hidden enemies in power in the USA and on the Earth. They deny all evidence proven in fact in the Scientific Method of discovery of empirical evidence as I exact upon my audit quarry. The USA (World) is a fallen nation and those in power do not show their faces. They are predatorial and without remorse. They often lie and go after the innocent. If I was young and knew what I know now, I would have left the USA when I was very young. But where to go is a matter of concern. It is obvious that the UK and Western Europe are no different than the USA. I would travel and stop when I found my place, whether in Europe or Iran or Israel/Palestine or Brazil, etc.

For proof of the criminal acts instituted by those war criminals in power, look at Wachovia Bank and their fiasco, being the largest money launderer in the history of the USA. An "alleged" UK auditor had to bust them. I say alleged due to the aspects of technological warfare. The UK might have been overtaken long ago also, see Love Line 12 and Quatrains 12 and find the words Tsar Bomba. We had hundreds of auditors in the USA who were silenced by the hidden face of the international dictator who is in power. It is obvious they have been in power longer than the past 22 years. Many were killed in USA government and maimed and the deaths were leading up to the shutting down of Wachovia Bank. The alleged UK auditor was paid millions. The Examiners in Charge in the USA were likely silenced and kept in their stupidity. They were fighting in California, either with fuel bombs as in Rocklin CA in 1999 or shouting in the offices in San Francisco in the remote FDIC office away from the ruling boss who replaced the dead one, a covered up murder I expect at 98 percent probability. I have not been paid for my suffering in the American holocaust and I am forbidden employment in the ranks of bank examiners and federal auditors. I was told our Army was lost. Which army that is I am not certain. We have never had peace and prosperity if we believed in the lies of the dictators in power in the USA. December 20 or 21 depending on your location in 2012 is supposed be the end of time according to some. Who cares? Perhaps it is time.

I invented the language of "Queer Speak". It is a theoretical method of approximating hidden meanings in common controversial terms. The word Wachovia in queer speak is the "Wacko 6 aye" or approximately so. Perhaps six autonomous killers control the worlds banking system. Higher level USA bank auditors and judges who are not in the ranks of the war criminals in power are under attack in many cases, unless they are stupid or pretend not to see crimes. You can see Quatrains 12 and Love Line 12 for a deciphering of the names of Xu and Xu of the Bank of China out of Macau. I was almost hit by an exploding falling object in between the areas where they were arrested. I was almost killed on my birthday in December 2004. I did not report it. I lost trust and faith in the warlords in power and I was sick from the stroke the Flagstaff Medical Center staff inflicted upon me in 2004 with federal approval from Los Angeles in 2001 when I was first attacked and silenced. They are like minscule apes, cannibals like bonobos. Also it should be noted that Citibank broke banking laws in 1998 (see Wiki Citibank Deregulation). In 1999 federal laws were changed to follow the criminal element of Citibank in deregulation. Citi in queer speak is, "One Tick" or "Information Technology I See" or "IT I See" or "Information Technology Inside 100%.", etc.

Daily Foreword November 11, 2012 : Foreign bank auditors not in the USA are paid for turning in government criminals in the USA while those of us in the USA who expose them are tortured and lied about. I, Kurt Brown, an FDIC bank examiner and journalist and other Americans laid the tracks with our own blood and suffering to shut down Wachovia's macho money laundering with Mexico. Who is laundering with Xu and Xu of Macau's Bank of China? We Americans who are whistleblowers in the FDIC in the USA are paid nothing and I was injured for life, while alleged men like Martin Woods of Hermes in the UK got paid millions of dollars when I, and other bank examiners and judges, now dead or maimed, did not get paid. The USA banking system has been over run and taken for ransom.

I heard a man in a struggle while at the FDIC in April of 2000. He was the bank examiner in charge for a bank audit in Santa Rosa California. He tried to relay that message to me in the San Francisco satellite office in the financial district from what I could tell, yelling and scuffling of feet as he was likely dragged from the building. I would check his head for gauze packing, and the same goes for the alleged elected USA President. We lower level bank auditing teams were placed away from the FDIC boss, the Regional FDIC Director. He and the rest of the security were in the huge and half vacant FDIC building blocks away while we were near something similar to the ghetto-like Tenderloin district. Our doorman was our security and he was a building employee in a low rent building and hooked on crack cocaine most likely. The FDIC's assistant regional director and their attorney terminated me shortly thereafter when I refused to back down to their their dirty tricks, such as making me go to an employees hotel room after hours. I was blacklisted from conventional employment in the federal sector. I was really part of a team of veterans sent in to assist and clarify the situation when the top FDIC man was killed there at the FDIC years earlier around 1991 and claimed to be suicide. My message to them is to eat my shorts Sweet Carol, and in it is a Mass'a Shee-it. Changes in banking laws and of course open collusion and employee structuring in the 1990's has left much of the USA open to predators. See Love 12 and Quatrains 12 pages on this Mobile Audit Club website for clarification.

Daily Foreword Notes November 9, 2012 : The idea for "Chuck In A Truck, Chuk In A Truk" is an odd one for a real life movie based on my travels and my experiences in life and death. You could say the next sequel was given to me in an idea in which a lovely young woman in real life lured one or more prospective friends or mates to a drunken driving binge in 1975 in which a man she knew was driving a truck, and she confided in me through her triangle of astrology she would die. The truck flipped and many died, including Kelly. I was invited by her and missed the party due to poking at holes in a graveyard with a high school friend near downtown Monroeville Alabama, where the mockingbird is dead and the whippoorwill has made the deal. My aunt or grandmother did not pass the message that Kelly had called to invite me to the party until the day after Kelly and the others were killed in the accident.

So as I ponder Chuck In A Truck, Chuk In A Truk, the movie based on F-DIC reality and the post mortem sequence lived by a professional, myself. I will do two books that are intertwined. One in reality and one in science and speculation, much like the Love Line 12 Page and Quatrains Pages of this Mobile Audit Club website.

Dead since birth in part of his mind, Kurt brings back the dead in the same way he learned to speak. In his own way he touches himself to use the garbage of his mind, the dead side, by using the live side, to touch the garbage of the universe, what I call, "the goodie two shoes", and some may have a wet dagger in their tongue with word of advice for you.

Recently I was in Southern California and ran across a man who sounded just like Marlon Brando. He was rather short compared to me and stocky and blonde and red hair. I think he would make a good Chuk, or is that a Wood Chuck.

Daily Foreword Notes November 8, 2012: Update : I Kurt Brown went to a AT&T store today near Concord California to activate a new phone. A clerk hinted I was being tailed. It is my belief the person tailing me got the numbers from my SIMM card in my phone when the transfer of data was being done. I have done nothing except reveal truths about war criminals inside the USA government. It is in this same fashion that Federal Banking Frauds Judge Thomas Crane Wales was murdered in his home while alone on 10/11/2001. The USA government has a pin-striped hoodlum ith a badge terrorizing and murdering innocent Americans. A technological war has obviously been waging against many innocent Americans, including myself. I was warned not to work in the USA Navy long ago and later I was warned not to work for the FDIC. I should have listened. We lost some sort of war and many of us are under attack to this day, and sadly like Wales many have been murdered in cold blood due to war criminals in government and I was left maimed by forced injections approved of by a federal agent. Technological warfare leaves us disoriented and delusional.

Because I was first tortured and injected in a wealthy subdivision in California in the year 2001, April 23, I can now often recognize hostile intent in those areas if it is present. I had fled lower Alabama after being attacked while traveling from California through Lousiana after running a test on the FDIC to detect murderers. As one Rabbi warned me once, beware as the tongue can be like a dagger. Many will provoke you in those areas with their tongue, or their non-verbal acts can set you up for arrest and torture and forced injections. Sheriff Jack Tillman took my gun permit when he knew I was going to report his thievery and starving inmates on 4-3-2001.

The thing to remember is that we do not have the right to defend ourselves under the tyrants in power in many cases. And what you need say in many cases to abusive warmongers among their ranks is, "Why are you talking to me?" and walk away. If they stalk you, well, that is your option how you proceed. Some people burn a snake in its tracks, and some say to the snake, "Go in peace and prosper", unless the snake strikes of course.

I was told that the government said I threatened an ex-employer in an audit of their FDIC management. What I had done was contacted hundreds of people and put out a press release of the murder, mayhem, and money laundering in the federal banking regulatory industry. Then I stood outside of an FDIC building in San Francisco to say nothing but Hello in my own twisted parasitology audit manner to my prior boss, who I call of Mass of Sheet, the F-DIC head sent by D.C. after the prior boss was whacked, F-DIC head suicide style. They were going to flip my vehicle and burn me inside, 3 days post St. Valentines Day 2001. I do not fear the killer of the captain of the ship. We should regain this pirated vessel we call the USA and return the fleet, mother Earth, to nature and branch off from the planet.

Daily Foreword Notes November 6, 2012: This past weekend I traveled to Los Angeles in Westwood, the same city in which I was first forcibly injected by federal agents in 2001. Forced injections are equivalent to rape. If I found someone raping one of mine, I would kill them. I have moved beyond thoughts of murder and will invite you to some upcoming writings and a deeper understanding of death, murder, mayhem, and parasitology as it applies to a financial audit in my twisting mind.

I saw Harrison Ford, the star actor in the movie, "The One Armed Man". I was in a semi-coma state the first time I saw the movie and it made me writhe with Post Traumatic Stress from the prior attacks in what I call the Devils Triangle, as tears came to my eyes. I did not know why I was feeling sick and I had forgotten the diagnosis of stroke and I do not know what happened to me while unconscious. It is a transitory or vibrating triangle with steady points on the West coast and South East USA in which I travel and is subject to vast change.

I spoke with a movie producer who spoke of a movie with me titled, "Chuck In His Truk." My name backwards spells Truk as in truck. Many revelations have been made to me in this expedition this weekend and in the past several years. I was told I had survived what appeared to have been abortion at birth. Thereby I am all right minded as indicated so the left coast is natural for me. I may have been a guinea pig of an experiment or damaged at birth by other environmental or man made factors. I had to teach myself to speak when young. The left brain houses speech intelligence and that part is dead or thwarted in me. So I have considered using my dead brain to connect with the dead. That is my proposal for a movie project for a movie or story perhaps. Those manifestations of the dead are my assistants, but when they get angry, I have no control of what they do. After all, this is Man-Unkind at times just like the life of light and life and flesh.