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    "What am I not understanding? That you go for 5 days a week, putting your body and life on the line each of those 5 days for you to come home for 2 days and complain your body aches and then I spend my time taking care of you nursing you so you can do the same thing all over. Tell me what am I not understanding," Nova asked.
    "It's my job. That's what you aren't understanding. I go out in front of thousands of people and millions more on TV and entertain them. I wont be doing this forever. I make good enough money now. I have a 7 year plan. Keep doing this for 7 years then I can quit. I can retire at 30, 31 with enough money for pretty much the rest of our lives," Jeff said.
    This happened every week. Jeff was a wrestler who was pretty famous and he did moves that almost no one else would even attempt. Flips from 20 feet high ladders, falling 20 feet, hitting the concrete and then going back getting ice packs put on him then coming home to Nova and him sleeping late, or resting on the couch.
    "So I have to deal with this for 7 years. No. Jeff we cant. This isn't going to work. Goodbye," Nova said and walked out.
    Jeff ran to follow her and caught up to her and grabbed her. "Where are you going to go? You live with me remember? C'mon you cant leave like this," Jeff said.
    "I'll go to Amy's house," Nova said and got out of his grasp and walked to Amy's house.
    Jeff ran back inside and called Amy's house. "Amy, it's me Jeff, you aren't picking up so whenever you hear this Nova is looking for some place to stay but don't let her stay with you tell her to come home. I miss her. Tell her I'm taking this week off. And then next week she can come with me. Tell her anything to bring her back to me, anything she wants she'll get. Bye," Jeff said and hung up.
    He went to his bathroom and went to the medicine cabinet and took out a bottle of aspirin and took two then tried to sleep. He layed down and expect to smell Nova's body wash. He didn't. She wasn't there. After trying to sleep for 15 minutes from missing her scent he finally fell asleep but during his sleep he kept reaching to the other side of the bed hoping to find Nova.
    He woke up two hours later and did the only thing he could do. He called his boss and asked for the week off. He boss agreed after some arguing and Jeff got up, took a shower, and got dressed and looked at his answer machine. One message.
    "Jeff, it's Amy. She's here sleeping. She misses you. Come pick her up," Amy said. Jeff didn't need to hear anymore.
      He went and picked Nova up and brought her home. She was still sleeping. Like a baby Jeff said.
      That week, Nova and Jeff spent the entire week together. Shopping, going to the movies, visiting family, that week he also got enough courage to ask her to marry him.
      "Nova," Jeff said.
      "Yeah Jeffy," she said.
      "You make me so happy, it's unbelievable, all the hurt I went through before is gone. Now I know what you've meant this whole time. I'm giving up wrestling as soon as my contract is over. Now that I've made this big sacrifice for you will you make me even happier and marry me," he asked.
      She looked at him, she was so shocked. She said yes.
      The next day they had a picnic in a nearby park. They sat under the shade of a huge tree. Jeff carved their initials in the tree and put a big heart around them.
      "Jeff that's so sweet," she said.
      "I could do better," he said.
      "Oh really, how," she asked.
      "Look up," he said.
      She looked up and saw a plane fly by that said Jeff loves Nova. She kissed him passionately and he carried her into their car and drove her home and at their house they shared one of the best nights they ever had. That one week was the best week in their entire lives. Who knew the happiness would end so soon.
      Jeff was back on tour and as promised Nova came with him. He went to one of his wrestling events. Nova watched carefully getting ready to see him jump. "Be careful," she yelled.
      Jeff looked over at her and smiled. He jumped off and the other wrestler moved out of the way and he hit the ground hard, for him everything went black. Nova saw what happened and fainted.
      "Jeff," a familiar female voice said.
      "Huh," Jeff asked.
      "It's me Amy, you okay," she asked.
      "Where's Nova," Jeff asked. He quickly sat up and looked around the room. Amy went and moved the curtain that separated the rooms from each other. He looked over and saw Nova sitting there hooked up to more machines then he was.
      "She had a heart attack. A serious one. They don't know if she'll survive," Amy said.
      Jeff jumped out of his bed and ran over to her. "Nova, Nova! Wake up," Jeff said crying. "Did anyone at least try to help her," Jeff asked.
      Amy shook her head. "Fans saw her faint but no one caught her, she hit the ground hard. If she does survive the heart attack she'll be in a coma," Amy said.
      Jeff sat there crying. Then, the machines went haywire. Amy went and felt Nova's pulse. "It stopped," Amy said. Doctors ran in but it was too late, Jeff's poor Nova had died.
      Two weeks later they held a funeral service for Nova. On the grave it read these words:

Nova Cruz
A bright star in the sky
A beautiful fiancÚ
A loving sister
A wonderful lady
We'll all miss you Nova

      Jeff visited her grave everyday. "I love you Nova," he said. "I'm sorry I did this too you, I should've never frightened you with that jump."
      "She wasn't frightened," someone said as they walked to him.
      "Yes she was," he said. "I did this to her," he said crying.
      "No you didn't. And she wasn't scared or frightened, just concerned. Besides, fear is only a four letter word," the person said and walked away.
      "No...its not...I should've been scared. But I wasn't. I love you Nova, and love isn't just a four letter word," Jeff said and walked away.


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