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June 27, 2002 : Stellar Extreme begins construction (fan fiction + biography added). To donate anything to the site, email the webmaster. Make sure the subject says Stellar Extreme.

June 28, 2002: Poems page added. Lyrics page added. 

July 1, 2002: Dolls + Freebies added. New Fan fic added. First few wrestling bios up.

July 2, 2002: Pen Pal form added. More Lyrics added. More wrestler bios added.

July 3, 2002: Even more wrestling bios added (can u tell I'm doing this section?)

July 12, 2002: More wrestler bios. New fun site link added. Actors bios started going up. 3 more songs added. 

July 13, 2002: One more wrestler bio added. Actors bios started going up. 

July 18, 2002: New fun link added. 3 more actor bios up. New colors for Stellar Extreme.

August 14, 2002: Shane West and Kip Pardue pics put up. Three more lyrics put up. Wrestler Molly Holly gets a photo gallery. More wrestling bios put up. More Actor bios put up. Quotes put up, new fun link put up. 

August 20, 2002: Support and Hate Banners put up. A link for guitar tabs put up. Quotes update, lyrics to "Mobile" by Avril Lavigne added. 

August 22, 2002: Diary added. Last wrestler bios put up. 

August 31, 2002: More dolls, support banners, and hate banners put up. Pics of Musicians put up also.

September 16: Lyrics to "The Young and The Hopeless" by Good Charlotte put up.

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