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Connections have healing energy and the power to transform.


There are no trains running to the Land of My Belonging.



One of the most critical living tasks we have is to establish, explore and celebrate connections with others.  These relations can be a source of joy, love and vitality.  The same connections are fraught with the fragility of our humanity.  Ecstasy and anguish inevitably spring from the risk of reaching out, of offering ourselves to another.  The deepest hurt and shattering we experience can come from a severed connection.  The death of a loved one or of love itself touches our most inner part.  We grieve, let go of the past as much as we can, but things are never quite the same.

        The cycles of nature guide us through the ages of life and encourage us to ally our love with our life force, so that we may love as long as we live, whether in the quiet nurturing of solitude or the creation of hope through tempered connections.