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Husky Hockey Hat

I am a big hockey fan and a couple seasons ago I discovered that the local university had a hockey team. They meet in a public arena not too far of a drive from my house and tickets are only $5 a game. However its cold in there. Very cold. The University's mascot is The Huskys in purple, grey and gold. I saw some Husky/wool blend on eBay in a nice grey lavendar. I had to have it. And the idea to make myself a Husky hat for Husky hockey was born.

I had originally planned on dyeing half of the husky blend a darker, more UW Husky, purple, but then I saw an ad for 100% husky fiber for sale. I jumped on that with both feet. I plan on dyeing some of the pure husky the UW Husky purple and a little of it yellow. I will naalbind a striped hat using the lavender husky blend with the dark/bright purple pure husky. The liripipe of the hat will have yellow "h"s every so often and then I will embroidery "Huskys" in yellow husky fiber on the brim of the hat.

So here is my first skein of the husky blend and the beginnings of the second skein

Well I dyed some of the husky with Cushings Buttercup yellow. I had tested it first on wool to see if I could get a light golden yellow and I was able to. I used very little of the dye for the husky dye bath but it came out Cheeto Orange instead.

Since the color I was aiming for is less orange and more yellow, I decided to blend it with some white alpaca after I got some suggestions off my dyeing and spinning lists.

It turned out rather well

I was at my friend's house when she suggested that her drum carder would work with the blend, so in a few hours I blended the whole thing into nice batts.

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