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Green and Purple Stripe Socks

These are for my Darling. He is allergic to lanolin, so I found this 100% alpaca yarn at the local fiber store. I brought him in to pick out the colors. The purple is actually two shades of purple with a bright blue, but unless you hold it out in the sun, you can't tell. At first I was trying to figure out where all these little bright blue threads were coming from.

The stitch is UOU/OUOO and I'm really proud that I managed to figure out this new stitch all on my own. Took me a while of sitting down with all the pictures there are online of the various stitches and figuring out exactly how Hansen's naalbinding classification system works. Im still a little confused but I finally grasped what I was doing wrong with the UOU/OUOO and got the finished result to look like the pics.

This is also my first attempt to make striped socks with the double spiral method. Its makes a true stripe on both sides of the sock, rather than me splicing the second color to the first on the back of the sock. I'm really quite happy with it.

Almost done with the second toe so that I can start the heels. Close up of the toe.

How I work the two rows of color can be seen at the top. Close up of the stitch.

Finished socks

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