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The Sirian Embassy Library

will be devoted to works of fiction based on various fandoms, among them Babylon 5, Batman, Kung Fu The Legend Continues and multiple forms of Star Trek.

Please be patient with us while we construct this page and check back often.

Links to Visit:

The Sirian Embassy Security Log
The Redbird Connection
The Inspector General's Journal
Steph's Page
Beyond the Attack
V: The Quest

Individual Works:

These are works written by individual authors with no outside help. Any with asterisks are currently in the works and will be added to the site when completed

Revelations and Impersonations
Two Brothers
The Conversation
A Father's Vigil
What a Coincidence
Honorbound Part 1
Honorbound Part 2
Knightshades: A Gotham City Chinatown Murder Mystery
Recollection on a Lost Childhood
Thoughts on Being a Shaolin
Honour and Rebellion
Trial by Combat
Memories of Times Past

Collaborative Efforts:

These works are written by two or more authors working together in person or through e-mails with each other.

Trial of Diana
Truth and Consequences

Snail Mail Address:
Mary Ann Boring
1 South Shannon AVe
Athens, OH 45701

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