NiceGuy's Women Suck Page
NiceGuy moved to Japan in search of, among other things, fairer women. I highly recommend you go to his site and discover the interesting results. He truly is a nice guy for sharing his thoughts and experiences with the rest of us. In a relationship? This website will come in handy someday.

an antifeminist club at Yahoo

Skinny and ugly? join the club

the men's movement club

Looked at a woman the wrong way and she screams "Sexual Harassment?" click here

Funny how women often accuse men of being homophobic, especially since it's the only thing keeping us from completely losing interest in them. But we have no problem buying or receiving a drink from another guy, we're not afraid of talking to other guys about sex, we don't mind giving other guys our phone number or email address, we don't get nervous that some guy is stalking us, and we don't worry about guys walking behind us on the sidewalk. Our fear of men seems not worth mentioning when compared to the paranoia of most women. I haven't read the book yet though I plan to, but solely on making use of the word Daphnie Patai deserves a medal. HETEROPHOBIA

Some pithy propaganda, some pithy exposure. This is one of the most basic and destructive stereotypes about men: Masculinity Defined

Apparently a growing website, some interesting and intelligent articles. Feminsm is Wrong

Another new website, a club for men, The Single Society

When someone suggested we sabotage the forum at I thought, 'what's the point, we'll never out whine a bunch of cranky under-fed feminsts. You gotta check this out: censorship, feminazi style. Only this time they're getting a taste of their own medicine.