ok...you've already been to see my generic awards and the form...but here are some new awards made especially for anime sites! (if you already have a general site award, you can still get one of these!)

ok...BEFORE we start, there are more rules for these than for the others...so sit tight and read...

  1. ok...ok...HENTAI IS ONLY ALLOWED FOR FOLKEN'S GRATUITOUS SEX AWARD!!! no acceptions! although, if you just happen to have a LITTLE bit of hentai in an area that has a warning on it, then it's ok, but i won't go and review that part...sorry...i just don't like that crap and neither do Van, Dilandau, Merelu, Allen, and Escaflowne.

  2. YOUR SITE MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH ANIME!!! this is very important if you are applying for an anime award (duh)...this does not mean that you can get one of these awards if you have this HUGE website on disney, or a huge website on dogs, and you just happen to have a part with anime dogs...that's just STUPID!...anime is japanese animation...it's really cool, and i luv it...so don't dis it by saying that disney is anime...

  3. POKEMON, and the like are "right out." (hehe...monty python joke)...i'm sorry...i don't mean to discriminate, but some "anime" is so americanized that it's just not anime any more...so don't submit a pokemon site...if your site has a part with pokemon, that's ok...just don't expect me to even acknowledge its existance...

  4. you should probably sign my GUESTBOOK...i'll like you better...that doesn't mean that if you don't sign my guestbook that  you can't get an award, it's just that your chances of getting one are slightly decreased by not signing...

  5. you may use PROFANITY, but not excessively
  6. if you are REJECTED, do NOT send me hate mail! and don't be discouraged...you can always try again later...but don't go back online right after you get the email saying that you didn't get the award and then re-apply...you won't get it without improving your site...
  7. TELL your friends about how cool my website is!!!!
  8. for the VAN'S SEAL OF APPROVAL, your site MUST either have a Vision of Escaflowne section (and not tiny, like my fanart section...i would not apply for a fanart site award) or be COMPLETELY about the Vision of Escaflowne...sorry...if your site does not have Escaflowne, and is therefore sucky, you cannot get this award! i will laugh that you even attempted to apply for it and send you an e-mail saying that you must be stupid to think that i would give your site an ESCAFLOWNE site award...(hehe, i know, i'm evil!)
  9. i WILL be adding more awards soon, but in the mean time...if you have any suggestions, you can e-mail me, or fill out the application form and put the suggestion in the description box and put "SUGGESTION" where it says url. thanx. ENJOY!
  10. NOTICE that these awards are not "Kerry's..." awards.  You can't get a "Kerry's..." award at the same time as a "character's..." award. That's a new little thing i've added...These are the character's awards. i don't make the discisions.  they do.  they are much stricter and stuff...so i'm sorry. also: you will not get a personalized one unless you are one of the "elite few" that i mentioned in my description of Van's Seal of Approval...they will look exactly like they do now, just without the red "x" and it will not say "sample". but you do not need to upload it! (YAY!)

ok...here are the beautiful new awards that i made JUST for ANIME sites (see rules)...READ THE DESCRIPTION OF THE AWARD TO SEE WHICH ONE(S) YOU THINK THAT YOUR SITE WILL QUALIFY FOR!

Merelu's Award of KAWAII!

Merelu's Award of KAWAII!

"Kawaii" - cute, cuteness. (japanese)

ok...in other words, Merelu is cute (like, "AWWWW, what a CUTE baby!") and this is an award for sites that are as cute (like, "AWWWW, what a CUTE puppy!") as she (Merelu) is.  so if you have a site that is adorable...this is the award for you...(MY site...is NOT cute.  ADOPT-A-CHIBI...is cute.)

Allen's Award of Beautifulness

Allen's Award of Beautifulness

Allen is what i call "a beautiful male"...(if you have seen Fushigi Yuugi, the emporer is BEAUTIFUL...) in otherwords, he's vain.  this award is for sites that aren't necessarily beautiful as most people would say it, but it's got a good layout, the background and the font color are not only visible with one another, but also don't BLIND the viewer, and it must look nice.

Dilandau's Award of Insane Glee!!!

Dilandau's Award of Insane Glee!!!

weee!...this award can be for pretty much a lot of different things...you can have a site with a lot of things to do, or you can have one that is kind of sadistic, or (i'm SURE you'll get the award in this case) you have a shrine to a COMPLETELY insane anime character, such as Dilandau-sama! if you have little flames and explosions all over your site, you'll get bonus points!

Folken's Gratutitous Sex Award

well, i think that this one is slightly self-explanatory...but i wanna explain myself...Folken doesn't want any hardcore hentai or ecchi...that won't do. however, lemons, and sites that have a slightly sexual theme are okay.  don't get me wrong...i will review anything you give me, but Folken will not give you an award if you just have tastless porn. so if you think you can pull it off ok, then it's fine.

Escaflowne's AMAZING Amount of Gross Violent Stuff Award

ok...now guymelefs are giving out awards?!...well, not really...but it seems fitting that Escaflowne would give away a violence award...but it's really just Van sitting in Escaflowne, surfing the web for your sites...now, in order to get this award, your site must be about an anime or an aspect of an anime or several animes that is more violent than usual...for instance, if you just happen to have all the blood and guts parts of escaflowne plastered on your site, that'll qualify you.  If you have a picture of Van spitting up blood or Valgus dying, you will definitely get this award.  Van wants to get so sick to his stomach that he has to go to that Atlantis dream place and hide under a big tree until he falls and almost dies...get the idea?  that means that things like dragonball are really good at getting this award...

Dryden's Intellectual Award for internet Info

this award is for all those sites that are chock-full-o' series info.  Some of them aren't fancy, and some don't have many (or sometimes ANY) graphics, but they are the places that people turn to when they have a question like, "What's Dryden's middle name?", or "What is the name of Jajuka's guymelef?" This is a VERY difficult award to win, and my site would definitely NOT win this award.  To tell you the truth, i don't think that my site would win most of these awards...oh well...

Jajuka's Award of Obsessive Devotion

this is an award that is exclusively for shrines.  i MIGHT classify my site as a shrine, but there are shrines to series, characters, and even things like mechas (guymelefs)...so this is for shrines that are run by fans SO OBSESSED with the subject matter, that the viewer thinks their head might explode if they look at the site any longer in one sitting...it's a relatively easy award to win...and ONLY FOR SHRINES!!!

Van's Seal of Approval

Van's Seal of Approval

this award is for outstanding Escaflowne sites.  For instance, i have seen some REALLY BAD Escaflowne sites on the Anipike and on animeart...they are REALLY BAD...then i have seen some that are average.  They are ok.  They usually have an image gallery, and maybe a little synopsis of what Escaflowne is about (i know that i don't have that) maybe they have a little description of each character.  that's it.  nothing notable.  nothing that jumps out, slaps you on the butt and says "WOW! i'm special, bookmark me!!!!" their images are just the ones that you see on EVERY other Escaflowne site out there, too.  but then, there are those SPECIAL sites.  Dilandau's Lair, The UnOfficial Escaflowne Mailing List, An Extension of Gaea, and The Vision of Escaflowne (my site, i know the title's crummy, but c'mon!) These sites have gone the extra mile and deserve all of our attention! these are the sites that we visit everyday to see their updates, or simply because there is no way that we can read everything, see all the pictures, and play all the games, and laugh at all the jokes in one sitting.  they are epansive. they are massive. they are amazing. they are the elite few who deserve this award. apply if you dare, but do not expect me to give in easily. PLEEZ apply for this award! if you apply for this award and suck...then so what? you will have gotten some extra hits to your counter by me coming there! (if i listed your site as one of the elite few, you need not put a description in the application form, just put "elite site"...sorry if you did not want me to mention your site, but if you apply for this award, or almost any other, you WILL get it. PLEEZ APPLY!)

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