Hi...ya...ok...as you probably know already...this is the page where you apply for an award from the amazing Kerry Gibbons and her amazing website The Vision of Escaflowne...ok...i currently am giving out 11awards...

HEY! if you have a FUSHIGI YUUGI SITE...go here to apply for Fushigi Yuugi Awards! (this is from my other site)

you can go check out sites that HAVE won my awards...

there are 3 (on this page) that are general and you don't have to have an anime site to get them...

and there are 8 (on the next page) that are just for anime sites...

ok...well...there is the

My Award of Coolness

this award is basically easy to get...you get bonus points for anime-related sites, and if your site has to do with Escaflowne, you're a shoe-in!

My Award of Wonderfulness

this award is a little harder to get...if you are my friend, you'll probably get this award...but, if you're not my friend, then you actually have to do work to get this award...your site must be very nice...i hate to say "no spelling errors"...cuz if you write "cuz" that counts as a spelling error, but writing "Escaflwnoe" is just wrong...plus...you must have something fun that will intrest me...that includes things like fanfiction, midis, downloads, games, awards you give out, and other cool stuff...otherwise i'll get bored with your site and leave.

My Award of Amazing Achievement

ok...if you are my friend, and your site sux, i won't give you this award...sorry...NO DEAD LINKS UNLESS YOU TELL ME THE LINK DOESN'T WORK!!!! this is VERY important...i get frustrated when i go to someone's site and i click "see van" or something and it says "404 error...web site not found" that really ticks me off...however...when i find a dead link on your page, i will tell you and be really nice and let you try again later...ok...also...you must have something fun to do, and PICTURES...people have very short attention spans for sites with no or few pictures...ESPECIALLY ME!!!...i don't mind if your site takes an hour to load, but you'll get points taken off for not being well organized...also, if your site is not in english...i'm sorry, i just can't do it! i can't give you an award...i can't read your page...either have an english section, or have a translated section (like my friend, Christina's site)

ok...before i continue, there are RULES...

new rules:

ok...here is the

Award Application

Your name:
Your email address:

What is the url of your site?
What is the title of your site?

You would like to apply for...

Kerry's Awards

Merelu's Award of KAWAII!

Allen's Award of Beautifulness

Dilandau's Award of Insane Glee!!!

Folken's Gratutitous Sex Award

Escaflowne's AMAZING Amount of Gross Violent Stuff Award

Dryden's Intellectual Award for Internet Info

Jajuka's Award of Obsessive Devotion

Van's Seal of Approval

"Kerry, i can't decide...i want them all!" (you can't get any of "Kerry's..." Awards this way!)

Why do you think that i should appropriate this award to your site?

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