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These words have become ingrained into the culture of an entire generation.

When Star Wars was first released in 1977, it became an overnight hit, changing the way movie goers would view films.

Shooting to stardom actors such as Harrison Ford, Star Wars spawned two sequels (The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi), novels for both children and adults, and now a new prequel Trilogy (the first of which, The Phantom Menace, has just been released).

Star Wars has touched the imagination of thousands, which has resulted in fan fiction.
If anyone has any Star Wars fan fiction, then please, feel free to submit.
E-mail me.
Meanwhile, pull up an X-Wing and read the stories below.

Lovers are separated. Someone is presumed dead and comes back.
Whenever these things happen, there is a Reunion.
Check out these Reunion stories!

Fire of Destiny

by Nicole Mayer

The beginnings of a saga which explores Anakin's turn to darkness - but with a new twist.

Warning, this is
very dark.
The Moment

by Nicole Mayer

Five year old Luke Skywalker investigates secrets of Coruscant's past.


by Nicole Mayer

A brief, wistful look at Coruscant on that fateful day...

Memoirs of a Jedi:
The Most Asked Question

by Nicole Mayer

Recollections of a Jedi Knight on a particularly sensitive topic, a question that has been asked by many SW fans throughout the years.
(Taken from The Journal of the Whills.)

The First

by Nicole Mayer

Inspired by "Vector Prime", inspired by real pain. What happens when the first of the heroes, those we have known and loved throughout the original Trilogy, dies?


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