All About Me!

NAME: oh, wouldn't u like to know *evil laughter*

AGE: 16 -not 'legal' age... yet!

SEX: yes please!

HAIR: yeah, got a whole bunch on my head. hehe, dark brown for now, but I'm dying it next week.

EYES: dark brown


WEIGHT: oh no, let's not go there! fine, if ya MUST know, *coughs* 118lbs

BEST BUD: Katherine Frack Beavis Burnsy Smartass Carter

SCHOOL: yes, i go to one. hehe. not a high-school dropout YET.

PETS: none :(

FAVE COLOR: blue! *starts singing BLUE by Eiffel 65*

FAVE FOOD(S): pizza (plain cheese), chocolate, cookies, and McD's.

FAVE DRINK: Rootbeer... hold the root.

FAVE TV SHOWS: Friends, Just Shoot Me, Family Guy, and That 70s Show.

FAVE MOVIE: American Pie and Road Trip


FAVE SONGS: "What u c is what u get" -Brit Spears, "Break Stuff" -Limp Bizkit, "Show me the meaning" -BSB, and "Truely Madly Deeply" -Savage Garden.

FAVE ALCOHOL DRINK: as long as I end up having sex with many anonymous partners while at the same time experimenting with mind-altering drugs, ITS ALL GOOD! hehe. oh plus, i just GOTTA wake up next to some complete stranger with the smell of puke on my breath and a huge-ass tattoo on my...well, i just mentioned that area. haha!

FAVE MEMORY: getting laid (HAHA!). Nah, JUST KIDDING! Seriously, Ive can't choose just one.

BIGGEST REGRET IN LIFE: Boinking Nick Carter... hehe, just playin'.

FAVE SCHOOL SUBJECT: uh... I don't have one! I'd probably say Chemistry cuz I love messin with my chem teacher. hehe

ANNOYING HABITS: I talk too much, Im WiErD, and I have a short attention-spand....oh, and Im a major CLUTZ! lol

FEARS: carnies and spiders. haha!

FAVE COLOGNE: CKbe and TommyGirl.

THINGS I HATE MOST: Working on this damn site, waking up on a monday morning, eating stale food by accident (ewww!), school, getting in trouble, and underwear that rides up ur butt. OH, and getting damn homework and lab assignments! lol

CRUSH: Nickolas Gene Carter (AKA Carter-dude). He's just TOOOO fine! damn, i LOVE blonds! hehe