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Agility Club of Central Wyoming 2005




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About The Club

The ACCW is organized exclusively for the purpose of developing dogs and handlers for competition in
regional, national, or international sanctioned dog agility trials.

The Club's objectives are to:

Support the sport of dog agility;
Educate the members and the public about the sport of dog agility;
Conduct training classes and formal/ informal events associated with dog agility and;
To protect and advance the interests of dog agility by encouraging sportmanship-like competition and
responsible dog ownership.

Our Club's goals are to:

Hold AKC, NADAC, & USDAA trials, fun matches and, educational seminars.

Guidelines for posting on the ACCW website...
·Anything posted to the club website MUST be DIRECTLY related to the club and/or an activity of the club.

·Submissions of information on a club project may be submitted directly to the 'webmaster/web mistress' preferably by the project chair or a committee member.
·Individual club members wishing to post anything other than a personal brag to the website must submit the posting to the club president and board in writing to be reviewed.

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General Meetings are the third Wed of each month at the ARLC, 6:30, everyone welcome!


Agility Forcast for Casper, Wyoming